Ukraine Import Data of Pgr | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pgr

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Pgr Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pgr

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20178483908990"1 of Part worm gear with aluminum alloy, which are presented separately, new Flanges: 473100176 B5 PMRV / SV 090 d210 FD FLANGE - 3pc, Common vykorystannya.Vyrobnyk POLAT GROUP REDUKTOR SAN. Ve TIC.AS Country of TR. Trading mark PGR.. "TURKEY0UA807170253.16904522 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20174016930090"1.Vyroby from a porous vulcanized rubber gaskets: 10001317 TC 130 * 230 * 14 NBR OIL SEAL - 4 pieces; Common vykorystannya.Vyrobnyk POLAT GROUP REDUKTOR SAN. Ve TIC.AS Country of TR. Trademark PGR.."TURKEY0UA807170194.41810051
21/Apr/20178501522090"1.Elektrodvyhuny AC phase: PKDDA 3390 29,67 132S4C05-22-32 M4 GEARMOTOR, 5,5 kW ratio 29,67 - 1am; PKDDG 1390 TK 31,48 90S4A05-02-12 M1 GEARMOTOR, 1,1 kW ratio 31,48 - 1am; PKDTMA 1390 B14 12,27 90S4A05-02-12 M1 GEARMOTOR, 1,1 kW ratio 12,27 - 1am; PKDDA 3390 B14 13,54 132S4C05-22-32 M1 GEARMOTOR, 5,5 kW ratio 29,67 - 1am; PMRV-1090 40,00 90L6D-B14 PAM-90-B14 B3 GEARMOTOR, 1,1 kW ratio 13,54 - 30sht; PD 42 B5 36,39 112M4B05-42-52 M4 GEARMOTOR 5.5 kW ratio 36,39 - 1pc; Power 1,1-5,5 kW. Common vykorystannya.Vyrobnyk POLAT GROUP REDUKTOR SAN. ve TIC.AS Country of TR. Trademark PGR.. "TURKEY35UA80717011839142.372533
21/Apr/20178483402100"1. Reducer new, with constant gear ratio, with cylindrical toothed mechanical transmission for increased twisting moment to install industrial equipment: PL 2502 MC 48,90 IEC 132S4A -Q2-B5 V1 M2: 1 GEARBOX -6 pieces; PL 10003 MC 57,60 IEC B5 GEARBOX -1 pc; PTA 60-D 15,00 D GEARBOX -1 pc, Common vykorystannya.Vyrobnyk POLAT GROUP REDUKTOR SAN. ve TIC.AS Country of TR. Trademark PGR.. "TURKEY0UA8071708496262.496761
10/Apr/20173002109900"1.Medical products for diagnosis in vitro: Reagents for conducting immunomorphological studies" "DAKO" "(containing in-use monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies of animal origin, solutions in vials, not containing precurors, narcotic and psychotropic substances, not for veterinary use). FLEX Monoclonal antibody mouse Anti-human, cytokeratin, AE1 / AE3, ready to use, DAKO AS / AS + art. IS05330-2-2, FLEX FLEX Antibody mouse monoclonal antibody, progesterone receptor, PgR 636 ready for use, Link art IR06861-2 -1p. FLEX monoclonal Rabbit antibody Anti-human, ER alpha, EP1, ready for use, Link art IR08461-2 -1 pieces FLEX Monoclonal anti-mouse mouse, mammalgobin, 304-1A5, ready for use, DAKO AS / AS + art. IS07430-2-1 FLEX Monoclonal Mouse anti-human antibody, GCDFP-15, 23A3, ready for use, DAKO AS / AS + art IS07730-2-1. FLEX Monoclonal antibody rabbit against human terminal eksynukleotidtransferazy, clone EP266, ready for use (Link) Art. IR09361-2 -1 str. Anti-cell agent art. S080981-2 -1 pc. FLEX Monoclonal Antibody Mouse Antibody, KD5, 4C7, Ready to Use, DAKO AS / AS + Art. IS08230-2-1. FLEX Rabbit Anti-Human Monoclonal Antibody, Cyclin D1, EP12, ready for use, DAKO AS / AS + art. IS08330-2-1. Trademark: DakoMachine of production: US Producer: Dako Denmark A / S "UNITED STATES0UA1251005.52107.462762
04/Apr/20173304300000"1.Zasoby for manikyuru or pedicure that E styatsya in tubes and glasses, notcontains ethanol. Goods is not in aer ozolniy container" "cozy evening" "Cocoa milk 5 ml. Art. PGCE005 -10sht." "Zatysh ny night "" timid flush with 5 ml. art. PGCE003 -10sht. CITY WOMAN Romantic ro zhevyy 5 ml. art. PGCW005-10sht. CLASSIC Imperial red 5 ml. art. PGC013 -10sht. E.MiLac Base gel9 ml. art . LABG -6sht. E.MiLac CE shark Skin №068, 9 ml. art. LCE068 -6sht.E.MiLac CE cocoa with milk №066, 9 ml. art. LCE066-6sht. E.MiLac DV Imperial red №072 9 ml. art. LDV072 -6sht. E.MiLacMiss E.Mi 9 ml. (LB022 art. -6sht LB022. E.MiLac PA Peach echo 060, 9 ml. Art. LPA060 -6sht. E.MiLac PA Pink Sands №055, 9 ml. Art. LPA055 -6sht.E.MiLac Marsala RT №077, 9 ml. Art. LRT077 -6sht. E.MiLac SE Soft powder №040, 9 ml. art. LSE040 -6sht. E.MiLac SE Flowering Camellia №038, 9 ml. art. LSE038-6sht. E.MiLac Top gel 9 ml. art. LATG-6 pieces. E.MiLac Top gel Tackless 15 ml. art. LATGS15 -6sht. E.MiLac Top gelTa ckless 9 ml of art. LATGS -6sht. White Lotus E.MiLac 9 ml. (LF001) art. LF001-6sht. E.MiLac Cabernet Bordeaux 9 ml. (LB029) art. LB029 -6sht. E.MiLac element vohnyu9 ml. (LB007) art. LB007 -6sht. Twilight E.MiLac 9 ml. (LB028) art. LB028-6sht. E.MiLac dancing flamenco 9 ml. (LB009) art. LB009 -6sht. E.MiLacFrantsuzkyy chic 9 ml. (LF002) art. LF002-6sht. EMPASTA Ff "" cozy evening "" Cocoa milk 5ml. Art. PAGCE005 -10sht.EMPASTA Ff Royal Tone Marsala 5 ml. Art. PAFTRT002 -10sht. EMPASTA Ff SUMMER 2016Brusnychnyy juice 5 ml. Art. PAGFTSC006-10sht. EMPASTA Ff WINTER COLLECTION sensual temptation 5 ml. Art. PAGFTWC005-10sht. Time to dream EMPASTA Ff 5 ml. Art. PAGFT003 -10sht. EMPASTA white sugar 5hEMI art. PAGST001 -10sht. EMPASTA Red cranberry 5g EMI art. PAGST004 -10sht.EMPASTA black resin 5g EMI art. PAGST002-10sht. Eurocleanser pomp in 200 ml. Art. LAECP -6sht. Form Gel Natural -naturalnyy gel modeling on forms 15 g Art. GFGN-15 -4sht. Gel andNail Polish Remover 200 ml of pomp. Art. LARP -6sht. Gemty Pearl 5 ml. art.GEM002-10sht. Rubin Gemty 5 ml. Art. GEM006-10sht. Silver GLOSSEMI molding 5ml art. PGCA007 -10sht. Nail Prep Aid - means dlyadehidratatsiyi natural nail 15 ml. Art. LANPA15 -6sht. Nail Prep Aid - zasibdlya dehydration of natural nails 9 ml. Art. LANPA -6sht. Mamba NEON 5 ml. art.PGN006 -10sht. ROMANTIC ISLAND Fiesta 5 mL art. PGRI006 -10sht. Royal Tone Marsala5 ml. Art. PGRT002 -10sht. SEASON OF CONTRAST gentle touch 5 ml. Art. PGSC005-10sht. Soft Nude Gel - gel kamuflyuyuchyy modeling, 15 g Art. GSNG-15-4sht. Super Bond Gel - gel base for modeling, 10 g Art. -6sht.TEXTONE GSBG-10 Gold, 15 ml. Art. TEXT01 -5sht. TEXTONE Silver, 15 ml. Art. TEXT02-5sht. Ultra Strong Base Coat, 9 ml. Art. NPBASE -6sht. Ultra Strong Top Coat GelEffect, 9 ml. Art. NPTOP -6sht. Ultrabond - means for coupling the nail plate osnovnohopokryttya 15 ml. Art. LAUB15 -6sht. Ultrabond - means dlyazcheplennya basic coverage of the nail plate 9 ml. Art. LAUB -6sht. Azhurnesriblo 5g E "RUSSIA0UA12510020.3262505.499888
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Pgr Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Pgr Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""СОЛІД ГРУП"""
Importer Address
61054, м.Харків, вул.Механізаторська, буд.9А, оф..306Україна
Product Description
"1 of Part worm gear with aluminum alloy, which ar.........
HS Code 8483908990Value 53.16904522
Quantity 0Unit UA807170
Net Weight 2
Origin Country TURKEY

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