Ukraine Import Data of Plastic Fixing | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Fixing

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plastic fixing collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plastic fixing imports.

Plastic Fixing Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Fixing

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201739263000101.Kripylni products and farnitura zplastmasy skladannyamotornyh for industrial vehicles to the a / m ZAZKorpus mounting pads 96651096-9sht, granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed to mount on its pads and wiring harness installed on the body avtomobilya.Plastyna 085222-1-350sht blocking plate blocking dev'yatyhnizdovaAK39194-155sht, blocking p'yatyhnizdova AK39196-925sht Plate, Plate blokuyuchadev'yatyhnizdova AK39203-200sht, granulated plastic material . The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed for fixing the block contacts and relays zapobizhnykiv.Skoba 368121-1-419sht, staples AK8758-200sht, granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding, designed for installation on the harness pad for further consolidation of the wiring harness pads in seats or on the bracket body avtomobilyaZamok 085223-1-350sht contacts, contacts 174355-7-422sht Castle, Castle MG630695-3-100sht contacts, Castle contacts ing AK39179-140sht three-lane, single-row Zamokkontaktiv AK39180-200sht Castle MG630788-7-1600sht contacts, Zamokkontaktiv PH815-06120-400sht, method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed to secure the electrical contacts in kolodkah.Zamok 15344855-900sht cables, wires MG630334-7-230sht Castle, granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed for fixing the block contacts and relays zapobizhnykivHomut AK63085-350sht - Material plastics hranulyrovannaya. Production Method Under pressure casting, prednaznachenы for installation on Primary shaft zhhuta wires or ego bends to posleduyuscheho zakreplenyya barrel zhhuta wires ego or bends in the landing place on the bracket or block the jumpers Body avtomobylya.Kryshka AK39169-179sht - granulated plastic material. The method of manufacturing injection molding. Designed for installation in power relays and fuses to protect kontaktiv.Krayina production KRVyrobnyk- no data.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1120807.7447.8621189 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201739263000901.Kriplennya plastic: Fixing pipes on the ceiling, plastic, such as ABS-DF, 10 pieces in one package art. 01-10-9370-10sht. Plastic clip for AK-C reduction adapter, PVC, 10 pieces in one package art. 01-10-9750-10sht. D.25mm tube holder., 10 pieces in one package art. AT-30-0330-10sht. Brand WAGNER Group GmbHKrayina production DETorhovelna brand WAGNER.GERMANY0UA1001100.2161.98380179
28/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni plastic (for free use Qi) to mobile phones: fixing LED -1sht.Torhovelna Brand: SonyVyrobnyk: Sony Mobile Communications AB.CHINA0UA1002000.0020.043688758
28/Apr/201739263000901.Vyroby of polymer material used for fixing tires and plastic kriplennya.Trymach BM (art. - 100sht.Krayina production - TRTorhovelna mark - KlemsanVyrobnyk - Klemsan Elektrik Elektronik SAN. Ve TIC. AS.TURKEY0UA1250200.618.94137985
28/Apr/20177326905000"1. A drum for winding trubok- 123sht. The metal product made of tool steel grade 1.2223 in the form of a cylinder with two perpendicularly placed at its ends disc, thickness 20mm- locking edges. Designed for winding products in tubes. Geometric dimensions: height 69sm diameter barabanu- 25cm, diameter 50cm edge fixing. it is used for winding conical roller bearing products placed in a plastic tube, storage and subsequent transportation. The drums were in use in 2002 to make a metal vlennya. Freight will be used for their own production needs (in the manufacture of bearing products). Packaged in a tree "" wooden pallets yaschyky.Torhovelna mark: PENTRE. Manufacturer: "" Pentre GmbH "", DE.. "GERMANY0UA205090221413606.29077
28/Apr/20173926300090"1.Detali accessories plastic to a / m" "BMW" ": Insert mounting bumper art.51111944540 -10sht, insert mounting pads, art.51131928778 -10sht, front panel, art.51487067242 -2sht, Box, art.51718186501 -10sht, insert-nut, art.07147122912 -20sht, insert-nut, art.07147201307 -30sht, Box-latch art.51717066229 -30sht; Vtrymuvach wiring sensors art.34521518166 -1sht, push the plastic nut, art.51711947419 -20sht; emblem "" BMW "", art.51148132375 -30sht, Cap Towing loop art.51112990204-1sht, Cap door panel, art.51419167014 -1sht; clip door handles, art.51419150340 -1sht; clip , art.51417325082 -3sht; For ipka, art.№: -5sht 34356794949; 11128514463 -1sht; -20sht 51337052945; 51417046415 -20sht; -50sht 51418224781; 51718184574 -40sht; 33181182957 -1sht; Splicing Unit tubes washer, art.61668374372 -1sht, dust ring, art.11281730532 -1sht; Kovpachokzatyskacha mirror art.51167698437 -2sht, roller cap protective art.12311713143 -10sht; Fixing pin, art .07147296886 -20sht; kriplennyabampera, KT, art.51122411407-1k-t; The lid of the luggage compartment art.41127003126 -1sht; Cover hnizdaprykuryuvacha, art.61346904008 -1sht; Cover rear-view mirror, art.51167078359 -1sht; The hood lining rack art.51439180572 -4sht; Ocisharniru protective cover, art.33177674694 -1sht; Cover the bottom of the panel, art.51757162322-2sht; Cover the nozzle headlight washers, art.51118048679 -1sht; Moldings roof art.51137410312 -1sht; Rip Rope lock art.51217325297 -2sht, Rip Rope lock art.51217325298 -2sht; Spacers during spring, art.83302364829 -1sht; Rearview mirror frame, art. 51168029243 -1sht; frame glass mirror art.51167266032 -1sht; Holder emergency sign art.51497383584 -1sht; trademark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "" "GERMANY0UA1002103.0671099.756813
28/Apr/20178431390000"1.Chastyny ​​tape drive mechanism (conveyor) to cash counters, which is a metal pipe (with and without electric) with plastic and steel fixing elements at the ends and serves to rotate the roller conveyor belt, roller 17X4BAANDL-523 (length 523mm roller. an outer diameter of 50 mm. pipe wall thickness 1.5 mm roller. axis diameter of 14mm., IG 6h15x2, the ends of the roller is mounting SW 12x2.) -200sht.Rolyk 17X4BAANDL-306 (length 306mm roller. outer diameter of 50 mm. pipe wall thickness movie 1.5 mm., axle diameter of 14mm., at the ends of the roller is cr iplennya 12mm diameter threaded M6h15) -1sht.Rolyk 17X4BAANDL-423 (423mm length movie. outer diameter of 50 mm. pipe wall thickness 1.5 mm roller. axis diameter of 14mm., IG 6h15x2, the ends of the roller is mounting SW 12x2.) - 20sht.Vyrobnyk "" Interroll "", DE. Trade mark "" Interroll "".. "GERMANY0UA205090354.71315.044792
28/Apr/201785059090001.Chastyny ​​electromagnetic devices for fixing containers, solenoid F / E 023blokuvannya mechanism for fixing container mixer Fusion -1 units. Vobladnanni used for mixing pigments in the process of painting plastics manufacturer .Krayina: ITTorhivelna Brand: HERO Name Manufacturer: HERO Europe Srl.ITALY0UA1002801.7126.3057054
28/Apr/20173305300000"1.Zasoby for hair without aerosol packaging, plastic bottles, hair spray, lacquer-lip hair proteins shovkuultrasylnoy fix." "Live silk", "215ml. - 108sht .; LAC-shine hair ultrasylnoy silk protein fix. "" Live silk "," 500ml. - 300sht .; LAC dlyaVOLOS B / C / s. p. with extra. burdock root 215ml PRO-V-B5 - 72sht .; hairspray B / C s / s. p. with extra. burdock root 500ml PRO-V-B5 - 200sht .; hairspray B / C is strong. p. with extra. nettle 500 ml. PRO-V-B5 - 100 pieces .; hairspray ekstrasylnoyi fixing the nettle and burdock 215ml - 72sht .; hairspray MAXI volume supramaximal fixation 215ml - 36sht .; Hairspray MAXI volume supramaximal fixation 500ml - 40sht .; Maximum lac-d / hair proteins and cashmere extract bamboo max. Fix th, 215ml. - 36sht Natural ceramides lac .; d / hair with ceramides SUPER MEGA VOLUME / C. fixation 500ml - 20pcs .; Juicy pomegranate Hairspray, "" volume and force "" ekstrasylnoyi fixing, 215ml. - 216sht .; Juicy pomegranate Lac d A hair " "SCOPE AND POWER" "ekstrasylnoyi fixation 500ml - 200sht .; Producer ZAO "" VYTЭKS. ' "Trademark" "Vitex" ". Country of BY."BELARUS0UA125010521.411530.205899
28/Apr/20173926300090Fasteners plastic, plate intended for fixing parts of a test verification module DINEFER table, with holes for attaching them - 1 set (500 pcs) .Vantazh not for sale, used in its own manufacturing automobile circuit cable dzhhutiv.Krayina origin: Portugal . .PORTUGAL0UA3051701893685.927847
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПАТ ""Запорізький Автомобілебудівний Завод"""
Importer Address
69600 Україна м.Запоріжжя пр.Соборний 8
Exporter Name ZEM w ELK Sp z.o.o.
Product Description
1.Kripylni products and farnitura zplastmasy sklad.........
HS Code 3926300010Value 447.8621189
Quantity 0Unit UA112080
Net Weight 7.7

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