Ukraine Import Data of Pendant | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pendant

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pendant collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pendant imports.

Pendant Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pendant

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of pendant. Get Ukraine trade data of Pendant imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20178708299000"1. Parts for bodies, not for industrial assembly to s / h tractors: 80-6801500 Pendant 2 pcs. (Seat) packaged and packaged for wholesale rozdribnoyita torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO" "BZTDyA" "Trademark BY BZTDyAKrayina production."BELARUS0UA50417036.96250.3689723 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173307490000"1.Aromatyzatory Car air. Flavor pendant" "Freshso Coffeepaket" "Vanyl and coffee 108sht, Flavor pendant" "Coffee Freshso package" "Vyshnyas mynd.-108sht, Flavor pendant" "Coffee Freshso package" "Horyachyyshokolad-108sht; Flavor pendant "" Coffee Freshso package "" Cappuccino-108sht, Flavor pendant "" Coffee Freshso package "" Natural. Coffee 108sht; Aromatyzatorpodvesnoy meshochek "" Coffee Freshso "" Home pechene-20pcs, Flavor podvesnoymeshochek "" Coffee Freshco "" Kapuchyno- 50sht, Flavor pendant meshochek "" FreshsoCoffee "" Montpensier, 4 pieces, flavoring pendant meshochek "" Freshco Coffee "" Naturalnыy coffee 30sht, Flavor pendant meshochek "" Freshso Coffee "" Pynakolada-50sht, Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Babies Bubble Gum "" bubble-noise-240sht, Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Be Fresh "" green tea-30sht , Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Be Fresh "" Lime 35 pcs, Flavor podvesnoykartonnыy "" Smile "" The new machine-210sht, represents a product that is made of paper impregnated with aromas chnymy means or as a bag of aromatychnymyrechovynamy intended for flavoring or deodorization salonivavtomobiley air. Without alcohol content, not in aerosol packaging. TM FRESHCOVyrobnyk company "" Freshko "" RFKrayina production (RU) "RUSSIA0UA80717037.38434.753985
28/Apr/20173307490000"1.Aromatyzatory Car air. Flavor to baffle" "Alibi Senso" "Vanyl-75sht, a deflector Flavor" "Alibi Senso" "Zelenoe Apple-320sht, a deflector Flavor" "Alibi Senso" "Lemon-320sht, a deflector Flavor "" Alibi Senso "" The new machine-320sht; Flavor to baffle "" Alibi Senso "" Ocean 320sht, Flavor pendant barrel "" Little Fresco "" Breeze 276sht, Flavor pendant barrel "" Little Fresco "" Vanyl-276sht; Aromatyzatorpodvesnoy barrel "" Little Fresco "" The new machine-276sht, Flavor podvesnoybochonok "" Little Fresco "" Pine-276sht, Flavor pendant barrel "" LittleFresco "" Chernaya Linia-276sht, Flavor pendant Membrane "" Symbol Apple "" Black led-80sht, Flavor pendant Membrane "" Symbol Radiation "" Dыnya-90sht, represents a product that is made of paper impregnated with aromatic agents orin a bag of flavoring substances intended abodezodoruvannya to flavor the air inside the vehicle. no alcohol content, not aerozolniyupakovtsi. TM GUAN GZHOU TEXTILESVyrobnyk GUANGZHOU TEXTILES HOLDING LTDKrayina production (CN) "CHINA0UA807170258.0852617.015348
28/Apr/201746029000001. Household Products made with materials for pletinnyaHorschyk flower composition: artificial rotanhart.6403100-STORSKARV, diameter size 27 * 19cm, pendant-mark 8sht.Torhovelna JyskKrayina production VN Vietnam.VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA2091405.04719.70927919
27/Apr/201773202081901. Spare parts for automobiles, coil springs, spiral from ferrous metals not made in hot condition for vehicles: spring suspension, art .: LS4295019-2 pc spring suspension, art .: LS4056808-2 pc spring suspension, art .: LS4056810-2 Piece Spring Suspension, Art .: LS4256816-2 Piece Spring Suspension, Art .: LS4015611-2 Piece Spring Suspension, Art .: LS4208425-2 Pieces Spring Suspension, Art .: LS4263416-2 Piece Spring Pendants, art .: LS4295050-4 pc spring suspension, Art .: LS4295060-2 pc spring suspension, Art .: LS4215628-1 pc. Trademark LESJOFORS Producer LESJOFORS AB Made by SE.SWEDEN0UA40003090.74373.8725147
27/Apr/201787088035981.Chastyny ​​suspension system to new vehicles., Art.545006623R -VAZHIL Pendant 2 pcs. art.545017081R - lever suspension-3sht.Krayina origin - MarokkoKrayina production - MATorhovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SAS.MOROCCO0UA12519010162.7959001
27/Apr/201787088035981.Chastyny ​​suspension system to new vehicles., Art.7701070154 -kulova prop-2 pcs. art.7701477385 - ball joints, 4 pieces. art.562104961R -AMORTYZATORY-2 pcs. art.562102464R - amort.pidvisky-4 pieces. art.550200041R - PRUZHYNAPIDVISKY-1am. art.8200666438 - suspension springs, 2 pcs. art.550202720R - PRUZHYNAPIDVISKY-2 pcs. art.8200666436 - suspension springs, 2 pcs. art.8200376592 - PRUZHYNAPIDVISKY-2 pcs. art.543024989R - amort.pidvisky-3pc. art.8200586567 - VAZHILPIDVISKY-2 pcs. art.8200586561 - Pendant lever 2 pcs. art.543026803R -amort.pidvisky-2 pcs. art.7701479314 - amort.pidvisky-1am. art.545018194R - VAZHILPIDVISKY-1am. art.545008682R - lever Pendant 1pc. art.545016101R - VAZHILPIDVISKY-2 pcs. art.545006560R - Pendant lever 2 pcs. art.545016805R - VAZHILPIDVISKY-1am. art.545002029R - lever Pendant 1pc. art.545018194R - VAZHILPIDVISKY-1am. art.545008682R - lever Pendant 1pc. art.545018194R - VAZHILPIDVISKY-2 pcs. art.562103964R - amort.pidvisky-4 pieces. art.562103964R -amort.pidvisky-2 pcs. art.56210 3964R - amort.pidvisky-2 pcs. art.562103964R -amort.pidvisky-6 pieces. art.562103964R - amort.pidvisky-8 pieces. art.562103964R -amort.pidvisky-4 pieces. art.562103964R - amort.pidvisky-4 pieces. art.562103964R -amort.pidvisky-3pc. art.545049296R - lever Pendant 1pc. art.545058162R -VAZHIL Pendant 1pc. art.8660001334 - amort.pidvisky-1am. art.8660001306 -amort.pidvisky-1sht.Krayina origin - FrantsiyaKrayina production - FRTorhovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SASFRANCE0UA125190317.522202.619246
27/Apr/201787088035981.Chastyny ​​suspension system to new vehicles., Art.545001064R -VAZHIL Pendant 5pcs. art.545011362R - Pendant 10pcs lever. art.545001225R -vazhil suspension-3pc. art.8200207309 - pov.kulak-1sht.Krayina origin - RumuniyaKrayina production - ROTorhovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SAS.ROMANIA0UA12519042515.1191799
27/Apr/201787088035981.Chastyny ​​suspension system to new vehicles., Art.562100043R -amort.pidvisky-2 pcs. art.545055212R - Pendant lever 2 pcs. art.545011952R -VAZHIL Pendant 1pc. art.545009246R - lever Pendant 1pc. art.54303JY01B -amort.pidvisky-3pc. art.54302JY01B - amort.pidvisky-3pc. art.543031914R -amort.pidvisky-1sht.Krayina origin - Korea, RespublikaKrayina production - KRTorhovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SAS.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12519053448.443176
27/Apr/201787088035981.Chastyny ​​suspension system to new vehicles., Art.545019956R -VAZHIL Pendant 1pc. art.545019956R - lever suspension-1sht.Krayina origin - SloveniyaKrayina production - SITorhovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SAS.SLOVENIA0UA12519014101.7624814
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Pendant Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Product Description
"1. Parts for bodies, not for industrial assembly .........
HS Code 8708299000Value 250.3689723
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 36.96
Origin Country BELARUS

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