Ukraine Import Data of Plaque | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plaque

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plaque collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plaque imports.

Plaque Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plaque

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173306100000"1.Kysneva preventive toothpaste whitening series Soft faberlic 75ml art.2254 -1188sht. Preventive toothpaste PLAQUE CONTROL Series Expert Pharma 75mlart. -2430sht.Torhovelna 1659 Brand: FaberlicKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO" "Faberlyk" "Not in aerosol packaging. "RUSSIA0UA100110402.5161778.828827 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20178708803598"1. Polypropylene film biaxially oriented, in rolls, non-porous, non-reinforced, non-laminated, not lined, and not combined with similar materials with other materials, Biaxplen, for the production of multilayer composite films with printed printing and laminate for packaging goods: 20 μm thick, BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x950 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015-1653,5kg thickness 20μm, BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 20h800 ТУ2245-003-70378591-2015-6471,4kg thickness 20μm, BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 20х920 ТУ2245-003-70378591-2015-780, 2kg thickness 20μm, BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 20h930 ТУ2245-003-70378591-2015-2195.2kg, 25μm thick, BOPP plaque BIAXPLEN HGPL 25x920 TU2245-003-70378591-2015-1197.5kg 25μm thick, BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 25x1080 TU2245-003-70378591-2015-1408.2kg. 20kW thick, with vacuum metal deposition (metallized), BOPP film BIAXPLEN HMIL .M 20х980 ТУ 2245-002-70378591-2016 -4800,7kg. Trade mark: "БИАКСПЛЕН" "Country of production: RU Producer: ООО" БИАКСПЛЕН "". "SPAIN0UA400030224.8483280.454932
24/Apr/20176005319000"1 - Plastic Products - Office supplies, plaques pouch (plastic) and a plastic bag for storage religious forms (plastic cover for the plan area). Marking JWLviv UA. Imported for own use" "religious center of Jehovah's Witnesses in Ukraine". " not for sale (realization). ".HUNGARY0UA125110465917015.11478
24/Apr/20173004500000"1. Means washing and cleaning products packaged for retail trade in the range: - FORMULAN K802 - Universal concentrated dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher, in the form of liquid blue color, flavored composition: sodium hydroxide <5% potassium hydroxide 5 -15% silicate minerals <5% tetranatriyevyy EDTA <5%, the product contains <5% polycarboxylates, 5-15% phosphate adyuvantiv in plastic containers by: 12kg - 7sht; 24kh - 7sht. Total - 14sht; - FORMULAN K804 - softener dishes in the dishwasher, a colorless liquid, flavored, containing <5% lymo Noah acid and 5-15% non-ionic surfactants in the plastic container on 10 kg -4sht; -1sht 20kg. Total - 5pcs; - FORMULAN S601 - cleaner bathrooms, in liquid form, flavored in a plastic container on 1L composition: 10% sulfamova acid, citric acid 5% polioksialkilen 3% ethoxylated nonylphenol 7-11, 3%, 1% s16-18 alkylamines, ethoxylated 5-25, ethoxylated but nilfenol 1%. Total - 20pcs; - FORMULAN S603 - a tool for professional cleaning, remove plaque and rust for toilets and sinks in a liquid yellow plastic containers of flavored by 1l, ingredients: 5-15% hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid 30-35% citric acid 15-20% and containing <5% anionic and neanionnyh surfactants, <5% phosphonates. Total - 20pcs; - FORMULAN W405 - window cleaning mirrors and alcohol, in the form of blue liquid, flavored, in plastic containers to 10l., Ingredients: 5-15% aliphatic alcohol, <5% organic solvents, <5% anion and neionovi surfactants, <5% flavorings, preservatives 0.1% (metilhlorizotiazolinon, metilizotiazolinon) dye. Total -10sht; - FORMULAN W409 - means of alcohol for washing machine and the floor, as a liquid, blue colored, flavored in plastic containers in 1L composition: 5-15% alcohol, <5% non-ionic surfactants, EDTA tetranatrievyy, limonene, metilhlorizotiozolinon, metilsozotiozolinon. Total - 12p; - FORMULAN Z703 - cleaner all waterproof surfaces in the form of a transparent liquid, plastic containers for 1L composition: 2-ethylhexyl glucoside <1% ethoxylated alcohols propoksilirovani S9-11 <1%, 2 butoksietanol < 4%, and containing nonionic surfactants <2%, amphoteric surfactants <2%. Total - 24sht; - FORMULAN Z706 - detergent paving, asphalt and concrete from oil stains, as a light brown liquid, flavored in plastic containers for 10L, ingredients: sodium hydroxide 10-20% tetranatriyeva EDTA salt -1-5 %. Total -2sht; - FORMULAN Z713 - a tool for cleaning pavers and stone facades, as a liquid, light brown in color, composition: sodium hydroxide 10-20% EDTA salt tetranatriyeva 1-5% in plastic containers by: 20L . - 5pcs, 1l. - 12p. Total - 17sht; - FORMULAN K822 - means alkaline, cleaning convection ovens equipped with automatic cleaning system "UNITED STATES0UA100050204486698.48777
20/Apr/201784509000001. The parts to manufacture home appliances BSH: Information plaque control panel art.00633837-2sht washing machine. The plastic papir.Torhovelna mark BSHVyrobnyk BSH Hausgerate production GmbHKrayina DE.GERMANY0UA1002000.09412.91667379
18/Apr/20179018499000"1. Compact-Piezo P2K LED art.05090008-15sht. (Represents an ultrasonic device to remove tartar, plaque); Easy Jet Pro blue (Midwest connection) art.05150051-1sht; Easy Jet Pro white (Midwest connection) art.05150056-1sht. (designed to remove tartar, plaque and tooth whitening preventive spray powder) .Nasadky to ultrasonic dental instruments: OT5A art.03370009-1sht nozzle, nozzle OP1 art.03380001-1sht; PS2 art.03180003-1sht nozzle, nozzle S1 nitro gold art.02960001-20sht; nozzle S2 nitro gold art.02960002-20sht; nozzle P4 nitro gold art.02970004-2sht, cap P14 nitro gold art.03080005-1sht, nozzle D2 nitro gold art.02990002-1sht, CM4 art.02190002-1sht nozzle; OT8R art.03370012-2sht nozzle, nozzle OT8L art.03370013-2sht.Vyrobnyk "" Mectron "" SpA Italy . IT. Trade mark "" MECTRON "".. "ITALY0UA40303020.5088200.897149
14/Apr/201734022090001. Detergents and cleaning agents based on surfactants not aerosolized, packaged for retail sale: SANO ANTIKALK 20 0.200 KG 20 Concentrated powder for removing plaque from kettles and coffee-bottles. Sano ANTI KALK 12 0.500 L 96Universal Rust Remover Sano ANTI KALK 12 1.000 L 135 Universal Rust Remover ANTIKALK SCALE REMOVER FOR WASHING MACHINES 12 0.500 L 96 Removal of lime plaque from washing machines and dishwashers. SANO ANTIKALK WC 12 0.750 L 160Washing liquid for toilets. SANO BLUE FLASH 00 12 0.200 KG 59Washing and disinfecting toilet bowl. SANO BLUE FLASH 00 12 0.200 KG 64Washing and disinfecting toilets. SANO GREEN FLASH 00 12 0.200 KG 50Washing and disinfecting toilet bowl. SANO JET 12 1.000 L 160Panel for washing the bath.Sano Maxima Gel Baby 6 3.000 L 20Gel for washing SANO MAXIMA ADVANCE 12 1.250 KG 50Parlic SA NO MAXIMA MUSK 12 1.250 KG 50Parlic Powder. SANO MAXIMA SENSITIVE 12 1.250 KG 50Powder powder. SANO MAXIMA SENSITIVE 4 3.250 KG 200Powder powder.SANO OXYGEN color safe laundry bleach 6 4.000 L 36 SANO OXYGEN color whitening white bleach 12 0.750 L 60 Oxygen White Laundry Laundry Cleaner 6 3.000 L 36 Whitening Liner Sano Drain Liquid 12 1.000 L 30Redine for cleaning the gutter SANO DRAIN 12 0.200 KG 60Pipe cleaning tools. SANO TOILET RIM BLOCK 00 6 IN1 36 0.055 KG 72Washing and disinfecting toilets Spark Dishwashing Liquid Almond 12 0.700 L 20Dishwashing detergents Sano X Cleaning & Scouring Powder With Chlorine Bleach. Lemon Scented 24 0.600 KG 48 Detergent Powder with Bleach Total 1572 Cards. Kor On the treesPallets. Trademark Sano. The manufacturer of Sano Bruno's Enterprises LTD. Is a manufacturer of Israel, IL.ISRAEL0UA50001016668.09325091.47654
13/Apr/20173306900000"1.Zasoby for oral hygiene or dental packaged for retail torhivli.Ne for dentures that do not contain ozone oruynivnyh substances not aerozolnaupakov ka. Art.72 Pierrot Sensitive Mouthwash without Alcohol, 500 ml (PIROTopolaskuvach Sensetyv without alcohol 500 ml) -96up., shelf life: 12.2016-12.2021, art.57 2 in 1 Aloe Vera (toothpaste + Mouthwash), 75 ml (Aloe Vera PIROTzubna 2in1 toothpaste (toothpaste + mouthwash), 75 ml) -288up., terminprydatnosti : 05.2016-05.2021, art.73 2 in 1 Whitening (toothpaste + Mouthwash), 75 ml (Pirot 2in1 Whitening toothpaste (toothpaste + opolaskuvach), 75ml) -216up., shelf life: 05.2016-05.2021, art.73 2 1 in Whi tening (Toothpaste + Mouthwash), 75 ml (Pirot 2in1 Whitening toothpaste (toothpaste + opolaskuvach), 75ml) -72up., shelf life: 12.2016-12.2021, art.81 2 in 1 Junior PIWY (Toothpaste + Mouthwash), 75 ml (Pirot junior dental gel PIVI 2in1 (+ zubnapasta opolaskuvach), 75 ml) -288up., shelf life: 10.2016-10.2021; art.56Pierrot Anti-P laque Mouthwash, 500 ml (Pirot conditioner of plaque and zubnohokamenyu 500 ml) -96up., shelf life: 11.2016-11.2021; art.89 Pierrot PiwyMouthwash, 500 ml (Pirot Junior conditioner Pivi, 500 ml) -96up., terminprydatnosti: 11.2016-11.2021, Country of origin - ESTorhovelna mark - PierrotVyrobnyk - Laboratorios Cosmodent SL "SPAIN0UA1251303881977.69239
12/Apr/20173401190000"1. Cuisine soap in polypropylene film for retail trade, in the form of bars which are in the possession of pallets: universal" "72%" "And the groups 181,0g - 3888pcs; plaquette children" "Ushastye nyan" "I groups 181, 0p. - 3888pcs; children's bleaching "" Oral nanny "" I group 181,0g - 3888pcs; against the spots "" Sarma "" I group 142,0g - 10080pcsAll: 21744pieces in 534packagesTrademarkNew NC Cosmetics; Country of production -Russia Federation; Manufacturer - "Nevskaya Cosmetics", "Saint-Petersburg".RUSSIA0UA4010103542.5445052.900986
12/Apr/201783100000001. Tablets with the names and road signage, automotive information plaque-4 pieces. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (CARGOPARTS).POLAND0UA4000302.1621.76190521
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Plaque Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Plaque Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""Фаберлік-Україна"""
Importer Address
ю/а-03143 в.Ак.Заболотного 20-А ф/а-03680 в.Боженка,86.Київ,Україна
Exporter Name "ОАО""Фаберлик"""
Product Description
"1.Kysneva preventive toothpaste whitening series .........
HS Code 3306100000Value 1778.828827
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 402.516
Origin Country RUSSIA

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