Ukraine Import Data of Plastic Film Roll | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Film Roll

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plastic film roll collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plastic film roll imports.

Plastic Film Roll Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Film Roll

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of plastic film roll. Get Ukraine trade data of Plastic Film Roll imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784201030001. Thermal Laminator Model MF1700 - 2 sets. It is a roller (roller) machine for use in paper and printing promyslovostidlya coating paper (paper plastic lamination). Laminatsiyazdiysnyuyetsya paper and passing the heated film through laminuyuchoyi valy.Potuzhnist - 1400 watts. Warm-up time - 5.10 min. The temperature of the upper shaft - do60S. Shaft diameter - 110 mm. Includes: CD with drivers USBprovid, power cable, instruction manual and warranty lyst.Torhivelna Brand: MEFU.Vyrobnyk: ZHENGZHOU MEFU CNC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.Krayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA1001103803572.050464 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20179503004900"1.Ihrashky as animals or other creatures: Toy Mask Series '' Avengers '' in stock art.B9945-72sht, pony figurine series '' MLP My Little Pony," "a platter. Art.A8330-480sht; Toy-figure collectible pony "" Princess "," series "," MLP-My little pony: Keepers of Harmony "," a platter. art.B6327-30sht, figurine troll "series" Trolls "" a platter. art.B6554- 720sht, Toy mask Series "" Spider-Man "," plastic + fabric art.B9694-42sht; toy - a figure of the hero of the film '' Spider-Man '' series '' Titans '': Electronic art.C0701-24sht thief; Toy - Transformer series "" Turbo Chendzhers "" movie, "" Transformer and 5 "" Mini Titan art.C0882-1200sht, Producer "" Hasbro SA "(the factory" Foshan City Nanhai Forward Winsome Toys Co., Ltd "China) trademark HASBRO, Country of origin CN;."CHINA0UA10012077.5325476.098803
28/Apr/201739204310001. plasticized PVC film (10% plasticizer), non-porous, reinforced, unlined, nesamokleyna thickness 0,028 mm, in rolls: PVC film- rulonivTorhovelna 1596 Brand: QuenVyrobnyk: Zhejiang Quen Technology Co., Ltd Country of origin: CN.CHINA0UA10002049486447.839973
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skincare, without aerosol packaging, plastic tubes and plastic jars:" "RETINOL + MG" "correction of wrinkles Day cream SPF10 + protection profound effect photoaging, 45 ml. - 180sht .;" "RETINOL + MG '' correction of deep wrinkles day cream acts 45 ml. - 108sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" correction wrinkle Creams deep action, 45 ml. - 144sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" correction of wrinkles Lifting mask-intensive. action d / face, neck, chest 100ml. - 100 pieces .; "" RETINOL + MG "" wrinkle correction peeling-pack for purification and rejuvenation of skin, 100ml. - 140sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" wrinkle correction CREAM make up remover for face cleansing and skin around the eyes, 150ml. - 12p .; "" Sugar "" Children cream on natural oils with vitamins A and E, 75ml. - 340sht .; "" Sugar "" cream baby diapers Extreme . chamomile, 75ml. - 140sht .; ALOE VERA Cream skin care around the eyes and lips 30ml. -100sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / person saturating juice Aloe and Shea butter night, 75ml. - 40sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / region ychchya rejuvenating aloe juice and vitam. A and E daily, 75 ml. - 120sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / person that moisturizes with aloe juice and extreme. cucumber agenda 75ml. - 180sht .; ALOE VERA Cream Facial Scrub, 100 ml. - 100 pieces .; ALOE VERA Facial cleansing facial 180ml. - 12p .; ALOE VERA toner that moisturizes, 180ml. - 24sht .; CLEAN BLACK MASK film face black 75ml. - 2400sht .; BLACK CLEAN mask facial scrub that polishes, 75ml. - 1200sht .; LUX CARE BLUR-cream to restore radiance skin 50ml. - 24sht .; LUX CARE Global Anti-aging balm, the elixir for eye and lip contour for mature skin 20ml. - 30sht .; LUX CARE Global Anti-aging cream daily e / face intense formula d / mature skin 45 ml. - 72sht .; LUX CARE Precious Oil Facial Care for dry or mature skin 30ml. - 30sht .; LUX CARE Night Cream Complex anti-aging facial for mature skin 45 ml. - 48sht .; LUX CARE cleansing lotion with exfoliating effect, 145ml. - 36sht .; LUX CARE Express Mask indelible 3min., 75 ml. - 75sht .; Lift INTENSE Gel Eye Roller lifting of hyaluronic acid and caffeine 15ml. - 57sht .; Lift INTENSE Cream-lifting d / face daily. Pulling and SOM. with hialur. sour. and ginger, 45 ml. - 180sht .; Lift INTENSE Lifting Cream d / person ROZHLAD night. and Vienna. with hialur. sour. and ginger, 45 ml. - 300sht .; Lift INTENSE A mask / face, neck and dec resume. ELASTICITY with hialur. sour. and ginger, 100ml. - 100 pieces .; Lift INTENSE CLEAN Facial Cleanser and moisture from hialur. sour. and ginger, 150ml. - 70sht .; Lift INTENSE Cream Body hydration and elasticity of hialur. sour. and ginger, 200ml. - 180sht .; Lift INTENSE Serum-concentrat. d / EXPRESS pulling faces with hialur. sour. and ginger, 20 ml. - 450sht .; Lift INTENSE toner hydration and firmness hialur with. sour. and ginger, 150ml. - 250sht .; PERFECT SKIN Perfect BB Cream skin corrector 50ml. tuba - 600sht .; PERFECT SKIN Perfect skin cream Intensive Serum 4 in one 45 ml. Banks in Coro "BELARUS0UA1250103013.916883.52121
27/Apr/20173004900000"1.Liky terapevatychnoho for people to use, put up for retail torhivli.Seriya 010317: IBUFEN® CHILDREN raspberries, oral suspension 100 mg / 5 ml, in 100 mL of plastic (PET) bottle with a polyethylene adapter, 1 vial with a syringe dosing in a carton pack - 1092 pkg. (active ingredient - Ibuprofen) trademark IBUFEN®, medanaVyrobnyk: Medan Pharma Joint Stock Company, PL.Seriya 04VY0317: VIZOPTYK, eye drops, solution 0.5 mg / ml to 5 ml bottle with dropper and a cover of the guarantee ring, 2 bottles in cardboard boxes - 100 packs. (active recho INA - Tetryzolinu hydrochloride) Series 02YN0217: DORZOPTYK drops Eye drops, solution 20 mg / ml to 5 ml vial-dropper for 1 bottle in a cardboard box - 100 pack. (active ingredient - dorzolamida hydrochloride) trademark polpharmaSeriya 05VL0217: HALAZOLIN ®, nasal drops 0.05%, 10 ml plastic bottles with droppers-controlled first opening; 1 bottle in a cardboard box - 700 pack. (active ingredient - ksilometazolina hydrochloride) trademark HALAZOLIN®, polpharmaVyrobnyk: Warsaw pharmaceutical plant Polfa BP, PL.Seriya 10816: ATORVASTEROL, tablets etky coated film membrane, in 10 mg, 10 tablets in a blister 3 blisters in a cardboard box - 240 pack. (active ingredient - Atorvastatin calcium) Producer: production, primary and secondary packaging responsible for batch release: Pharmaceutical factory "" POLFARMA "" SA, PL.Seriya 20816: VANATEKS tablets coated film-coated, 160 mg, 14 tablets in a blister; 2 blisters in a carton box - 120 pack. (active ingredient - Valsartan) Series 10217: INDAPEN, coated tablets, 2.5 mg, 10 tablets in a blister 3 blisters in a cardboard box - 1125 pkg. (active ingredient - indapamide) Series 20816: OSTEMAKS, 70mg tablets, 4 tablets in a blister 1 blister in a cardboard box - 45 packs. (active ingredient - sodium alendronate trihydrate) Series 02TP0916: ULTRAFASTYN coated tablets, in 100 mg, 20 tablets in a blister; 1 blister in carton box - 120 pack. (active substance - ketoprofen) trademark polpharmaVyrobnyk: Pharmaceutical factory "" POLFARMA "" SA, PL. "POLAND0UA125110224.368761.480177
27/Apr/20177211190000"1.Strichka metal hot-rolled without further processing of low-carbon alloy steel grade DD13, dimensions (mm): 2h150-5,344t; 2h165-5,834t, 2h140-4,954t, 2h180-5,085t.Strichka neplakovana without coating (smooth surface) . Standard LS 1054063e (EN10111) and carbon F10021.Vmist D33%: 0,0405,0,043,0,0547. Packed in rolls levied belt, a plastic film and placed on trees "," wooden piddony.Vyrobnyk " "Arcelor Mittal Gonvarri SSC Slovakia sro" ", SK. Trademark: Arcelor.."SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA2050902121717564.87563
27/Apr/20173919900012"1. Packing tape plastic that has a self-adhesive layer applied without drawing ribbon has biaksylno oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) and glue coating based on acrylic polymers, comes in jumbo-rolls: transparent roz.0.038mm (23+ 15) h1620mm- 11144.00kh (47rul.) transparent roz.0.040mm (23 + 17) h1620mm- 6314.00kh (25rul.) transparent roz.0.045mm (23 + 22) h1620mm- 8490.00kh (30rul.) country production CN, producer of "" CARPOLY CHEMICAL GROUP CO., LTD "", trade marka- no data. ".CHINA0UA4010102594844222.51734
27/Apr/20173920431000"1. Film (oilcloth) polymer PVC containing by weight not menshyak 6% of plasticizers, fat. No more than 1 mm, single layer and not poyednanapodibnym manner with other materials, with the figure in rolls: art.TM-6091B-161sht ; art.TM-6091E-81sht; art.TM-8106O-154sht; art.TM -77sht-8106B, 8186A-art.TM-81sht; art.TM-8260D-75sht; art.TM-8343E-74sht, art .TM-8343B-76sht; art.TM-8382A-81sht; art.TM-8495A-81sht; art.TM-8532A-78sht; art.TM-8553A-81sht; art.TM-2026G-164sht; art.TM -6088A-163sht; art.ES-8555C-17sht; art.ES-8555D-14sht; art.ES-8554B-15sht; art.ES-6073A-34sht; art.ES-8511C-15sht; art.ES-8526B -35sht; art.ES-6097B-34sht; art.ES-8459C-32sht; art.ES-8421A-18sht; art.ES-6111C-31sht; art.ES-8431A-3pc, art.ES-8421C-73sh ; Art.ES-8431A-78sht; art.ES-8412G-73sht; art.ES-8514A-72sht; art.ES-8317A-72sht; art.ES-8412D-9sht; art.ES-8459A-76sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - Bona DomusVyrobnyk - GUANGZHOU DITAO COMMODITY mANUFACTURING LIMITED. "CHINA0UA50004013005.63717167.58993
27/Apr/20173926909790"1. Plastic: - directing, article 280181 in the amount of 2 pieces. It is a curved dovhastiplanky with holes for fastening. Designed to direction of farshevytysnyuvacha upodviynomu automatic clipping SP 18/15 (equipment closing kintsivkovbasnyh baguettes aluminum clips). Material : plastic (polivinylidenftoryd). a method for manufacturing Cast obrobka.- lathe chucks, article 286237 in the amount of 1 pieces. It is a part of vyhlyadipodviynoyi fork with fixing holes in the bottom. Designed dlyakriplennya guide shtovha Cha clip clips filing the node in podviynomuavtomatychnomu clipping SP 18/15 on the line making sausage vyrobiv.Material: PTFE. A method for manufacturing Cast and turning the tape guide obrobka.-, article 286123 in the amount of 1 pieces. There treuholnoy detail formyz mounting holes clipper to the base, as well as product passage is a groove on it with tape loops (loop used to pidvishuvannyakovbasnyh products). Assign Aisne to the direction of the belt loop and rivnomirnoyipodachi this film in klipsuvannya node. How it works: tape with petlyamyprostyahayetsya through tensioning rollers and guiding loop so at rusistrichky loop its jam occurs and the tape goes strictly pokanavtsi located in a guide unit klipsuvannya. Coming vuzliklipsuvannya sausage loaf on top loop refers aluminum clip izatyskayetsya. Size: 30h68h197mm. Material: PTFE. A method for manufacturing alloys, Turning. Company manufacturer: "" Tipper Tie Alpina "". Trademark: "" Tipper Tie "". Country of origin: (CH) Switzerland. "SWITZERLAND0UA1002000.2642648.4301931
27/Apr/201739199000121.Ctrichka adhesive biaxial orientation of polypropylene tovanoho (produktivpoli of accession): BOPP packing tape JUMBO rolls (brown) 1280mm (1260mm suitable for operation) * * 45mkm 4000m (25mkm 20mkm film + adhesive) -5ruloniv-25477.2 m. April, BOPP packing tape JUMBO rolls (transparent) 1280mm (1260mm suitable for operation) * * 45mkm 4000m (25mkm 20mkm film + adhesive) -15ruloniv-76658.4 square meters, BOPP packing tape JUMBO rolls (transparent) 1280mm ( 1260mm suitable for operation) * * 36mkm 4000m (23mkm 13mkm film + adhesive) -15ruloniv-77313.6 square meters, BOPP packing tape JUMBO rolls (pr Zora) 1280mm (1260mm suitable for operation) * * 38mkm 4000m (23mkm 15mkm film + adhesive) -103rulona-532463.4 m.kv.Vyrobnyk: YIWU CHANGFA PLASTICS CO., LTDKrayina production: CN.CHINA0UA11208026012.228145.46015
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Plastic Film Roll Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Plastic Film Roll Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АЙВА ГРУП"""
Importer Address
04053, м. Київ, вул. Обсерваторна буд. 12-Б
Product Description
1. Thermal Laminator Model MF1700 - 2 sets. It is.........
HS Code 8420103000Value 3572.050464
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 380
Origin Country CHINA

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