Ukraine Import Data of Pc Yarn | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pc Yarn

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pc yarn collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pc yarn imports.

Pc Yarn Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pc Yarn

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of pc yarn. Get Ukraine trade data of Pc Yarn imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20175702429000"1.Kylymy and carpeted flooring made of synthetic textiles in which textile material is the outer surface of the product during yohoekspluatatsiyi, pile treated with pile of" "Villeton '', woven, netaftynhovi, neflokovani, nevuzlykovi, machine manufacturing, without frame, ready. Kylymovivyroby formed from synthetic yarns and soil base. yarn, yakiutvoryuyut pile made of synthetic fibers, soil foundation made of jute bast fibers fromnatural, with the addition of synthetic fibers and glue - vor with 100% polypropylene, size and number: 50 * 80 CM., 175 pcs., 60 * 110CM., 155 pcs., 60 * 2500 CM., 7 pcs., 70 * 2500 CM., 19 pcs., 80 * 150 CM., 90 pcs., 80 * 2500 CM., 61 pcs., 90 * 2500 CM., 9 pcs., 100 * 200 CM., 100 pcs., 100 * 2500CM., 64 pcs., 110 * 2500 CM., 5 pcs., 120 * 2500 CM., 52 pcs., 130 * 2500 CM., 4pcs., 140 * 200 CM., 76 pcs., 150 * 220 CM., 111 pcs., 150 * 2500 CM ., 67 pcs., 160 * 230 CM., 46 pcs., 160 * 2500 CM., 1 pcs., 180 * 270 CM., 46 pcs. 180 2380 CM., 1 pcs., 180 * 2500 CM ., 14 pcs., 200 * 300 CM., 269 pcs., 200 * 400 CM., 40 pcs., 200 * 2500 CM., 18 pcs., 240 * 340 CM., 77 pcs., 240 * 400 CM ., 34 pcs., 240 * 500CM., 12 pcs., 300 * 400 CM., 94 pcs. 300 500 CM., 28 sht.Torhovelna mark: "" PRINCESS "". The total number of coils - 1675 pcs. Zahalnaploscha - 15445.80 m.kv.Vyrobnyk "" OKKIRAN TEKSTIL GIDA SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. "", Turkey "TURKEY154458UA1000101901039927.39004 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178205300000"1.Ruchni tools of base metal, used to work udomashnomu farm and gardens. Chisel hand: 37sht. Rubanokstolyarnyy: 1pc. Chisel Hand: 61sht.Torhovelna mark:" "Stanlytols" ". Manufacturer: not zaznachenyy.Krayina production: CN.. "CHINA0UA10001037.2493.47247399
26/Apr/20179018390000"1.Medychni products. Catheter. Equipment neyroendovaskulyarnyh protsedur.Mikrokateter Headway 17 '' Soft '', straight, 150cm / 30cm, 2 pcs, brand-kat.№MS172150S.Torhovelna Headway.Vyrobnyk-MicroVention, Inc. In the factory MicroVention Costa rica SRL Zona FrancaCoyol, Alajuela, Costa Rica.Krayina production-CR. "COSTA RICA0UA1002300.21013.636238
26/Apr/201790219090001.Medychni products. Devices in the body to which implantuyut to co mpensuvaty disadvantage (defect) body. Equipment renthenendovaskulyarnoyi surgery. Intralyuminalnyypidtrymuyuchyy device LVIS,: 3.5mm x 24mm, 2 pcs, kat.№212525-CAS. Represents a coronary stent on the delivery system balonoviy for use as permanent implantovaniprystroyi to increase lumen diameter that vessel. Designed for vykorystannyaz embolizuyu chymy mikrospiralyamy treatment inside shnocherepnyhneyrovaskulyarnyh lesions. Devices with appropriate graphic mark vannyasvidotstvu the state registration in Ukraine №13284 / 2013 of 13.11.2013r.Torhovelna Marco LVISVyrobnyk-MicroVention, Inc. the factory MicroVention Costa Rica SRL Zona FrancaCoyol, Alajuela, Costa Rica.Krayina production-CR.COSTA RICA0UA1002300.27413.636433
26/Apr/20175402480000"1. Synthetic Filament yarn (other than sewing thread) not put up dlyarozdribnoyi trade, including synthetic monofilament with a linear density of less yak67 detsyteksiv, polypropylene, intended for further processing tasterylizatsiyi, cutting to dimensional pieces are used as suture hirurhichnyymaterial, art. SPP045Z1A00 - BLUE POLYPROPYLENE MONOFILAMENT USP CODE 1 vsoho- 3002 m art. SPP055Z1A00 - BLUE POLYPROPYLENE MO NOFILAMENT, USP CODE 2, total - 2010 m art. SPP019Z1A00 - BLUE POLYPROPYLENE MONOFILAMENT USP CODE4-0, total - 7010 m art. SPP033Z1A00 - BLUE POLYPROPYLENE MONOFILAMENT USPCODE 2-0, total - 5000 m Total products - 17022m; product Country TBA - BRTorhovelna mark - MazzaferroVyrobnyk - Mazzaferro Monofilamentos Tecnicos Ltda. "BRAZIL0UA1002001.4651867.359707
26/Apr/201790183900001.Medychni products. Catheters. Equipment neyroendovaskulyarnyh procedures. KateterSOFIA 5F, 125cm, straight-1pc, kat.№DA5125ST.Torhovelna Marco SOFIA.Vyrobnyk-MicroVention, Inc. the factory MicroVention Costa Rica SRL Zona FrancaCoyol, Alajuela, Costa Rica.Krayina production-CR.COSTA RICA0UA1002300.1613.6363432
26/Apr/20179021909000"1.Medychni products. Devices are in the body to implantuyut to co mpensuvaty disadvantage (defect) body. Renthenendovaskulyarnoyi devices for surgery. MikrospiralMicroPlex 10 HyperSoft Helical, 1.5 mm x 4 cm, 2 pcs, kat.№100154HS-V. Designed dlyaendovaskulyarnoyi uu embolizats aneurysms (thin-vypuklennya to co courts bezm "" muscle layer), arteriovenous's malformations and fistulae implantable be vanevryzmy fill it prevents the ingress of her krovopotoku and thus chyno mzmenshuyut risk of initial or re st of rupture. Devices are vidpovidnehrafichne brand tion conscious tstvu the state registration in Ukraine №13284 / 2013 vid13.11.2013r.Torhovelna brand-MicroPlex HyperSoft.Vyrobnyk-MicroVention, Inc. 1311 Valencia Avenue Tustin, CA 92780, USAKrayina production-US. "UNITED STATES0UA1002300.21122.727118
26/Apr/201755095300001. Ne 30/1 yarn of polyester staple fibers mixed solely with bavovnoyupoliefir / cotton (80/20%) combed melange knitted shade PCM6LR70759 80% black. Yarn not put up for retail sale. .INDIA0UA204010630015120.00001
26/Apr/201755095300001. Ne 30/1 yarn of polyester staple fibers mixed solely with bavovnoyupoliefir / cotton (80/20%) combed melange knitted shade PCM6LR70759 80% black. Yarn not put up for retail sale. .INDIA0UA2040101470035279.99989
26/Apr/201754011090001. Sewing, synthetic fibers, put up for retail sale: Art.TAYW15-26 set yarn d / sewing 10 pcs. / 11 assortment of polyester - 2520sht.Vyrobnyk - TAYSIN YUNCHAN KLOSINH AKSESORIZ CO., LTD.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - no data.CHINA0UA50001051.8351.9968134
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЮКРЕНІАН ЕКО ТРЕЙД"""
Importer Address
03039, м.Київ , провулок Руслана Лужевського,буд.14
Product Description
"1.Kylymy and carpeted flooring made of synthetic .........
HS Code 5702429000Value 39927.39004
Quantity 154458Unit UA100010
Net Weight 19010
Origin Country TURKEY

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