Ukraine Import Data of Plastic Drums | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Drums

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plastic drums collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plastic drums imports.

Plastic Drums Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Drums

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177229200000"1. kremniyevomarhantsevoyi wire of stainless steel coated copper, has pokryttyaabo flux filling material grade steel HTW-50, HTW-711 standard AWSA5.18) on plastic reel and in plastic drums diameter: HTW-50dyam.1,0mm - 5kgspool -2200kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,0mm - 15 kgspool-2160kh., HTW-50dyam.0,8mm - 15 kgspool-2160kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,2mm - 15 kgspool-10800kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,0mm - 250 kg / Drum-2500kh., HTW-50dyam. 0.8 - 250 kg / Drum-3000kg., E71T-GSdyam. 0.8 - 1 kgspool-300kg., Comm. mark - "" HIT WELDING INDUSTRY CO.LTD "" Country of -CN.Vyrobnyk: "" HIT WELDING INDUSTRY CO. LTD "". "CHINA0UA1251102312022671.36002 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20177326905000"1. A drum for winding trubok- 123sht. The metal product made of tool steel grade 1.2223 in the form of a cylinder with two perpendicularly placed at its ends disc, thickness 20mm- locking edges. Designed for winding products in tubes. Geometric dimensions: height 69sm diameter barabanu- 25cm, diameter 50cm edge fixing. it is used for winding conical roller bearing products placed in a plastic tube, storage and subsequent transportation. The drums were in use in 2002 to make a metal vlennya. Freight will be used for their own production needs (in the manufacture of bearing products). Packaged in a tree "" wooden pallets yaschyky.Torhovelna mark: PENTRE. Manufacturer: "" Pentre GmbH "", DE.. "GERMANY0UA205090221413606.29077
28/Apr/20173820000090"1. Coolant for road-building equipment Caterpillar: -antyfryz in metal drums 210 l aerosol packaging is not based on glycol derivatives art.3622181-4 pieces - pieces art.3622181-4 - art.3622181-4 pc - art.3622181-4 pieces - art.3622181-4 pieces; -antyfryz in plastic cans of 20 liters not in aerosol packaging based on derivatives of glycol units art.2056612-40 - art.2056612-40 pieces; - art.2056612-40 pieces - pieces art.2056612-40 - art.2056612-40 pieces; -antyfryz in metal drums 210 l aerosol packaging is not based on glycol derivatives art.2056613-4 items - art .2056613-4 pieces - pieces art.2056613-4 - art.2056613-4 pieces - pieces art.2056613-4 - art.2 056613-4 pieces - art.2056613-4 pieces - pieces art.2056613-4 - art.2056613-4 pieces; -antyfryz in plastic canisters of 5 l aerosol packaging is not based on glycol derivatives art.2056611- 32 pc; Manufacturer CATERPILLAR, CATERPILLAR trademark, Country of BE;. "BELGIUM0UA10002018106.136774.15997
26/Apr/20173301294100"1.Efirni nedeterpenizovani oil used in parfumerno- kosmetychnoyipromyslovosti: essential juniper oil-180kg. (1 180kg metal barrels on). Oliyaefirna palmarosa, 50kg, (2 plastic canister to 25kg). EfirnaRozmarynu oil-180kg. (1 in metal barrels 180kg). essential oil of tea tree, 360kh. (2 to 180kg metal drums) .Krayina origin DE.Vyrobnyk: Frey + Lau GmbHTorhivelna mark: Frey. "GERMANY0UA10021077012682.56949
26/Apr/20173403199010"1. Other means for lubricating machinery, tools andvehicles. The content of synthetic hydrocarbons derived from mineral bytuminoznyh, less than 70mas.%, Comprising aliphatic hydrocarbons polizobutelen, skladnoyefirni components. Without content disulfidumolibdenu, Silicon, polyglycol, graphite. Put up for retail trade in polyethylene taruob'yemom no more than 10 liters and metal drums. not aerosol upakovtsi.Maslo motor mototsikliv to two-stroke engines, mopeds, scooters and small garden equipment. OK TU 001523 65.125-2001.-MOL Dynamic Moto 2T 1L: 200kan.H1l.; - MOL Dynamic Moto 2T 47KG: 3boch.H47kh., Oil spray for motorcycle chains operating in urban environments and rough terrain. It has high anti-wear and adhesion properties. Contains Teflon prysadku.Rozfasovani in retail packaging (plastic tubes) in aerosol upakovtsi.-MOL Dynamic Moto Chain OX 400ML: 120tubH0,4l., synthetic gear oil used dlyazmaschuvannya CAT, Axles and actuators passenger avtomobiliv.-MOL Hykomol Synt 75W-90 1L: 160kan.H1l.; Trademark - MOL.Vyrobnyk - "" MOL LUB Ltd "", 2931 Almasfuzito, Fo ut21.Kr yina -Uhorschyna production, HU. "HUNGARY0UA305160468.681623.170347
25/Apr/20173923509000"1. Motor oil, containing petroleum or mineral oil (hydrocarbon) derived from bitum.mineraliv> 70% as DOS. Component identified as a mixture of aliphatic vuhlehvodniv not containing molybdenum disulphide. Trade mark:" "SYNTIUM" ": art. 18281100 SYNTIUM 3000 AV SAE 5W40 - 400 l (2 * 200L drums) art.18034019 SYNTIUM 800 SAE 10W40 - 760 l (5 kan * 4l, 38 pack) art.18381616 SYNTIUM 7000 SAE 0W40 - 60 liters (20 kan * 1L, 3 pack) Manufacturer: PETRONAS Lubricants SPAIN SLUKrayina production: ESUpakovano: plastic cans, cardboard boxes, der. pallets. "UNITED STATES0UA10012012.198232.1492967
25/Apr/201773269098901.Produktsiya chemical industry - lactic acid, produced by fermentation of sugar, chemical name - 2 hidroksypropanova acid, chemical formula - SN3SN (OH) COOH, CAS number 79-33-4, as kontsetrovanoho syrupy aqueous 80% food grade Galacid FOOD 80 DSP, art. LAFYL80 Lactic Acid 80% Food- 21600kh.Postachayetsya in plastic drums. Designed for use in the food industry (food additive E270). Trademark Galacid.Vyrobnyk Galactic SA. Country of BE. .FRANCE0UA1001200.5665.34377293
25/Apr/20173403199010"1.Zasoby for lubricating vehicles, containing less than 70 wt.% Of oil or oil obtained from bituminous materials (not aerosol packing): Motor oils with improved cold-resistant lubricating qualities and the ability for cars with petrol and diesel engines NESTE CITY STANDARD 5W40 art.044120 17khh1sht. (Packaging: plastic canisters on 20L) NESTE CITY STANDARD 5W40 art.044145 4lh32sht. (Packaging: plastic canister for 4l, 4 pieces. in carton) motor oil for vehicles with petrol and diesel engines, specifically develop enymy for oil with low friction and low viscosity NESTE CITY STANDARD 5W30 art.044545 4lh12sht. (Packaging: plastic canister for 4l, 4 pieces. in cardboard box), motor oil synthetic multigrade high cold resistance to gasoline and diesel engines: NESTE PREMIUM 10W40 art.054020 17khh20sht. (Packaging: plastic canisters on 20L) NESTE PREMIUM 10W40 art.054069 4lh480sht. (packaging: plastic kan in Istria 4l, 4 pieces. in a cardboard box, 24 boxes per pallet), NESTE PREMIUM 10W40 art.054052 1lh120sht. (Packaging: plastic canister for 1 liter, 12p. In carton); Special synthetic oil for high-power diesel engines with a long term replacement oils NESTE TURBO SUPER 10W40 art.104020 17khh10sht. (Packaging: Plastic canisters on 20L) Semi-synthetic motor oil for diesel heavy vehicles NESTE TURBO LXE 10W30 art.123282 200lh4sht. (Packaging, metal drums in 200L, 4 pieces. Per pallet), NESTE TURBO LXE 10W30 art.123272 20lh90sht. (Packaging: Plastic canisters on 20L, 30sht. Per pallet), NESTE TURBO LXE 10W30 art.123269 4lh96sht. (Packaging: plastic canister for 4l, 4 pieces. In a box, 24 boxes per pallet) Semi-synthetic motor oil for diesel multipurpose heavy transport NESTE TURBO LXE 10W40 art.124672 20lh60sht. (Packaging: Plastic canisters on 20L, 30sht. Per pallet), NESTE TURBO LXE 10W40 art.124669 4lh96sht. (Packaging: plastic canister for 4l, 4 pieces. In a box, 24 boxes per pallet), NESTE TURBO LXE 10W40 art.124652 1lh36sht. (Packaging: plastic canister for 1 liter, 12p. In carton); Semi-synthetic motor oil for two-stroke engines NESTE 2-T SUPER art.193045 4lh4sht. (Packaging: plastic canister for 4l, 4 pieces. In a cardboard box) for the motor vehicle; Universal gear oil for automatic transmissions of vehicles at work in a wide temperature range NESTE ATF-X art.293052 1lh72sht. (Packaging: plastic canister for 1 liter, 12p. In a cardboard box) made for "" NESTE MARKKINOINTI OY "", Finland "NETHERLANDS0UA1101506461.2514716.696
25/Apr/20172710198300"1.Ridyny for hydraulic transmissions - hydraulic oils containing more than 70 wt.% Of oil obtained from bituminous minerals, as the main component (high-quality mineral base oils): Multifunctional oil for use in a wide range of operating temperatures in the hydraulic systems of vehicles NESTE HYDRAULI 46 art.320782 200lh8sht. (packaging, metal drums in 200L, 4 pieces. per pallet), NESTE HYDRAULI 46 art.320772 20lh60sht. (Packaging: plastic canisters on 20L, 30sht. per pallet), NESTE HYDRAULI 68 SUPER art.325420 17khh4sht. (packaging: plastic kan striae on 20L) is designed to be "" NESTE MARKKINOINTI OY "", in Finland. "NETHERLANDS0UA11015024484025.814269
25/Apr/20179503005500"1.Prystroyi musical toy in stock: 4533355 games. Piano-6 pcs. (Plastics) 4762648 games. Matt with the sounds of animals 9sht. (Plastics) 5700980 ihr.Hitara-22sht. (100% plastic) 5,700,981 games. Guitar-21sht. (100% plastic) 5712036 ihr.n-p-12p drums. (100% plastic) 5,712,041 games. microphone-6 pcs. (100% plastic) 5,759,142 games. drum-9sht. (WOOD 93% , METAL 7%) 5,759,145 ihr.Baraban-9sht. (93% WOOD, METAL 7%), 5759146 games. drum-8 pieces. (93% WOOD, METAL 7%), 5759147 games. kselofon Owl-3pc. ( TREE) 5759152 games. pipe-5pcs. (WOOD 100%), 5759153 games. pipe-10pc. (WOOD 100%), 6030955 games. guitar-20pcs. (Products: 100%) Country of origin - CNTorhov Flax mark - SMIKIVyrobnyk - SMYK SA. "CHINA0UA10001074.071106.97441
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Plastic Drums Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Plastic Drums Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ІвРус-Трейд"""
Importer Address
03151, м. Київ, вул. Ушинського, 25-А, Україна
Exporter Name Hit Welding Industry Co., Ltd
Product Description
"1. kremniyevomarhantsevoyi wire of stainless stee.........
HS Code 7229200000Value 22671.36002
Quantity 0Unit UA125110
Net Weight 23120
Origin Country CHINA

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