Ukraine Import Data of Paper Container | Ukraine Import Statistics of Paper Container

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Paper Container Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Paper Container

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20178532250000"1.Zapasni parts designed exclusively to HVAC equipment (kondytsionerivpovitrya), starting capacitors permanent containers with paper or plastmasovymdielektrykom: 1170100023 capacitor of compressor, condenser, 20mkF, 0,20kVhAdo air conditioners" "Ballu '' series BPAC-07 - 2 pcs. , 1170100026-R capacitor ofcompressor, capacitor 40mkF, 0,40kVhA to air conditioners "" Zanussi "" series ZACM-12 - 2 pcs., 1170100027-R capacitor of fan motor 3uF, capacitor 3mkF, 0,01kVhA to air conditioners " "Zanussi" "series ZACM - 2 pcs., 1170100031-R capacitor of fan motor 2uF, capacitor 2mkF, 0,01kVhA dokondytsioneriv air" "Zanussi" "series ZACM - 2sht.Torho struction mark - vidsutnya.Vyrobnyk: "" TCL DELONGHI HOME APPLIANCES (ZHONGSHAN) CO., LTD "". Country of origin - CN.. "CHINA0UA1250400.7161.790109189 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20174819500000"1. Other packaging of paper or cardboard. Dlyapakuvannya disposable paper containers of food at retail stores and food zakladahhromadskoho: Container: ECO OpSalad -6000sht 400g. ECO-10200sht OpSalad 500g. ECO OpSalad -3000sht 800g. ECO OpSalad -1500sht 1200g. Bake 600-1260sht.Torhovelna ECO mark - DOECOVyrobnyk - the company "" Dzhydypro "" Karain Cave manufacture - RU. "RUSSIA0UA100110405.411686.103205
29/Apr/20173307900000"1.Volohi wipes impregnated with cosmetic lotion, a series ALOUETTE, art.4305615429274 wet toilet paper 70sht - 9100sht; art.4305615429243 wet toilet paper for sensitive skin 70sht - 7800sht; 4305615429267 Wet toilet paper in a container 60sht - 1056sht, series BABYDREAM, art. 44305615438207 baby wipes 2h80sht - 1080sht; 4305615272948 baby wipes 30sht - 1056sht; art.4305615438221 baby wipes in a box 1h80sht - 2016sht.Torhivelna brand: Rossmann.Vyrobnyk: Rossmann GmbH.Krayina production: PL. "POLAND0UA2050205312.2114714.82172
29/Apr/20173923509000"1. Plastic products for transporting and packing of goods. Covers for baking: Art. 005151 Covers for salad bowls without dowel D150mm transparent / hall. 500pcs / corrugated BOPS serial / 005151 Lid for S alad Container w / ologo, D 150mm , Domed, transperent, for cold food -6000pcs art. 002094 Cover for container D90mm (93mm) transparent 500pcs / flat flat PP / 0 02094 Lid forContainer D 90mm (93mm), tr ansperent, flat, PP -2000piece art 004091 Cover For container D98mm transparent 500pcs / piece flat PP / 004091 Lid for Container, flat, 500 pcs / box, D 98mm, PP -7000pcs. Trademark - PapperskopP Producer - "PAPERSKOP RUS" LLC "Country of production - RU."RUSSIA0UA10011081.81649.8186747
29/Apr/20174823699000"1.Inshi packaging of paper or cardboard. Art. 750003 Container with bumazhnыy kruhlыmdnom 750ml Kraft SCB / 750,003 Round-bott om Container, Kraft Paper, coatedcardbo ard, 750 ml -10800sht. Art. 556003 Tea box 500ml Kraft SCB 4 80sht / crust / 556,003 China-box, Kraft Paper, coated, 500ml, coated cardboard -2400sht. art.760003 Tea box 700ml Kraft 450sht / crust / 760,003 China-box, Kraft Paper, 70 0ml -4500sht. art. 000021 Tray bumazhnыy 163h85h40mm K raft dvuhstoronnyy500sht / corr 225hr / m2 / 000,021 Paper Tray, both-sided Kraft Pape r, 163x85x40mm, 225gr / sq. m., -1000sht. art. 333003 Container with bumazhnыy kruhlыm bottom Kraft500sht 300ml / crust / 333,003 Round bottom Container 300 ml, Kraft Paper -50 00sht. art.555003 container bumazhnыy kruhlыm down with 500ml Kraf 400sht / crust / 555,003 Round-bottom Container, Kraft Paper, 500 ml, -8000sht.Torhovelna mark - PapperskoppVyrobnyk - the company "" PAPERSKOP RUS "" Country of origin - RU. "RUSSIA0UA100110463.6751487.996533
28/Apr/20173302109000"1. preparations of fragrant substances used as industrial raw materials and are used in the food industry for food production - confectionery and bakery products, ice cream, sherbet, -art.IA486, flavor Yogurt 108,626 in powder pale yellow color with taste and flavor typical of fresh yogurt, batch number: 2017/7103, 14.04.2017r date of manufacture, expiry date 14.04.2018r packaged in paper bags of 47 5kg not retail packed in 12 cartons, which are located in wood in the pallet, net weight: 235kh; -art.HG0025, flavor biscuits 103872 - colorless liquid with typical taste and aroma for cookies, batch number: 2017/7105, 20.04.2017r date of manufacture, expiry date 20.04.2018r packaged in plastic 1 canister at 5kg, not for retail sale, which is packed on a wooden pallet, net weight: 5kg; -art.IA028, flavor vanilla Bourbon 60209 in powder form with a light color, taste and flavor of typical vanilla, which has the following applications dosage and usage recommendations, the recommended dosage of 1g / l - Conde rske production, ice cream and semi-finished products; 1g / kg - confectionery production, yogurt, puddinh dessert (according to manufacturer's specifications), № party: 2017/6011, 19.04.2017r date of manufacture, expiry date 19.04.2018r packaged in one paper bag for 5kg not for retail sale, which packed in a cardboard box, which is located on a wooden pallet, net weight: 5kg; -art.HG0025, flavor biscuits 103872 - colorless liquid with typical taste and aroma for cookies, batch number: 2017/9096, production date 20.04.2017r, expiration date 20.04.2018r packaged in a plastic canister 1 to 10kg, is not for retail rhivli who packed on a wooden pallet, net weight: 10kg; -art.HG021, flavor Dark chocolate 20504 / L - flowing liquid of dark brown color with a flavor and aroma typical of black shololadu, batch number: 2017/8223 date 20.04.2017r manufacture, expiry date 20.04.2018r packaged in plastic canisters 2 to 10 kg is not for retailers who are on a wooden pallet, net weight: 20kg; -art.HG383, hazelnut flavor - liquid from transparent to light -yellow color with a sweet aroma typical fried hazelnut, № party : 2017/8221, 18.04.2017r date of manufacture, expiry date 18.04.2018r; packaged in plastic containers 5 not for retailers 5kg located on a wooden pallet, net weight: 25kg; -art.HG594, flavor Yogurt 107,919 - liquid light yellow color with a slight sweet taste meaningful and typical aroma of fresh yogurt, batch number: 2017/8470, 18.04.2017r date of manufacture, expiry date 18.04.2018r packaged in a plastic canister 1 to 10 kg, not for retail sale, which is located on a wooden pallet, net weight: 10kh.Torhivelna mark: Giotti. Manufacturer: Enrico Giotti SpaKrayina production - IT "ITALY0UA1002103104431.708879
28/Apr/201733074900001. Flavor household premises without dezinfekuyuchyh properties (not aerosol packaging) Aromatic oil composition: aromatyzyrovana oil / glass container / wood-palychkyart.1947500 ALVILDE, capacity 100 ml, with magic 12up.Aromatychne oil composition, oil aromatyzyrovana / glass yemnistart.2741300-INDAL, capacity 100 ml 9sht.Osvizhuvach-air composition, flavor / paper, four flavors (white tea, rose, lavender, herbs) art.3982100-HELGE, size 8 * 12cm, 5 pcs / yn- 48up.Torhovelna mark JyskKrayina CN China production.CHINA0UA10005011.71176.32689631
27/Apr/20173905300000"1.Hotovyy industrial synthetic adhesive based on polyvinyl alcohol dlyaskleyuvannya paper: art.317917-AQUENCE LAM E1500 (1 solid container) -1000kh.Vyrobnyk:" "Henkel Magyarorszag Kft" ". Trademark: Henkel.Krayina production: HU.. "HUNGARY0UA1000101000941.4241505
27/Apr/201732041300001.Orhanichnyy synthetic dyes, liquid, packed in barrels, cationic osnovnyybarvnyk kleyanoho for coloring paper and recycled pulp: ASTRA Yellow 4GN Lig -1050kh. (16th-liquid form making, 4-bath type packed container typbarvnyka-acid, the chemical composition of 17: (azo dye solution in uksusniykysloti): Yellow CIOsnovnyy 90-30-45% uksusna acid 20-30%). Country production: CN.Torhova brand: KEMIRA.Vyrobnyk: Kemira Oyj.CHINA0UA10005010508693.964724
27/Apr/20172918150010"1.Natriy citrate (Sodium citrate BP2009 / E331 20-100 MESH), as a white crystalline powder - 25000kh. The content of the main component - 99.9% according to the manufacturer's certificate. CAS №6132-04-3. Chemical formula: C6H5Na3O7 * 2H2O. a production date of December 2016. Deadline date: December 2019. It is used in the food industry for making soufflés, jellies, processed cheese, baby food, yogurt and milk. The manufacturer: "" Weifang Ensign industry Co., LTD "". Trademark: "" Ensign "". Country of CNVyvantazheno 1000 seats (25kg paper sacks) container FSCU3254760. "CHINA0UA5000602500014624.99994
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Paper Container Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Paper Container Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
02206, м.Київ, вул.Бойченка, буд.17 кв.(офіс) 44
Product Description
"1.Zapasni parts designed exclusively to HVAC equi.........
HS Code 8532250000Value 1.790109189
Quantity 0Unit UA125040
Net Weight 0.716
Origin Country CHINA

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