Ukraine Import Data of Pepper Oil | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pepper Oil

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pepper oil collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pepper oil imports.

Pepper Oil Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pepper Oil

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of pepper oil. Get Ukraine trade data of Pepper Oil imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20172103909000"1.Cmako aromatic compositions for usage in food industry last one, that bezvmis ethanol: Ref. 20454683 BM1285 CAJUN BATTER 25kg (pshenychneboroshno, semolina, red pepper, salt, herbs (oregano, thyme), spices (paprika), flavors, flavor enhancers and flavor (E621, E627, E631), coloring (E160s)) - 600kh, 24mishkiv to 25kg; Ref. 20392169 SOUR CREAM & ONIONFLAVOUR (20-30% sucrose and romatyzatory, 10% maltodextrin, salt, poroshokpahty, dextrose 5.10% cream powder, acid (E330), a tool against bad chewing (E341 (yiyiyi)), sunflower oil, Mr idsylyuvach taste (E635)) - 2000kh, 80mishk s po25kh, whirlpool Country obnytstva - PLTorhovelna mark - KerryVyrobnyk - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo. "POLAND0UA10001026007132.681967 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173808949000"1.Rechovyny disinfectant (not in aerosol packaging) product, which is a water-alcohol solution: Natural spray to disinfect toys and children's rooms (150 mL) art.952669-105sht; Ingredients: Ethanol 70% filler water 25% , antibacterial oil: oil sweet orange (orange tree, Brazil -1% peppermint oil (peppermint poleva India) -1% oil of red mandarin (tangerine tree, Italy) -1% tea tree oil (tea tree 1%, Australia) ylang-ylang oil, 1% of the bag does not contain drug precursors and rechovyn.Costav specified by quality certificate vyrobnykk and №77 from 07.07.2016. Producer "" Mommy Care Ltd. ""; trademark "" Mommy Care "";. "ISRAEL0UA11015017.5329.4998583
27/Apr/20172309105100"1ST CHOICE DOG" for dogs, packaged for retail trade (starch content is about 35%, does not contain dairy products). "1ST CHOICE DOG" "- dry granulated feed for adult dogs miniature and small Rocks, on the base of the chicken breast, the ingredient composition: chicken meat, chopped millet, barley, oatmeal, chicken fat, dried beet pulp, dried tomatoes, chicken liver extract, whole flaxseed, salt , Extract from yeast, chicory extract, Yucca Shidigera extract, flour and Algae, Green Tea Extract, Dried Mint, Dried Parsley, Sunflower Oil Extract, Vitamins and Minerals: Article VM59H02AA Ad Mt T & S Br, 1 pc X 7 kg - 42 packs (serial number NJU0918-01 - 36 packs, serial number NJL0618-01 - 6 packages, bar code 065672220071). "1ST CHOICE DOG" "- dry granulated food for puppies of all breeds with sensitive skin and wool, ingredient composition: lamb meat flour, lemon flour, brown Rice, potato flour, barley groats, oatmeal, chicken fat, dried beet pulp, dried tomatoes, lecithin, whole seed I flax, chicken liver extract, herring fat, yeast extract, chicory extract, shrimp and crab shell, New Zealand green mussels, trepang, Yucca Shidigera extract, dried seaweeds, dried green tea extract, dried mint, dried parsley, extract Ginger, vitamins and minerals: Article VW17U0AB1 Gr A / Br S & C Lb, 1 pc. X 20 kg - 40 packages (serial number XJU2218-01, bar code 065672217200)."1ST CHOICE DOG" "- dry granulated feed for medium and large adult breeds based on chicken meat, ingredient composition: chicken meat, chopped rice, pearl, oatmeal, chicken fat, preserved with a mixture of tocopherols , Dried beet pulp, shredded fiber, dried tomatoes, chicken liver extract, whole flaxseed, lecithin, potassium chloride, salt, choline chloride, calcium propionate, yeast extract, taurine, chicory extract, Yucca Shidigera extract, Algae flour, green tea extract, dried peppermint , Dried parsley, L-carnitine, sunflower oil extract, vitamins and miniraly: Article VM58P0AA2 Ad Mt M & L Br, 1 pc. X 15 kg - 470 packages (serial number NJU1518-01, bar code 065672226158); Article VM58U0AB2 Ad Mt M & L Br, 1 pc. X 20 kg - 82 packages (serial number NJU2718-01, bar code 065672226202). "1ST CHOICE DOG" "- dry granulated feed for adult dogs of all breeds, for controlling the weight, based on chicken meat, ingredient composition: chicken, chicken, barley, oatmeal, crushed rice, dried pulp Beet, dried tomatoes, chicken fat, chicken liver hydrolyzate, whole flax seed, salt, dry yeast, chicory extract, Yucca extract, dried algae, dried green tea extract, dried mint, dried parsley, sunflower oil extract, Vitamins and minerals: Article VM56M02AA Ad A / Br L & H Wt, 1 pc.X 12 kg - 20 packages (series "CANADA0UA12526022132.832098.66487
27/Apr/201790318038001. Ynduktyvnyy sensor pepperl-fuchs NBB20-U1-E0 - 4 sht.Induktyvni electronic sensors Pepperl Fuchs provide the necessary signals for the final position of the objects serve as pulse sensors to set the numerical values ​​or logging speed. This device monitors the presence of metal in the zone of their actions. Inductive sensors approximation using the physical effect of changing the Q-factor resonant circuit caused by eddy current losses in conductive materials. Inductive-capacitive tuned circuit generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field. This field extends from the active surface of the sensor. If this field is flagged conductive material (metal), according to the law of electromagnetic induction eddy currents arise that absorb the energy of an oscillator circuit. Consequently, the amplitude decreases. This change is converted into a switching signal. This operating principle can detect all metals irrespective of whether they are moving or a hundred or not. The distance to the active surface on which the conductive material is in the sensor signal change is called distance spratsovuvannya.Zminne electromagnetic field generated between two coils installed in the U-shape legs and placed opposite each odnoho.Datchyk triggered when a metal object passes through the area between kotushkamy.Nominalna voltage - 10-30V DC. Country of origin - Vietnam .Torhova mark - pepperl-fuchs.Vyrobnyk - pepperl-fuchs.VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA1120800.948293.7412623
27/Apr/20172106909200"1.Harchova supplement, not containing milk fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, starch or containing less than 1.5 wt.% Milk fat, less than 5 wt.% Sucrose or isoglucose, less than 5 wt.% Glucose starch contains etylovyyspyrt: - Dietary supplement "" Bangshil "" Tab-100`s 100 tab. pack (390mh / tab. composition tablets: mummy - 60 mg, gum komifory - 40 mg ferrous sulfate - 30 mg, Ceylon cinnamon - 12 mg, cinnamon Malabar - 12 mg, -12 mg baliospermum mountain root turpety - 12 mg, cardamom - 9 mg bamboo - 6 mg, white sandalovederevo - 3 mg sodium hydrochloride - 3 mg chloride Atri - 3 mg, 3 mg natriyu- carbonate, potassium carbonate - 3 mg, 3 mg long- pepper, black pepper - 3 mg, 3 mg imbyr-, tinospora cordata - 3 mg embeliya sour - 3 mg medicinal stsyndapsus - 3 mg, pepper Csaba - 3 mg, Indian gooseberry - 3 mg, Terminalia chebula -3 mg Terminalia belerika - 3 mg svynchatka Ceylon - 3 mg, long pepper - 3 mg, turmeric long - 3 mg, barberry bearded - 3 mg, cedar himalays kyy - 3 mg Sit round - 3 mg svertiya - 3 mg AIR usual - 3 mg turmeric white - 3 mg Lone cirrus - 3 mg, sarsaparilla - 3 mg, cucumber - 3 mg, bark kratevy - 3 mg , bombacoideae Malabar - 3 g orange pepper - 3 mg sweet goal - 3 mg elefantopus - 3 mg, 3 mg Kubeba- pepper, creeping yakirtsi - 3 mg, white eklipta - 3 mg, moringa oil - 3 mg Excipients: 1 mg humiarabik- , sodium benzoate - 1.2 mg starch and sodium tetraborate - 86.6 mg) - 1600 pack. party 257 / 16-17, manufacturing date 03.17, 02.22 eligibility date - Dietary Supplements "" Fortege "" Tab-100 `s 100 tab. pack (400 mg / tab. composition tablets: leptadeniya mesh - 56.5 mg breyniya - 56 mg, 30 mg pekucha- Makoun, sage - 15 mg hinandropsys - 30 mg, Indian ginseng - 15 mg, cloves - 7 5 mg, peppers long - 7,5mh, AIR usual - 7.5 mg, 7.5 mg chornyy- pepper, ginger - 7.5 mg cubeb - 7.5 mg, 7.5 mg romashka- Roman, Santali Language white - 7.5 mg, nutmeg scented - 7.5 mg dopomizhnirechovyny starch - 10 mg magnesium carbonate - 32 mg sodium benzoate - 16 mg, aluminum silicate - 16 mg, acacia - 14 mg methyl - 4 mg natriyutetraborat - 38 mg) - 2400 pack. party 262 / 16-17, manufacturing date 03.17, datapry atnosti 02.20 - Dietary Supplements "" Aloes Compound "" Tab-100`s 100 tab. pack (430mh / tab. composition tablets: Aloe - 70 mg, 70 mg mirra-, madder sertselysta- 35 mg harmala usual - 35 mg Iron Oxide - 30 mg, -30 mesh leptadeniya mg breyniya - 30 mg. Excipients: oxidized starch - 20 mg mahniyukarbonat - 98.8 mg sodium benzoate - 1.2 mg, sodium tetraborate aluminosilicate - 10 mg) - 800up., Party 243 / 16-17, manufacturing date 02.17, 01.22 eligibility date - Dietary supplement "" Leptaden "" Tab-100`s 100 tab. pack (330mh / tab. composition tablets: Leptadeniya mesh - 150 mg Breyniya - 150 mg Dopomizhnirechovyny: magnesium carbonate - 6 mg aluminum silicate - 4.2 mg acacia - 15 mg sodium benzoate - 0.9 mg, starch and sodium tetraborate - 3.9 mg) - 400up., Party 252 / 16-17, date 'INDIA0UA12510032213735.99997
27/Apr/20172106909200"1.Harchovi products not containing milk fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, containing less than 5 wt.% Starch: NICORETTE FRESHFRUIT CHEWING GUM 2mg, №30 (AF401 series, production date: 16/05/2016, expiration date: 16.05. 2019) -15up.NICORETTE FRESMINT cHEWING gUM 2mg, №30 (series AF028, date of manufacture: 04/06/2016, expiration date: 04/06/2019) -15up. / Represent gum thewhich contains: Active substance: substance nikotyn.Dopomizhni : xylitol, oil of "" omy pepper, hidrokarbonyt sodium, potassium acesulfame, levomentol, magnesium oxide, under cover, Winterfresh flavor, hypromellose, saharaloza, polysorbate 80, solid pok yttya: xylitol, pregelatinized starch, titanium dioxin (E 171), flavor, wax karnaubskyy.Markuvannya available and corresponds to the legislation standards. / zasib.Meta import unregistered medicines, development of new medicinal product of chemical physics research, development and testing analytical methods for monitoring /.. "SWEDEN0UA1251001.1295.3013132
26/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): System 2-in-1 Eye Lifting andideal, cream and gel seriyiAnew Clinical, art.F1445500-63sht. (1 Cor.), Toner Spring water iChystotil series Naturals, 100 ml art.F2375300-619sht. (9kor.) micellar vodaiOchyschennyai for all skin types, series AVON True Nutra Effects, 200 ml art.F2697000-960sht. (24kor.) SPA Maska- film face extract chornoyiikry Luxury update series Planet Spa, 75 ml art.F3157300-7200sht. (120kor.) Tools for night care for oily skin Avon Clearskin series, art.F3230200-120sht. (1 Cor.) Pom 'Foot Cream yakshuvalnyy series AVON FootWorks, 150 ml art.F3253500-3705sht. (57kor.) Scrub Foot "" exotic paradise "" cepii AVON Foot Works, 75ml, art.F3412000-1400sht. (10kor.) Intensyvnozvolozhuvalnyy body Lotion with bee royal jelly series AVON Care, 400 ml art.F4139700-120sht. (4kor.); SPA moisturizing facial mask with an extract of acai SkarbyBrazyliyi series Planet Spa, 75 ml art.F4558500-840sht. (6kor.) Lotion Spray Body sweet plum and vanilla series Naturals, 100 ml art.F4814000-3080sht. (40kor.) Moisturizing Lotion Spray Face "" Aloe iBavovna "" series AVON Naturals, 100 ml art.F5385800-924sht. (12kor.) Soothing and refreshing hand cream, and nihtiv kutykulы "" Green Tea "" zekstraktom green tea series AVON Care, 100ml, art.F5409800-720sht. (8kor.) Night cream sea buckthorn and bearberry series Naturals, 50 ml art.F6685800-240sht. (4kor.) Cream of corns, series AVON Foot Works, 75 ml art.F6734200-5600sht. (40kor.) Regenerating gel feet with peppermint essential oil series AVON Foot Works, 75 ml art.F6758000-840sht. (6kor.) Moisturizing Zasibpodviynoyi action for leg skin and cuticles with salicylic acid and shea butter, seriyiAVON Foot Works, 50 ml art.F6770800-360sht. (3kor.) Cleansing Mask plivkadlya face "" and Cucumber Tea Tree "," series Naturals, 75 ml art.F7202300-280sht. (2 Cor.) SPA Nourishing Mask African butter tree ShyNeperevershene zhyvlennyaSPA series Planet Spa, 75 ml art.F7475100-980sht. (7kor.) Lotion Spray Body Seductive passion fruit and peony series Naturals, 100 ml art.F7817900-4620sht. (60kor.) Face Cleansing pore Clearskin Series, 75 ml art.F9040400-240sht. (4kor.) SPA Tonizuyuchamaska ​​Facial Radiance East zekstraktom white tea series Planet Spa, 75 ml art.F9305700-1260sht. (9kor.) Cleansing facial mask with Dead Sea minerals ideal cleaning series Planet Spa, 75 ml art.F9437700-700sht. (5kor.) vidnovlyuvalnyyzvolozhuvalnyy hand cream and cuticle nihtiv cocoa butter and vitamin E, series AVON Care, 100 ml art.F9826500-1260sht. (14kor.) Zhyvylnyypom'yakshuvalnyy hand cream, nihtiv and cuticle oil with oil and provitamin B5 series AVON Care, 100 ml art.F9829700-720sht. (8kor.) Country of origin - RUTorhovelna mark - AVONVyrobnyk - the company "" BEAUTY Avon Products Kompani "" "RUSSIA0UA1002104043.715534.59296
26/Apr/20172103909000"1-Mixed flavored spices and flavoring additives used in the food industry for the production of smoked products, cooked and semi-smoked sausages: DF VTR-50016" "Flavor Wawel" - 78 kg composition: Glycemic extract, garlic, ginger, black pepper, coriander, fenugreek, flavor enhancer E621 Sodium glutamate, smoke flavor, maltodextrin DF VTR-50005 "Glycerin, soya protein hydrolyzate (not GMO), garlic, ginger, black pepper, coriander, "Perfume Top Hetman VTR" "- 104kg composition: natural seasonings: black pepper (Onion), maltodextrin, taste and flavor enhancer E621 glutamate sodium, E631 5 "" - sodium inositol, sodium chloride, onion, extracts of spices: black pepper, fenugreek, lizards; identical natural flavors: mica, smoke; soy protein hydrolyzate (not GMO); maltodextrin; 2-substitute, E551 Dioxide silicon amorphous.Articule DF VTR-40005 "" Cream flavor "" - 220 kg composition: milk proteins identical to natural flavor flavor, celery extract, maltodextrin, flavor enhancer and aroma E621 sodium glutamate, E631 5 "" -ininosite sodium 2-substituted, anti-lactic E551 silicon dioxide amorphous .Articule DF VTR-50028 "" Aroma Smack "Sausages Delicious" - 52kg. Composition: Extracts of spices (rosemary, paprika), aromatic substances (taste and aroma of meat), taste and flavor enhancer "sodium glutamate" (E 621), carriers (rice flour, glucose, salt, rapeseed oil), "citric acid "(E330), silicon dioxide anti-freeze amorphous" "(E 551). The condiments are supplied in the form of loose powder. Trade mark-DORA FOOD, producer-FHU "" DORA FOOD Arkadiusz Dorobisz "", PLPacking 20 paper bags "POLAND0UA2050904541824.81851
26/Apr/201770134999001. A tableware made of mechanical glass from glass: art.CC2000100 A set of salad bowls 5pcs in the range -96 nab, art.CD8000210 Sugar cooker with a dispenser - 744pcs, art.170420580 A set of containers for oil and vinegar - 384 nab, art.170422230 A set of oil reservoirs , Vinegar, salt and pepper -164 nab, Brand: Koopman.Producer: Koopman International BV.Category of production: CN. .CHINA2648UA1001105811415.77718
25/Apr/20172103909000"1.Cmako aromatic compositions for usage in food industry last one, that bezvmis ethanol: Ref. 20392169 SOUR CREAM & ONION FLAVOUR (tsukroza20-30%, flavors, 10% maltodextrin, salt, buttermilk powder, dextrose 5-10% cream powder, acid (E330), a tool against bad chewing (E341 (yiyiyi)), sunflower oil, flavor enhancer (E635)) - 1000kg, 25kg in 40mishkiv; Art.20454683 BM1285 CAJUN BATTER 25kg (flour (wheat), pp petsiyi and ekstraktyspetsiy (pepper, papry ka), coloring (paprika extract), herbs (thyme, oregano), flavor (type - s snyk status - natural identical) amplifiers Poppy and flavor (E621, E627, E631)) - 1675kh, 67mishkiv to 25kg; Art. 20108694SALAMIKS Bratislava SOSIDZH 2 (spices and extracts of spices, dextrose, dye (extract, paprika), flavor enhancer and flavor (E621), antioxidant (E316) , dried vegetables (garlic)) -254,8kh, 104mishkiv on 2,45kh, Country of origin - PLTorhovelna mark - KerryVyrobnyk - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo. "POLAND0UA1000102929.88099.32384
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Pepper Oil Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Pepper Oil Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КЕРРІ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
01033,м.Київ,вул.Короленківська,4 Україна
Exporter Name Kerry Polska Sp.z.o.o.
Product Description
"1.Cmako aromatic compositions for usage in food i.........
HS Code 2103909000Value 7132.681967
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 2600
Origin Country POLAND

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