Ukraine Import Data of Pan Head Screws | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pan Head Screws

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pan head screws collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pan head screws imports.

Pan Head Screws Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pan Head Screws

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of pan head screws. Get Ukraine trade data of Pan Head Screws imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20177318159090"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: Screw Wood hockey RAL painted wood zshestyhr.holivkoyu 4,8h35mm, art.P14035OFA7024 - 30000sht; Hvyntsamonariz hex head galvanized metal 4,8h16mm without washers, art.P150153PL - 20000sht; Screw concrete-headed screw 6.3 / 7,0h160mmdlya sandwich panels hockey galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "", art.P150160R0PL - 7000sht, Wood-headed screw head on galvanized metalu4,8h19mm without washers, art.P150173PL - 20000sht, concrete screw head izshestyhrannoyu 6.3 / 7,0h190mm for sandwich panels coated with hockey wimples "" gRey.coat "", art.P150190R0PL - 7000sht, Wood Screw with shestyhrannoyuholivkoyu 4,8h25mm coated metal without the puck art.P150233PL - 10000sht; Screw Wood hockey painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 5,5h25mm, art.P150250PL1015A - 10000sht, screw concrete-headed holivkoyu6,3 / 7,0h310mm for sandwich panels hockey galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "", art.P150310R0PL - 100 pieces; Wood-headed screw head pometalu 5,5h35mm reinforced with galvanized washer art.P150350PL - 20000sht; Samonariziz screw washer painted RAL hex head 4,8h20mm dlyaskriplennya metal sheets art.P15048200PL9003 - 20000sht; Wood screw head izshestyhrannoyu reinforced metal coated 5,5h67mm "" gRey.coat "", art.P15067R0PL - 6000sht; Wood-headed screw head on galvanized metalu5,5h70mm without washers, art.P150703PL - 7000sht; Wood Screw pometalu fat. to 12mm hex head 5,5 / 6,3h150mm for sandwich paneleyz hockey coated art.P1551500PL - 6000sht; Wood, metal screw 12mm hex head 5,5 / 6,3h175mm for sandwich panels shayboyuotsynkovanyy, art.P1551750PL - 4000sht; Screw Screws for metal thicknesses. 12mm head to izshestyhrannoyu 5.5 / 6,3h200mm for sandwich panels hockey coated art.P1552000PL - 7000sht; Wood-headed screw head 6,3h40mm pometalu to 16mm galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "" hockey, art.P157040GC0PL -20000sht; Wood screws with a semicircular head with TORX presshayboyu otsynkovani8,0h380mm, art.P1313800PL - 300sht; Wood-headed screw head pometalu 4,8h19mm coated with washer art.P2594190PL - 20000sht; Samonariziz screw washer painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL3005 - 30000sht; Wood screw with washer painted RAL zshestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL5005 - 30000sht; Hvyntsamonariz hockey painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL7024 - 30000sht; Wood screw with washer painted RAL zshestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL8017 - 40000sht.Torhivelna brand Gunnebo Fastening.Vyrobnyk Gbo Fastening Systems Sp. zo.o.Krayina production TW. "TAIWAN0UA100110252311117.31927 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20177318159090"1.Zakriplyuvalni elements hex bolt carbon steel with tensile strength mezhoyu 200 MPa- 7 sht.Art.: ET BS0001 / Fixing elements (screws) / - 1 pc; Ref.: EL804.870 / Set cylinder head BOLTOV / - 1 unit; Ref.: COP 220154S / Fixing elements (screws) / - 1 pc; Art. 20 92 7055 / Fixing elements (screws) / - 1 pc; Ref.: JL 52677 / Fixing elements (screws) / - 3 pieces; trademark ET Engineteam. Country of CZ. Manufacturer company KS Motor Servis Van, sro. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1001102.0531.6801658
27/Apr/20177318156190"1. Screws with internal shostyhrannikom stainless steel: - screw, article 281330 in the amount of 2 pieces. It is a screw with vnutrishnimshestyhrannykom, with the head, with the thread that is not self-tapping. Zsutsilnoho carved rod 14mm thick. Used as a lining. Material stainless steel. Method of production: Turning. The company manufacturer: "" TipperTie Alpina "". Trademark: "" Tipper Tie "". Country of origin: (CH) Switzerland. ".SWITZERLAND0UA1002000.01228.13206545
27/Apr/201773181590901.VYROBY of black metal for the repair of turbines: SOCKET SCREW / head screws art. KN117119-4sht. Art. KN142216-2sht. Art. KN142216-2sht. Art. KN142216-2sht. Pan-Head Screw / Round head screw art. 5-2120-2470-63-2sht. PAN-HEAD SCREW / Round head screw art. 5-2120-1220-63-1sht. Producer SIEMENS AGKrayina production DETorhovelna brand SIEMENS.GERMANY0UA1250201.088216.5304017
27/Apr/201773181561901. screw thread, with the heads of the cross slots, stainless stali.Art.40065 12 screws, stainless steel fasteners with head and internal napivtsylindrychnoyu shestyhranykom / Marking: SCR-PANHD-ISO14583-A2 / 70-TX25-M5X12 - number - 1000 sht.Art.40065 12 screws, stainless steel fasteners with head and internal napivtsylindrychnoyu shestyhranykom / Marking: SCR-PANHD-ISO14583-A2 / 70-TX25-M5X12 - number - 2000 sht.Art.40066 12 screws, stainless steel fasteners from napivtsylindrychnoyu head and internal shestyhranykom / Marking: SCR-PANHD-ISO14583-A2 / 70-TX30-M6X12 - number - 3000 sht.A rt.02836 25 Screws stainless steel screw napivtsylidrychnoyu Marking: SCR-RSD-DIN7985-A2 / 70-H3-M6X25 - number - 2000 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand Brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production TW.TAIWAN0UA10001038216.3754496
26/Apr/20178538909900"1.Vizok-rozyednuvach automatically switch art.59433-2sht, art.59477-2sht, Vtychni contacts to high-acha vymyk zkriplennyam, art.59396-2k, and (po3sht), Head button switch (metal / plastic) art .ZB6Z1B-15sht, head button switch with LED indicator (metal / layer ik) art.ZB4BW363-1sht, additional klemmnyj unit for starter (metal / pVC) art.LUFN11- 1pc, screws final avt.vymykacha (metal / plastic) art.XCSZ03-10sht, Z'yednuv tial block for avtomat.vymykacha (metal / pVC) art.GV2AF3-5sht, cassette to switch Evolis High-tnoho in kompl.zshynoyu ground and Protective iNTO Kami (metal /pvh),art.59317-19sht, Komplektdlya Comte ktora (mechanical + Electric Lock + tire) art.LAD9R1V-10pc, Set Connect yuchennya avt.vymykacha (+ tips blown DKI) (metal / PVC), art .LV431563-4k, and (3 pieces), contact to the switch unit (metal / pVC) art.ZBE102-95sht, art.ZBE101-30sht, al t.ZBE101-30sht Corps buttons (metal / plastic teak) art.ZB4BZ102-5sht, art.ZB4BZ102-2sht, the opening mechanism for the highly shtorokkasety to ovoltnoho switch (metal) art.59435-2sh t Mounting panel (metal) for avt.vymyk acha art.03502-1sht, panel mounting ( metal) for rozpodilchohoschyta, art.NSYMM66-1sht, art.03170-2sht, circuit board A relay vrozpod.shafu (metal) art.LA7D902-14sht, Mont tazhnyy kit for contactors (metal / PVC) art.GV7AC08-4sht, Basis for buttons art.ZB4BZ009-40sht, distribution cabinet, understaffed equipment, art.NSYS3D1063 0P-3pc, distribution panels, neukomplektov anyy equipment, art.08109-1sht, pen (tal IU / plastic) for vymykachaart.59449-8sht.Krayina production - FR.Torhovelna mark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.Vyrobnyk- "" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES SAS "". "FRANCE0UA100010166711486.84289
26/Apr/20177318159090"1.Komplekt cylinder head bolts for engine internal zhoryannya- 2komp.Art.: EL330.390 / Set BOLTOV cylinder heads / - 1 unit; Ref.: COP 220125S / Fixing elements (screws) / - 1 pc; trademark ELRING. Country of origin DE. Manufacturer company Elring Klinger Ag.. "GERMANY0UA1001101.0311.30601905
25/Apr/20178209002000"1. Plates variables cermet is not installed on the tool: - EJ1123-32RG GPF2450 carbides (cutting) 10.4 grams each - 150 pcs. - EJ-FL10 G52 carbide bearing (directing), each plate is 16 grams - 50 pcs .; - EJ1123-05RG GPF2450 carbides (cutting) 1.9 grams each - 40 sht.Vyhotovleni carbide (cermet) fastened with screws are replaceable. Tungsten carbide plates supporting rails mounted in the drill head directly next to the body in a special drill groove for directing drill in the process of harvesting, TV erdosplavni inserts are mounted at the end of drilling heads involved in the process of cutting at treatment. Packaging plates - plastic korobky.Torhovelna Brand: EJCOMPANY.Vyrobnyk: EJ COMPANY, production INC.Krayina: US.. "UNITED STATES0UA1120802.4362566.300427
25/Apr/201784332090001- Farming: - Reaping GRAIN CASE MODEL 2020 - 1 unit, serial number, YAZL52849, second hand 2006 model year. Working width 10.5 M. Reaper (35 feet) .POTRIBNO REPLACE HRABLYNU reel, segment braids, needs repair screw. TRADEMARK CASE.VYROBNYK: CNH AMERICA MANUFACTURING LLC.KRAYINA: US.- Reaper GRAIN JOHN DEERE MODEL 630 - 1 unit, serial number: 709350, second hand 2005 model year. Working width Reaper 9.1 M. (30 feet) .POTRIBNO REPLACE finger screws, SEGMENTS braids. DEFORMATION right Header (required welding works) traces of corrosion around the hull. - Reaping GRAIN JOHN DEERE MODEL 630 - 1 unit, serial number: 720985, second hand 2006 model year. Working width Reaper 9.1 M. (30 feet). NEED REPLACING plastic bottom Reaper, to repair shear MEHANIZMU.- Reaper GRAIN JOHN DEERE MODEL 925 - 1 unit, serial number: 666757, second hand 1995 model year. Working width Reaper 7.6 M. (30 feet). Spit should be replaced in the collection, there are no Cardano drives, DRIVE NKSHZ. Traces of corrosion around CORPS requires full color. REQUIRED welding ROBOTY.NE contains in its composition transmitter or transmitter and PRYYMACHI.ZHNYVARKY designed for use with GRAIN harvesters, lawn cereals and subsequent FEEDS beveled masses inclined chamber harvesters to further OBMOLOTU.TORHOVELNA BRAND: JOHN DEERE.VYROBNYK : DEERE & COMPANY.KRAYINA PRODUCTION: US.UNITED STATES4UA9010101051029345.93918
25/Apr/201784661038001. Instruments for mounting tools: - EJOZ402-32 external cartridge made of heat treated steel 22.7 grams each - 5 pieces. - EJIOZ402-04 internal cartridge made of heat treated steel 11.3 grams each - 5 units. - EJIOZ402-05 internal The cartridge is made of heat-treated steel 12,0 grams each - 3 pieces. Cartridges are intended for fastening of cutting plates from metal cermets, later they are installed in a drill head together with fixing cutting plates. The cutting plates are fixed to the cartridge by means of mechanical fastening using clamping devices (screws).Cartridges are manufactured in various sizes under the size of cutting plates, supplied without plates. Packaging cartridges - plastic boxes. Trademark: EJCOMPANY. Manufacturer: EJ COMPANY, INC. Production site: US. .UNITED STATES0UA1120800.206384.5428701
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Pan Head Screws Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Pan Head Screws Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Анкора Трейд"""
Importer Address
ю.а. вул.Червонопрапорна,34 м.Киів, 03083
Exporter Name Gbo Fastening Systems Sp. z o. o.
Product Description
"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: Screw Wood hockey RAL .........
HS Code 7318159090Value 11117.31927
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 2523
Origin Country TAIWAN

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