Ukraine Import Data of Panel Hinges | Ukraine Import Statistics of Panel Hinges

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of panel hinges collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of panel hinges imports.

Panel Hinges Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Panel Hinges

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201787043139001.Poshkodzhenyy truck brand TOYOTA, TUNDRA model, body type PICKUP TRUCK, black, wheel formula 4x4, VIN 5TFUW5F16DX279397 -1 pieces. Typdvyhuna petrol with cylinder capacity of 5700 cm3 cyl Indra capacity of 280 KW, nome, the engine - no data, environmental cluster with - Euro 5, designed fortransportation goods for use on roads in the general use, maye5 places with ydinnya, including the driver's seat, second-hand, 2012 kalendarnohoroku manuf spare, the 2013 model year production, vantazhopidyomnis 780kh, Massa avantazhennya complete with 3130 kg vnurishnya etc. Length Islands ntazhnoho vidsikustanovyt - 2000 mm, wheelbase to vzhyna - 3700 mm.Takym chyno m maksymalnavnutrishnya load compartment floor length exceeding 50% Dovže yny kolisnoyibazy car, and is 54.05%. Damaged by expert MoV WCU: front bumper in gathering with kronshtey us, caps, grille, -zruynovani headlights 2 pcs, fog lights to collect 2 units, rear lights, Phil trpovitrya tion, battery, front and rear seats - from the relativity of being wings uzbori front 2 pcs of stickers adkamy, Lockers, front panel - where molded with vynyknennyamkutovyh vmyatyn, cover Capone in the collection of hinges, locks, seals -poshkodzhena, to be replaced and kondytsianera radiator, cooling system TION -deformovani in violation geometry ychnyh sizes, diffuser in meetings Gates and yatorom- damaged, must be replaced, Mr odushky security kompleti (driver's knee 2 pcs) with sensors, control units, ol ytsyuvannyam, belts - spratsyuvalyVyrobnyk: TOYOTA MOTOR MANUFACTURING, TE XAS, INC.Torhovelna mark TOYOTA.Krayina production: USUNITED STATES1UA80719020504662.629951 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
06/Apr/201739263000901. Plastic Parts, accessories for furniture, art. 107472901, Lining for hinges Intermat D = 10 mm, plastic - 400 pcs., Art. 918226600, filling OrgaStore 810 for a box of 600 mm, anthracite seam - 5 pcs., Art. 918226100, filling OrgaStore 810 for ArciTech box, width = 600 mm, white layer - 5 pcs., Art. 913501900, filling OrgaTray 570 600h500mm size for ArciTech box, white plastic - 5 pcs., Art. 100852401, plug Rastex, 18mm diameter, white, plastic - 5000 pcs., Art. 100852501, plug Rastex, 18mm diameter, brown, plastic - 5000 pcs., Art. 900564900, Tray OrgaTray Professonal - 2 pcs., Art. 107997600, H Wing Line 770 cap d / promotion video top., Plastic - 500 pcs., Art. 919464600, plug sidewall box Atira logo, gray plastic - 2100 pcs., Art. 919464800, plug sidewall box Atira logo, anthracite, plastic - 900 pcs., Art. 919464700, plug sidewall box Atira logo, white plastic - 2400 pcs., Art. 919491300, Tray Atira, width = 600 mm, length = 470mm, anthracite, plastic - 5 pcs., Art. 920724100, filling OrgaTray 490 for Atira box width = 450 mm, gray plastic - 5 pcs., Art. 920724300, filling OrgaTray 490 for Atira box width = 450 mm, white plastic - 5 pcs., Art. 106145003, fasteners Front Panel Innotech during pressing, plastic - 1200 pcs., Art. 106519104, fasteners Front Panel Innotech during fastening, plastic - 3200 pcs., Art. 106196502, fasteners longitudinal Relingi Innotech during pressing, plastic - 2000 pcs., Art. 70712, Blind to loop round nickel matte layer - 100 pcs., Art. 40341, Cap loop round to the nickel layer - 100 pcs., Art. 919464300, plug sidewall Atira box, gray plastic - 300 pcs., Art. 919464400, plug sidewall Atira box, white plastic - 300 pcs., Art. 919464500, plug sidewall box Atira, anthracite, plastic - 300 pcs., Art. 912300000, plug sidewall box ArciTech, anthracite, plastic - 300 pcs., Art. 912300100, plug sidewall ArciTech box, white plastic - 300 pcs., Art. 912300400, plug sidewall ArciTech box, gray plastic - 300 pieces.GERMANY0UA500170494.6890661436.981149
05/Apr/20178703329030"1. Car brand" "MERCEDES-B ENZ" ", Model" "SPRINTER" "- 1pc., Who was uvykorystanni for use on the road's general use, pryznachenyyd la passengers. Type of engine - diesel working object ' tsylindrivdv yhuna in volume 2143 cubic cm., ID number VIN-WDB9067331S649992, pot.95 for W number dvyhuna- no data type van body d, calendar rikvyhotovlennya- 2012 model year - 2012, the total number mistsdlya yuchayuchy seats including the driver's seat -9 wheel formula 4x2, color gray, eco-EURO class 5, the date of the first 11 reyestratsiyi- .01.2012 r.Avtomobil has the damage, pollution and schesy oblytsovok cabin, rubbed toast and pollution covering seats, cq Thou LCP body flow maslaz ICE car has such accidental damage: bar grille incentral of a gap material oblytsov ka front bumper (unpainted) on the left and right parts have schesy ma preliminaries, the hood has a d e frontof formation on the area of ​​more than 50% of the surface, hood hinges (2 pcs.) deformed, co rpus the air filter destroyed rounds ubok vsmoktuyuchyypravy and a gap mate rials, windy glass in the lower time Tin destroyed, left lower panel Boko fault body deformed in the plane 50cm * 15cm, verhnyaliva its average panel sidewalls and deformed in the plane 70cm * 15cm, September hnya livazadnya panel sides deformova on the plane 25cm * 15smTorhivelna mark - MERCEDES-BENZ.Vyrobnyk - no danyhKrayina production - DE "GERMANY1UA80719025016317.587556
01/Apr/201783023000901.Armatura fasteners and hardware to new vehicles, metals znedorohotsinnyh., Art.B63B50164 - BRACKET-2 pcs., Art.FD0168AC3 -KRIPLENNYA, 2 pcs., Art.B45A56146A - MOUNT-150sht., Art.B27K51PS7 -KRIPLENNYA-2 pcs. , art.GS1E56496A - MOUNT-4 pieces., art.GHP973762 - Clamps, 2 pcs., art.GHP950EB1A - MOUNT-1pc., art.KD4551W24 - mounting, 20pcs., art.GJ6A58975- MOUNTING door cards, 100 pieces., art. GHP9500K1B - BRACKET bumper-2 pcs., art.BHN1500U1E - BRACKET front bumper (L) -3sht., art.GHP9500U1C - KRONSHTEYNBAMPERA before (L) -1sht., art.BHN150153 - BRACKET front bumper (R) -3sht., art .KD4567B1XA - BRACKET WIRE ZHHUTA-1pc., art.GHP954290 - CZK SHTEYNKRYLA, 2 pcs., Art.GHP95422Y - BRACKET WINGS (L) -2sht., Art.GHY95210YD- BRACKET WINGS (R) -2sht., Art.GHP952240D - BRACKET wing before (L) -1sht., Art.KD5372270A - Limiter DOOR-1pc., art.KD5358270C - door-limiter 1pc., art.G46L53150 - panel radiators FRAMEWORK verh.-1pc., art.GHP952420B - hood hinges (L) -1sht., art.GHP950070 - power of BAM pen pre- 1 pc., art.GHP9501C0A -PLASTYNA grille, 2 pcs., art.G46L501C0A - plate RESHITKYRADIATORA, 2 pcs., art.KD475941XF62 - door handles before. (L) -1sht., Origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor CorporationJAPAN0UA20502016.573545.2990945
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Panel Hinges Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Panel Hinges Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЕКАУНТ ГРУП"""
Importer Address
04050,м.Київ, вул. Мельникова, б.12 Україна
Exporter Name "UAB ""AUTODEMAS"""
Product Description
1.Poshkodzhenyy truck brand TOYOTA, TUNDRA model, .........
HS Code 8704313900Value 4662.629951
Quantity 1Unit UA807190
Net Weight 2050
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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