Ukraine Import Data of Pipe Elbow | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pipe Elbow

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pipe elbow collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pipe elbow imports.

Pipe Elbow Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pipe Elbow

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of pipe elbow. Get Ukraine trade data of Pipe Elbow imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177307998000"1.Fitynhy ferrous metals (steel) deposited without carving, painted, used to connect contact method gutter pipes and drainage systems in buildings: -Sztucer # 125 / 90mm kolor 434 / catchment Funnel # 125 / 90mm color 434 - 16sht; -Wylewka (60 °) # 100mm kolor 045 / Elbow pipe drain (60 °) # 045 100mm color - 7sht. "POLAND0UA2091407.6973.61969983 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173917400090"1.FITYNHY of plastic pipes, new: Coupling sewer. 200zovn PP., Art.701253300 - 10pcs .; clutch sewer. PP315zovn., Art.701293300 - 3pc .; Kolinokanaliz. PP 110 / 45zovn., Art.710203360- 100 pieces .; knee sewer. PP160 / 45zovn., art.710233360 - 30sht., Knee sewer. PP 200 / 15zovn., art.710253330 - 10pcs .; knee sewer. PP200 / 30zovn., art.710253350 - 10pcs .; Knee sewer. PP 315 / 45zovn., art.710293360 - 5pcs .; knee sewer. PP 315 / 87,5zovn., art.710293390 - 3pc., Tee sewer. ext. 200/160/45 PP, art.720183360 - 5pcs ., Tee kanaliz.zovn. PP 200 / 160h87,5, art.720183390 - 5pcs .; Reduction sewer. ext. 200/160 PE, art.730183300 - 10pcs .; Reduction sewer. ext. PP 200-250 and t.730233300 - 5pcs .; koruhovanoyi pipe coupling PE 200 K2-KAN, art.1001253000 - 20pcs., tube coupling koruhovanoyi PP 250 K2-KAN, art.1001273000 - 10pcs .; knee trubykoruhovanoyi PE 200h45 K2-KAN, art.1012253450 - 10pcs .; Elbow pipe 200h90 koruhovanoyiPP K2-KAN, art.1012253900 - 10pcs .; Elbow PE 250 pipes koruhovanoyi h45K2-KAN, art.1012273450 - 5pcs .; Coupling transitional K2-KAN 160/160 on a smooth trubuPVH, art.1039233000 - 20pcs .; Coupling transitional K2-KAN 200/200 on a smooth PVC pipe, art.1039253000 - 20pcs .; Cork (cap) PE 200 pipes koruhovanoyi K2-Kanuniversalnyy, art.1040253000 - 10pcs .; Coupling sewer. ext. PP HT 110 art.2201202100 - 36sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 50h30, art.2210142150 - 100 pieces., Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 50h45, art.2210142160 - 400sht .; Knee kanaliz.vnutr. PE NT 110h15, art.2210202130 - 60sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT110h30, art.2210202150 - 60sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 110h45, art.2210202160 - 200sht .; Tee sewer. ext. PE NT 50 / 50h87,5, art.2220152190 -100sht .; Tee sewer. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h45, art.2220542160 - 60sht., Tee sewer. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h67,5, art.2220542180 - 24sht .; Triynykkanaliz. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h87,5, art.2220542190 - 60sht .; Cap 315 t PPA15-1,5 of the pipe carrying PVC koruhovanu 315 art.2539405090 - 20pcs., Used for water and wastewater systems. "POLAND0UA2091804121992.678517
28/Apr/20173917400090"1.Fitynhy (connections, elbows, couplings) for plastic plastic pipes: TriynykPEHD QS 110x110 / 88 S12,5, art.3258922248-24sht. Plug PEHD QS 50 S12,5, art.3258924625-1sht. Revision direct PEHD QS 50x50 / 88 S12,5, art.3258920865-3sht.Vidvid PEHD QS 40/45, art.3258921234-3sht. Disqualification PEHD QS 50/45 art.3258921254-5sht. Tee PEHD QS 50x50 / 45 S12,5 , art.3258922018-5sht. TriynykPEHD QS 63x40 / 45 S12,5, art.3258922025-2sht. socket with sealing ring PEHDQS 50 S12,5, art.3258924205-4sht. Coupling with long bell SiTech plus 110 art.3067809- 85sht.Vyrobnyk - Wavin Italy SpA Mesh drain funnel; d90; black., art.3160702626-9sht.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - WavinVyrobnyk - Polprofili Klosowicz Pawel. "ITALY0UA12511050.42214.2410059
28/Apr/20173917400090"1.Fitynhy (connections, elbows, couplings) for plastic plastic pipes, bells ring zuschilnyuyuchym PEHD QS 40 S12,5, art.3258924203-2sht. Tee PPrivnoprohid. Ext. .; d32h32 channel / kut45, art.3061430804 -20sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 30 art.3060341231-80sht. Funnel drain, d100 / 75; white art.3060242305-28sht. Revision of the VT / PVC, d75, art.3060481805-30sht. Disqualification PPvnutrishnoyi sewerage ; d32 / kut45, art.3061330845-360sht. Disqualification of PP vnutrishnoyikanalizatsiyi; d32 / kut67, art.3061330855-40sht. nasuvna Socket class N; d110, art.3062662426-25sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / 45 angle, art .3060341241-1100sht. KolinoROSA d90hkut 67 brown art.3060102254-60sht. Disqualification dvoroztr ubnyy; d90 / kut67; Ćorić, art.3060112254-306sht. Disqualification dvoroztrubnyy, d90 / kut67, white, art.3060112255-240sht. Disqualification dvoroztrubnyy, d110 / kut67, white, art.3060112455-20sht. Tee tees, d90h90 / kut67 ; Ćorić, art.3060172205-6sht. Plug inside, 100 left, brown art.3060202374-4sht. Plug foreign law, d130, Ćorić, art.30 60202604-200sht.Zahlushka outer left, d130, Ćorić, art.3060202694- 300sht. Cap zovnishnyaprava / left d160 (with glue); Brown, art.3060203414-20sht. ROSA pipe clamp d90korychnevyy, art.3060232240-50sht. Funnel drain d100 / 75; Brown, art.3060242304-28sht. Funnel drain, d130 / 90; Ćorić, art.3060242604-108sht.Liyka drain, d130 / 90; white art.3060242605-96sht. Funnel drain d160 / 110, brown art.3060243404-15sht. Disqualification with one bell, d90 / kut67, Ćorić, art.3060252254-300sht. Disqualification with one bell, d90 / kut67, white, art.3060252255-60sht. Disqualification with one bell, d110 / kut67, white, art.3060252455-20sht. Elbow external gutter, d130 / kut90; Ćorić, art.3060262624-40sht. Internal gutter angle, d130 / kut90, brown, art.3060262634-10sht. Internal gutter angle; d130 / kut135, brown, art.3060262657-4sht. Coupling pipe; d110, brown, art.3060302404-24sht. Muftazholoba of the insert (set), d130 Ćorić, art.3060302614-108sht. Coupling zholobaiz liner (set), d130, white, art.3060302615-120sht. Coupling izvkladyshem trough; d160 white art.3060303415-15sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 30 art.3060341231-100sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 88 art.3060341281-100sht. VidvidVT / PVC; d110 / angle 30 art.3060342431-50sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d110 / angle 45 art.3060342441-225sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d110 / angle 88 art.3060342481-20sht. Kutnykzholoba external d130 / kut90, graphite, art.3060352609-2sht. Tee W / PVC; d50x50 / kut45, art.3060421204-150sht. Tee W / PVC; d50x50 / kut88, art.3060421208-50sht. Tee W / PVC; d110x110 / kut88, art.3060422408-210sht.Triynyk W / PVC; d110x50 / kut45, art.3060422424-40sht. Revision of the VT / PVC; d110, art.3060482405-60sht. Go W / PVC; d110xd50, art.3060542425-50sht. Coupling PVHnasuvna ext. sewer. d110 siryy.VT, art.3060662421-25sht. Disqualification PPvnutrishnoyi drain; d32 / kut88,5, art.3061330885-320sht. Tee PPrivnoprohid. ext. channel.; d32h32 / kut45, art.3061430804-20sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 45 art.3060341241-400sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna brand - "POLAND0UA125110981.693301.742846
28/Apr/201739174000901.Fitynhy (connections, elbows, couplings) for plastic plastic pipes, PEHD QS Muftatermor.WAVIDUO 40 art.3258910104-5sht. Coupling termor.WAVIDUO PEHD QS 50, art.3258910105-15sht. Muftra WAVIDUO PEHD QS 63 termor., Art.3258910106-7sht.Krayina production - CHTorhovelna mark - WavinVyrobnyk - georg fischer wavin ag.SWITZERLAND0UA1251101.3932.238537
27/Apr/201739174000901.Chastyny ​​modular plastic ventilation. Fittings: 612KVP, vertical plastic Elbow 90 deg., 60h120mm-360 sht.612KHP, Knee horizontal plastic 90 deg., 60h120mm sht.612SK10KP-336, 90 ° corner connector. Flat duct with a round plastic 60h120 / D100mm-300 sht.612SKP, connectors, plastic 60h120mm 330 sht.612SKPO, with the return valve connector plastic 60h120mm-120 sht.612SP10KP, eccentric connector with flat round duct plastic 60h120 / D100-320 sht.612TPP, Tee T-shaped plastic 60h120-36 sht.612TF10P Connector T-op. Duct 60h120 plastic flat with access to the flange vozduhorozpodilnyky D100mm 20 sht.12,5KKP 45 deg., round plastic knees 45 degrees. D125mm-96 sht.12,5KKP plastic knee 90 deg., 396-sht.12,5SKP D125mm, D125mm plastic connector sht.12,5SKPO-216, with the return valve connector plastic D125mm-72 sht.12 , 5TP, Tee T-shaped plastic D125mm sht.1012,5RЭP-42, the eccentric circular connector with a round plastic duct D100 / 125mm-252 sht.10KKP 45 deg., round plastic knees 45 degrees. D100mm-120 sht.10KKP, round plastic knees 90 degrees. 640 sht.10SKP D100mm, D100mm plastic connector sht.10SKPO-336, with the return valve connector plastic D100mm-336 sht.10TP, Tee T-shaped plastic D100mm 100 sht.620SK12,5KP, Connector corner of 90 degrees. Flat duct with a round plastic 60h204 / D125mm-24 sht.620SKP, connectors, plastic 60h204mm sht.PU15.12.10.8-56, the central connector, universal circular delivery pipe, plastic D150 / 125/100 / 80mm-576 pcs.RUSSIA0UA125180518.7642859.024955
27/Apr/20173917400090"1.Z`yednualni elements \ fittings \ PVC pipe for-11844sht: 227000322 Coupling collapsible PVC D.32 mm PN 16-50sht; 227,000,402 Coupling collapsible PVC D.40 mm PN 16-30sht; 227,000,632 Coupling collapsible PVC D.63 mm PN 16-50sht; 227,000,752 Coupling collapsible PVC D.75 mm PN 16-36sht; 227,001,102 Coupling collapsible PVC D.110 mm PN 16-2sht; 230,000,502 clutch knockdown of naruzh. rizb. odnostor. PVC D.50x1 1/2 "" PN 16- 45sht; 500,000,202 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.20 mm PN 16-400sht; 500,000,252 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.25 mm PN 16-200sht; 500000322 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.32 mm PN 16-1000sht; 500,000,402 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.40 mm PN 16-300sht; 500,000,502 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.50 mm PN 16-1200sht; 500 000 632 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.63 mm PN 16-480sht; 500,000,752 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.75 mm PN 16-400sht; 500,000,902 Elbow 90 ° PV C D.90 mm PN 16-200sht; 500,001,102 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.110 mm PN 16-210sht; 500,001,252 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.125 mm PN 16-144sht; 500,001,402 Elbow 90 ° PVC D .140 mm PN 16-180sht; 500,001,602 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.160 mm PN 16-15sht, 50 0002002 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.200 mm PN 10-10sht; 500,002,252 Elbow 90 ° PVC D. 225 mm PN 10-10sht; 502,000,322 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.32 mm PN 16-200sht; 502,000,402 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.40 mm PN 16-150sht; 502,000,502 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.50 mm PN 16-160sht; 502,000,632 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.63 mm PN 16-400sht; 502,000,752 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.75 mm PN 16-320sht; 502,000,902 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.90 mm PN 16 -75sht; 502,001,102 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.110 mm PN 16-108sht; 502,001,602 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.160 mm PN 16-30sht; 502,002,002 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.200 mm PN 16-4sht ; 502 002 252 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.225 mm PN 10-4sht; 504,000,322 Tee 90 ° PVC D.32 m PN 16-240sht; 504,000,502 Tee 90 ° PVC D.50 mm PN 16-400sht; 504,000,632 Tee 90 ° PVC D.63 mm PN 16-300sht; 504,000,752 Tee 90 ° PVC D.75 mm PN 16 -210sht; 504,000,902 Tee 90 ° PVC D.90 mm PN 16-54sht; 504,001,102 Tee 90 ° PVC D.110 mm PN 16-150sht; 504,001,252 Tee 90 ° PVC D.125 mm PN 16-48sht ; 504,001,402 Tee 90 ° PVC D.140 mm PN 16-24sht; 504,001,602 Tee 90 ° PVC D.160 mm PN 16-39sht; 504,002,002 Tee 90 ° PVC D.200 mm PN 16-2sht; 507 000754 Tee 45 ° PVC D.75 mm PN 16-4sht; 511,000,252 coupling fittings PVC D.25 mm PN 16-250sht; 511,000,402 coupling fittings PVC D.40 mm PN 16-100sht; 511 000502 Coupling D.50 mm PVC fittings PN 16-280sht; 511,000,632 coupling fittings PVC D.63 mm PN 16-270sht; 511,000,752 coupling fittings PVC D.75 mm PN 16-160sht; 511000902 Coupling D.90 mm PVC fittings PN 16-135sht; 511,001,102 coupling fittings PVC D.110 mm PN 16-112sht; 511,001,252 coupling fittings PVC D.125 mm PN 16-22sht; 511,001 Socket 402 fittings PVC D.140 mm PN 16-32sht; 511,001,602 coupling fittings PVC D.160 mm PN 16-48sht; 511,002,002 coupling fittings PVC D.200 mm PN 10-12sht; 511 002252 Coupling fittings PVC D.225 mm PN 10-8sht; 512,000,402 flanged adapter PVC D.40 mm PN 16-50sht; 512,000,752 flanged adapter PVC D.75 mm PN 16-70sht; 512,000,902 flanged PVC D.90 mm adapter PN 16-85sht; 512,001,102 flanged adapter P "TURKEY0UA1101903810.2112822.85231
26/Apr/20177307929000"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery and lap steel with threaded pipes image: Knee tractor fuel system art. 217-349 - 1 pc., Elbow fuel tube art. J935113 - 5 pcs .;."UNITED STATES0UA1101600.32123.38780149
25/Apr/20171902191000"1.Vyroby pasta dough without dodavannyayayets.DSTU 7043: 2009.fihurni: shell-Pasta Conchiglie rustiche №198-3,402tn.-6804upakovok-378korobok, pipe, elbow-conventional Pasta Cornettirigati№150-3,360tn., 6720upakovok-336kor , threadlike thin, vermicelli, Pasta Spaghetti№5-6,912tn.-13824upakovok-576korob.vermishel-Pasta Spaghetti №7-6,912tn.-13824upakovok-576korobok.. "LATVIA0UA8060202058613001.43321
24/Apr/2017302841000"1.Vyroby pasta dough without dodavannyayayets.DSTU 7043: 2009.fihurni: shell-Pasta Conchiglie rustiche №198-3,402tn.-6804upakovok-378korobok, pipe, elbow-conventional Pasta Cornettirigati№150-3,360tn., 6720upakovok-336kor , threadlike thin, vermicelli, Pasta Spaghetti№5-6,912tn.-13824upakovok-576korob.vermishel-Pasta Spaghetti №7-6,912tn.-13824upakovok-576korobok.. "NETHERLANDS0UA100120192.32281.726779
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Pipe Elbow Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Pipe Elbow Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
79053 м.Львів вул.Тролейбусна буд.6 кв.2 УКРАЇНА
Exporter Name BUDMAT Bogdan Wiecek
Product Description
"1.Fitynhy ferrous metals (steel) deposited withou.........
HS Code 7307998000Value 73.61969983
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 7.69
Origin Country POLAND

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