Ukraine Import Data of Piston Air | Ukraine Import Statistics of Piston Air

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of piston air collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of piston air imports.

Piston Air Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Piston Air

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of piston air. Get Ukraine trade data of Piston Air imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178409910000"1.Chastyny ​​a / m motors. Parts for piston engines with spark ignition, new to the a / m purpose: 21010100404500 rod with cap to collect -24sht, 21100100404500 rod with cover Class 1 - 64sht, 21213100301100 holovkatsylindriv in the congregation - 6 pieces , 21213100402000 finger piston 1klas - 28sht, 11180100301100 cylinder head with cap - 4pcs, 11180100301100 holovkatsylindriv with lid - 14sht, 21100100402002 finger piston 3klas - 24sht, 21213100401566 set of pistons class c (piston + fingers) - 2kompl, 21213100401576komplekt piston class e (piston + fingers) - 2kompl, 21213100401586 komplektporshney (1remontnyy size) (+ pistons driving these) - 1kompl, 21213100401596 komplektporshney 21213 II repair size (piston + fingers) - 3kompl, 21213100401567komplekt piston 21213 (piston + finger + piston rings) - 3kompl, 21010100401586komplekt piston (Iremontnyy size) (piston + fingers) - 1kompl, 21083100401566komplekt piston class s (piston + fingers) - 2kompl, 21011100401597 komplektporshney 21011 (2remontnyy posted Ir) (piston + finger + piston rings) - 1kompl, 21083100401557 set of pistons 21083 (piston + finger + piston rings) - 2kompl, 21083100401567 set of pistons 21083 (piston + finger ring + piston) - 3kompl, 21213100402002 finger piston grade 3 - 172sht, Producer - JSC "" AVTOVAZ "". Country of origin - RU.Torhivelna mark - LADA. "RUSSIA0UA807200338.4383901.779311 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201784148028901.Kompresor air piston with a belt drive high vytryvalostido 10 bar, capacity 3 kVt.Zabir air up to 145 m3 / hod.takyy that was in the uses-no: 2004-1 year shtDlya civilian use, vlasnyhvyrobnychyh potreb.Torhovelna mark FIACKrayina production TRVyrobnyk FIAK AIR COMPRESSORS (on a production branch in Turkey).TURKEY1UA100020100300.0001544
27/Apr/201784143081901. Compressors used in refrigeration equipment with a power of 0.4 kW are airtight pistons, not filled, do not contain ozone-depleting substances: - sealed compressor, art. 913AA62I1PG, model EMT2130GK 220-240V / 50Hz - 500 pcs. Manufacturer: Embraco Slovakia, sroTrademark: Embraco Slovakia, sroManufacturer: EU.SLOVAK REPUBLIC500UA1010704090.519644.70066
27/Apr/201784099100001.Chastyny ​​designed to dvyhu- bers reciprocating spark ignition for auto-VAZ biliv: art. 212141006201-30 tube hidronatyazhytelya -19sht. art.2101.1002060-01 ICE front-cover 30sht. Art. 210111004015-32 piston +0.8 mm-470sht. Art. 2105.1004015 piston -146sht. Art. 2108.1107740 carburetor float-1101sht. Art. 2108.1107819 screen bimetallic spring (karbyur.) -3061sht. art.2108.1107992-62 repair kit 2 (carburetor) -296sht. Art. 2111.1003260Kryshka -5sht cylinder head. Art. 2112.1003011 -1sht cylinder head. art.2112.1003260 -7sht valve cover. Art. 2112.1008027 inlet collector 2112-1am. Art. 2112.1008028 collector vpusknoy-1sht.Torhovelna Brand: LADAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO Avtovaz art. 2105.1107010-10 -1sht carburetor. Art. 210811107010Karbyurator -14sht. Art. 210831107010-62 Carburetor -73sht.Torhovelna Brand: DAAZKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: DAAZ.RUSSIA0UA807170611.1553373.794364
27/Apr/20178414900000"1. Parts and components of air compressors: PISTON / piston DKS 300 Product Code: 2311213400 -2 pcs., PIN / finger piston DKS 100, DBK 30 (16 * 62) kodproduktu: 2313157700 -2 pcs., Country of TRTorhovelna mark YENIVyrobnyk YENI AGIRBASLI PISTON SAN. TIC. AS. "TURKEY0UA1251800.82423.62604572
27/Apr/201738119000001.Prysadky to vehicle fuel octane and forincrease tsetanovohochysla, reducing wear mehanizmivtsylindro-piston engine and yihpromyvky vuhlytsevyh of deposits, sludge and wear products, not mistytozonoruynuyuchyh substances not aerozolniyupakovtsi: Cleaning injectors Impact on 295ml / INJECTOR CLEANER (336 pcs net weight without primary packaging unit 1 is 0,258kh, 12 sht.U corr.) (Count 1,000 liters in liters reduced to 15 ° C -0.09912) Art.HG3215-28kart.kor. Cleaner injectors quick action (60 liters) to 325 ml / INJECTOR CLEANER (396 pcs weight nettto without primary packaging is 1 unit 0.284 kg, 12 pcs. In corr.) (Count 1000 liters litrahpryvedenyh to 15 ° C-0.1287) Art.HG3216-33kart.kor. Synthetic injector cleaner (80 l) for 470h / FUEL INJECTOR REPAIR & CLEAN Sinthetic formula (72 pieces, pieces, weight nettto without primary packaging is 0,408kh 1 pc, 12 pc. In corr.) (Count 1000 liters in liters reduced to 15 ° C 0,034 056) Art.HG3222-6kart.kor. Cleaner injectors. Discover concentrated formulapo 150 ml / GAS JET CLEAN (60 pcs weight nettto without primary packaging is 0,120kh 1 pc, 12 pc. In corr.) (Count 1,000 liters in liters reduced to 15 ° C -0.009) Art.HG3225-5kart.kor. Ochyschuvachklapaniv and power system (60 liters) to 325 ml / FUEL SYSTEM & VALVES CLEANER (48 pcs weight nettto without primary packaging is 0,278kh 1 pc, 12 pc. In corr.) (Count 1,000 liters in liters reduced totemperature -0.0156 15 ° C) Art.HG3236-4kart.kor. Cleaner injectors and systemyzhyvlennya gasoline engines with SMT2 to 240 ml / INJECTOR & FUEL SYSTEM CLEANERwith SMT2 (132 pcs weight nettto without primary packaging is 0,192kh 1 pc, 12 pc. In corr.) (Count 1000 liters pryvedenyhdo liters of 15 ° C -0.03168) Art.HG3237-11kart.kor. Cleaner injectors (includes ER) to 237 ml / JET PLUS with ER (192 pcs weight nettto without primary packaging is 0,216kh 1 pc, 12 pc. In corr.) (Count u1000 liters in liters reduced to 15 ° C 0.045504) Art.HG3238-16kart.kor. Octane-corrector and conditioner systemyzhyvlennya gasoline engines with SMT2 to 240 ml / OCTANE BOOST & FUEL CONDITIONERwith SMT2 (120 pcs weight nettto without primary packaging unit 1 is 0,196kh 12 pcs. In corr.) (Count 1000 liters liters pryvedenyhdo 15 ° C -0.0288) Art.HG3309-10kart.kor. Cleaner fuel injectors for diesel. The new concentrated formula of 150 ml / DIESEL JET CLEAN (36 pcs weight nettto without primary packaging 1 unit is 0,126 kg to 12p. In corr.) (Count 1,000 liters in liters reduced to 15 ° C-0, 0054) Art.HG3406-3kart.kor. Cleaner fuel injectors for diesel c SMT2 325 ml / DIESEL JET CLEANER with SMT2 (36 pcs weight nettto without primary packaging 1 unit is 0.274 kg, 12 pcs. In corr.) (Count 1000 liters ulitrah reduced to a temperature of 15 -0.0117 ° C) Art.HG3409-3kart.kor. Ochysnykforsunok and supply system of diesel engines, with SMT2 to 240 ml / DIESELENGINE INGECTOR CLEANER withUNITED STATES0UA90301012776729.790125
27/Apr/20178481900000"1.Chastyny ​​valves to compress air Hur: art.21125014plastyna valve dlyaLB-50-2, LB-75-2 50sht art.21125017 valve plate to LB-40- 3, LB-30-2, LH-20-350sht. compl art.048W80 plate inlet valve 10 pieces; art.041V90 plastynavpuskna valve 10sh t; art.078W115II inlet valve plate IIst. 10shtart.012W115II-plate inlet valve and art 15sht; art.015W95II inlet plastynaklapana the II. 10pcs, art.012W95II exhaust valve plate and East 10shtart.070W95II exhaust valve plate I in 10pcs art.1129100562 (9100280090) Anna piano fall board plate plates AV360 10pcs art.21124013 valve plate in komplektiD65, M8, for LH-20-3, LB-30-2, LB-40- 3 10pcs art.21124019 valve plate in komplektidlya LB-50-2, LB-75-2 5pcs intake and exhaust piston th blokakompresora trademark no manufacturer data LAKME DAFENG MACHINERY CO., LTD WUXITRENTY MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT CO., LT D. country of CN. "CHINA0UA80717010.861421.283472
27/Apr/20178414900000"1.Chastyny ​​to reciprocating compressors used for industrial purposes, art.1124080008 (4080080000) set kile ts piston D52 VD for AV851 5pcs, art.1124080012 (4080120000) kile ts piston kit for AV510, d-59mm 5pcs, art. 9100270030 D59 piston to the crank art.9100270010 5pcs AV360 AV360 2 pcs for installation in air piston unit kompresora.torhova th grade FIAC krayinavyrobnytstva IT manufacturer: FIAC SPA. "ITALY0UA8071701.058277.287765
27/Apr/20178414802298"1.Kompresory Air volume, Reciprocating, piston, over-working of pressures up to 15bar, produktynistyu do60m3 / hod.dlya prmyslovyh purposes: SB4 / C-50.LB30A-5pcs, SB4 / C-50.LB30 -4sht, SB4 / C 100.LB30A-5pcs, SB4 / C 100.LB30-4sht, SB4 / C 50.LB40-2sht, SB4 / C 100.LB40-4sht, SB4 / C 200.LB40 -2sht, SB4 / C 100.LB50-2sht, SB4 / F-270.LB50-2sht, SB4 / C 100.LB75-1sht; SB4-24, F114 1pc; SB4-24, GMS150 1pc; SB4-50 .VS204 1pc, SB4 / C-24.GSM193 5pcs, SB4 / C-50.GM193 6 pieces. country of trademark BY AIRCAST, REMEZAVyrobnyk CJSC Remez. "BELARUS45UA807170366812256.57828
27/Apr/201784678900001.Prystriy, portable, injectable for injection molding waterproofing compounds, piston engines, injection pump - 1 unit, the maximum working pressure-40 MPa, productivity-1 l / min, pressure-220V, capacitance loading funnel-2L, unassembled for ease transportuvannya.Vykorystovuyetsya for waterproofing and repairs in concrete production konstruktsiyah.Krayina: CN.Vyrobnyk: SINOCRETE INDUSTRIAL LIMITED.Torhovelna mark: SINOCRETE. .CHINA0UA1101907218.700106
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Україна,62495,Харк.обл,Харк.р-н, смт.Васищеве,вул.Промислова,1
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""ЕВРОЦЕНТР-ГАРАНТ"""
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​a / m motors. Parts for piston e.........
HS Code 8409910000Value 3901.779311
Quantity 0Unit UA807200
Net Weight 338.438
Origin Country RUSSIA

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