Ukraine Import Data of Paper Dish | Ukraine Import Statistics of Paper Dish

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of paper dish collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of paper dish imports.

Paper Dish Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Paper Dish

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of paper dish. Get Ukraine trade data of Paper Dish imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky sets of children's toys in stock: 3726048 games. N-p-12p dishes. (100% plastic) 3,881,741 games. N-p-potter 6 pcs. (Plastic with METALEVYMYELEMENTAMY) 4715327 games. H p for play in the court-26sht. (100% plastic) 4,716,343 games. N-p-31sht creativity. (plastics) 5665152 games. n-p tvorchostinamystynky for necklaces and bracelets, 26sht. (Products: 100%); 5696713 games. H rdlya archaeologist 18sht. (plastics + gypsum) 5732593 games. H, the artist 27sht. (plastics) 5732846 ihr.n Mr. ducks bathing-54sht. (GUM 100%), 5733301 games .N Mr. gun and throwing bottles of bubbles, 14sht. (plastics) 5733310 games. The sword since we lnym solution for throwing bubbles, 5pcs. (plastics) 5763400 games. H, the machine trailer and helicopter-7sht. (PLASTMASA100%) 5,775,421 games. H, the kitchen, 2 pcs. (plastic 100%) 5,777,336 n -p tvorchostipapka for paper and markers, 73sht. (paper 80% Plastics 20%) 5,777,338 ihr.N-p-74sht creativity. (80% polyester, 20% plastic) 5,787,171 games. rmashynok H-46sht . (A PLASTIC 100%); 5787172 games. N-p-34sht machines. (100% plastic) 5,890,843 games. H, the tow truck and machine-4 pieces. (100% plastic); 5940746 games. N-thread-creation rdlya 16sht. (+ Plastic yarn); 5940749 games. n-p-dlyatvorchosti 31sht. (Plastic + metal + BAVOVVNA); 5942622 games. H, the sewing machine tamaneken-18sht. (PLASTIC); 5945352 games. N-r drill and goggles -34sht. (Products: 100%); 5963500 games. N-p-14sht multilevel parking. (Products: 90% METAL 10%); 5963501 games. Mr. H Garage, 2 pcs. (Products: 90% METAL 10%); 5963502 games. H-rHarazh 9sht. (Products: 90% METAL 10%); 5963590 games. N-p-bahatorivnevaparkovka 16sht. (Products: 90% METAL 10%); 5990090 games. N-p-pad for creativity with markers, 74sht. (80% polyester, 20% plastic); 5990091 games. H rdlya -podushka creation with markers, 66sht. (80% polyester, 20% plastic) 5,990,092 games. N-p-74sht ldlya creativity. (80% polyester, 20% plastic) Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - SMIKIVyrobnyk - SMYK SA "CHINA0UA100010361.124609.132951 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
11/Apr/20174419009000"1.Dishes and appliances for dining or kitchen, wooden: -art.60.14 BT50- Tray for jars for spices - 1 pc .; -art.60.03 BT50- Tray with dividers for plates - 1 piece; -art.A80.05 BT50- Tray for cutlery - 2 pieces; -art.A90.05 BT50- Tray for cutlery- 3 pieces; -art.A45.05 BT50- Tray for cutlery- 3 pieces; -art.A60.05 BT50- Tray for cutlery - 3 pieces; -art.45.05 BT50- Tray for cutlery- 2 pieces; -art.FNRM60 B50- Tray for knives- 2 pieces; -art.FNRM45 LEGR- Tray for cutlery-1 pc .; Art. FNRM90 LEGR- Tray for cutlery-1 pc .; -art.RRMD1SP LEGR- Spice can for 1 pc. -Arth.RRMD2RO LE GR- Tray with holder for paper towels - 1 pc; -art. RMI3TT- Napkin tray - 1 pc .; -art.EDKL- Slip holder for lids-1 pc .; Manufacturer: B.ARREDO SNC; Brand: B.ARREDO Country of production: IT; "ITALY0UA10011081.81123.323777
11/Apr/20174823699000"1.Pidnosy, dishes, plates, cups, glasses and the like abokartonu paper, paper holder with hotel logo" "Radisson SAS" "- 40000sht. (Products for business hotel" "Radisson SAS" ") Trademark: Cornerstone. Manufacturer: Rezidor Cornerstone A / S.Krayina production: DK.. "DENMARK0UA100290941699.001617
11/Apr/20174602900000"1. The household products made of materials pletinnyaKoshyk for household items, structure: paper-base metalart.4935500 ERVIN, size 14 * 24 * 18cm-18sht.Koshyky made of materials pletinnyaKoshyk for household things set composition: plastic strips in the set: 1pc. 26 * 26 * 8 cm, 1 pc. 12 * 24 * 8 cm, 2 pcs. 12 * 12 *, size 32 * 27 * 20cm-9sht .Koshyk for household items, structure: papirart.4946300-GRAVERS, size 15 * 15 * 15cm-6sht.Koshyk for household things composition: plastic smuhyart.3813700-FOLKE, size 25 * 25 * 14cm-24sht.Servetky under hot dishes , pletni with strips of po gns materialivPidstavka under harayachyy dishes, composition: 75% PVC / 25% polyester series Homeart.1706400 In-LYNG, size 33 *, size 33 * 44sm 72sht.Torhovelna-grade production JyskKrayina CN China ".CHINA0UA10005039.004192.1335795
10/Apr/201746029000001. Household Products made with materials for economic pletinnyaKoshyk things composition: paper-base metalart.4935500 ERVIN, size 14 * 24 * 18cm-18sht.Koshyk for household things composition: plastic smuhyart.4935200-EBBE, size 25 * 20 *, size 28 * 16 * 13cm + 28 * 13 * 13cm + 2 scht 10 * 9 * 9cm, 4 pcs /, size 32 * 32 * 50cm-6sht.Koshyky made of materials pletinnyaKoshyk for household things: 100% polipropilenart.3818500-EBBE, size 32 * 27 * 20cm-9sht.Koshyk for household items, structure: paper basis metalart.3818600- LAURITS, size 27 * 27 * 18cm-6sht.Koshyk for households governmental things composition: papirart.3810500-PERRI, size 23 * 33 *, size 32 * 22 * ​​, size 15 * 15 * 15cm, 6 pcs. Napkins for hot dishes, pletni with strips of plastic utensils materialivPidstavka under harayachyy composition: 75% PVC / 25% polyester series Homeart.1706426 In-LYNG, size 33 * 44sm-mark 36sht.Torhovelna JyskKrayin production and CN ChinaCHINA0UA10005044.884257.3964294
05/Apr/201773239300001.Vyroby ferrous metals. Dishes and household items made of stainless steel, cork for plyashky- 1 sht.Torhovelna Brand: WMFFirma manufacturer: WMF AGderzhatel for paper rushnykiv- 14 pcs. Kuhonnyy- holder 20 pcs. Dispenser for myla- 6 pcs., Board obrobna- 30 pcs. konteyner- 4 pcs., stand for kitchen pryladiv- 8 pcs., dryer bilyzny- 8 pcs., dryer bilyzny- 1 pcs. hlibnyk- 10 sht.Torhovelna brand: BrabantiaFirma manufacturer: Brabantia S & Lnabir children 7 avenue sht.Torhovelna 1 brand: Kaiser BackformFirma manufacturer: WFKaiser u.Co.Gmbhblyudo- 6 pcs. hastronomichnyy- tray 24 pieces. pidstavka- 5 sht.Torhovelna brand: APSFirma Production: A ssheuer + Pott GmbH & Co.Krayina production: CN.CHINA0UA500060123.89479.4543231
05/Apr/201712099180001.Zrazky vegetable seeds for experimental tests produced conventional breeding methods without the use of genetically modified organisms: L51286 -Lot Radish (lat. Name: Raphanus sativus) varieties: Melito (not etched in packages of 200 g.) -200h.-Lot L54299 Onions (lat. name: onion) grade Reno (not etched in packages of 150 g.) -150h.Chysta weight: 0.35h. Primary packaging: paper bags. .UNITED STATES0UA1251000.3527.89488222
05/Apr/201721039090001.Harchovi additives used as taste flavors CSSR compositions containing incorporates spices and / or pr Yano soup, salt, sugar, and functional food additives mo) (packaging for retail, not aerosol package): Seasonings for cooking meat 40 pack. (paper packaging) seasonings for cooking fish dishes 130up., (plastic bags) Seasonings for cooking chicken 1kg 24up., (plastic jar) Country of IL.ISRAEL0UA125220194953.2001475
03/Apr/201712079920001.Zrazky for sortovyprobuvanoliynyh crop -nasinnya radish oliynoyidlya sowing, not broken, raw, neprotravlene in primary packaging (paper bags) Quality: Reset -0,15kh.Zahalna weight of seed without original UPA-forging -0,15kh. .NETHERLANDS0UA1251000.21.742670579
03/Apr/20174823691000"1.Vyroby of paper or cardboard. Trays, plates (dishes), plates and analohichnivyroby: Art.9147N - 5015 Plate 18cm round 500 pieces in a box -30yasch .; Art.8214- 5016 Plate 23cm round 500 pieces in a box-20yasch ., Art.8212 - 5254 Bowl 400ml of rim 500 pieces in a box -20yasch .; Art.10929- 5140 Plate sausage 20x15,2x1.6sm 500 pieces in a box -12yasch .; Art.10047N -10,047 plate with sausage section for the sauce 230h151h12mm 500 pieces in a box-12yasch .; Art.8260 - N127 Plate Caro 16x16x1,5sm 500 pieces in a box -20yasch., Art.8261 - N128 Plate Caro 20x20x1,5sm 500 pieces in a box-12yasch Art.8259 .; - N202 16h16h4,5sm Caro Bowl 450ml 500 pieces in a box-12yasch .; Art.9158N - N131 Tara ca triangular 26,1h12,5h1,3sm 500 pieces vyaschyku -3yasch .; Art.9162N - N461 Bowl triangular 21,1h20,4h6,6sm 600ml 200pieces per box -3yasch .; Art.10854N - 13564 Bowl triangular 300ml / 17,2h17,2sm / depth 5,3sm -10yasch .; Art.9164N - N463 Plate Dedra square formy22.4x22.4sm 350 pieces in a box -1yasch .; Art.10280 - N468 Plate Como to 18h18sm 400shtuk -12yasch in the box. ; Art.10850N - 14172 Elegance Plate 27cm / 1,9sm round 500pieces per box -1yasch .; Art.10849N - 14171 Bowl Elegance 23cm / depth 3,8sm 500pieces per box -10yasch. Represent tableware made of paper abokartonu (from sugar cane fiber). Products do not contain inscriptions and zobrazhen.Vyrobnyk: Pacovis Osterreich GmbH & Co.KGTorhivelna mark - "" naturesse "" Country of origin: CN. "CHINA0UA8071701409.6946958.753404
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Paper Dish Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Paper Dish Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПАРИТЕТ-СМІК"""
Importer Address
04128,м. Київ,вул.Ак.Туполєва, 17 01032, м. Київ, вул. С. Петлюри, 28
Product Description
"1.Ihrashky sets of children's toys in stock: 3726.........
HS Code 9503007000Value 4609.132951
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 361.12
Origin Country CHINA

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