Ukraine Import Data of Palm Leaf | Ukraine Import Statistics of Palm Leaf

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of palm leaf collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of palm leaf imports.

Palm Leaf Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Palm Leaf

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of palm leaf. Get Ukraine trade data of Palm Leaf imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skin care products in aerosol packaging, free of ozone-depleting rechovynh: mousse cream after sunburn (150ml aeroz. Pkg. Solaris) - 12p .; Ingredients: water, Butane, isobutane, propane, hlytserylstearat, tsetearet- 20 tsetearet-12 tsetearylovыy alcohol tsetylpalmytat, PEG-12 dimethicone, C12-C13 alkyllaktat, glycerin, oil seed Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) tsetearet-25 ethanol, PVP, Eau composition, methylparaben, allantoin, a copolymer of vinylpyrrolidone and akryloyldymetyltaurata ammonium, menthol, Propyl, juice leaf aloe Barbadensis (aloe), extra t Pisum Sativum (Pea) hydroxide natriyu.Vyrobnyk SP "" belite "" OOO.Torhovelna mark BIELITA.Krayina production BY.. "BELARUS0UA1250101.9516.9022765 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/201784213100001.Emulsifiers for fats with wax-like propertiesDIMODAN P PEL / B MB -800kg is distilled monoglycerides (min.90%) in powder form, obtained on the basis of edible, purified palm oil (E471), the dropping temperature is 60 degrees .S.Dynamic viscosity at a temperature of 70 degrees. C is 0.03 Pas .Used in the food industry in the production of cream for coffee, margarine for leaf dough, not milk cream. DIMODAN RT PEL / B-3500kg, which is distilled monoglycerides ( Min. 90%) obtained from food partially hydrogenated Andpack oil (E471), in the form of granules, the temperature of the dropping point is 57 degrees C. The dynamic viscosity at a temperature of 67 degrees C is 0.03 Pa s. Used in the food industry in the production of low-fat spreads of oil, dry whiteners for coffee, DIMODAN UP / B SG-800 kg is distilled monoglycerides (min.90%), based on food grade palm oil (E471) with added antioxidants: citric acid (E330) max. 100 ppm, Potassium citrate (E332) max. 100 ppm., Antioxidants dissolved in propylene glycol (E1520), in the form of a plate The droplet temperature is about 52 degrees. Used by the food industry in the production of low-fat spreads, and bakery products. The production line-Denmark.DK Brand-DANIOSCO (DIMODAN) Manufacturer-DuPont Nutrition Biosciences ApSCZECH REPUBLIC0UA5002002.80548.53329882
08/Apr/2017604209000"1.Svizhi cut branches of trees and flowers without navel" "Yankiv of bouquets suitable for: -Aralia Costa Rica Extra / Aralia 50 cm 100sht.-Asp. Meyeri Middel X50 / asparagus 70 cm 50sht. Aspidistra Cr-70 Cm Mps - A / 70 cm aspidistra, Aspidistra Cr -30sht. 70 cm Mps - A / aspidistra 70 cm -90sht.-Aspidistra Elatior / aspidistra 100 cm 30sht.-Aspidistra Italie Lengte 70 cm / 70 cm aspidistra -3sht.-Bamboe Exclusive Spiral + leaves / bamboo dracaena 50 cm -10sht.-Bamboe Exclusive Spiral + leaves / bamboo dracaena 80cm -10sht.-Beargrass / berhras 75 cm -46sht.-Beargrass / cm berhras -5sht.-Chico Jumbo Witte Doos / cm Chico -120sht.-Chico Jumbo Witte Doos Mps - D / Chico 45 cm -270sht.-Chico Jumbo Witte Doos Mps - D / Chico 45 cm -90sht.-Chico leaf / cm Chico -30sht.-Chico leaf / cm Chico -10sht .-Chico leaf / Chico cm -5sht.-Chico leaf / cm Chico -10sht.-Cinerea / Eucalyptus 70 cm -50sht.-Cinerea / Eucalyptus 70 cm -1sht.-Cinerea / Eucalyptus 75 cm -4sht.-Cordyline Red Leafs Tops / kordilina 60 cm -10sht.-Drac S Lucky bamboo Spiral / 60cm bamboo dracaena -20sht.-dracaena Lucky / bamboo dracaena 70 cm 20sht.-dracaena Sanderiana Gold / bamboo dracaena 50 cm -50sht.-Dracena green P bu / bamboo dracaena 75 cm -2sht.-Eucalyptus Baby / Eucalyptus 60cm -21sht.-Eucalyptus Cinerea p / b / Eucalyptus 70 cm 7sht.-Eucalyptus Cinerea p / b / Eucalyptus 70 cm 5sht.-Eucalyptus Gunnii p / b / Eucalyptus 70 sm 5sht.-Eucalyptus parv / Eucalyptus 50 cm -4sht.-Eucalyptus parv / Eucalyptus 80cm -1sht.-Eucalyptus Parvifolia bunch / Eucalyptus 70 cm -5sht.-Eucalyptus Parvifolia bunch / Eucalyptus 70 cm -5sht.-Eucalyptus Populus / Eucalyptus 80 cm-7sht. Eucalyptu s Populus p / b / Eucalyptus 60 cm 5sht.-Eucalyptus Populus p / b / Eucalyptus 60 cm 5sht.-Leatherleaf Guatemala p. bunch / cm ledervaren -5sht.-Leatherleaf Guatemala p. bunch / cm ledervaren -12sht.-Lederv.ex 35 Vac Pac / ledervaren 50 cm 105sht. 30-Lederv.mid Helechos Ticos / ledervaren 50 cm -9sht.-Lederv.mid 30 Sicusa / ledervaren 50 cm 30sht.-Ledervaren Vaccum / cm ledervaren -15sht.-Monstera Blad Dia 23/50 cm Monstera 10sht.-Parvifoglia / parfivoliya 70 cm -21sht.-Parvifolia Albenga Large / parfivoliya 70 cm -1sht.-Phoenix L.6 Mps- A / date palm 60 cm -634sht.-Phoenix L.8 Mps- A / date palm 80cm -20sht.-Phoenix L.8 Mps- A / date palm 80cm -40sht.-Phoenix Roebelenii / robelini 80 cm 40sht.-Phoenix Roebelenii / robelini 80 cm 20sht.-pistache Kort Spanje / pistachio 50 cm 105sht.-pistache Lang Spanje / pistachio 60 cm 65sht.-Pistacia / 50 cm -10sht. pistachio-Pistacia (leaf) p.bunch / pistachio 45 cm -50sht.-Pistacia (leaf) p.bunch / pistachio 35 m 5sht.-Pistacia (leaf) p.bunch / pistachio 35 cm 30sht.-Pistacia (leaf) p.bunch / pistachio 55 cm 10sht.-Pistacia Blad P Bos Short / pistachio 45cm -5sht.-Roebelini cutgreen per bunch / robelini 60 cm -5sht.-Roebelinii Orca / robelini 60 cm -2sht.-ruscus big leaf / ruscus 50 cm -50sht.-ruscus big leaf / ruscus 50 cm -50sht.-ruscus hypophy / ruscus 40 cm -150sht .-ruscus hypophy / ruscus 60 cm -50sht.-ruscus Zak / ruscus 60 cm -2sht.-Salal Baby / Salalah 50cm -15sht.-Salal Tips / cm Salalah -5sht.-Salal Tips / cm Salalah -5sht.- Salal Tips 25/45 cm Salalah -25sht.-Salal Tips 25/45 cm Salalah -75sht.-Tee Pee / 70 cm -18sht.- tipi "ECUADOR0UA100010226271.2000586
06/Apr/201752085200901.Zrazky stamped fabrics, plotnyanoho weave, containing 100% cotton, bezvorsu, the surface density of 163 (+/- 2.2) g / m2, the total width of 110 (+/- 0.6) cm., Impregnating and coating the naked the eye is not detected: Fabric (cotton) - 185Flowers fall - floral leaf (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 185 Flowers fall - floralleaf (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 185 Flowers fall - floral leaf (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 233 Out of town: apple farm (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 233 Out oftown: apple farm (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 221 Charming: sweet pond (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 221 Charming: sweet pond (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 221Charming: sweet pond (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 222 Charming: flamingo (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 222 Charming: flamingo (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 222Charming: flamingo (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 359 Wander about forest: titmouse (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 359 Wander about forest: titmouse (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 345 Constellation (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 345 Constellation (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 293 Wonderland: woodland (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 252 Cat's garden: cat'sgarden (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 252 Cat's garden: cat's garden (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 253 Cat's garden: Pink dot (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) -253 Cat's garden: Pink dot (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 253 Cat's garden: Pinkdot (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 302 Owl family: twinkle sky (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 347 Festival: forest lodge (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 347 Festival: forest lodge (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 346 Festival: red window (C20) -9m.Fabric (cotton) - 346 Festival: red window (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 301 Owlfamily: owl family (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 186 Flowers fall - from you (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 186 Flowers fall - from you (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) -350 A warm heart: scabiosa (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 350 A warm heart: scabiosa (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 259 Farm: farm (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) -399 Dachshund (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 399 Dachshund (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 351 A warm heart: diamondpollen (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 351 A warm heart: diamond pollen (C20) -9m.Fabric (cotton) - 358 Wander about forest: little flower (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 358 Wander about forest: little flower (C20) -9m. PF 14 - Wintertree: Snowing (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 356 World of space: universe (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 234 In the tropics: palm tree (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 341 Rainy day: rainbow (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 401 Moonlight (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 319 Alpaca (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 318 Lesser panda (C20) -9m. Fabric (cotton) - 219 Peaceful: woods (C20) -9m.Torhovelna Brand: DailyLikeKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: E2 collection CO., LtdKOREA,REPUBLIC OF4554UA12511074.061761.388377
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Palm Leaf Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Palm Leaf Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Владіком"""
Importer Address
УКРАЇНА м. Київ вул. Лаврська 9, корп. 19
Exporter Name "СП ""Белита"" ТОВ"
Product Description
"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skin care products.........
HS Code 3304990000Value 16.9022765
Quantity 0Unit UA125010
Net Weight 1.95
Origin Country BELARUS

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