Ukraine Import Data of Pillow Bearing | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pillow Bearing

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pillow bearing collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pillow bearing imports.

Pillow Bearing Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pillow Bearing

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of pillow bearing. Get Ukraine trade data of Pillow Bearing imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201784832000001. Spare parts for gas turbines Solar TAURUS 70: -art.998589C1 Bearing, PILLOW BLOCK, BALL Ball Bearing, built vkorpus -2 sht.Krayina production - USTorhovelna mark - SolarVyrobnyk - Solar Turbines Inc. .UNITED STATES0UA2092009.961068.848097 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201740169991001.Oporni cushions and repair kits (R / C) with vulcanised rubber nezatverdiloyi nonporous and black metal, used in refrigeration, mounted on trailer trucks: art.600298-R / c the pressure regulator (valve spring pads) - pillow 80sht. .UNITED STATES0UA12518015.522128.758829
28/Apr/20174016995290"1. Support vehicle shock absorber upper humometaleva, part numbers: 865308S-2 pcs; 825423-18sht; 825405-4sht; 825307-5sht; 826805-4sht; 825405-4sht. Pillow dvyhunahumometaleva car, part, 335707-2sht; 335709-4sht; 325704-3sht; 325124-2sht; 325459-3sht; 325160-2sht; 325140-2sht; 325483-2sht; 325303-2sht; 325414-1sht; 325453-1sht; 325421-4sht; 325419-4sht. Silentblocks lehkovohoavtomobilya rubber, reinforced with metal , article: 985443-3sht; 985010-2sht; 985421-1sht; 985412-64sht; 985324-60sht; 985425-40sht; 985204-38sht; 985451-20sht; 985404-16sht; 985456-14sht; 985205-10sht; 985424-10sht ; 985426-10sht; 985427-10sht; 985313-8sht; 985460-6sht; 985444-6sht; 985429-6sht; 985041-4sht; 985202-4sht; 985040-4sht; 985431-4sht. Node bearings Amort civilizational rack - oporaamortyzatora humometaleva top car, with elements of construction, part numbers: 825424S-2 pcs. packaged for wholesale and retail torhivli.Krayina production - CN.Torhovelna mark - Ruville. The company manufacturer - Egon von Ruville GmbH.Krayina origin - CN.. "CHINA0UA100110145.271456.632524
28/Apr/20174016995290"1. Support vehicle shock absorber upper humometaleva, articles, 825404-3sht; 825314-20sht; 825409-8sht; 825225-6sht. Engine pillow humometaleva lehkovohoavtomobilya, articles, 325543-2sht; 335229-2sht; 325355-2sht; 325309-1sht; 325552-2sht; 325263-1sht; 335323-1sht; 325505-1sht; 325503-1sht; 325504-1sht; 325305-8sht; 325412-4sht. lever Repair kit to the car, schoskladayetsya with rubber silent blocks reinforced with metal fasteners and, Article: 985213-40sht. Silentblocks car rubber armovanimetalom, articles, 915012-6sht; 985048-3sht; 987803-2sht; 985806-2sht; 985302-2sht; 985936-2sht; 986906-2sht; 985884-1sht; 985232-1sht ; 985539-60sht, 9858 25-50sht; 985236-50sht; 985511-40sht; 985235-26sht; 985301-24sht; 985343-22sht; 985308-20sht; 985420-16sht; 985921-16sht; 985201-12sht; 985024-12sht; 985310-12sht; 985329- 12p; 985883-10sht; 985334-8sht; 985365-8sht; 985306-8sht; 985004-8sht; 985810-6sht; 986622-6sht; 985215-6sht; 986623-6sht; 985023-5sht; 985227-4sht; 986606-4sht; 985225-4sht; 985814-4sht; 985811-4sht; 985935-4sht. Node reference pidshypnykaamortyzatsiynoyi rack - bearing upper shock absorber car humometaleva, withelements installation and articles: 825409S-10pc. Packaged for wholesale tarozdribnoyi torhivli.Krayina production - TR.Torhovelna mark - Ruville. The company manufacturer - Egon von Ruville GmbH.Krayina origin - TR. "TURKEY0UA100110197.682098.716029
28/Apr/201740169952101.Chastyny ​​vulkanizovanoyinezatverdiloyi-metal cuffs with rubber promyslovohoskladannya motor vehicle zasobuavtobus ZAZ type A07 chassis TATA LP 613/38 (Euro-II): rubber bearing in gathering 264124200105-16sht, rubber bearing in gathering 264124200105-16sht, rubber bearing in zbori264124200105-16sht , bearing in zbori264124200105-16sht rubber, rubber cushion rear axle 264031400106-16sht, rubber cushion back osi264031400106-16sht, rubber cushion 264031400106-16sht rear axle, rear axle rubber cushion 264031400106-16sht, dvyhunaperednya 257324100103-16sht pillow, pillow engine front 257324100103- 16sht, podushkadvyhuna front 257324100103-16sht, pillow Country 257324100103-16sht front engine, earrings and spacers with rubber spacers in the assembly 278509130149-8sht, zserezhkoyu spacers and rubber spacers in the assembly 278509130149-8sht, spacers with Earring tahumovoyu 278509130149-8sht spacers in the assembly, with spacers and earrings in the collection humovoyuprostavkoyu 278509130149- 8sht.Vyrobnyk TATA MOTORS LIMITED. Trade mark TATA MOTORS. Land for the production of IN.INDIA0UA112080410.56875.9113861
28/Apr/20174016995290"1. Spare parts for motor vehicles" "Mercedes-Benz" ": Vulcanite, unsteady, non-porous rubber-metal cuffs, sleeve art.A9425000050-2od. Dempferkardannoho shaft art.A9064110015-1od. Art.A9063230520-4od shock absorber support. art.A9064101181-2od bearing drive shaft. engine pillow art.A2122403017-1od.podushka air suspension art.A1646900509-4od. pidviskyart.A2053333800-1od lever silent blocks. art.A2212400417-1od. 1od. art.A4633230485-10od. seal. art.A0259971647-2od.Krayina production - DETorhovelna brand - Mercedes-BenzVyrobnyk - Daimler AG. "GERMANY0UA10011013.813905.6348065
27/Apr/20174016995290"1. Support vehicle shock absorber upper humometaleva, articles, 2700101-60sht; 2730901-10sht; 3036301-8sht; 2540901-4sht; 2597801-4sht; 3075301-4sht; 2825401-4sht; 3054801-4sht; 2585901-3sht; 1220001-2sht . engine pillow humometaleva lehkovohoavtomobilya, articles, 2540201-8sht; 3441001-5sht; 2608201-4sht; 2586401-10sht; 1768002-3sht; 2587901-2sht; 2540101-2sht; 2588001-2sht; 2536901-2sht; 2540601-2sht; 3324301- 2 pcs; 1134502-2sht; 3324201-2sht; 2707001-1sht; 1546903-1sht. Pillow korobkyperemykannya gear car, humometaleva, articles, 1046301-6sht; 2155601-5sht; 2590701-4sht; 2586601-2sht. Repair kit car beam bridge dolehkovoho consisting of silent blocks humometalev x and detaleykriplennya, articles, 1097901-6sht; 2542802-2sht. dolehkovoho lever Repair kit car, which consists of silent blocks and humometalevyh detaleykriplennya, articles, 2710801-7sht; 1100601-6sht; 1064401-6sht; 2708702-4sht; 1797801-2sht; 3034601-1sht. Silentblocks car rubber armovanimetalom, al tykuly: 2991701-160sht; 3341301-60sht; 2991801-46sht; 1766101-44sht; 1454001-40sht; 2991901-36sht; 3475601-34sht; 2713401-26sht; 2992101-26sht; 1767201-24sht; 2730601-24sht; 2107901-13sht; 2594801-22sht; 2594701-22sht; 3341201-20sht; 3493301-20sht; 2931801-20sht; 1765901-20sht; 1053101-20sht; 1330701-20sht; 2593101-18sht; 2931401-18sht; 2177602-16sht; 3427801-14sht; 2888201-14sht; 3452601-12sht; 2713501-12sht; 1008001-10sht; 3503401-10sht; 3554401-10sht; 3326301-10sht; 1101701-10sht; 1320801-10sht; 1053001-8sht; 3401701-8sht; 3554301-8sht; 3083601-8sht; 1471101-8sht; 2099402-8sht; 2148601-8sht; 3653201-8sht; 3404501-8sht; 3545101-6sht; 2997201-3sht; 3067901-6sht; 3390701-6sht; 1770501-6sht; 1240001-4sht; 2540301-4sht; 2206801-4sht; 3080001-4sht; 2604401-4sht; 1128701-4sht; 3401601-4sht; 3466001-4sht; 2540401-4sht; 2658901-4sht; 2888101-4sht; 1129001-4sht; 3548001-4sht; 1438301-3sht; 3427901-2sht; 2658102-2sht; 3401801-2sht; 2138301-2sht; 3827501-2sht; 3120501-2sht; 3645801-2sht; 3200201-2sht; 3538701-2sht; 3439201-2sht; 2107901-11sht; 1098401-1sht. Amortyzatsiynoyistiyky unit bearings - bearing upper shock absorber car humometaleva with elementamykriplennya, articles, 3177101-14sht; 2603201-4sht; 3350401-4sht. Dlyaoptovoyi packaged and retail torhivli.Krayina production - DE.Torhovelna mark - LEMFOERDER. The company manufacturer - ZF Friedrichshafen AG.Krayina origin - DE. "GERMANY0UA100110593.1312306.8414
27/Apr/20174016995290"1. Support vehicle shock absorber upper humometaleva, articles, 3134301-22sht; 2203601-18sht; 3499001-2sht. Engine pillow humometaleva car, part, 2173701-8sht; 2592901-8sht; 3314001-5sht; 1770101-2sht; 3871201-2sht .Podushka gearbox car, humometaleva, articles, 3665801-10sht; 2263001-8sht. Repair kit beams bridge to lehkovohoavtomobilya consisting of humometalevyh silent blocks and fasteners, articles, 1994601-14sht. lever Repair kit to the car, schoskladayetsya humometalevyh on silent blocks and components Cree prisoners, the article: 2535201-14sht. Silentblocks car products reinforced with metal, Model: 1020502-300sht; 3072401-120sht; 3683101-80sht; 3471101-70sht; 3862001-66sht; 2889901-50sht; 1454101-40sht; 2889801-34sht; 1,003,101 -26sht; 1006301-8sht; 3531501-6sht; 3531601-4sht; 3676101-4sht; 1132301-4sht; 1019701-3sht; 1994501-2sht; 2889701-2sht. Node bearings amortization rack -opora top automobile shock ilya humometaleva with elements fasteners, articles, 3618001-4sht. Packaged for wholesale and retail torhivli.Krayina production - CN.Torhovelna mark - LEMFOERDER. The company manufacturer - ZF Friedrichshafen AG.Krayina origin - CN. "CHINA0UA100110313.464723.986452
27/Apr/20174016995290"1. Support vehicle shock absorber upper humometaleva, articles, 1024002-50sht; 2179302-40sht; 2015201-22sht; 1023901-20sht; 1605302-18sht; 1019801-16sht; 1096903-12sht; 1219504-12sht; 1007602-12sht; 1469801-10sht ; 1469903-10sht; 3531301-2sht. engine pillow humometaleva car, part, 1226302-60sht; 1225403-4sht; 1226902-2sht; 1467501-2sht; 1436002-2sht; 1002703-2sht; 1013402-2sht; 1435501-1sht. Repair set bridge beams to lehkovohoavtomobilya consisting of humometalevyh silent blocks and fasteners, articles, 2762701-60sht; 2768201-4sht. Repair kit to leverage lehkovohoavtomobilya consisting of silent blocks and humometalevyh Details fasteners, articles, 2537702-5sht. Silentblocks car rubber armovanimetalom, articles, 1020302-300sht; 1455503-100sht; 2123601-100sht; 2463602-66sht; 1123301-60sht; 1112301-50sht; 1012603-40sht; 2535001-34sht; 1,472,601 -32sht; 3533001-20sht; 2713201-20sht; 1223701-20sht; 1219101-18sht; 1222801-16sht; 1887002-16sht; 1019402-12sht; 1768101-12sht, 34094 01-10sht; 1007901-10sht; 1012502-10sht; 2719101-10sht; 2874401-8sht; 1605801-8sht; 1098501-6sht; 1132201-4sht; 2064102-4sht; 1605602-4sht; 1022201-2sht. Amortyzatsiynoyistiyky unit bearings - bearing upper shock absorber car humometaleva with elementamykriplennya, articles, 2664201-12sht. Packaged for wholesale and rozdribnoyitorhivli.Krayina production - BR.Torhovelna mark - LEMFOERDER. The company manufacturer - ZF Friedrichshafen AG.Krayina origin - BR. "BRAZIL0UA100110436.675544.240757
27/Apr/20174016995290"1. Parts Co. Ltd.-metal cuffs. Pos. From 8701 to 8705: Fenders art.546262B000, 1pc., Fenders art.817383J000, 4pcs., Art.563803W000FFF damping clutch, 2 pcs., Art.338202A010 nozzle ring, 10pc., Napravlyucha caliper art.582214D500, 1pc., reliance shock art.546110U000, 2 pcs., nipple art.281724A420 intercooler, 1pc., air filter art.281304D400 nipple, 2 pcs., Seal bearing front shock absorber art.5462731600,2sht engine pillow art .; .219102F700, 1pc .; art.2544226100 Construction, Construction art.1751212000 .; 1pc, 2 pcs .; valve cover gasket art.2244125002, 1pc .; valve cover gasket art.224412A102, 2 pcs .; gasket at the pump yvy art.282472A100, 1pc .; art.282852F100 Construction of turbines, turbine 1pc .; Lining art.282482F000, 2 pcs .; art.282862F000 Construction of turbines, turbine 1pc .; Lining art.282862A100, 1pc .; Lining turbine art.282424A000, 1pc .; Lining turbine art.282852A100, 2 pcs .; Saylenblok lever art.545513X000, silent blocks art.552803E100 .; 10pc, 10pc .; silent blocks back his arm art.552274D000, 1pc .; Silent blocks the rear lever art.552174D000, 8 pieces .; Silent blocks the rear transverse arm art.552562G000, 4pcs .; Silentblocks rear beam art.552532S000, 10pcs .; Silentblocks rear beam art.552533W100, 15sht .; Sayletblok lever front art.54551C5000, 3pc .; Sayletblok lever front art.54584A6000, 15sht .; Sayletblok lever front art.545842E000, 5pcs .; Sayletblok lever front art.545512H000, 20pcs .; Sayletblok rear beam art.551601E000, 2 pcs .; Sayletblok art.552743W000 longitudinal traction, 10pcs .; Sayletblok longitudinal traction art.551162E001, 2 pcs .; Sayletblok art.552752S800 longitudinal traction, 3pc .; Sayletblok art.552742P200 longitudinal traction, 3pc .; Sayletblok art.552752P200 longitudinal traction, 1pc .; Sayletblok art.5511617000 longitudinal traction, 24sht .; Seal art.214403A501, 1pc .; Seal art.4956538700, 1pc .; Seal art.495653E700, 1pc .; Seal art.4735239300, 5pcs .; Seal art.5305039100, 1pc .; Seal art.4311939050, 3pc .; Seal art.4330024300, 1pc .; Seal art.535503E150, 1pc .; Seal art.581133E000, 1pc .; Seal art.431434A001, 1pc .; Seal art.582321H000, 4pcs .; Seal art.535503E100, 4pcs .; Seal art.452453B710, 10pcs .; Seal art.2144302501, 1pc .; Seal art.4311939020, 4pcs .; Seal art.214212B030, 3pc .; Tube radiator oil art.254201M900QQK, 1pc .; Thrust art.555803E000AS, 2 pcs .; The hose assembly art.310361Y100QQK, 3pc .; Sayletblok art.552742S800 longitudinal traction, 1pc .; Construction of the water pump art.251242E000, 1pc .; Seal art.4312602500, 1pc .; Seal art.4613136002, 1pc .; Art.587322B010 brake tube, 2 pcs .; Construction art.54623A5000 springs, 9sht .; Art.587322T600 nipple, 1pc .; Reliance shock art.546102P500, 11sht .; Sayletblok lever front art.54584A2100, 2 pcs .; Reliance shock art.546110U000, 2 pcs .; KIAVyrobnyk trade mark Kia Motors production CorporationKrayina KR "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10011075.6192163.528086
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Pillow Bearing Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Pillow Bearing Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПАТ ""Укргазвидобування"""
Importer Address
04053, м. Київ, Україна вул. Кудрявська, 26/28
Product Description
1. Spare parts for gas turbines Solar TAURUS 70: -.........
HS Code 8483200000Value 1068.848097
Quantity 0Unit UA209200
Net Weight 9.96
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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