Ukraine Import Data of Plastic Bell | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Bell

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plastic bell collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plastic bell imports.

Plastic Bell Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Bell

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of plastic bell. Get Ukraine trade data of Plastic Bell imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20176307901000"1. Goods tvarynIhrashka d / cats, fantastic mouse, 7 cm, set of 4 pcs., Polyester, plastic art. 20-7008 - 24 nabIhrashka d / cats, mice, 6 cm, set of 2 pieces, polyester, artificial fur art. 20-7009 - 6 nabIhrashka d \ cats, funny HARRY 33 cm, set 3 pcs., plush, polyester art. 20-7010 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat, funny mouse on wheels, 11 cm, set of 2 pieces, plastic, polyester art. 20-7011 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat colored mouse, d = 4,5cm, in a set of 4 pieces., plush nylon art. 20-7029 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat pink bird, XL, 12cm , plush, long '' I art. 20-7030 - 6 ShTIhrashka d / cats MY HEART, 5h6cm in set 2 pcs., plush, polyester, feather art. 20-7050 - 3 nabIhrashka d / cat, mouse JAZZY, 7cm, a set 3pc. asort.koloriv plush and polyester, feather art. 20-7053 - 3 nabIhrashka d / cat, funny mouse on WHEELS 11 cm, plastic, polyester, plush art. 20-7411 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cats GOOD mouse, a platter. 5 cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7422 - 24 ShTIhrashka d / cats, mice, gerbils, a platter. 5 cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7424 - 36 ShTIhrashka d / m cats "" yachyk ZEBRA BALL, a platter., d = 4cm, plush art. 20-7426 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cat, spotted mice, 5cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7440 - 12 ShTDrazhnylka d / cats, flying mouse with a bell assorted, 46 cm, plastic, plush art. 20-7506 - 60 ShTZatochka-board A / cats THE EDGE1, angular, 52H27H1sm, plush, cardboard art. 20-8002 - 20 ShTZatochka-board A / cats THE EDGE2, angular, 80H28H1sm, plush, cardboard art. 20-8003 - 12 ShTHamak for rodents "" Smooth & Relax "" S, 18h18sm, polyester, plush art. 20-9001 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cats gray mouse with audio, 5 cm ,, polyester, rubber, plush art. 20-7415 - 24 ShTIhrashka d / cats Mouse MIX, in a set of 4 pcs., Plush art. 20-7005 - 12 pc "CHINA0UA10107031.73379.6022011 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173917400090"1.Fitynhy (connections, elbows, couplings) for plastic plastic pipes: TriynykPEHD QS 110x110 / 88 S12,5, art.3258922248-24sht. Plug PEHD QS 50 S12,5, art.3258924625-1sht. Revision direct PEHD QS 50x50 / 88 S12,5, art.3258920865-3sht.Vidvid PEHD QS 40/45, art.3258921234-3sht. Disqualification PEHD QS 50/45 art.3258921254-5sht. Tee PEHD QS 50x50 / 45 S12,5 , art.3258922018-5sht. TriynykPEHD QS 63x40 / 45 S12,5, art.3258922025-2sht. socket with sealing ring PEHDQS 50 S12,5, art.3258924205-4sht. Coupling with long bell SiTech plus 110 art.3067809- 85sht.Vyrobnyk - Wavin Italy SpA Mesh drain funnel; d90; black., art.3160702626-9sht.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - WavinVyrobnyk - Polprofili Klosowicz Pawel. "ITALY0UA12511050.42214.2410059
28/Apr/20173307900000"1.Vyroby of cotton, sticks hygiene BELLA Cotton Care with Aloe (BC-081-P200-091) - 6144 pack. 128 cardboard. Corr. (Sticks made of plastic, with both ends '' flagella '' wool solution processed aloe) Manufacturer: limited Liability Company "Bella'.Krayina production-grade RU.Torhovelna: BELLA COTTON."RUSSIA0UA1252304671655.821623
28/Apr/20173917400090"1.Fitynhy (connections, elbows, couplings) for plastic plastic pipes, bells ring zuschilnyuyuchym PEHD QS 40 S12,5, art.3258924203-2sht. Tee PPrivnoprohid. Ext. .; d32h32 channel / kut45, art.3061430804 -20sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 30 art.3060341231-80sht. Funnel drain, d100 / 75; white art.3060242305-28sht. Revision of the VT / PVC, d75, art.3060481805-30sht. Disqualification PPvnutrishnoyi sewerage ; d32 / kut45, art.3061330845-360sht. Disqualification of PP vnutrishnoyikanalizatsiyi; d32 / kut67, art.3061330855-40sht. nasuvna Socket class N; d110, art.3062662426-25sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / 45 angle, art .3060341241-1100sht. KolinoROSA d90hkut 67 brown art.3060102254-60sht. Disqualification dvoroztr ubnyy; d90 / kut67; Ćorić, art.3060112254-306sht. Disqualification dvoroztrubnyy, d90 / kut67, white, art.3060112255-240sht. Disqualification dvoroztrubnyy, d110 / kut67, white, art.3060112455-20sht. Tee tees, d90h90 / kut67 ; Ćorić, art.3060172205-6sht. Plug inside, 100 left, brown art.3060202374-4sht. Plug foreign law, d130, Ćorić, art.30 60202604-200sht.Zahlushka outer left, d130, Ćorić, art.3060202694- 300sht. Cap zovnishnyaprava / left d160 (with glue); Brown, art.3060203414-20sht. ROSA pipe clamp d90korychnevyy, art.3060232240-50sht. Funnel drain d100 / 75; Brown, art.3060242304-28sht. Funnel drain, d130 / 90; Ćorić, art.3060242604-108sht.Liyka drain, d130 / 90; white art.3060242605-96sht. Funnel drain d160 / 110, brown art.3060243404-15sht. Disqualification with one bell, d90 / kut67, Ćorić, art.3060252254-300sht. Disqualification with one bell, d90 / kut67, white, art.3060252255-60sht. Disqualification with one bell, d110 / kut67, white, art.3060252455-20sht. Elbow external gutter, d130 / kut90; Ćorić, art.3060262624-40sht. Internal gutter angle, d130 / kut90, brown, art.3060262634-10sht. Internal gutter angle; d130 / kut135, brown, art.3060262657-4sht. Coupling pipe; d110, brown, art.3060302404-24sht. Muftazholoba of the insert (set), d130 Ćorić, art.3060302614-108sht. Coupling zholobaiz liner (set), d130, white, art.3060302615-120sht. Coupling izvkladyshem trough; d160 white art.3060303415-15sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 30 art.3060341231-100sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 88 art.3060341281-100sht. VidvidVT / PVC; d110 / angle 30 art.3060342431-50sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d110 / angle 45 art.3060342441-225sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d110 / angle 88 art.3060342481-20sht. Kutnykzholoba external d130 / kut90, graphite, art.3060352609-2sht. Tee W / PVC; d50x50 / kut45, art.3060421204-150sht. Tee W / PVC; d50x50 / kut88, art.3060421208-50sht. Tee W / PVC; d110x110 / kut88, art.3060422408-210sht.Triynyk W / PVC; d110x50 / kut45, art.3060422424-40sht. Revision of the VT / PVC; d110, art.3060482405-60sht. Go W / PVC; d110xd50, art.3060542425-50sht. Coupling PVHnasuvna ext. sewer. d110 siryy.VT, art.3060662421-25sht. Disqualification PPvnutrishnoyi drain; d32 / kut88,5, art.3061330885-320sht. Tee PPrivnoprohid. ext. channel.; d32h32 / kut45, art.3061430804-20sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 45 art.3060341241-400sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna brand - "POLAND0UA125110981.693301.742846
27/Apr/20179507900000"1. Products for fishing: Potsak 600 - 2400sht., Potsak 700 - 400sht., Drying fish - 600sht., To Line reels of 100 meters - 42600sht., Firefly for night fishing, 2 pcs. In Patsch. - 100000pach., rybalskyy braided cord reels at 100 meters - 23400sht., bell (metal, plastic) with batteries in the complex. - 1600sht., bell (metal, plastic) with batteries in the complex. - 2000sht.Vyrobnyk: YIWU HENGDA IMPORT & EXPORT TRADING CO., LTD.Krayina production: CN.. "CHINA0UA500060521411835.78012
26/Apr/201794051091901-Light electrical appliances for homes that are suspended or fixed to the ceiling or wall for use with incandescent lamps, with no precious metals and composite materials that contain in its composition transmitters or transmitters and receivers: Model 1301 Universal lamp Bottom E27 1x MAX 60W, IP20, color chrome (metal) -1shtartykul 1822 Universal lamp Spiral D25 E27, 1x60W, IP20 white (metal glass) -5shtartykul 1864 Chandelier Jolly D40cm E27 1x max.60W IP20 chrome color, white lampshade with a pattern (metal glass) -2shtartykul 2 472 Universal lamp Julie E27 3x Max 40W IP20 gray / multicolor (metal, glass) -1shtartykul 2587 Chandelier Olivia E27 1x MAX 60W IP20 D16 black (metal) -1shtartykul 2588 Chandelier Olivia E27 1x MAX 60W IP20 D16 color silver (metal, ) -1shtartykul 2756 Chandelier Elisett E27 1x60W color bronze (metal glass) -1shtartykul 2770 Chandelier Gordon E27 Max 40W IP20 black / bronze (metal) -1shtartykul 2772 Chandelier Reda E27 4x MAX 60W, IP20, chrome-wenge color, white ceiling ( metal glass) 2865 Universal lamp -1shtartykul Ann E27 2x MAX 40W IP20, color chrome (metal glass) -1shtartykul 2969 Chandelier Danila E27 3x MAX 60W IP20 chrome color (metal, glass) -1shtartykul 4649 yustra Ramsey E27 Max 60W IP20 black (metal, plastic) -1shtartykul 4725 Chandelier Harmony lux D40 IP20 white patterned (metal paper plastic) -23shtartykul 4727 Chandelier Mirabell D40 IP20 white patterned (metal paper plastic) 4968 Universal -12shtartykul lamp Sweet dream, 395x395, E27 2x MAX 60W, IP20, Multicolor illustrated tales (metal-glass) -4shtartykul 4969 Universal lamp Sweet dream D40, E27 2x max.60W IP20 illustrated tales (metal glass) -4shtartykul 5113 Universal lamp Ufo D30 E27 1x60W IP20 chrome color, white shades (metal glass) -1shtartykul 5827 Wall lamp in Togo nny E14, 1x40W, IP44 colors chrome, matte white ceiling (metal glass) -1shtartykul 5828 Lexo bathing Wall light IP44 G9 1x40W color chrome, matte white ceiling with halogen lamps (metal glass) -4shtartykul 5831 Universal lamp Cibyll bathing IP44 G9 1x40W 13,9sm color matte white, with halogen lamp (metal glass) -3shtartykul 5852 Lexo bathing Wall light IP44 G9 2x40W color chrome, matte white ceiling with halogen lamps (metal glass) -2shtartykul 5870 Universal lamp Dione E27 3x MAX 40W IP20 white (metal, glass) -1shtartykul 6038 Chandelier Veronica E14 4x Max 40W IP20-color satin chro m (Silver) 6045 Universal lamp -1shtartykul Norton GU10, MAX 50W, IP20, color chrome (metal) -10shtartykul 6055 Universal lamp Flaire, E14 1x MAX 40W, IP20, color chrome, white ceiling, with a switch (metal glass) - 1shtartykul 6056 Universal lamp Flaire, E14 2x MAX 40W, IP20, color chrome, white ceiling (metal-glass) -1shtartykul 6058 Universal lamp Flaire, E14 4x MAX 40W, IP20, color chrome, white ceiling (metal-glass) -1shtartykul 6060 Universal fixturesCHINA0UA305160124.731433.387684
26/Apr/20179506290000"1.Inventar for water sports - water aerobics, kalabaha: art.99052-10sht., Art.9620 -10 pcs .; boards for swimming, art.9690 - 30sht .; dlyaplavannya blade: Art. 96441 -12sht .; sleeves for swimming, art.9709 - 12 couples art.9706 - 12par, plastic chips, art.96050 -6sht., art. 96 051 - 6 pcs .; poyasydlya aqua aerobics, art.9617 -30sht., art.96068 - 10pc. ; akvarukavychky: art.9637 -10par; akvastrichka rubber: art.9672 - 15sht .; dumbbells for aqua aerobics, art.9627- 20 pairs art.9626 - 6par, flippers for swimming, art.9984 r.33-35 -6par , art.9984r.36-38-6par, r.38-41 -6par art.9984, art.9984 r.41-43 -4pary, art.9984 r.44-46 -4pary.. "CHINA0UA20918078.291403.109632
26/Apr/201739239000001.Vyroby plastic, cap round shape, type (bell 86l) on the coil used in the wire feeder to the press bahatofunktsionalho Komax.Vykorystovuyetsya the company that manufactures automobile cable network. .GERMANY0UA2091403044726.69398
26/Apr/201796190019001.Plastic hygiene daily Bella Panty Aroma Relax (BE-022-RZ20-029) - 18432 yp. (From non-woven cellulose material) Manufacturer: Torunskie Zaklady Materialow Opatrunkowych SA, PolandProduct Production-PL.Trademark: BELLA.POLAND0UA125230681.9843943.658476
26/Apr/201739259080001.Vyroby construction plastic (PVC) manufacturing by extrusion in vyhlyadifasonnoho profile which has a constant cross-section, the soft sealing kromkupo edges, longitudinal ribs along the length, painted zkabel-rope and connecting elements (PVC) I used fo yohovstanovlennya used as a finishing material for the interior, with the planned center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak Rene 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. 15.01.801.001 -600sht. Planned from the center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak Termoli 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. 15.01.802.001 -200sht. Planned from the center. K.kanalom 58mm Dubsalsa 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. 15.01.803.001 -200sht. Tsentr.K.kanalom planned with 58mm Oak 40sht rock. (1 * 2.5m) art. 15.01.806.001 -600sht.Planuyetsya the center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak Selekt 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art.15.01.807.001 -200sht. Planned from the center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak Tobacco 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. 15.01.808.001 -200sht. Planned from the center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak Ellora40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. 15.01.809.001 -600sht. Planned from the center. K.kanalom 58mmDub gross 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. 15.01.810.001 -200sht. Tsentr.K.kanalom planned with 58mm Oak Horno 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. 15.01.811.001 -400sht. Planuyetsyaz center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak palace 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. 15.01.813.001-600sht. Planned from the center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak 40sht Toledo. (1 * 2.5m) art.15.01.815.001 -200sht. Planned from the center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak retouch 40sht. (1 * 2 Art. -400sht 15.01.816.001. It is planned to the center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak zvychaynyy40sht. (1 * 2,5 art. -600sht 15.01.817.001. It is planned to the center. K.kanalom 58mm DubHartvis 40sht. (1 * 2.5 m) art. -200sht 15.01.818.001. tsentr.K.kanalom planned with 58mm Oak 40sht year. (1 * 2.5m) art. -200sht.Planuyetsya of 15.01.819.001 center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak asplen 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art.15.01.820.001 -400sht. of planned center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak robealis 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. -200sht 15.01.821.001. It is planned with center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak alba40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. -400sht 15.01.822.001. It is planned to the center. K.kanalom 58mmDub stone 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. 15.01. 823,001 -1000sht. planned tsentr.K.kanalom 58mm Oak Californian 40sht. (1 * 2 Art. -200sht.Planuyetsya of 15.01.824.001 center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak Palmyra 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art.15.01.825.001 -200sht. planned from the center. K.kanalom 58mm Oak Bello 40sht. (1 * 2.5m) art. -200sht 15.01.826.001. Plug the left and right 58mm Oak Rene art.15.02.801.0003 -200sht 2 pcs. Connector 58mm Oak Rene 2 pcs art. 15.02.801.0004 -300sht.Vnutrishniy angle 58mm Oak salsa 2 pcs art. 15.02.803.0001 -300sht. External Kut58mm Oak salsa 2 pcs art. 15.02.803.0002-300sht. Plug the left and right 58mm Oak 2pcs rock art. 15.02.806.0003 -200sht.Z'yednuvach Oak 58mm 2pcs rock art. 15.02.806.0004 -200sht. 2 pcs 58mm connector Dubselekt art. 15.02.807.0004-200sht. Plug the left and right 58mm 2 pcs Oak Ellora art. 15.02.809.0003 -200sht.Z'yednuvach Ellora Oak 58mm 2 pcs art. 15.02.809.0004 -200sht. Inside Corner 2 pcs 58mmDub Horno art. 15.02.811.0001-300sht.RUSSIA0UA1000203824.477106.545656
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Plastic Bell Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Plastic Bell Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю 'ДІАМАНТ ЗОО'
Importer Address
10001, м. Житомир, вул. Ватутіна б.91/1, УКРАЇНА
Exporter Name ООО «Солей»
Product Description
"1. Goods tvarynIhrashka d / cats, fantastic mouse.........
HS Code 6307901000Value 379.6022011
Quantity 0Unit UA101070
Net Weight 31.73
Origin Country CHINA

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