Ukraine Import Data of Paint Additives | Ukraine Import Statistics of Paint Additives

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of paint additives collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of paint additives imports.

Paint Additives Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Paint Additives

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173215190000"1.Farby color printing to offset printing in the form of pasty substances containing in its composition plivkoutvoryuvach (alkyd and / or phenolic resins, solid resins, etc., derivatives of fatty carboxylic acids (vegetable oils, etc.) aliphatic hydrocarbons (synthetic / mineral oil, etc. ), pigments (synthetic organic dyes / pigments and / or inorganic pigments) and other additives / impurities without protective properties: Paint yellow: Master 2000 SC Yellow HS1541 - 5000kg, paint red: Master 2000 SC Magenta HS2741 - 2000kh, paint blue : Master 2000 SC Cyan HS3941 - 2000kh, Paint Oct a: Master 6000 SC Yellow HS 1524 - 4000kg, red paint: Master 6000 SC Magenta HS2724 - 2000kh, blue paint: Master 6000 SC Cyan HS3924 - 2000kh; Trademark: DRUCKMASTERVyrobnyk: Sun ChemicalKrayina production: DE. "GERMANY0UA1000101700045874.29584 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201732151900001. Paint color printing without protective s properties (composition - 80% -mineral oil and 20% - pigments and additives, prek ursoriv contains): 41HIT9904 HUNF-103412 Orange! Base - 100kh.Vyrobnyk - Hubergroup.Torhivelna mark - HUBERKrayina production - IN. .INDIA0UA100210100969.4764833
28/Apr/201732151900001. Paint color printing without protective s properties (composition - 80% -mineral oil and 20% - pigments and additives, prek ursoriv contains): 41PP250PRIME PLUS Yellow - 240kh, 10A0030 ALCHEMY Silver Varnish - 26kh, 41AP508 ALPHAfoil Yellow - 70kg , 43HIT9915 Conc. Violet - 19,7kh, Grandal 801 084 - 300kg, 42PP250 PRIME PLUS Magenta - 240kh, 43PP250 PRIME PLUS Cyan - 240kh, 41RS250RESISTA Yellow - 720kh, 46A0871 ALCHEMY Gold Pantone 871 - 30kg, 46A0877 AlchemySilver Pantone 877 - 20kg, 41S0803 Fluorescent PANTONE Yellow 803 C + U - 10 kg, 42S0806 PANTONE fluorescent Red 806 C + U- 10kg, 41AP362 ALPHA fresh Yellow - 240kh, 42AP362 ALPHA fresh Magenta - 240kh, 43AP362 ALPHA fresh Cyan - 240kh, 40Q7550 CRS MAX transparent white - 200kg, 41QX7702 CRSmax Yellow - 100kg, 43QX7720 CRSmax Blue - 100kg, 44QX7722 CRSmaxGreen - 54kh, 41RL250 REFLECTA Yellow - 50kg, 42RS250 RESISTA Magenta - 240kh, 43RS250 RESISTA Cyan - 240kh, 46A0872 ALCHEMY Gold Pantone 872 - 15kg, 46A0873ALCHEMY Gold PANTONE 873 - 15kg, 4 6A0874 ALCHEMY Gold Pantone 874 - 15kg, 46A0875 ALCHEMY Gold PANTONE 875 - 15kg, 46A0876 ALCHEMY Gold PANTONE 876 -15kh, 43P0080 PANTONE Reflex Blue - 150kg, 43P1072 PANTONE Blue 072 - 40kg, 42P0032 PANTONE Red 032 - 40kg, 42P0040 PANTONE RUBINE RED - 30kg, 41P0010PANTONE YELLOW - 40kg, 43P0070 PANTONE Violet - 20kg, 47P0000 PANTONE MIX WHITEOD / FB - 200kg, 43P0090 PANTONE PROCESS BLUE C + U - 40kg, 42P0030 PANTONE Warm RedC + U - 50 kg, 43AP363 ALPHA intense Cyan - 240kh, 42AP363 ALPHA intense Magenta -240kh, 41AP363 ALPHA intense Yellow - 240kh, 41AP362 ALPHA fresh Yellow - 480kh, 42AP362 ALPHA fresh Magenta - 240kh, 43AP362 ALPHA fresh Cyan - 240kh, 46A3050ALCHEMY Silver paste - 14kg, 801,950 METALPRINT RotoLUX - 80kh.Vyrobnyk - Hubergroup.Krayina production - DE.Torhovelna mark - HUBER.GERMANY0UA1002106088.753470.92747
27/Apr/201732061100901.Neorhanichnyy white coloring index PW6 color and pigment titanium dioxide content of 65% by weight. in terms of dry matter and other additives used in the manufacture of silicone emulsions and silicate dispersion paints and acrylic plasters: art.19006 Novapint E WX11 - 124,20kh (60l) .Vyrobnyk - Chromaflo Technolodies Europe BV, brand - Novapint, country of production - NL. .NETHERLANDS0UA100010124.2671.5639277
26/Apr/20172915310000"1.Skladni esters of acetic kysloty.Okrema chemically defined compounds - ethyl acetate (content - 99.6%) Product Destillan EAC RE-00-40-23, is a clear colorless liquid with a specific smell from ethyl acetate - 99.6 % of gasoline additives (C6-C8) - 0.4% moisture content Volumetric - 2.7% made of recycled materials through waste treatment vyrobnytstv.Pryznachenyy to dissolve and paint and lakiv.Torhivelna mark: RESOLVE .Firma manufacturer: "" REMONDIS MEDISON GmbH "" Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY0UA1001101686012374.97781
26/Apr/201732151900001. Paint color printing without protective s properties (composition - 80% -mineral oil and 20% - pigments and additives, prek ursoriv contains): 46MGA8871 MGA CORONA PANTONE Gold 871 - 4kh.Vyrobnyk - Hubergroup.Krayina production - DE. Trade mark - HUBER. .GERMANY0UA1002004223.7990988
26/Apr/20173907999020"1.Poroshkovi paint, consisting mainly of saturated polyesters and contain additives, fillers tapihmenty, used for application to objects or trybostatychnym electrostatic method, article: 02098.0WT59 BEYWT59 E / P-PARLAK - 2500 kg., 02298.B7015 WRI7015 E / P-PARLAK - 250 kg., 02298.E1013 WRE1013 E / P-PARLAK - 250 kg., 02436.09005 TEX9005 E / P-MATT - 500 kg., 06088.02004 RAL2004 E / P-PARLAK - 1000 kg., 06088.05005 RAL5005 E / P-PARLAK - 250 kg., 06088.08017 RAL8017 E / P-PARLAK - 1000 kg., 06088.09016 RAL9016 E / P-PARLAK - 3500 kg., 09088.01304 RAL130-4 PP-PARLAK - 50 kg., 09088.03306 RAL330- 6 PP-PARLAK - 50 kg., 09088.05305 RAL530-5 PP-PARLAK - 50 kg., 09088.07703 RAL770-3 PP-PARLAK - 50 kg., 09088.X5002 RAL5002 PP-PARLAK - 201 kg., 09088.X5005 RAL5005 PP -PARLAK - 55 kg. , 09088.X6005 RAL6005 PP-PARLAK - 2000 kg., 09088.X7016 RAL7016 PP-PARLAK - 200 kg., 09698.09006 RAL9006 PP -PARLAK - 250 kg., 22450.7N021 7N021 E / PY.MAT - 1000 kg., 02058. E9005 RAL9005 E / PY.MAT - 300 kh.Krayina pro tstva TRTorhovelna mark Pulver Manufacturer PULVER KIMYA TIC.AS "TURKEY0UA1000101345632026.58458
26/Apr/20173208209090"1. Paint products (paints, varnishes, dyes, soil additives) in the plivkoutvoryuvacha include acrylic / vinyl polymers in non-aqueous environments solvent <50% fillers and pigments> 50%. DX62 B1LT 2K HS PRODUCTIVE art.1250049775-420 LTR; DX61 B1LT 1K PRIMER- art.1250062809-18 LTR; Country of DE. Trademark Axalta. brand "" Axalta Coating Systems Belgium BVBA "".. "GERMANY0UA100080588.242203.793941
26/Apr/20173208101098"1. Varnish and paint products (paints, varnishes, dyes, soils, additives) on the basis of complex polyesters before the composition of the film forming agent includes alkyd resin, filler pigment <50%, organic solvent content> 50% DX5299 B3.5LT DUXONE art.1250056011-105 LTR; Country of production BE Trade name Axalta Producer "Axalta Coating Systems Belgium BVBA" "."BELGIUM0UA10008096.6898.834147
26/Apr/201732082090901.Lak and paint based on acrylic polymer dispersed in non-aqueous media, free of ozone-depleting substances, not aerosol packaging is a fluid comprising: an acrylic polymer / copolymer volatiles 64mas.% Other additives and / or impurities (including compounds containing silicon) zhestyani packaged in cans, nail art. opu79g20.25 - 150l (6 pieces by 25l,), nail art. opu381g30.25 - 100l (4 pieces by 25l,), nail art. vopu79.25 - 50L (for 2 pcs 25l,), prime art. f302pc.16a - 48kh (3pc to 16kg,), enamel art.f303ff.14a -14kh (1pc. for 14 kg,), used to cover wood and metal surfaces. .ITALY0UA125130370.671439.435334
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ВІП СИСТЕМИ"""
Importer Address
02002, м. Київ, вул. Ованеса Туманяна, буд. 15-А, сек. Б, оф. 613
Exporter Name Druckmaster GmbH
Product Description
"1.Farby color printing to offset printing in the .........
HS Code 3215190000Value 45874.29584
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 17000
Origin Country GERMANY

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