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Pharma Chemical Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pharma Chemical

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20172934208000"1.Orhanichni chemical spoluky.Dopomizhna chemical raw materials for use in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of medicinal products: SODIUM SACCHARIN (6% Powder Mesh) -25kh.Seriya: M3401701163. CAS: 81-07-2. Chemical name: 1.2-BENZOTIAZOL- 3 (2H) -one-1.1-dioxide, sodium salt dihydrate. Expires: 16.01.2017r. to 15.01.2022r. manufacturer: "" JMC CORPORATION "", KR.Krayina manufacturer: KR.Torhova brand-JMC CORPORATION.. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10020025700.0208237 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20172916399090"1 1 Naftalinotstova acid (1-Naphthaleneacetic acid), an organic chemical compound derived aromatic monocarboxylic acid in an amount of 500 kg for organic synthesis, does not belong to the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, does not apply to military goods international transfers are subject to government control. packing - 25 kg barabani.Himichna the chemical name - 1 naftalinotstova acid. CAS 86-87-3. S12N10O2 formula. The molecular weight of 186.21. appearance - white powder. Main Content th substance 99.03% (according to the certificate of analysis of the manufacturer of 11.01.2017 number w / o). The party NX 170110. trademark NEXCONN.Vyrobnyk Shenzhen Nexconn Pharmatechs Ltd.Krayina production of CN.. "CHINA0UA1001305009200.00009
28/Apr/20173006600000"1.Liky for people: Chemical contraceptives based on hormones, put up for retail sale not in aerosol packaging: MILANDA, tablets, film-coated shell 3 mg / 0,03mh №21 (21h1) in a blister / drospirenone, ethinyl estradiol / producer Laboratorios Leon Pharma SA, Spain;. "SPAIN0UA11003015.885552.574467
28/Apr/201729419000001. Organic chemicals, other antibiotics: AZITHROMYCIN DIHYDRATE USP, azithromycin dihydrate FSSHA crystalline powder (substance) - 125kh. CAS Number: 117772-70-0. Molecular formula: C38H72N2O12,2H2O. Chemical name: 1-Oksa-6-azatsyklopentadekan-15-one, 13 - [(2,6-dydeoksy-3-C-methyl-3-O-methyl-alpha-L-fish-heksapiranozyl) oxy] -2- ethyl-3,4,10-tryhidroksy 3,5,6,8,10,12,14 heptametyl-11 - [[3,4,6, -trydeoksy-3- (dimethyl amino) -beta-D- Ksil-heksopiranozyl] oxy] dihydrate, [2R (2R *, 3S *, 4R *, 5R *, 8R *, 10R *, 11R *, 12S *, 13S *, 14R *)]. It is a white crystalline powder. Designed for pharmaceutical use. Primary Packaging: in double plastic bags. Active substance: azithromycin dihydrate least 945mkh / mg and not more than 1030mkh / mg equivalent to anhydrous substance. Series: LT-OAZI / 047 / 16-17. Date of manufacture: 02/2017. Expiration date: 01/2021. .INDIA0UA80518012518875.00017
28/Apr/20173004900000"1. Medicines for People therapeutic and prophylactic packaged dlyarozdribnoyi trade: -SPAZMALHON (R), tablets and 10 tablets in a blister, 5 blisters in kartonniykorobtsi (active ingredient: 1 tablet contains: 500 mg of sodium metamizol, pitofenonu hydrochloride 5mg, fenpiveryniyu bromide 0.1 mg) series: 1703077 -10940up- series: 1703078 -11420up- series: 1703080 -11098up- series: 1703104 -11160up- series: 1703105 -11350up- series: 1703141 -11290up- series: 1703142 -11250up- series: 1703918 -11460upVyrobnyk "" Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry, ZDRAVLYE JSC "" SerbiyaKrayina production: RSTorhovelna brand: SPAZMALH OH, ACTAVIS. "SERBIA0UA1250304443.001180637.7256
28/Apr/201729181500101. The salt of citric acid: TRISODIUM CITRATE DIHYDRATE TSC N 1500, CAS №6132-04-3 (art. 10072622) - sodium citrate (dihydrate trynatriyevoyi salt of citric acid) as a fine-grained granular powder white crystalline substance without the expressed smell. Applications: food processing and pharmaceutical industries additive. Party number 1218286 - 10000 khVykorystovuyetsya in the production of household chemicals and cosmetics. .AUSTRIA0UA2091401000012231.04441
28/Apr/20172935009000"" "Indapamide" "(Indapamide) Series: S04-20170402; producer:" "Suzhou Lixin PharmaceuticalCo., Ltd." "China; quantity: 5 kg, powder for production of sterile dosage forms in double plastic bags not related to drugs, not for animals expiration date 06.03.2021r .; indapamide 99.6% on anhydrous substance, CAS: 26807-65-8, chemical name 4-chloro-N- (2-methyl- 2,3- dihydroindol-1-yl) - 3-sulfamoyl- benzamide. It is not produktomharchuvannya.. "CHINA0UA12510052400.000105
28/Apr/20172933299000"1. The drug: ONDANSETRONUHIDROHLORYD dihydrate (ondansetronhydrochloride dihydrate Ph, Eur), powder (substance) for farmatsevtychnohozastosuvannya in double polietylenovyhpaketah -3000h. Chemical name: (±) -1,2,3,9-tetrahydro-9-methyl-3 - (2 metylimidazol-1-ylmethyl) -karbazol-4 (9H) -one (as hidrohlorydadyhidrata HCl, 2H2O). CAS 103639-04-9.Seriya: PNPONHFL022, manufactured: 12.2016, suitable for 11.2021. Trade mark: no data. The manufacturer: "" SUN Pharmaceutical Industries LTD "", Plot № 24/2 & 25, Phase-IV, GIDC, Panoli- 394,116, District: Bharuch, State: Gujarat India. Country of IN.. "INDIA0UA12510037199.99994
27/Apr/201729242998901. Standard chemicals (powder) for drug quality control testing methods zasobivta vitro - Amidy and their cyclic derivatives art.D-714 N, N-Dimethylamino-2-propanol p-Acetamidobenzoate (10mg) / N-dimethylamino-2 -propanol with p-atsetamidobenzoat (10 mg powder), chemical name: N, N-Dimethylamino-2- propanol p-Acetamidobenzoate (10mg), CAS № 61990-51-0-6up. (60 mg net weight, the weight in primary packaging 60 , 06h). Rechovynyrozfasovano chemicals in glass bottles, 1 bottle weight is 10h.Torhovelna mark: LGC StandardsKrayina production: CAVyrobnyk: TLC PharmaChem. Inc. .CANADA0UA1002000.063507.245662
27/Apr/201735079090001. Standard chemicals (powder) for quality control of medicinal zasobivta testing methods in the laboratory - Enzymes: art.146 Lysozyme (500mg) / Lysozyme (500 mg powder), chemical name: (2R) -2- [[(2S) - 2 - [[(4R) -4 - [[(2S) -2- [2 - [(3R, 4R, 5S, 6R) -5 - [(2S, 3R, 4R, 5S, 6R) -3- acetonyl - 4,5-dihydroxy-6- (hydroxymethyl) tetrahydropyran-2-yl] oxy-3- (carboxyamino) -2-hydroxy-6- (hydroxymethyl) tetrahydropyran-4-yl] oxypropanoylamino] propanoyl] amino] -5- amino-5-oxo-pentanoyl] amino] - 6-amino- hexanoyl] amino] propanoic acid, CASvidsutniy-3up. (1.5 g net weight, the weight in primary packaging 31,5h). Himichnirechovyny packaged in glass bottles, the weight is 1 bottle 10h.Torhovelna mark: LGC StandardsKrayina production: JPVyrobnyk: The Japanese Pharmacopoeia. .JAPAN0UA1002000.0321692.513064
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПАТ ""Фармак"""
Importer Address
ін.04080 м.Київ-вул.Фрунзе,63
Product Description
"1.Orhanichni chemical spoluky.Dopomizhna chemical.........
HS Code 2934208000Value 700.0208237
Quantity 0Unit UA100200
Net Weight 25

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