Ukraine Import Data of Pinion Gear | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pinion Gear

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pinion gear collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pinion gear imports.

Pinion Gear Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pinion Gear

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178483908990"1.Elements of gears for installation in packing machines Focke: - from the black metal: toothed rails 01336601 -1 pieces; coupling 00601203 -2 pieces; the cam 10191476 -1 pieces; - plastic: pinion 00024307 -1 pc .; . "GERMANY0UA10218019.176271.680675 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178483908100"1.Zubchasti wheels, presented separately, steel, designed to seeder machines Ferrari: -FER01036 Bevel gear M3 Z10, bevel gear - 7 units; -FER01276 Bevel gear M3 Z20, bevel gear - 7 units; -FER03957 Distribution gear, pinion Distribution - 5 units; -FER00039 Gear transmission distributor Z18 1/2 "", 5/16 "", the distributor gear transmission - 20 sht.Krayina origin: Italy. "ITALY0UA30516032.81520.075756
28/Apr/201784824000001. Roller bearing 109651-4sht. Roller bearing holchastyy valakorobky pinion gear carrier loader MANITOU. Made of black metal. .FRANCE0UA1121100.13616.09177471
27/Apr/201784839081001. Spare parts for trucks, zubchastikolesa made of ferrous metals, iron and steel, gears, pinion shaft art.02-01-99-0057 MAN D0824 / 26 Z-29 = 1 sht.Torhovelna mark ArcekVyrobnyk Arcek Automotiveart.02 -03-99-0112 starter pinion MAN D0826 = gears compressor MAN D0824 / 26Z-59 = 1 pc. Trademark MEGA Brand Przedsiebiorstwo Handlowo Uslugowo Produkcyjne Opoltrans Janusz Wiszczuk Country of TR.TURKEY0UA1001205.5583.13025342
27/Apr/20178483908990"1.Shesternya gearbox to manual models of electric impact drill Einhell TC-ID 710 E, art.425979001009 - 10 pcs .; gear reducer to manual models of electric impact drill Einhell BID 650/1, art.425988001008 - 10 pcs .; pinion gear electric jigsaw to manual models Einhell BJS 400 art.432118001010 - 15 pcs .; gearbox housing to Sander angle model Einhell TC-AG 125 art.443059002021 - 30 pcs., trademark: EinhellKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: HANSI ANHAI YOUYANG I / E CO., LTD the company "" Hansi Anhai Far East Ltd "". "CHINA0UA1251306.72933.53658124
27/Apr/20178483908990"1. Metal Gear t to / from: Gear art.361363A030, 1pc .; pinion steering column art.563152K000FFF, 1pc., Gear speedometer art.436214C400, 1pc., KIAVyrobnyk trade mark Kia Motors production CorporationKrayina KR."KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1001100.15120.46419713
27/Apr/201785119000901.Chastyny ​​electric starter to start the engine vnutryshnoho zhoryannyaavtotransportu: -art. 131371, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 132010, Drive, Drive-starter 5pcs. Art. 132282, Solenoid Cap, Hood Sour oyidu-10sht. art. 132300, Solenoid Cap, Hood Sour oyidu-10sht. art. 132471, Solenoid, solenoid-5sht. art. 132564, Contact Kit, along with starter sets of contact-10sht. art. 133049, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 133,332, Brush Gear, brush node 2sht. art. 133,673, Brush Box, brush holders gene eratora-30sht. art. 134402, Solenoid Cap, Hood Sour oyidu-10sht. art. 134620, Solenoid Cap, Hood Sour oyidu-10sht. art. 134 677, DE Bracket, Front crumble starter ka-2sht. art. 134 864, DE Bracket, Front crumble starter ka-2sht. art. 136615, Solenoid, solenoid-2sht. art. 136901, Plunger, plunger startera- 10sht. art. 137739, Pinion, Veduschaya gear with Tarter-2sht. art. 137798, Solenoid Cap, Hood Sour oyidu-10sht. art. 138311, Solenoid, solenoid-5sht. art. 138811, Solenoid, solenoid-2sht. art. 139537, Sole noid, solenoid-5sht. art. 139824, Solenoid, solenoid-2sht. art. 139832, Solenoid, solenoid-2sht. art. 139875, Bracket, Plastykovaya krыshk and generator-10sht. art. 139955, Moving Contact, contact Podvyzhnoy solenoid-100sht. art. 139965, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 139967, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 230278, Solenoid Cap, Hood Sour oyidu-20sht. art. 230558, Solenoid, solenoid-5sht. art. 230904, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 231711, Solenoid, solenoid-20sht. art. 232452, Solenoid, solenoid-2sht. art. 233,637, Brush Gear, brush node 10sht. art. 233709, Solenoid, solenoid-5sht. art. 234482, Solenoid, solenoid-2sht. art. 235100, Solenoid, solenoid-20sht. art. 235210, Solenoid, solenoid-5sht. art. 236780, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 237102, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 330363, Solenoid, solenoid-5sht. art. 330581, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 331918, Solenoid, solenoid-5sht.Torhivelna brand-HC CargoKrayina manufacturer-TWVyrobnyk: Holger Christiansen A / SA Bosch Group Company.TAIWAN0UA807170238.023047.940525
27/Apr/201785119000901.Chastyny ​​electric starter to start the engine vnutryshnoho zhoryannyaavtotransportu: -art. 135860, Drive, Drive starter, 2 pcs. Art. 137729, Yoke, the starter-5sht. art. 232,700, Brush Gear, brush node 50sht. art. 234247, Drive, Drive-starter 10sh T. art. 234903, Solenoid, solenoid-5sht. art. 234946, Drive, Drive-starter 5pcs. Art. 235060, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 235,741, Brush Gear, brush node 20sht. art. 237,670, Brush Gear, brush node 20sht. art. 237769, Pinion, Veduschaya gear with Tarter-10sht. art. 330007, Drive, Drive-starter 5pcs. Art. 330030, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 332,070, Brush Gear, brush node 50sht. art. 332,155, Brush Gear, brush node 10sht. art. 333192, Drive, Drive-starter 9sht. Art. 333214, Drive, Drive-starter 5pcs. Art. 333215, Drive, Drive-starter 5pcs. Art. 333224, Drive, Drive-starter 5pcs. Art. 333243, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 333,304, Brush Box, brush holders gene eratora-30sht. art. 333391, Solenoid, solenoid-10sht. art. 333,407, Clutch, starter drive 20 sht. art. 333408, Lever, Bendix plug tera-old 20sht. art. 333,414, Brush Gear, brush node 20sht. art. 333581, Drive, Drive-starter 30sh T. art. 333888, Drive, Drive-starter 9sht .Torhivelna brand-HC CargoKrayina manufacturer-HUVyrobnyk: Holger Christiansen A / SA Bosch Group Company.HUNGARY0UA807170114.353466.953006
27/Apr/20178483109590"1. Val article 286243 in the amount of 1 pieces. It is a transmission shaft, whichused for transmitting rotary motion from pinion gear on the main pryvoduklipsatora that drives the feeding unit clips. Vstanovlyuyetsyav supply node clips in automatic double clipper type 18 SP / 15.Material: stainless steel. Method of manufacturing: stamping, turning obrobka.- gear shaft, article 286517 in the number of 1pc. It is a transmisiynyystupinchastyy gear shaft to transfer rotational ruhuvid Gear clipper on the main drive gear that drives the vuzolholovnoho drive. Set to host the main drive in podviynomuavtomatychnomu clipper type SP 18/15. Material: Stainless steel. Sposibvyhotovlennya Cast and Turning. The company manufacturer: "" Tipper Tie Alpina "". Trademark: "" Tipper Tie "". Country of origin: (CH) Switzerland. ".SWITZERLAND0UA1002003.18241338.458233
26/Apr/201784834029001.Mehanizmy and gears for transmissions from steel to cast s / g technology, pinion-shaft-CE18278JD 4sht.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - Agri partsVyrobnyk - Agri parts.ITALY0UA1250405.116276.5006929
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Pinion Gear Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Pinion Gear Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name FOCKE & CO.(GMBH & CO.KG)
Product Description
"1.Elements of gears for installation in packing m.........
HS Code 8483908990Value 6271.680675
Quantity 0Unit UA102180
Net Weight 19.17
Origin Country GERMANY

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