Ukraine Import Data of Plastic Bottle Brush | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Bottle Brush

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plastic bottle brush collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plastic bottle brush imports.

Plastic Bottle Brush Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Bottle Brush

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of plastic bottle brush. Get Ukraine trade data of Plastic Bottle Brush imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173305900000"1." Aquarelle "" Lightweight ", weighing 124 gr., Includes: a bag with a powder for discoloration-13g, a bottle-applicator with an oxidizing agent -35ml, a balsam-15ml, a plastic gloves, a hat with holes, a brush With crochet, instructions for use, not in aerosol packaging - 4680 pcs. "BULGARIA0UA408150612.31043.923284 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20173304200000"1.Organizer for eye make-up: - eyebrow and eyelash (consisting of: eyebrow and eyelashes in metal tubes for 50g, oxidant in a plastic bottle of 25g, a plastic bowl for mixing, a brush of paint application day): -Pain for Eyebrows and eyebrows brown 50 / 30g (21pcs) -1050pcs For retail: not in aerosol packaging, in individual plastic plastic blister cards., Brand: "ROKOLOR" Manufacturer: LLC "Company Klever" " Country of production: Russian Federation (RU). "RUSSIA0UA110150115.5873.425789
24/Apr/20177326909490"1.Preparat for electroplating metal" "Brush Alocrom 1200" "two-component on based on chromium oxide and additives for use in civil aviation vaerozolniy not packed, packaged in plastic bottles, the contents of the kit 2kg.: Art.578082 -2sht.Torhovelna Brand: HenkelVyrobnyk: Henkel CorporationKrayina production: GB. "GERMANY0UA1251900.0448.466384716
19/Apr/20173924100000"1. Dishes and utensils or kitchen table made of plastic: art.VC Corolla-1383 silicone with metal handle 20cm - 1728sht; art.VC-1384 silicone brush 20cm - 2448sht; art.VC-1385 silicone blade 22 6cm - 3312sht; art.VC-1468 kit form d / silicone baking cakes with 6sht.7,0x7,0x3,0sm - 2736sht; art.VC-1469 kit form d / silicone baking cakes with 6 pieces. 6,5x6,5x3, 2cm - 2736sht; art.VC Form 1387-A / chocolate silicone 21x10.8x1.7sm - 1008sht; art.VC Form 1388-A / chocolate silicone 21h10.8h1.7sm - 1008sht; art.VC Form 1470-d / baking muffins on 18sht. pryamokut silicone. 28,5x16,5x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1471-A / baking cakes on 6 pcs. of silica Well 28,5x17,0x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1472-A / baking cookies at 12p. 21,5x16,0x2,5sm silicone - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1473-d / silicone baking cake D = 25,5x4,0sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1474-d / silicone baking bread pryamokut.25,0x13,5x7,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1475-A / baking a cake Sunflower silicone 24,5x24,5x6 , 0sm - 1488sht; art.VC-1390 Rocking chair of force stake 39.5sm d = 5.5sm - 1800sht; art.VC Form 1476-d / silicone baking cakes with D = 22,0x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC-1382 pastry bag (for 6 pieces) - 1008sht, art. Samples of kitchen utensils made of silicone (cup holder for eggs, ashtray, chairs, a strainer for tea, clip, bottle, shovel, molds for cookies, brush, juicer lemon form of ice, a cup, a set of shapes for cake 6 pieces, form cake, a stopper, a bag of ice, glove, pad holder for caps, syringes, loop, cover, sieve) - 137sht, Country of origin: CN; trademark - TM Vincent; Manufacturer: NTS PROJECT LIMITED, Hong Kongna production areas " "Kitchenette CO., LTD" "China / PRC"CHINA0UA1101502500.8356002.003952
18/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky children varied in sets or kits in stock (notcontains radio electronic devices and emitters spetsialnohopryznachennya): - art. 105 036 610 Doll collection NBB" "bedroom" "in the set: two 12 smpupsy, plastic 2 bunk bed, sofa, with stairs, cabinets, 2plashechky milk, 2 nipples 2 pot. - 600 pcs. - art. 105039806 Mini Bobblehead NBB 12cm bobblehead with a bottle, pacifier, pot, 3-hvydah: with a bathroom, a typewriter and carrying. - 720 pcs. - art. 105730211 Steffi doll set '' Nanny '' in the set: 29 cm doll with bilymvolossyam claim 2 kids 7 cm, baby bag, carrying 12 akses. Baby. -1080 units. - Art. 105730214 Steffi Doll set the house cat and akses. Vnabori: Doll 29 cm of white hair, 3 figures cat, house cat taakses . - 320 pcs. - art. 105730513 Evi Doll with 3 small pet species Eve bilymvolossyam of 12 cm, 3-5 cm zhivotinku, 3 types of animals: dog, cat, bunny. - 2496 pcs. - art. 105731266 Doll Evie "" Rusal onka "" 16 cm mermaid, pink hair - 1440sht. - art. 105731268 Evi Doll set "" Rapunzel in the tower '' with long hair 12 smEvi with extra long hair (len. 25.5 cm) plastic tower size d.19x d.14xv.35sm, brush hair, white hair - 240 pcs. - art. 105733044 Evi Doll set "" Pets "" Evie 12 cm, with 4.5 smpesykom and cat and akses .. - 1440 pcs. - art. 105733045 Steffi Doll set and Evie "" Walk on bicycles "" 29 smlyalka 12 cm Evie, two bikes and helmets - 480 pcs. - art. 105733065 Evi Doll set "" rabbit house "" Evie of 12 cm and dvomakrolykamy house. - 1440 pcs. - art. 105733066 Steffi Doll "" Mermaid Princess of the Sea "" zperlynoyu 29 cm doll, colored tail and the ring - 960 pcs. - art. 105733200 Steffi Doll set "" Happy Family "," doll Steffi pregnant 29sm, Kevin Doll 30 cm, 12 cm Evie, stroller blond hair - 720 pcs. - art. 105737084 Steffi doll cradles, pregnant with the baby for 29-smlyalka pregnant, baby 5cm (moving head, arms, legs), blanket, cradle zkoronoyu, white hair - 720 pcs. - art. 105738332 Steffi Doll set with cabriolet 29 cm doll car - 720sht..Krayina production - CN.Vyrobnyk - SIMBA TOYS HONG KONG LIMITED.Torhivelna mark - SIMBA. "CHINA0UA1000203730.359338.97763
18/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky children varied in sets or kits in stock (notcontains radio electronic devices and emitters spetsialnohopryznachennya): - art. 105730934 Steffi and Evi Dolls" "pediatrician" "Doll 29 cm, 12 cm Evie zakses .. - 720 pieces . - art. 105732608 doll set Steffi '' doctor '' doll 29 cm with white hair TA2, and kids 7 cm, table, bath, scales. - 600 pcs. - art. 105 733 040 doll collection Steffi and Evi "" Veterinary clinic "" 29 smlyalka 12 cm Evie, 2 dog, 1 rabbit and akses .. - 480 pcs. - art. 105 733 043 Doll collection Evie "" African Animals "" 12 cm Evie, 4.5 smpanda and giraffe with akses .. - 768 pcs. - Art. 105733048 Steffi doll and baby panda doll of 29 cm to 7 cm panda, plyashka- 480 pcs. - Art. 105733067 Steffi doll and cradle the baby 2 species in the set: doll 29sm, with white hair, 7cm baby stroller 12 akses. - 960 pcs. - art. 105 733 072 doll collection Evie "" nursery for puppies "" 12 cm Evie with vahitnoyusobakoyu and 3 puppies and carrying a bottle. - 1440 pcs. - art. 105733075 Evi Doll set "" Happy Farm "" Evie with 12 cm malymytvarynkamy (sheep, rabbit, chicken) and akses .. - 720 pcs. - art. 105733094 Evi Doll and set for bathing dog with zminykoloru function in the set: 12 cm Eve, bathroom with the function of supplying water, a towel, a sponge, 6 smpesyk with changing colors. - 540 pcs. - art. 105733450 Steffi Doll set "" Miss elegance "" Doll 29 cm with 3 anaryadamy 1 scarf hangers 3, 2 glasses, 2 pairs of shoes, white hair, 2 kinds -240 pieces. - art. 105734000 Steffi doll, doll 29 cm pregnant, pregnant with a blanket and akses dlyamalyuka. - 2160 pcs. - art. 105734162 doll Steffi "" The Little Mermaid "," 2 kids 2 kinds of doll 29 cm vodyazi mermaid with second kids 7 cm, with plastic tails, hair brush, in 2 colors apparel, green / purple, 2 -x kolorahvolossya: pink / purple. - 720 pcs. - art. 105736350 Steffi Doll set with and akses. Doll 29 cm, with bilymvolossyam, third children: 7 cm and 10 cm, with a chair for feeding, bed, dviynoyukolyaskoyu, bicycles, carrying and akses. - 960 pcs. - art. 105736646 Evi Doll set "" Romantic crew "" Two 12cm doll zkaretoyu horse 11 cm white hair - 720 sht..Krayina production - CN.Vyrobnyk - SIMBA TOYS HONG KONG LIMITED.Torhivelna mark - SIMBA. "CHINA0UA1000203769.461823.38558
14/Apr/201739249000901.Posud electrical or kitchen table, plastic, bottle brush, art.zamovnyka: 499,193, total 24 pieces. Country of CNTorhovelna mark POUCEVyrobnyk NINGBO RAFFINI IMPOPT & EXPORT CO., LTD. .CHINA0UA1250101.0510.5028218
14/Apr/201733051000001. Hair care products, shampoos, packaged for retail sale, not in aerosol packaging, in plastic bottles: Careline Shampoo Dry Hair 12 0.400 L 8Hair Shampoo Shampoo Normal Hair 12 0.400 L 10Shampoo for normal hair Trademark Careline. Manufacturer Emilia Cosmetics LtdCrema Men Shampoo & Shower Gel 12 0.700 L 18 Cream Men's Shower Cream Men Active Blush 12 0.700 L 9 Cream Men's Shower Cream 2 in 1 Shampoo & Shower Gel Black Soul Aloe Vera 12 0.700 L 20 Shampoo and Shower Gel Crema Men 2 in 1 Shampoo & Shower Gel Rooibos 12 0.700 L 20Shampoo and Shower Gel Cream Men Men. Producer Sano Bruno's Enterprises LTD. NATURAL FORMULA 2in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner Easy Brush, all hair Types 12 0.700 L 10 Shampoo Conditioner for all types of hair Trademark NATURAL FORMULA. Manufacturer Emilia Cosmetics Ltd.Total 95 cards. Kor On the trees Pallets Country of production Izar Ail, IL.ISRAEL0UA500010760.372254.654883
05/Apr/201796039099001. Brush plastic cleaning bottles. .CHINA0UA1001502.162.619938904
04/Apr/201796039091001.1.Schitky brooms and plastic for household and prybyrannyau navulytsi: Brush Smyk art. sz 034 -680sht. Brush Josef art. sz 043 -1190sht.SovokLenyuh AM IGO art. Sz 511 -396sht. Brush Bottle 0.5. Iga art. 086 + sz -1320sht.Schitka scoop with elastic Yaga art. sz 1107-924sht. Brush + scoop of elastic Yaga luxury art. sz 1106 -924sht. Brush vzuttyaHlyants art. sz 124 -1224sht. WC brush art. sz140 -1020sht. WC brush art. sz 155-1020sht. Brush Perfect the art. sz 020-2016sht.Torhovelna mark: AGD PasterskiKrayina production: PLVyrobnyk: AGD Pasterski.POLAND0UA10002014424650.320768
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Plastic Bottle Brush Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Plastic Bottle Brush Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне підприємство ""МАВІ КОСМЕТІК ІНДУСТРІАЛ"""
Importer Address
60412, Чернівецька обл., Глибоцький р-н, с. Чагор, вул. Ш. Великого, 19.
Exporter Name """STS Holding Group"" Ltd"
Product Description
"1." Aquarelle "" Lightweight ", weighing 124 gr.,.........
HS Code 3305900000Value 1043.923284
Quantity 0Unit UA408150
Net Weight 612.3
Origin Country BULGARIA

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