Ukraine Import Data of Pedal Kit | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pedal Kit

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pedal kit collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pedal kit imports.

Pedal Kit Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pedal Kit

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of pedal kit. Get Ukraine trade data of Pedal Kit imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201787141000001.Chastyny ​​to motorcycles: Set steering lever - BLACK HAND CONTROL LEVER KIT, art. 41700421 - 1. Clutch cover - CLUTCH COVER, 110, CHROME DERBY, art.60709-07A - 1. The axis thrust gear - SHIFTER SHAFT LEVER, GEAR, art. 33709-82A - 3 pieces. The equalizer set - COMPENSATOR ASY, art. 36500034A -1 units. Set lever steering - HAND LEVERS, BLACK, VRSC, art. 42275-07A - 2 sht.Pedal gear - SHIFTER PEG, VINTAGE WHITE, Art. 33600071 - 2 sht.Vazhil gear - BILLET SHIFT LEVER, CHROME, art. 34539-00 - 1 sht.Komplekt brake pads disc brake bike - BRAKE PAD KIT, art.42850-06B - 2 pcs. Lever traction gear - LEVER, GEAR SHIFT, art.33718-82B - 3 pieces. Set washers compensator - SPRING-PACK SUB-ASY, art.83936-09A - 1. Pad on the brake pedal - DIAMOND BLACK BRAKE PEDAL, SMALL, art. 41850-08 - 1. The back - CUSTOM MEDIUM LOW SISSY BAR, GLOSS BLACK, art.54256-10 - 1. Trunk - LUGGAGE RACK, GLOSS BLACK, Art. 4263-10 5 - 1 sht.Bahazhnyk - STEALTH RACK, DETACH CHROME, art. 53472-09A - 2 pcs. Bow back -UPRIGHT, MED-LOW, CHROME, art. 52540-09A- 1 pc. Windscreen - KIT, QUICK REL WINDSHIELD, FXDF, CLEAR, art. 57338-08- 1 pc. Rudder - KIT, H-BAR, TALLBOY, CHROME, art. 55800550A - 1 pc. The back driver -ADJ RIDER BACKREST, COMFORT STITCH, art. 52423-09A - 1 pc. The back - ADJ RIDERBACKREST, SMOOTH, art. 52501-09A - 2 pcs. Wheel -KIT-HANDLEBAR, TALLBOY, BLACK, ROAD GLIDE, art. 55800551A - 1 sht.Krayina production - USTorhovelna brand - Harley-DavidsonVyrobnyk - Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyUNITED STATES0UA12518037.022488.16836 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/201773182200901.Armatura fasteners, fittings and similar articles of nedorohotsiynyh metalivdlya motorcycles: Set holders pointer rotation - T / S STANDOFF KIT, BLACK, Art. 67800706- 1 pc. Pad on the brake pedal - FX BRAKE PEDAL PAD, EDGE CUT, art. 42847-10- 1 sht.Krayina production - USTorhovelna brand - Harley-DavidsonVyrobnyk - Harley-Davidson Motor Company.SWITZERLAND0UA1001100.0090.280051168
20/Apr/201740169952901.Chastyny-metal cuffs to avtonavantazhuvachiv.Brake Pedal Pad / Pedal art.3EB3631130 Block / Bearing U5130-6sht.Rubber / Rubber Support art.123611304171 / L4269-8sht. Engine Mount / Rubber Support art.9121312201 / L0116-4sht. Engine Mount / Rubber Support art.91A2010200 / L0523-4sht. Mount Rubber Rubber Support art.3EA5142120 / L2376-12sht. Mount, Transmission Case / Rubber Support art.412602661071 / L4491-4sht. Insulator / Rubber Support art.3EA5142120 / L2376-8sht. Bushing, Rear Axle Beam / Support art.H24N432451 rubber / L7853-5sht. Dumper, Rear Axle / Rubber Support art.431912342171 / L9955-8sht. Engine Mount / Rubber Support art.22N51-00161 / L8363-6sht. Engine Mounting / Rubber Support art.123612660071 / L6731-8sht. Engine Mounting / Rubber Support art.3EB0131640 / L1997-6sht. Damper Assy / Rubber Support art.91E4320900 / L3462-16sht. Seal / Seal art.6754-11-3130-6sht. Seal / Seal art.6754-11-3140-6sht. Kit, Repair / Seal art.CK26170802204 / S0411-2sht. Clutch O / H Kit, Release / Sealant art.43131010071 / S9762-8sht. Cylinder O / H Kit, Wheel / Sealant art.3EB 3000010 / S7538-4sht. Repair Kit / Sealant art.91346-10310 / S7897-2sht. Repair Kit / Sealant art.04471-20110-71 / S4434-2sht. Repair Kit / Sealant art.239A540641 / S5380-4sht. Valve Seal / Seal valve engine art.32A0402800 / S7317-16sht. Steering Knuckle Shim / Sealing Ring art.2011430091 / S3968-5sht. Gasket, Injection Nozzle Seat / Sealing Ring art.111777600771 / S2450-4sht. Gasket / Ring Seal art.YM12990159560 / S3835-20sht.Torhivelna mark Kingsin MachineVyrobnyk Kingsin Machine LimitedKrayina manufacture CNCHINA0UA50020075.332248.804853
19/Apr/20178708999798"1.Parts and accessories for a / m Lada: Protection of the LADA 4x4 crankcase with the installation kit, art.99999212111182 - 1pc. The left shaft of the engine, art.21902280202300 - 2pcs. Electronic accelerator pedal, art.21214110850001 - 1pc. Plug 36, art00001004329201 - 150pcs. Заглушка 22, арт.00001004328801 - 150шт.Злабушка блока цилиндров, art.21120100329000 - 140шт The bracket of the rear suspension of the engine, ar t.11180100103200 - 20pcs. Armrest of the rear axleengine, art.11180100103200- 3pcs. Arm suspension rear engine , Art.11180100103200 - 10pcs. Zaglushkab for cylinders, art.21110100328814 - 25ht. Crankcase ventilation joint, art 2110101 01421301 - 10pcs. Resident screw in assembly, art.11180104128003 -5pcs. Stretches screw screw in assembly, art.1118010412800 3 - 5pcs. Ventilation nozzleframe central, art.21720810403000 - 2pcs. Pad luggage carrier LADA Priorauniversal (plastic wool), art99999217173482 - 2pcs The upper cover case, art.21213130901100 - 5pcs. Cover for the fan top, art.2121 31 30901100 - 2pcs. Engine protection, art.21 230280204600 - 3pcs. The delivery tube is in stock, Art.21214100620130 - 5pcs. Brazman engine, art.21100280202001 - 10pcs. Заглушка 10, арт.00001004328201 - 50 шт. Plug 10, art00001004328201 - 1350pcs.Engine flap, art.21210280202 100 - 2pcs.Crankcase vent plug, ar. T. 21120101421301 - 10pcs. Fuel tank with gaskets in the assembly, art.21073110100501- 1pc. The left engine flap, art.2121 5280201100 - 40pcs. Coupling acoustic, art.21230100812200 - 8pcs. Tubes of the front of the fuel and steam pipelines in the fight, art.21900110404000 - 4pcs.Tank spreader, art.8450009504 - 1pcs. The production line - RUTor brand - L ADA Producer - "Rival Distribution" "Ltd. Moscow"RUSSIA0UA125180153.2881004.128187
19/Apr/20178458112000"1.Verstat turning, multi, metal, revolver, machine, CNC FANUC Oi-TF, spindled, horizontal modeliDOOSAN" "LYNX 300M" "- 1pc., Dlyatokarnoho processing parts ukomplekti with accessories in a disassembled state dlyatransportuvannya serial nomerML0032-000536, new, rikvyhotovlennya-2017r.Tehnichni specifications: dimensions (mm) - height / length / shyryna- 1715/3035/1785; rotation diameter over bed-651mm, the diameter of rotation of the caliper, 461mm, recommended turning diameter, 254mm; maximum diameter of 370mm, turning, turning -712mm maximum length; di ametr processed rod, 76mm, 255mm diameter chuck-; move on axes X / Z / C-255mm / 790mm / 360 (0,001) degrees, spindle speed, 3500ob / min spindle taper (ASA) -A2-8; diameter bearing 120mm-spindle, spindle-hole diameter 86mm, type revolving head-BMT55P, number of stations, 12st instrument, tool-square section 25h25mm, boring diameter 40mm-holder, the drive motor power tools for entu-5,5kVt; Tool drive speed 5000 rev / min; torque drive tool-46N.m; collet chucks drive tool-ER25 (D2-16) mm; while turning revolving head (1 step) -0,31s; pinole diameter - 80mm; pinole cone-MT4 (Live); moving pinole-120mm; accelerated progress on axes X / Z / C 24m.hv / 30m.hv / 200ob.hv; main spindle motor (30 min / continuous) -15/11 kW, maximum torque spindle-191N.m; servomotors axes X / Z-1,8 / 1,8 kW; COP-0,4kVt pump; control system FANUC Oi-TF; connecting electricity (rated power) -3-phase AC380V / 50Htsh32,62kVA. Precision machine: positioning on the axes X / Z / C 0.01 / 0.02 / 0,0167mm. Package for "" LYNX 300M "": COP-supply system 1komplekt; pedal for clamping patronu- 1komplekt; security lock front dveri- 1 set; High-1komplekt bryzhozahystne fences; set of hand tools, operator 1 set; leveling set screws and spacers for installation 1 kit; nameplate 1komplekt-security measures; lubrication system 1 set; hidravlychna system-1komplekt; kit '' raw '' cam-1komplekt; set of tool holders (vkl.2rad. 2 and AKC. milling head) -1komplekt; working area illumination, 1 set; oil removal system with COP-1komplekt; Auto-dimensional binding instrument 1komplekt; podatchykom interface to control rod LNS-1 komplekt.Posibnyky: instruction manual "" LYNX 300M "" (English); Guide to the care and maintenance "" LYNX 300M "" (English); electrical drawings "" LYNX 300M "" (English); user system FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian); guide service system FANUC Oi-TF (in Russian); drawing foundation for "" LYNX 300M "" (in English). Producer: "" DOOSAN MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD ""; Country of-KR. Trade mark "" DOOSAN "". "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1UA110030435054979.2868
19/Apr/20179018410000"1.Bormashyny combined with other dental equipment on a common osnovi.Vidhruzka by order of 2,165,875 on 14/12/2016. Poz.000010 Dental unit TENEO complete art.6364157 -1sht. Configuration Packages: Art.6253566 Package" "Clinic" " (motor BL ISO C) for TENEO; Art.6253574 SIVISION package for TENEO; Art.6444918 Package " 'Innovation' 'for TENEO; patient chair. pedal control: Art.6211390 wireless foot pedal patient chair. Headrest: Motorized Art.6203983 seat headrest patient. Upholstery set: Art.6203991 chairs lining the patient's Premium. Mounting plate: Art.6204965 fee Adapter Kit M1 / ​​C. Place your doctor. Position 1. Block Art.6329051 doctor: SPRAYVIT (Left of water). Position 2. Art.6354356 electric motor BL ISO C unit doctor. Position 3. Art.6354356 electric motor BL ISO C block physician. 4. Position Art.6216274 Turbine hose unit physician. 5. Position Art.6208081 ultrasonic scaler unit doctor SIROSONIC TL. Art.6205434 Position 6. Power to spare camera unit doctor. Camera Type. Art.6389212 camera unit doctor SiroCam AF +. Place assistenta. Position 1 / not busy. Position 2. Block Art.6541325 assistant SPRAYVIT L (Left water) .Shema smoktuyuvannya. Art.6206770 Automatic separator unit assistant. Spittoon. Glass Art.6203199 turning plyuvalnytsya.Osvitlyuvannya. Monitor. Art.6497452 SIVISION monitor as a second monitor. Placing the monitor. Art.6392125 tray complete with handle. Operating light. Art.6497239 light LEDview the installation. Colors. Obivky color. Upholstery patient chair color Platinum. Shemakoloru. Art.6204155 color scheme sidebar blocks doctor and assistant Neutral. Workplace. First job. Art.6204056Robochyy chair friendly 1.70-2.05m growth. Type first job. Art.6204072 working chair HUGO. Art.6404097 system "hands free" with a foot control. Second job. Art.6204064 working chair for users 1.50-1.80m growth. Art.6204072robochyy chair HUGO. Art.6404097 system "hands free" with a foot upravlinnyam.Poz.001090 Dental Unit INTEGO pro art.6427277-2sht complete. Configuration Packages. Block Block typu.Art.6454842 medical doctor with lower supply tools. Packets user. Art.6444967 Improved installation package integ. SIVISION packages. Art.6253889 SIVISION Start visualization system to monitor medical unit. Pedal control. Art.6443605 pedal electric C +. Armchair patient. Headrest. Art.6443647 Headrest flat. Upholstery type. Art.6444439 chairs lining the patient's Premium. Upholstery color. Upholstery patient chair color Platinum. Additional options. Art.6443753 network card. Installation options / missing. Mounting plate / No. Local doctors. Control Panel. Art.6443183 Membrane control panel to block doctor. Position 1. Block Art.6445873 doctor: SPRAYVIT E (Left of water). Position 2. Art.6216274 Turbine hose with lighting. 3. Position Art.6216274 Turbine hose with light. "GERMANY0UA1101502251.019164352.3389
15/Apr/20174016995790"1. Pylnyk shock nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber to lehkovyhavtomobiliv, articles, 06985-30sht; 26941-2sht. Pidviskyvyroblena stabilizer bushing of vulcanized rubber to nezatverdiloyi car Article: 18874-200sht; 18299-200sht; 26540-120sht; 17730-80sht; 09095-60sht; 21940-60sht; 21942-60sht; 22804-60sht; 14718-60sht; 19953-50sht; 03885-40sht; 21124-40sht; 24225-40sht; 14942-32sht; 04250-30sht; 18875-30sht; 21855- 30sht; 15984-26sht; 29366-24sht; 15982-24sht; 14716-22sht; 27642-20sht; 27638-20sht; 24753-20sht; 33382-12sht; 22794-12sht; 10022-10sht; 15621-10sht; 14146-10sht; 15381-8sht; 36130-8sht; 27160-8sht; 30852-8sht; 17473-8sht; 01931-8sht; 08403-8sht; 19044-8sht; 03094-8sht; 34258-6sht; 17680-4sht; 34257-4sht; 33379- 4 pieces; 15980-4sht; 15978-4sht; 15620-4sht; 0 8944-4sht; 24918-4sht; 24916-4sht; 37855-2sht; 15525-2sht; 14950-2sht; 14952-2sht; 18830-2sht; 17805-2sht; 19050-2sht. Overlay pedal car is made of vulcanized rubber nezatverdiloyi , article: 28636-1sht. Pylnykykermovoyi track of vulcanized g nezatverdiloyi minds for passenger cars Article: 01138-18sht. Repair kit stabilizer attachment pidviskyavtomobilya including: rubber bushing and fastening components, part numbers, 09474-24sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale and retail torhivli.Krayina production - CN.Torhovelna mark - FEBI. The company manufacturer - FERDINAND BILSTEIN GmbH + Co. KG.Krayina origin - CN. "CHINA0UA10011067.691360.67844
14/Apr/20179018908400"1 medical devices. EMED electrosurgical SYSTEM: Electric machine ATOM -1komp. Each kit consists of: electrosurgical unit ATOM -1sht. Dvopedalnyy footswitch, with 5 meter cable, 6-pin -1sht. Azov neutral cable singl electrode dovzhyna5 m, flat connector -1sht. dnorazovyy Mr. eytralnyy electrode EMED SAFE, hydrogel, split, for adults and children, 17, 6 x 122 mm, 110 cm2, 10 x 5pcs. -1sht. Gn uchkyy ground cable length 5 m 1am. argon regulator P300-P40EMED, DIN 477/6 (Europe) -1sht. hose argon, -1sht length of 3 meters. Argon bacterial filter, 0,33 mm, 0,45 um, sterile, 1 pc. -5sht. endoscopic monopolar cable length 3 m Connector m3 mm, SDS connector -1sht. monopolar cable argonovyh flexible probes, flat connector, length 3.5 m connector S DSA -1sht. argon flexible tube, many fold, GIT, diameter 2.3 mm, length 2 2m. -1sht .; Elektrohirurhichnyyaparat ES 350 -1komp. Each co mplekt includes: Electric aparatES350 -1sht. Dvopedalnyy footswitch, with 5 meter cable, 6-kontaktnymroz'yemom 1am. Flexible ground cable length of 5 m -1sht. Neutral elektrodsylikonovyy, multiple, Adult, 30x17 cm, 4 meter cable, US plug-1am. Pen-holder electrode 4 mm high, dvohklavishna cable 4 m, 3-pin connector -1sht. Bipolar cable length 5 m, straight connector, 2-pin connector 29mm-1pc. Brush for manual cleaning electrodes, multiple -1sht. Knife elektrodpryamyy, 25 mm, 4 mm pen -1sht. Lancet electrode straight handle 4 mm -1sht. Holkaelektrod, straight, 0.5 mm, 4 mm pen -1sht. Wire loop electrode, 5 mm, 4 mm pen -1sht. Ball electrode straight, 2 mm, 4 mm pen -1sht. Ball electrode straight, 4 mm, 4 mm pen -1sht. Bipolar forceps, straight, 2 mm length 220 mm -1sht.Bipolyarnyy forceps, angular 1 mm, length 195mm -1sht. Monopolyarnyylaporoskopichnyy cable length of 5 meters and 4 mm connector, 3-kontaktnyyroz'yem -1sht. Bipolar WOLF laparoscopy cable length 3 m, 2-29mm kontaktnyykonektor -1sht .; Electrosurgical apparatus ES350 -1komp. Each of komplektskladayetsya: -sht. Electrosurgical apparatus ES350 -1sht. Flexible dlyazazemlennya cable length 3 m -1sht. Dvopedalnyy footswitch with metrovymkabelem 5, 6-pin, 1 pc. Neutral electrode silicone, reusable, adult, 30x17 cm, 4 meter cable, US plug -1sht. Endoscopic monopolar cable length 3 m Connector 3 mm 3-pin connector -1sht. Holder for endoscopic loop dlyaE-17, E-18 -1sht loops. Endoscopic polypectomy loop, 20 mm small, hexagonal, 2.3 mm-channel 1pc .; Electrosurgical apparatus ES350 - 1komp. Each kit consists of: -sht. Electrosurgical apparatus ES350 -1sht. Dvopedalnyy footswitch with 5metrovym cable, 6-pin, 1 pc. Flexible ground cable length of 5 m -1sht. Neutral elektrodsylikonovyy, multiple, Adult, 30x17 cm, 4 meter cable, US plug-1sh "POLAND0UA100010155.369861.42268
11/Apr/20178708949998"1.Chastyny ​​to steering: Electro pidrulyuvach art.3914 HexDrive-Electric Auto Steer with a set of cables Art. 01862 AN Pilot art. 03602 Cable Ti7 to pedal -1 set Set: Electromechanical pidrulyuvach, mounting kit pidrulyuvacha to the steering column tractor Controller pidrulyuvacha - directs the management of the tractor, set of cables. This automatic device is installed on the column rulvu agricultural machinery and so has taxiing data using GPS. using the system reduces overlap, reduce fuel burn va tractor and fatigue. Not equipped with built-in radio peredavachamyTorhovelna Brand: Brand Hexagon: Hexagon Agriculture Europe SLUKrayina production: BR. "BRAZIL0UA4010107.42502.466376
10/Apr/20177323930000"1.Pobutovi stainless steel: CW2023 waste basket with pedallyupryamokutna 55 l FPP matt stainless steel / steel substrate by PE bag + set-bags 8shtCW1834CB waste basket with pedallyunapivkruhla 6 liters matt steel bilakorobka + PE set mishkiv- 68shtCW1833 waste basket with pedal, semicircular Deluxe, brushed steel, 10 l + set PE bag 36shtCW1442 waste basket Swing with povoro tnoyu lid 55 liters matt steel + nabirRE bag 18sht CW1407 waste basket open Bullet 9 '' hole 60 l matovastal + set-PE bags 52sht CW1469 waste basket open Bullet 80 liters matt stainless / s Tal + set-PE bags 40sht CW1468 waste basket semicircular vidkrytaBullet 60 liters matt steel + PE collection bag 36sht CW1824 dlyasmittya basket with pedal Butterfly-Deluxe 30 liters matt steel + PE bags set -12shtCW2024 waste basket with pedal rectangular, FPP stainless steel / steel substrate, 45 l + set of PE bags, 20 pcs KT1162 holder kitchen towel regulator natyahu2012-24shtVyrobnyk: Simplehuman L TDKrayina production: TWTorhivelna mark: Simplehuman "TAIWAN0UA1000101857.1413097.69762
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Pedal Kit Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Pedal Kit Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Американська легенда"""
Importer Address
03062 м.Київ пр.Перемоги 67, Україна
Exporter Name Rhenus REVIVAL Gmbh
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​to motorcycles: Set steering leve.........
HS Code 8714100000Value 2488.16836
Quantity 0Unit UA125180
Net Weight 37.02
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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