Ukraine Import Data of Pan Head | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pan Head

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pan head collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pan head imports.

Pan Head Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pan Head

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of pan head. Get Ukraine trade data of Pan Head imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20178484100090"1.Prokladka art. (51-02-107-01SP) -100sht., Between the block and the cylinder head dyzelyaD-180, copper-asbestos, of T10 tractor. For the civil vykorystannya.Vyrobnyk company" "CTZ Uraltrak" "trade mark uncertain country of production RU. "RUSSIA0UA10011054.2602.9470402 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178433520000"1.Machines and mechanisms for the threshing of agriculturalcultures that do not contain the contents of the transmitter orransmitters and receivers: grain jerrican flexible, John Deere brand, type-630F (Flexible) - 2pcs., New year of production-2017g. Working width -9, 15M serial numbers 1H00630FAH0795098, 1H00630FKH0795094.Completion: 0166 - delivery country Ukraine; 0433 - operating instructions in Russian; 1310 - screw steel fingers; 5600 - temporary corrosion protection; 8540 - spare 1 whole knife; 9100 - improved one-point fixing system Reapers; 9982 - header height sensorIn the forged position. Producer: Deere & CompanyTransfer brand: JOHN DEERECraina of production - US. "UNITED STATES2UA1001105053.0269563.4178
29/Apr/20178467292000"1.Instrumenty hand-built electric motor that can operate without an external source of nourishment tion: Uponor Q & E ACC. Tool with heads M12 16/20/25 10 bar art.1057167-5naboriv; Each set contains: battery expansion instrument.Rozshyryuvalni head. Batteries Li-Ion 1,5A * h 12V. Charger 220-240V / 50-60Hts.Smazka.Latunni fittings. Plastic case. UPONORVyrobnyk trademark Techtronic Industries Co., LTDKrayina production of CN. "CHINA5UA100110161375.035106
29/Apr/20178207909900"1.Instrumenty variables: Uponor Q & E expansion head for M12 / M18 25x2,3 art.1057175-1sht; Uponor Q & E expansion head for M12 / M18 25x3,5 art.1057176-1sht; Uponor Q & E expansion head M12 9,9x1.1 art.1060702-2sht, trademark UPONORVyrobnyk Techtronic Industries Co., LTDKrayina production of CN. "CHINA0UA1001100.937179.7890308
29/Apr/20173035490001. Frozen fish, sea - spotted mackerel (Frozen Spotted Mackerel W / R / Scomber Australasicus) whole, with head and tail, not patrana without dodannyaharchovyh additives and components of mixtures, without adding salt, seasoning and spices, preservatives and other food additives not canned, not subjected to thermal treatment takulinarniy. 2370 packed in cardboard boxes of 10 kg. Dimensional range: 400-600 g / pc. Date of manufacture: 02.2017r. Shelf life: 24 misyatsi.Vyrobnyk: HSIEN-PIN FROZEN FOODS COMPANY LIMITED (Reg. # 2F30036) Country of origin: TW.TAIWAN0UA1000402370024411.00003
29/Apr/20177318159090"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: Screw Wood hockey RAL painted wood zshestyhr.holivkoyu 4,8h35mm, art.P14035OFA7024 - 30000sht; Hvyntsamonariz hex head galvanized metal 4,8h16mm without washers, art.P150153PL - 20000sht; Screw concrete-headed screw 6.3 / 7,0h160mmdlya sandwich panels hockey galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "", art.P150160R0PL - 7000sht, Wood-headed screw head on galvanized metalu4,8h19mm without washers, art.P150173PL - 20000sht, concrete screw head izshestyhrannoyu 6.3 / 7,0h190mm for sandwich panels coated with hockey wimples "" gRey.coat "", art.P150190R0PL - 7000sht, Wood Screw with shestyhrannoyuholivkoyu 4,8h25mm coated metal without the puck art.P150233PL - 10000sht; Screw Wood hockey painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 5,5h25mm, art.P150250PL1015A - 10000sht, screw concrete-headed holivkoyu6,3 / 7,0h310mm for sandwich panels hockey galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "", art.P150310R0PL - 100 pieces; Wood-headed screw head pometalu 5,5h35mm reinforced with galvanized washer art.P150350PL - 20000sht; Samonariziz screw washer painted RAL hex head 4,8h20mm dlyaskriplennya metal sheets art.P15048200PL9003 - 20000sht; Wood screw head izshestyhrannoyu reinforced metal coated 5,5h67mm "" gRey.coat "", art.P15067R0PL - 6000sht; Wood-headed screw head on galvanized metalu5,5h70mm without washers, art.P150703PL - 7000sht; Wood Screw pometalu fat. to 12mm hex head 5,5 / 6,3h150mm for sandwich paneleyz hockey coated art.P1551500PL - 6000sht; Wood, metal screw 12mm hex head 5,5 / 6,3h175mm for sandwich panels shayboyuotsynkovanyy, art.P1551750PL - 4000sht; Screw Screws for metal thicknesses. 12mm head to izshestyhrannoyu 5.5 / 6,3h200mm for sandwich panels hockey coated art.P1552000PL - 7000sht; Wood-headed screw head 6,3h40mm pometalu to 16mm galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "" hockey, art.P157040GC0PL -20000sht; Wood screws with a semicircular head with TORX presshayboyu otsynkovani8,0h380mm, art.P1313800PL - 300sht; Wood-headed screw head pometalu 4,8h19mm coated with washer art.P2594190PL - 20000sht; Samonariziz screw washer painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL3005 - 30000sht; Wood screw with washer painted RAL zshestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL5005 - 30000sht; Hvyntsamonariz hockey painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL7024 - 30000sht; Wood screw with washer painted RAL zshestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL8017 - 40000sht.Torhivelna brand Gunnebo Fastening.Vyrobnyk Gbo Fastening Systems Sp. zo.o.Krayina production TW. "TAIWAN0UA100110252311117.31927
29/Apr/20178433510000"1. samohidnyymarky harvester John Deere, notcontains that incorporates transmitters tapryymachi: Model S670 COMBINE, novyy.Seriynyy (identification) number / nomer1Z0S670APHB106164, number dvyhunaRG6090G025866. Calendar year 2017rik.Modelnyy 2017rik.Komlektatsiya year: 0166 Made-to Ukraine, 0433-manual in Russian; 0507 package for cereals; 0600-No package; 1101-Cab Deluxe, 1220-seat on pnevmopodushtsi, 1370-Standard package lighting 1411-Preparations for the installation of the receiver, the 1600 fire extinguisher missing , 1803-Training to AutoTrac with Harvest Monitor, Monitor 1823 GS3 Command Center 7 in. (17.8 cm) Color Display; 188J-JDLink Connect - 1 year, 50 hours JDLink Access.1950-No Harvest Mobile; 2057-3-speed transmission, 2220- front-wheel drive, 3054-Increased driving system with variable speed, 4300, small grain concave wire; 4832 Upper sieve-sieve and dual control system; 4885-rotor configuration of Va riable Stream; 5232-standard system of grain transportation, 5373- Electric drive assembly grain hopper, auger Vyvantazhnyy-5425, 5756-system grinding crop residues Deluxe- straw spreader PowerCast, 6410, Manual rear coupler; 6648-500 / 80R28 IMP 176A8 SFT TL (MITAS) - width 3.45 m; 6777-IF800 / 65R32 CFO 178A8 (only Michelin) - width 3.80 m; 7714-Special Transport sticker, 8133-Right exterior mirror, 8525 -Nyzhniy protection fan and auger; 8649-pneumatic compressor installed from the factory; 8701, engine block heater - 220 volt8709 fuel separator posylenyy9049 Directory spare parts; 9425-concave rod increased wear resistance, large wire-9427 concave; 9433-Sectional overhead concave plate; 9435-Overhead concave plate, 9663-preferred brand Michelin, 9665-preferred brand Mitas - rear tire, wheel spacers 9669, 96 mm at the front wheels, Brand: Deere & CompanyTorhovelna Brand: JOHN DEEREKrayina production: DE "GERMANY1UA20401019100192558.4671
29/Apr/20178467292000"1.Instrumenty hand-built electric motor that can operate without an external source of nourishment tion: Starting set M12 10 bar art.1062486-1nabir; Uponor Q & E ACC. Tool with heads M18 6 bar 16 / H20 / H25 / H32 art.1063908- 2nabory; Uponor Q & E ACC. tool with heads M18 10 bar 16 / H20 / H25 / H32 art.1063909-1nabir; Each set contains: battery expansion Inst rument.Rozshyryuvalni head. Batteries Li-Ion 1,5A * h 12V. battery unit 220-240V / 50-60Hz. Lubricant. Brass fittings. Plastic case. UPONORVyrobnyk trademark Techtronic Industries Co., LTDKrayina production of CN. "CHINA4UA10011030.2872487.408128
29/Apr/20177318158190"1.Bolt art.700-28-2509-200sht. Krypilnez'yednannya with bolt, steel, threaded, limit 600Mpa tensile strength, without holes, beznasichok without flanges, without the headrest, no collar, no protochek, rod zfaskoyu at 45 degrees from the side of the head and threaded parts rizbaprava metric 10mm, normal step, T10 tractor spare parts. For tsyvilnohovykorystannya. manufacturer company "" CTZ-Uraltrak. ' "brand uncertain. krayinavyrobnytstva RU.."RUSSIA0UA10011018.4230.6231602
28/Apr/201785183095901. The domestic electronics' Panasonic'-wire and wireless headphones that do not include some kind of transmitter and receiver: - mod.RP-BTD10E-K-Ear, the number -10sht.- mod.RP-BTS30GC-R-Headset -10sht.- number mod.RP-BTS30GC-W-Headphones number -20sht.- mod.RP-BTS30GC-Y-Ear, the number -20sht.- mod.RP-HD6MGC-K-Ear, the number -3sht.- mod.RP-HF300GC-A-Headset amount -60sht.- mod.RP-HF300GC-K-Ear, the number -550sht.- mod.RP-HF300GC-P-Ear, the number -30sht.- mod.RP-HF300GC -W-Ear, the number -325sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUA-Ear, the number -1810sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUD-Ear, the number -410sht.- od.RP-HJE118GUG-Ear, the number -580sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUK-Ear, the number -6370sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUP-Ear, the number -400sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUR-Ear, the number -380sht .- mod.RP-HJE118GUS-Ear, the number -3400sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUV-Ear, the number -5sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUY-Ear, the number -340sht.- mod.RP-HJE125E-A-Headphones , the number -1900sht.- mod.RP-HJE125E-K-Ear, the number -2280sht.- mod.RP-HJE125E-P-Ear, the number -540sht.- mod.RP-HJE125E-W-Headphones number -2180sht. - mod.RP-HJE125E-Y-Ear, the number -10sht.- mod.RP-HJE125E-Z-Headphones number -40sht.- mod.RP-HJE190E-K-Ear, the number -40sht.- mod.RP- HJE190E-R- avushnyky, the number -30sht.- mod.RP-HJE190E-S-Ear, the number -20sht.- mod.RP-HJX6MGC-K-Ear, the number -50sht.- mod.RP-HS34E-A-Headset amount -80sht .- mod.RP-HS34E-V-Ear, the number -5sht.- mod.RP-HS34E-W-Headphones number -20sht.- mod.RP-HS46E-K-Ear, the number -80sht.- mod.RP -HS46E-W-Headphones number -80sht.- mod.RP-HT010GU-H-Headphones number -370sht.- mod.RP-HT6E-K-Ear, the number -50sht.- mod.RP-HV094GU-K- Headphones number -2100sht.- mod.RP-TCM105E-W-Handsfree, number -1500sht.- mod.RP-TCM50E-K-Handsfree, number -170sht.- mod.RP-TCM50E-W-Handsfree, number -140sht .- mod.RP-WF830E-K-Ear, the number -40sht.- mod.RP-HV094E-K-Ear, the number -1500sht.Torhivelna Brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic CN CorporationKrayina productionCHINA0UA1001201291.35980561.54968
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""УКРТЕХІМПЕКС"""
Importer Address
01004, м.Київ, вул.Кропивницького 18, оф.34, Україна
Exporter Name "ООО ""ЧТЗ-Уралтрак"""
Product Description
"1.Prokladka art. (51-02-107-01SP) -100sht., Betwe.........
HS Code 8484100090Value 602.9470402
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 54.2
Origin Country RUSSIA

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