Ukraine Import Data of Plastic Decorative Resin | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Decorative Resin

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plastic decorative resin collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plastic decorative resin imports.

Plastic Decorative Resin Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Decorative Resin

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of plastic decorative resin. Get Ukraine trade data of Plastic Decorative Resin imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173208909900"1. Varnishes, chemically modified natural polymers dissolved in non-aqueous media. Without flame retardants power. Not in aerosol packaging, Dep. For decorative painting of wooden and metal predmetiv.LAKIER NITRO H mat-composition: nitrocellulose 20% alkyd resin, 22%, 30% xylene, acetone, 5% octane ethyl, butyl octane, isobutanol, 20.5%, applications, fillers - 2,5%; LAKIER NITRO SZARY -sklad: nitrocellulose 16-18% alkyd resin, 13-15%, 10-15% toluene, acetone 2.3%, xylene, octane ethyl, butyl octane, isobutanol, 25-33% applications (pigments, plasticizers, fillers) 18-25% pro Country ers Poland PL.. "POLAND0UA2091307831758.088343 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20173819000090"1.Budivelni mixtures containing silicone and organic resins, mineral fillers (40%), water is used to form decorative plaster in the performance of domestic painting decorating, not in aerosol packaging in plastic buckets of 25 kg. Net: REPRO- KEMATERM PL-TOP (acrylic) Kratz 1.5 mm. KDUO 25/1 (art.S711) -20200kh. / 808 plastic vider.Torhovelna mark "" KEMA "" origin: EU ".ITALY0UA1251101550.4962921.530047
18/Apr/20173921904100"1.Lysty amine resin plastic, laminated (layered) under high pressure decorative layer for internal walls revet not polished: HPL Max Compact panel color Light 0877H cut oak, FH, size 2800x1300x12 mm, 10 pcs. Katal.nom .- - sht.HPL Max Compact panel color 0794M bronze with patina, FH, size 4100x1854x12 mm, 1 pc. katal.nom .- - sht.HPL Max Compact panel color of the patina 0793M Tin, FH, size 4100x1854x12 mm, 1 pc. katal.nom .- - sht.HPL Max Compact panel color 0331H Fortune, FH, size 4100x1854x12 mm, 3 pcs. katal.nom .- - sht.HPL Max Compact panel color 0048H Con ' yachnyy oak, FH, roses IP 2800x1300x12 mm, 1 pc. katal.nom .- - sht.HPL Max Compact panel color 0048H Kon'yachnyy oak, FH, size 4100x1854x12 mm, 1 pc. katal.nom .- - pieces.. "AUSTRIA0UA1000101431.8394092.395668
11/Apr/20173921904100"1.Docorative paper-laminate high-pressure plastic" "Slotex" is represented by a laminated sheet made by pressing the layers of fibrous paper, impregnated with amine resins, connected under pressure with heating, laminateddecorative layer on one side, not self-adhesive, not porous, without The presence of a lock, without polishing.It is used for facing of facades, wall panels and tables.The structure is matte with a pattern Size 3050x1320x0,4 mm, 4200x1320x0,4 mm, 3050x1320x0,5 mm, 3050x1320x0,7 mm. The trade mark "Sloteks". Producer of JSC "SLOTE" CO "", RU. "RUSSIA0UA101090853837275.1263
03/Apr/201732141010901.Budivelna mix for grouting (compaction) joints WIM FUGA, in powder form, multicomponent (nT portlandtseme white -30% quartz sand, 35%, 30% vapnyanyyporoshok, resin metyltsellyulo for pigments 3% .Upakovano in paper po2kh packages: WIM FUGA 1/00 ​​-380sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/11 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/13 2 kg-30sht., WIM FUGA 1/14 -110sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1 / 20 -50sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/29 2kg -100sht., WIM FUGA 1/30 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/31 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/322 kg -10sht., WIM FUGA 1/33 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/34 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA1 / 35 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/42 -200sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/43 2 kg -70sht., WIMFUGA 1/44 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/45 -30sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/46 -20sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/48 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1 / 49 -200sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/60 2 kg-20pcs., WIM FUGA 2/16 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 2/59 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 2/60 2kg -10sht., WIM FUGA 2/63 2 kg -10sht. - One-component permanently elastic mass uschil nyuyucha based sylikonovohokauchu ku.WIM SILIKON. (Polidimetylsy loksan with hydroxyl groups on kintsyah50-60% polidimetylsyloksan -20-30% -2-5% etyltryatset oksysylan oxide kremniyu5-10%). Used for all mobile joints that are exposed to water vsanitarnyh and kitchen areas, pools, showers as well inazovni space inside, packed into plastic tubes in 310ml neaerozolni: WIMSILIKON 1/11 -3sht., WIM SILIKON 1/14 -3sht. , WIM SILIKON 1/20 -3sht. - decorative two-component epoxy grout mixture (seal) joints, WIM DIAMOND gROUT (quartz sand, 77%, 13% epoxy resin, pigment applications + 10% component B - epoxy smola- 100%) in plastic buckets of 1 kg: WIMDIAMOND gROUT 305 -1sht 1 kG., - mixes for grouting (compaction) joints WIM BROKAT FUGA, to you hlyadiporoshku, multicomponent (-30% white Portland cement, quartz sand 30%, dolomite filler (VAP nyanyy powder) -30% -5% brocade, resin, methyl cellulose, pigments -5% .In paper bags 2 kg: WIM BROKAT FUGA 5/41 2 KG -1sht. - Construction pasty mixture charged ment (seal) joints WIM EPOXYD, two component (13% epoxy resin, quartz sand tion -77% pigment applications 10% Component B: epoxy smola100%) but Packing in plastic buckets 5kg: WIM FUGA EPOKSYDOWA 5KG 1/12 -1sht., Total 1892 pieces. In neaerozolnyh upakovkahSfera application maintenance and constructionPOLAND0UA2091803771.423315.350285
03/Apr/20173921903000"1.Plastykovi multilayer sheets, non-porous, zdekoratyvnym coating made of fibers impregnated ztselyuloznyh fenolnymsmolamy (60% cellulose, 30-40% - impregnation phenol-formaldehyde resins dlyanesuchoho layer and melaminformaldehidnoyi resin for the front side): Decorative plastic in sheets: 3305 Bumazhno -sloystыy plastic ARPA 4200 X 1300 LU 0,8 POSTF / P art.BN5 / 1 / 0001-5,46m / sq m, trademark: ARPAVyrobnyk: ARPA INDUSTRIALE SPAKrayina production: IT. "ITALY0UA100110555.47014081
03/Apr/20173921903000"1.Dekoratyvnyy paper laminate (DPSHP) letters, the first hatunkutovschynoyu 0.5 mm in size 3050 * 1320mm, for decor: -art.4026" "Alambra" "stone 1702132- 201,300m2; -art.4040" "Antares "" Crystal 1702061- 80,520m2; -art.2027 "" Beech Rhineland "" Crystal 1702102-805,200m2; -art.2029 "" Cherry Portofino "" Crystal 1702072-80,520m2; -art.4018 "" Galaxy "" Kristall 1701231- 80,520m2; -art.3022 "" Sardinian Granite Svetliy "" Crystal -201,300m2 1,702,162; -art.2025 "" Hretskyy Walnut Alley "" Crystal -20,130m2 1,610,252; -art.4024 "" Jeans "" Crystal 1505132 - 40,260m2; -art.4051 "" Ytalyanskaya mosaics "" Crystal -8,052m2 1,702,172; -art.4046 "" Castillo temnыy "" Crystal -201,300m2 1,702,281; -ar t.2021 "" root teen "" Crystal -201,300m2 1,701,242; -art.4021 "" Lucca "" Crystal 1702091 - 40,260m2; -art.4050 "" Luxor "" Crystal 1701201 - 80,520m2; -art.3013 " "Marokkanskyy stone" "Crystal 1701201-40,260m2; -art.4013" "Morskoy trostnyk" "Crystal 1702212-80,520m2; -art.3020" "marbles bezhevыy" "Crystal 1703151-402,600m2; -art.3014" "marbles Carrara "" Crystal 1701 201 -120,780m2.-art.3028 "" white marble Markvyna "" Crystal 1702162 -201,300m2.-art.2049 "" Virginia Walnut Alley "" Crystal 1701242 -20,130m2.-art.2033 "" Rigoletto temnыy "" mykrolynyya 1702171 -40,260m2.-art.3043 "" Semolyna Seraiah "" Crystal -201,300m2 1,701,122. Dekoratyvnyypaperovo laminate (DPSHP) letters, first grade thickness of 0,6 mm, the size of 3050 * 1320mm, for decor: -art. 3020 GL "" marbles bezhevыy "" hlyanets- 40,260m2; Decorative paper-sharuvatyyplastyk (DPSHP) coils, 1320, tovschynoy 0,4mm BU, the first brand-art.3014 "" Carrara marble "" Crystal, 1703211r120-633,600m2.-art.3040 "" Safaga "" Crystal, 1703211r120- 158,400m2. (DPSHP- bahatosharovineporysti sheets of pressed under the influence of temperature and pressure impregnated sharivpaperu product obtained by polycondensation (zovnishnohodekoratyvnoho one layer based on paper impregnated melamino- formaldehyde resin (0.1 mm) and inside shnih layers based on paper impregnated fenoloformaldehidnoyusmoloyu (0,4mm) , tar more than 50% is used for surface treatment of furniture parts ikromok destination using the method nastupnohoformuvannya and exploitation etsya indoors. Without Mr. liruva ting) .Vyrobnyk- company "" Samarskij plastics factory sloystыh "" trademark - "" ARCOBALENO "" Country of origin - "" RU "" "RUSSIA0UA807170237014299.19274
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Plastic Decorative Resin Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Plastic Decorative Resin Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Мале підприємство ""Візит"""
Importer Address
вул. Щурата, 5, м. Броди,Львівська обл., Україна, 80600
Exporter Name "Fabryka Farb, Lakierow i Klejow ""CHEMSTAL"" Sp z o.o."
Product Description
"1. Varnishes, chemically modified natural polymer.........
HS Code 3208909900Value 1758.088343
Quantity 0Unit UA209130
Net Weight 783
Origin Country POLAND

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