Ukraine Import Data of Phone Battery | Ukraine Import Statistics of Phone Battery

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of phone battery collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of phone battery imports.

Phone Battery Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Phone Battery

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of phone battery. Get Ukraine trade data of Phone Battery imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201785076000001. Electric batteries, lithium-ion: Type of electrolyte: polymer gel. Material of the electrodes: oksydlitiya. Purpose: Supply mobile phone: -external battery (USB output) capacity of 10200 mA art. EB-PA710BLRGRU - 30sht.-External battery (USB output) capacity of 5100 mAh art. EB-PA510BRRGRU - 30sht. .CHINA60UA40815012.75989.7763411 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201785076000001.Akumulyatorni lithium-ion battery to charge mobile devices (phones), new in stock, -75800sht. / 4086kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: SHANGHAI YANMIN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Country of origin: China (CN).CHINA75800UA50009040865311.800074
28/Apr/20178517120000"Connected 1.Radiotelefony of cellular (mobile phones) standard GSM 900/1800 and UMTS, CDMA 20001X and CDMA 2000 EV-DO hardware radio (IEEE 802.11 and data interface Bluetooth) with GPS-receiver-radio and NFC. Made under the trademark "" XIAOMI "" indyvidualnoy in packaging for retail. New. Model: Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note Feb. 6 / 128.Black - 300sht.Diahonal screen: 5.7 inches, distribution zdatnyst: 2040x1080 pixels, the processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Quatro Core (4-core) RAM: 6HB. Completeness of delivery of the product specified by the manufacturer, cordless - 1pc, Battery unit - 1pc, USB cable - 1pc, warranty card - 1pc, user - 1pc.. "CHINA300UA100210145.5105000.0002
28/Apr/20178517709000"1.Chastyny ​​to mobile phones notcontains RECs and IP (for civil Viko-ristaniya): decorative panel -8sht, Medium -1sht mounting panel, the upper decorative panel -5sht, plug USB-connector -4sht, the battery cover - 8 pieces; -5sht management fee, touchpad -2sht.Torhovelna brand: Sony Manufacturer: Sony Mobile Communications AB. "CHINA0UA1002000.26109.9958635
28/Apr/201785076000001.Litiy-ion battery suhozaryadni with gel electrolyte, with hrafitovymelektrodom to mobile phones: battery 3.7V, 2000m / h 55hr modeliSM to-G3608W kat.№GH43-04379A -11sht., Battery Li-ion 2800mA / h 3.7V, 30hr domodeli SM-G900 kat.№GH43-04199A -6sht. .CHINA17UA1251100.7380.28507862
28/Apr/201785177090001.Chastyny ​​mobile phones equipped with a transmitter or receiver, Osnovnaelektronna fee to the model SM-B105E kat.№GH82-10197A -7sht. Mobilnyhtelefoniv parts, not containing incorporates a transmitter or receiver, Window domodeli SM-A7100 kat.№GH64-05377A -26sht., Window to the model SM-G570Fkat.№GH64-05984A -4sht., Window to the model SM-G920 Cat .№GH64-04536B -2sht., Window to the model SM-G920 kat.№GH64-04536C -8sht., PCB zustanovlenymy elements of the model SM-J7108 kat.№GH96-09606A -13sht., Elektronnaplata the model SM-N915F , kat.№GH96-07533A -2sht., Keypad modeliSM-to-G950F kat.№GH98-40968F 10pc., cover the model GT-I9195 kat.№GH98-34166B -1sht., to cover modeliSM-J500, cat .№GH98-37820A -8sht., cover the model GT-S6312 kat.№GH98-25487B-1pc., cover the model SM-N9 00 kat.№GH98-29019B -1sht., To cover modeliSM-B350E kat.№GH98-37411A -3sht., Cover the model GT-I9070 kat.№GH98-24666A-1pc., Battery cover to the model GT-I9100 cat .№GH72-64898A -2sht., Tray dlyasim card to mo Delhi SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39126A -8sht., Tray sim-cards domodeli SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39126B -5sht., tray sim-cards to the model SM-G935Fkat.№GH98-39126C -5sht., tray sIM card to the model SM-G935F, kat.№GH98-39126E -1sht., module assembly speaker to model GT-I8552kat.№GH59 -13172B -2sht., panel buttons to model SM-A310F kat.№GH64-05398C -5sht., panel buttons to model SM-J510FN kat.№GH64-05740A -1sht., panel buttons domodeli SM_A7100 kat.№GH96-09351B -5sht., Reason tor quartz to the model SM-A720kat.№2801-005154 -1sht. LCD module to model GT-I9195 kat.№GH97-16992A -1sht., RKpanel assembly to the model SM-J710, kat.№GH97-18855A -80sht . LCD panel assembly domodeli SM-J710, kat.№GH97-18855B -87sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-J710, kat.№GH97-18855A -128sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-J710 , kat.№GH97-18855B-74sht., speaker jack to train the model SM-G850 kat.№GH96-07463A -2sht., touch screen to model GT-S7390 kat.№GH96-06644C, 2 pcs., Part case the model SM-J500, kat.№GH98-37809A -7sht., Chastynakorpusa the model SM-N920F, kat.№GH98-37598A -3sht., part of the body to modeliSM-A310F kat.№GH98-38666B-11sht., Specific Part Su to model SM-A7100 kat.№GH98-38540B -2sht., Chastynakorpusu forward to the model SM-G570F kat.№GH98-40587B -5sht. Part korpusuperednya assembly to the model SM-A320F kat.№GH97-19732C -15sht ., loops of rozye'mom 5Vdo model SM-G935F, kat.№GH97-18542A -6sht.CHINA0UA12511020.94910353.96306
28/Apr/201785076000001.Akumulyatorni lithium-ion battery to charge mobile devices (phones), new in stock, -94700sht. / 5223kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: YIWU CURI IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD.Krayina production: China (CN).CHINA94700UA50009052236789.899973
27/Apr/20178507600000"1.Universalnyy charger, external battery (battery for portable tablets and smartphones) with USB and lightning, battery type lithium ion capacity of 10,000 mAh: LI-107 - 2000sht; LI-97 - 2000sht, storage capacity 7500 mAh: LI-113 - 2000sht, storage capacity of 20,000 mAh: LI-118 - 1000pcs, battery type lithium polymer, capacity 5000 mAh: LP-95 - 2000sht; Trademark: DIGIVyrobnyk: HONG KONG QWAY GROUP CO., LTDNa factory: Shenzhen Joway Power Supply Co., LtdKrayina production: CN. "CHINA9000UA1000102686.2779749.99319
27/Apr/201785076000001. Electric batteries to lithium-ion appliances LG: akumulyatorlitiyevyy3.8 in 3000-2940 mAh mobile phone models LGE400 art.EAC62378701-1sht., Lithium battery in 3.8 3000-2940mAh mobile phone models LGE400art.EAC62378701-5sht., Lithium battery 3.8 in 2040 mA / h, 0.03 wt khmobilnoho phone models LGK430DS art.EAC63198401-1sht., Country vyrobnytstva- KRTorhovelna mark - LGVyrobnyk - LG Electronics Inc. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF7UA1000100.42549.85994895
27/Apr/201795030095001.IHRASHKY CHILDREN WITHOUT PLASTIC engine with elements and batteries music and without music PRYSTROYU.NE contains in its composition RADIOOBLADNANNYa.miny 420shtminy ping pong ping pong ping pong 420shtminy 360shtTorhovelna mark - Sportsmobylny phone battery 3360shtTorhovelna mark - Phone Musicrobot 252shtrobot transformer transformer 216shtTorhovelna mark - Transformerstraktor crown 12 pieces 2592shtTorhovelna mark - Farmermototsykl inertial 1680shtmototsykl battery 336shtTorhovelna mark - Toysmylni bubbles 48 pieces 8640shtTorhovelna mark - Bubblesvodni bullets for pistols 2400shtTorhovelna mark - XHvodnyy pinball 3240shtTorhovelna mark - Toysrobot transformer 2880shtTorhovelna mark - MVyrobnyk - YG Toys, Yuanguang Trading Co. LimitedKraina production - CN (China).CHINA0UA5000602596.810439.1359
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Phone Battery Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Phone Battery Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
01032, м.Київ, вул. Льва Толстого,буд.57
Exporter Name Samsung Electronics CO., LTD
Product Description
1. Electric batteries, lithium-ion: Type of electr.........
HS Code 8507600000Value 989.7763411
Quantity 60Unit UA408150
Net Weight 12.75
Origin Country CHINA

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