Ukraine Import Data of Plant Products | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plant Products

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plant products collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plant products imports.

Plant Products Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plant Products

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29/Apr/20178705908090"1. Self atomizer wheel mark" "John Deere" ", Model" "4830" ", chassis number 1N04830XJC0023099 -1sht., Used, -2012r calendar year .; model year - 2012 .; designed for use in agriculture sector for application of plant protection products and liquid fertilizers (equipped miskistyu 3785l tank. width and distribution rods. delight 36,5m.) seats, including the driver -1, diesel engine, engine size - 6800sm3, weight incase max. download - to 16t.. "UNITED STATES1UA20502011500120917.16 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201790213990001. Products of medical purpose registered by the Ministry of Health. Other artificial parts of the body (vascular prosthesis) implanted in the human body for the prosthetics of coronary vessels in the areas of atherosclerotic lesions in the process of cardiac surgery by delivery of the catheter to the site of defeat and use of the stent in the damaged place for Restoration of the diameter of the lumen of the affected coronary vessel, which provides the restoration of normal blood flow in the cardiovascular system of a person, which is necessary for the vital activity of the human body - Stent-si Stent Coronary: RSINT22514X - Resolute Integrity Coronary Stent System - 3 pieces. RSINT22518X - Resolute Integrity Coronary Stent System - 2 pieces. RSINT22522X - Resolute Integrity Coronary Stent System - 1 piece. RSINT22526X - Resolute Integrity Coronary Stent System - 1 piece .RSINT22530X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 7 pieces. RSINT25030X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 4 pieces. RSINT27518X - Resolute Integrity coronary stantian system - 3 pieces RSINT27526X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 3 pieces. RSINT27530X - Resolute Integrity Coronary Stent System - 6 Pieces. RSINT30015X - Resolute Integrity Coronary Stent System - 5 Pieces. RSINT30026X - Resolute Integrity Crown On stent system - 1 piece. RSINT30030X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 7 pieces. RSINT30034X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 5 pieces. RSINT30038X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 13 pieces. RSINT35018X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent System - 4 pieces. RSINT35022X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 5 pieces. RSINT35026X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 1 piece. RSINT35030X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 5 pieces. RSINT35034X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 18 pieces. RSINT35038X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 2 pieces. RSINT40030X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 2 pieces. RSINT40034X - Resolute Integrity Coronary stent system - 1 piece. RSINT40038X - Resolute Integrity coronary stent system - 1 piece. On packages there is a corresponding marking - СР № 14746/2015 from 05/13/2015. Trademark - Medtronic.Manufacturer - Medtronic Ireland. Country of production - IE. There are warnings on packaging: Sterile. For single use. The products are packed in sterile packages, enclosed in cardboard packages marked with the manufacturer. The products are intended for use in the specialized medical institutions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine exclusively by highly qualified medical personnel.IRELAND0UA12510025.9132642.99999
28/Apr/20171516209813"1.Oliyi plant and fractions thereof for the manufacture of food products: The product" "cocoa butter substitute" "-stearyn palm kernel (palm kernel oil solids), refined, bleached, deodorized, subject to chemical modification (hydrogenation) of fat mass and fat-soluble substances volatile is 99.98 + -0.01%, has the following characteristics: free fatty acid content of 0.1% max: 0.02, moisture and impurities max 0.1%, 0.04%, melting point 33.5-35.5 degrees Celsius: 33.6 Iodine number 1 max : 0.18 color 1R / 10Y max: 0.3R / 1.2Y. A production date of March 2017, the number of pro ment 16RK2091. Looks like a solid mass of creamy white color used in food (confectionery) industry. Marked masla.Syrovyna cocoa substitute for the food industry, date of manufacture and packaging of March 2017, terminprytadnosti 12 months, the melting point of 33.5-35.5 ° C without GMOs. Ingredients: refined bleached deodorized palm kernel stearin hydrohenizovanyy. packaged in 20 kg net onni card in the box. Producer PT. WILMAR NABATI INDONESIA. Country of ID. Trademark SANIA. "INDONESIA0UA902040110000209000.0001
28/Apr/20172811220000"Processed products, related products tolling (METYLTRYHLORSYLANU (M1)): 1.DIOKSYD silicon (plump white-gray powder). TU 24.1-31695418-002, 2008. Marco" "ORISIL MTO" "- 15 kg. Mass fraction of large particles (heat) "" ORISIL TO '' - 0.4% in the production .UTVORYUYETSYA When unloading cones DESORBERIV IN THE FORM warm - rough, baked silica Particles and dirt. used as an ingredient in cooking process defoamers, drilling solutions in the construction industry and other TECHNICAL TSILYAH.1 10 kg paper bag labeled "" O RISIL MTO "" and 1 paper bag 5 kg marking "" ORISIL MTO. ' "Company manufacturers - Company" "Plant control ORISIL" ". Country of origin - UKRAINE (UA).."UKRAINE0UA2060701511.4249868
28/Apr/201723099051001. Protein - vitamin - mineral concentrates and forage for feeding animals in form of mixtures containing soy grits, vegetable oil, starch than 30%, processed food industry spine, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, flavorings Blattivit Mix Mast (Blattivit Mix Mast), concentrate for pigs weighing 25 kg, 38% starch content, total protein 40%, not containing dairy products. Mixed Blattivit Ferkel (Blattivit Mix Ferkel), concentrate for piglets weighing 30kg, vysivokta containing plant extracts starch content of 38%, 36.7% total protein, without vmistumolochnyh products. Kalber starter (Kalber Starter), a mixture povnoportsiyna dlyatelyat based on cereals wheat, barley and maize, containing 2.5% molochnyhproduktiv, total protein 18.8%, 35% starch content. Products packed in 25kg bags upaperovi net. Marking of the manufacturer. .POLAND0UA209140160007635.848027
28/Apr/201738089190001. Plant protection products - insecticides: Kanonir Duo, SC (Arsenal Duo COP) imidacloprid 300g / l + lambda-cyhalothrin 100g / l (imidacloprid 300 g / l + lambda - tsyhalotryn 100 g / l), packed in plastic bottles of 1 liter and 10 bottles in cardboard boxes - 14280l - 1428 korobok.Vyrobnyk JIANGSU INSTITUTE oF ECOMONES CO., LTDTorhovelna mark Agrochemical manufacturing tehnolohiyiKrayina CN.CHINA0UA10008016564.8155651.9999
28/Apr/20177326909890"1.Kiltse Locking-420sht., Made of 8 mm diameter rod with chornyhmetaliv, stamped. Designed for locking collars (yuche seal ring) for locking the sealing .Pryznachene mo ltsya in the" "andother connections of sewer pipes, valves, tanks and other products. Dodatkovielementy (grooves, cuts, notches in ystupy) available. not military pryznachennya.Vyrobnyk LLC "" Seversk Pipe plant "" Trademark: no dannyhKrayina production: RU. "RUSSIA0UA807190136.51497.997492
28/Apr/201738089313001. Plant protection products - herbicide: Promeks, SC (Promeks COP) active ingredient prometryn (prometryn) 500 g / L packaged in plastic bottles of 1 liter and 10 bottles of korobtsi- 20L - 2 korobky.Vyrobnyk SHANDONG QIAOCHANG CHEMICAL CO., LTDTorhovelna mark Agrochemical manufacturing tehnolohiyiKrayina CN.CHINA0UA10008021.261.4000296
28/Apr/20173808914010"1. Plant protection products: insecticides:" "DANADIM STABILIZED EC" ", (DanadymStabilnyy k.e.) - 6720 liters. Active ingredient: Dymetoat 400 g / l. Total: 336kartonnyh boxes on (2h10l) plastic containers in each box , 672plastykovyh cans. The product is not in aerosol packaging and not mistytozonoruynivnyh rechovyn.Vyrobnyk - Cheminova a / S.Krayina production - DK.Torhova mark - DANADIM.. "DENMARK0UA125200709038975.99992
28/Apr/20172103909000"1. flavors for production of sausage products (contain no animal products): - art. 6755.1UA EM Doctoral Combi additive for varenyhkovbas containing incorporates di- and tryfosfatnatriya, potassium polyphosphate stabilizer (E450, E451, E452) spices: nutmeg, matsys, cardamom, mono- and dihlitserydyharchovyh acids emulsifier (E471), izoaskorbinovakyslota, sodium izoaskorbat antioxidant (E315, E316), sodium glutamate flavor enhancer (E575) .- 100kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. inplastic packaged packages of 1kg. -art. 10951.1UA White Aroma flavor addition to cooked sausages containing some kind of monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621) -26.07% broth hydrolyzed protein plants, Maltodextrin, Salt food, dridzhiv extract, flavor natural " "milk," ".- 160kh; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. 8695.1UA EM Zhenevskaya combo that includes svoyem consisting of di- and polyphosphates stabilizers (E 450, E 452) , salt food, lactose, MSG flavor enhancer and aroma (E 621), izoaskorba Sodium antioxidant (E 316), extracts of spices: nutmeg, pepper, chilli, pepper, paprika, koriand, imbir, tmin, pepper white, kardamon.-180kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. Combi G395.1UA sausages cooked sausages supplement that contains in its composition piro- and polyphosphates (in pererahuku on P2O5) stabilizers (E 450, E 452) -21.45% monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid), flavor enhancer and aroma (E 621) -8.69% antioxidant ascorbic acid (E 300), salt food, dextrose, spices, garlic, spice extracts, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, coriander, flavor natural koptylnyy.-300kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. G223.1UA Salami Paperoni ingredient for maturing summer sausages containing incorporates spices: paprika, koriand, cayenne pepper, dextrose, Salt food, glucose syrup, monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621 ) -6.32% antioxidant sodium ascorbate (E 301), antioxidant ascorbic acid (E 300), extracts of spices: paprika, chili-54kh; Shelf life - 04.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. F512.1UA Salami Milano flavor containing incorporates spices: pepper, paprika, nutmeg, monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621) -6.31% natural flavors and flavorings, izoaskorbat sodium antioxidant (E 316) .- 200kg; Shelf life - 12.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. Manufacturer: Pacovis AG; Trademark: Pacovis; Country of origin: CH; "SWITZERLAND0UA1002809946909.923536
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП ""ТЕХНІКА"""
Importer Address
09170, Київська обл., Білоцерківський р-н, с. Шкарівка, вул.І.Франка,буд.15-А
Product Description
"1. Self atomizer wheel mark" "John Deere" ", Mode.........
HS Code 8705908090Value 120917.16
Quantity 1Unit UA205020
Net Weight 11500
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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