Ukraine Import Data of Paper Machine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Paper Machine

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of paper machine collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of paper machine imports.

Paper Machine Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Paper Machine

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784201030001. Thermal Laminator Model MF1700 - 2 sets. It is a roller (roller) machine for use in paper and printing promyslovostidlya coating paper (paper plastic lamination). Laminatsiyazdiysnyuyetsya paper and passing the heated film through laminuyuchoyi valy.Potuzhnist - 1400 watts. Warm-up time - 5.10 min. The temperature of the upper shaft - do60S. Shaft diameter - 110 mm. Includes: CD with drivers USBprovid, power cable, instruction manual and warranty lyst.Torhivelna Brand: MEFU.Vyrobnyk: ZHENGZHOU MEFU CNC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.Krayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA1001103803572.050464 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173307490000"1.Aromatyzatory Car air. Flavor pendant" "Freshso Coffeepaket" "Vanyl and coffee 108sht, Flavor pendant" "Coffee Freshso package" "Vyshnyas mynd.-108sht, Flavor pendant" "Coffee Freshso package" "Horyachyyshokolad-108sht; Flavor pendant "" Coffee Freshso package "" Cappuccino-108sht, Flavor pendant "" Coffee Freshso package "" Natural. Coffee 108sht; Aromatyzatorpodvesnoy meshochek "" Coffee Freshso "" Home pechene-20pcs, Flavor podvesnoymeshochek "" Coffee Freshco "" Kapuchyno- 50sht, Flavor pendant meshochek "" FreshsoCoffee "" Montpensier, 4 pieces, flavoring pendant meshochek "" Freshco Coffee "" Naturalnыy coffee 30sht, Flavor pendant meshochek "" Freshso Coffee "" Pynakolada-50sht, Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Babies Bubble Gum "" bubble-noise-240sht, Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Be Fresh "" green tea-30sht , Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Be Fresh "" Lime 35 pcs, Flavor podvesnoykartonnыy "" Smile "" The new machine-210sht, represents a product that is made of paper impregnated with aromas chnymy means or as a bag of aromatychnymyrechovynamy intended for flavoring or deodorization salonivavtomobiley air. Without alcohol content, not in aerosol packaging. TM FRESHCOVyrobnyk company "" Freshko "" RFKrayina production (RU) "RUSSIA0UA80717037.38434.753985
28/Apr/201784433210001.Termotransfernyy printers for printing labels intended for printing labels used by cable networks dlyamarkuvannya cars, drukvykonuyetsya on heat-sensitive paper by dopomohoyuelektronahrivannya. Managing printer provodytsyashlyahom its connection to the machine automatically processing information through port USB, RS-232, contains spetsialnyhtehnichnyh means intended to transmit radio signals abopryymannya. Thermal transfer printers dlyadruku labels GK420t -20sht. Specifications: 203dpi resolution, print speeds up to 127mm / s maximum print width 104mm, maximum length of print 991mm, operating voltage 24V, current 2,5A. Trademark Zebra. Manufacturer Zebra Technologies Corporation, China, CN. .CHINA20UA40303060.586011.213021
28/Apr/20173307490000"1.Aromatyzatory Car air. Flavor to baffle" "Alibi Senso" "Vanyl-75sht, a deflector Flavor" "Alibi Senso" "Zelenoe Apple-320sht, a deflector Flavor" "Alibi Senso" "Lemon-320sht, a deflector Flavor "" Alibi Senso "" The new machine-320sht; Flavor to baffle "" Alibi Senso "" Ocean 320sht, Flavor pendant barrel "" Little Fresco "" Breeze 276sht, Flavor pendant barrel "" Little Fresco "" Vanyl-276sht; Aromatyzatorpodvesnoy barrel "" Little Fresco "" The new machine-276sht, Flavor podvesnoybochonok "" Little Fresco "" Pine-276sht, Flavor pendant barrel "" LittleFresco "" Chernaya Linia-276sht, Flavor pendant Membrane "" Symbol Apple "" Black led-80sht, Flavor pendant Membrane "" Symbol Radiation "" Dыnya-90sht, represents a product that is made of paper impregnated with aromatic agents orin a bag of flavoring substances intended abodezodoruvannya to flavor the air inside the vehicle. no alcohol content, not aerozolniyupakovtsi. TM GUAN GZHOU TEXTILESVyrobnyk GUANGZHOU TEXTILES HOLDING LTDKrayina production (CN) "CHINA0UA807170258.0852617.015348
27/Apr/201784213100001. Spare parts for construction machinery Volvo - air intake filter in an internal combustion engine crawler excavator Volvo: - primary air filter cleaning, room desks: VOE 14620497 - 1 piece. Is an air filter intake air in an internal combustion engine for tracked excavator Volvo. It consists of a trunk lid filter and filter element with porous paper. Used as a protection against dust and filter the air coming from the environment. .UNITED STATES0UA7000402.52105.1797
27/Apr/20178421310000"1. Spare parts for construction machinery Volvo - air intake filters in internal combustion engines Wheeled excavators Volvo: - primary air filter cleaning, room desks: VOE 11705110 - 2 pieces - secondary air filter cleaning, room desks: VOE 11705111 - 2 pieces . Represent intake air filters in internal combustion engine for wheel loader Volvo. They consist of trunk lid filter and filter element with porous paper. used as a protection against dust and filter air entering from outside ishnoho environment. ".GERMANY0UA7000402.28124.9090033
27/Apr/20178208900000TKM 1.Nozhi and blades for printing paper machines. Knife Duritan verhniydlya Muller Martini 3 60 550h95 / 65 x 8mm (art.266593) -1sht.Nizh Duritan side dlyaMuller Martini 3 60 320h65h8mm (art.273011) -2sht. Production-TCM GmbHTorhovelna marka- TKMKrayina production-DE.GERMANY0UA1001104545.4818775
27/Apr/20178466940000"1.CHASTYNY for machines for cutting wires" "insects" ": SPECIAL VISUAL VYMIRYUVALNYY.SER.№10770029-3SHT.CHASTYNA PRYZNACHENNYA.PRYZNACHENYY for transmitting rotary motion in a machine cutting conductor when made AUTOMOBILE DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA MARK-KOMAX WIRE.VYROBNYK -KOMAX WIRE.PARA TRYMACHIV.SER.№10919702-1SHT.CHASTYNA special purpose. comprising the cutting MACHINES PROVIDNYKIV.PRYZNACHENYY for holding conductors during manufacture AUTOMOBILE bundle. TRADE MARK-KOMAH.VYROBNYK-KOMAH.SER.№10907696- 2SHT.PNEVMO-electric valve C PETSIALNOHO APPOINTMENT. THAT is designed to control the flow of air in the node NAPRESUVANNYA made contact at AUTOMOBILE DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA Marco AVENTICS.VYROBNYK-AVENTICS.SER.№10714653-8SHT.UPOR.CHASTYNA SPECIAL PRYZNACHENNYA.PRYZNACHENYY tongs for fixing END OF NAPRESUVANNI contacts in the car cutting PROVIDNYKIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.HUBKA.SER.№10912507-2SHT., SER.№10912508-2SHT.CHASTYNA SPECIAL assign ENNYA.KRONSHTEYN (sponges) are designed for removal of sealers at the station putting gum in the car AUTO PRODUCTION Yl PROVIDNYKIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.VYLKA.SER.№10907583-10SHT.CHASTYNA SPECIAL PRYZNACHENNYA.PEREHIDNYK designed to connect the pneumatic tube to the pneumatic cylinders in the machine cutting PROVIDNYKIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.NAMOTUVACH PAPER SPECIAL .SER.№10918774-2SHT.CHASTYNA PRYZNACHENNYA.PRYZNACHENYY for winding paper tape OF AUTOMOBILE made DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA Marco MAXON.VYROBNYK-MAXON. "GERMANY0UA2060202.93800.088428
27/Apr/201784224000901. The line for packaging of cigarettes filtering rum (wrapping cigarettes) produktyvnistyu500 packs per minute, unassembled, without measuring devices Forces Helmut amount of mass that was in vykorystanni- 1 pc., Consisting of: - packing machine GD X3 , p / n 0091364405 (machine for packaging whitefish Aretha zfiltrom in the paper by wrapping a pack) release year 2009 - 1sht.- nakoplyuvach cigarette packs GD PB 15 c.n. 0091362004, year of manufacture 2009 -1sht.- tselofanozahortalna S600 machine GD / PACK OW (GDC600 / CT / CV) serial numbers: 0091367005/0091366010/0091366904, year of manufacture 2009 - 1am. (Dlyaobhortannya car cigarette packs in cellophane film forming packs in blocks taposliduyuchym wrap them in cellophane paper) .Vyrobnyk - GDSpAKrayina production - ITTorhivelna mark - GD.ITALY0UA807070226851775023.526
27/Apr/201776072010001.Folha aluminum on paper thickness 0,0063mm (without base) obtained by rolling rolls in without stamping (shyryna114 mm): ALU BLA SFM SenMeng MNT code 43.A0NNC - 164 bobbins. Made sposobom.Vyrobnyk machine: Philip Morris CR asKrayina production CZTorhivelna mark no data. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA807070164011054.56507
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АЙВА ГРУП"""
Importer Address
04053, м. Київ, вул. Обсерваторна буд. 12-Б
Product Description
1. Thermal Laminator Model MF1700 - 2 sets. It is.........
HS Code 8420103000Value 3572.050464
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 380
Origin Country CHINA

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