Ukraine Import Data of Papaya | Ukraine Import Statistics of Papaya

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of papaya collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of papaya imports.

Papaya Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Papaya

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of papaya. Get Ukraine trade data of Papaya imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20178072000001.Plody papaya, 9 pcs / packing-15kg. (3kor), net Net weight 15kg, Trademarks: vidsutnyaKrayina production: BR.BRAZIL0UA1001201543.95013712 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178072000001.PLODY fresh ISTIVNI: Papaya (Carica papaya) -136,00KH, trademarks SANDOVyrobnyk SANDOKrayina production of BR.BRAZIL0UA125010136398.4798873
29/Apr/20178072000001.PAPAYA fresh, intended for food, not in the original packaging, packaged in 36 boxes, to approximately 4.5 kg each, net weight - 162 khKrayina production - Brazil, BRVyrobnyk - no danyhTorhovelna mark - BIO.BRAZIL0UA403010162476.2801493
28/Apr/2017807200000"1. Fresh Papaya (Carica papaya) variety" "For mosa" ", 3 gauge, commercial grade I, rozfas ov.v made by 4.5kh, art. 208302001001- 25yasch. That do not contain ice secrecy (bottles) of cooling liquid. Urozh 2017 ai., date pakuvannya04 / 2017., late tsevyy expiration date 05/2017. Net weight 112kh.Vyrobnyk VALENCIA TRADING OF FICE, SL Comm. VittaKrayina production mark BR.. "BRAZIL0UA125200112461.3532826
28/Apr/20173401300000"1.Zasoby for washing the skin put up for retail sale, without aerosol packaging: BLACK CLEAN foaming wash that absorbs, 200ml. - 300sht .; EXOTIC FRESH Gel Cream d / soul" "avocado and Jasmine", "300ml. - 24sht .; EXOTIC FRESH gel Cream d / soul "" avocado and Jasmine "," 515ml. - 200sht .; EXOTIC FRESH Cream-Held / soul "" figs and Sakura "," 515ml. - 140sht .; EXOTIC FRESH cream gel d / soul "" FLOWER coconut and goji "" 515ml. - 20pcs .; EXOTIC FRESH gel Cream d / soul "" lime and lemongrass "" 500ml.H - 20pcs .; EXOTIC FRESH gel Cream d / soul " "Manga and magnolia" "500ml.H - 200sht .; EXOTIC FRESH gel Cream d / soul" "papaya and paradise flower", "300ml. - 12p .; EXOTIC FRESH cream gel d / soul "" papaya and paradise flower "," 515ml. - 200sht .; Lift INTENSE shower gel that hydrates with hyaluronic acid and ginger, 500ml. - 140sht .; PHARMACos Facial Wash "" sponge effect "" Face 150ml . - 60sht .; shower gel PARFUM Perfumed shower Gel FLOWERS passion, 350ml. - 20pcs .; Aqua Active Active Hydrating cleansing facial wash HQ Ira face 200ml. tuba. - 105sht .; Aloe and seaweed facial wash moisturizing d / all skin types 275ml. - 324sht .; Watermelon fresh shower gel and Bath that moisturizes, 500 ml. - 20pcs .; Baby pharmacy miracle child soft foam shampoo for babies and toddlers, 250ml. - 24sht .; GEL d / soul ultra soft berries MOLODYLNA taiga lemongrass ashore. juice rejuvenating 470ml. - 28sht .; GEL d / soul ultram'yakyy Cranberry-ripe honey of wild bees on birch sap rich, 470ml. - 14sht .; Perfect figure cellulite gel scrub shower 400ml. - 18sht .; Ginger and almonds foaming wash softening d / dry and normal skin 275ml. - 108sht .; Rate deep cleansing facial wash delicate cleansing + toning, 200ml. - 90sht .; BEST RECIPES Gel anti-stress shower relaxing, 470ml. - 14sht .; BEST RECIPES Gel for daily gentle wash that exfoliates, 150 ml. - 140sht .; BEST RECIPES Body Scrub which exfoliates, 200ml. - 180sht .; Thermal line shower gel for intimate hygiene in thermal water 200ml. - 45sht .; Intensive Rejuvenation Formula rich foaming wash, 200 ml. - 75sht .; Producer ZAO "" VYTЭKS. ' "Trademark" "Vitex" ". Country of BY."BELARUS0UA125010967.071822.313453
27/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni care shki-swarm of hands, face and body without aerozolnoyiupakovky" "Anna Lotan" "(not containing, ethanol, narkotychnychnyh, psychotropic substances and precursors notcontains ODS): Moisturizing foundation №2 35 mlart. 300-2 -12sht.Zolote oil 250 ml art. 4142 -12sht.Hidruyucha mask 625ml art. 7240 -120sht.Aktyvna mask with vitamin C White Sea 12pr art. 241 -6sht. Alhohel 2000 ml art. 4233 -8sht . Oil-Free sun kremSPF 25 Barbados 50 ml art. 039 -12sht. Bio peptide eye mask 50ml art.188P -12sht. A rich night cream for dry skin 5 0 ml Art. 055P -24sht. Cell 2Cell Revitalizing Emulsion 50 ml of peptides art. -60sht 768P. Revitalizing tonik240 ml Art. 387P-24sht. Revitalizing Tonic 500ml Art. 387S-30sht. Soothing Gel 500ml Echinacea Art. 089S - 24sht. hidruyuchyy AT gel 240ml art. 375P-12p. hidruyuchyy ON gel 500 ml art. 375S-15sht. hidruyuchyy ON gel 500 ml art. 375S-30sht. Green Deo - 30hr flow art. 3740T -24sht. Protective day cream UV A / UVB SPF25 75ml art. 039P -48sht. Inlayt Recovery booster 30 mL art. 384P -12sht.Intensyvna Hyaluronic Serum 4 ml * 8 pieces of art. 393P -24sht. Calendula dennyykrem UVA / UVB SPF 30 75 ml of art. 026P -48sht. Kalmin sebobalansuyucha emulsion 200ml art. 171S -12sht. Kalmin sebobalansuyucha emulsion 75 ml of art. 171P -12sht.Karotinol exfoliant 75 ml of art. 379S-48sht. Papaya Enzyme Concentrate 50g art. 136P -20sht. Papaya 50g fermentnyykontsentrat art. 136P -96sht. Air conditioning with Mediterranean herbs 450mlart. 718P -20sht. Cream Eye Wrinkle 150ml art. 149S -12sht. Kremnavkolo Eye Wrinkle 30 mL art. 149P -36sht. Cream-Care for neck and eye shkirynavkolo 100 ml of art. 071S -42sht. Cream-Care for neck and skin around the eyes 50ml Art. 071P -48sht. Touch of gold beauty mask 325 ml of art. 100S -24sht. Dotykzolota beauty mask 75ml Art. 100P-24sht. Cooper-rich dust-off mask 325 ml of art. 072S -6sht. Intensyvnamaska ​​- based exfoliant Asai berry 325 ml of art. 399S -6sht. Intensive Mask -eksfoliant based Asai berry 325 ml of art. 399S -6sht. Intensive Mask -eksfoliant from berries Asai 70 mL art. 399P -12sht. Shea Butter Balm hub15 mL art. 029P-40sht. Instant Lift Eye 4 ml * 8 pieces of art. 394P -12sht. MaskaMorinha a calming effect 400ml art. 805S -12sht. Mask effect moringa izzaspokiylyvym 70 mL art. 805P -12sht. Noni balm 50 ml of art. 364P -12sht.Nichnyy cream exfoliant 50ml Art. 169P-12p. Foam with fruit acids, renewing skin 150ml art. 365P -48sht.Sontsezahysnyy lotion UVA / UVB SPF30 100ml art. 067P -32sht. Styahuyuchamaska ​​feed for oily problem skin 100ml art. 383P -12sht. Feed slimming maskadlya oily problem skin 325 ml art. 383S -12sht. The first step zvolozhuyuchyydohlyad 100 ml of art. 380P -24sht. The first step Moisturizing Care 240ml art. 380S-20pcs. Laktopilinh professional with cranberries 240 ml 16% art. 093S -12sht. Zelenyychay concentrate for hidriruyucheho gel 42 gr art. 002P -36sht. PremiumBB Cream with SPF 36 Nat "ISRAEL0UA12510050614217.04024
27/Apr/20171904109000"1. Complete food produced in vyhlyadiplastivtsiv ekstruziynymmetodom: - Model 12310521 -" "FITNESS Cereal Bag12x450g UA" "whole cereal with vitamins and minerals pshenytsiz rechovynamy480 cartons. Composition: zernoviprodukty 88.2% (wholegrain pshenytsya54,8%, rice 33 4%), sugar, salt, vitamins and minerals. put up for retail sale in a 450g plastic packaging and packed in cardboard boxes. net net weight of goods - 12310522 2592,00kh.- article - "" FITNESS & FRUITS Cereal Bag 12x410g UA "" plastivtsiz whole wheat fruit, vitamins and mineral rechovynamy384 cartons. Composition: cereals 61.5% (38.2% wholegrain wheat, rice, 23.3%), fruit mixture 25.7% (15.0% raisins, pineapple cubes 6.1%, papaya cubes 2.6% coconut 2%), sugar, ekstraktyachminnoho malt, salt, vitamins and minerals. put up for retail sale to 410h in plastic packaging and packed in cardboard boxes. Net net weight of goods - 1889,28kh. - Model 12310523 - "" FITNESS Cereal Bag 16x250g UA "" whole wheat flakes with vitamins and minerals -900 cardboard boxes. Ingredients: cereals 88.2% (54.8% wholegrain wheat, rys33,4%), sugar, extract of barley malt, salt, vitamins tamineralni substance. Put up for retail sale in a 250g plastic packaging and packed in cardboard boxes. Net net weight of goods - 3600,00kh. Brand: Cereal Partners Gida Ticaret LTD. STI., TRTorhovelna mark: FITNESS "TURKEY0UA2050908081.2818348.56502
26/Apr/20178072000001.PLODY fresh ISTIVNI: Papaya (Carica papaya) -168,00KH, trademarks SANDOVyrobnyk SANDOKrayina production of BR.BRAZIL0UA125010168492.239888
26/Apr/20178072000001.PAPAYA fresh, intended for food, not upokovtsi pr. .BRAZIL0UA125190144421.9202795
26/Apr/201734013000001.Zasoby for washing the skin: -0770194 VB SHOWER GEL SOSO NUT AND MILK 400ml shower gel and coconut moloko400ml 12sht.-0770195-VB SHOWER GEL MANGO, PAPAY AND M ILK 400ml shower gel mango, papaya imoloko 400 ml 12p. , -0770242 VB sHOWER GEL pINK PEONY 250 ml shower gel 250 ml pink peony-8 pieces. - 0770246 VB sHOWER GEL LILLY OF THE VALL EY 250 ml shower gel 250 ml lily 8 pieces. - 0770297 VB sHOWER GEL WITHROSES AND HYA LURON 250ml shower gel rozhevymmasl th and hyaluronic acid 250ml-12p. - 0780000 ST sHOWER GEL SOSO MILK & VANIL LA 1000 ml shower gel kokosovemoloko and vanilla 1000 ml, 6 pcs. - 0780001 ST sHOWER GEL MILK & HONEY 1000 ml shower gel milk and honey 1000 ml, 6 pcs. - 0780002 ST sHOWER GEL BANANA & WHITE MU SK 1000 ml gel do Shu banana and bilyymuskus 1000 ml, 6 pcs. - 0780003 ST SHOWER GEL ATLANTIC OCEAN 1000 ml shower gel Atlantic okean1000 ml 6 pcs. - 0780004 ST SHOWER GEL EXOTIC FLOWER 1000 ml shower gel exotic flowers 1000 ml, 6 pcs. - 0780005 ST sHOWER GEL PARADISE ORCHID 1 000 ml shower gel paradise orhideya1000 ml 6 pcs. not in aerosol upakovtsiTorhova Brand: SAMCOVyrobnyk: SAMCO LtdKrayina production: BGBULGARIA0UA10011053136.489296
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Papaya Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Papaya Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Address
08132, Київська обл., м.Вишневе, вул.Київська. буд.6-в
Exporter Name HALUCO B.V.
Product Description
1.Plody papaya, 9 pcs / packing-15kg. (3kor), net .........
HS Code 807200000Value 43.95013712
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 15
Origin Country BRAZIL

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