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Packing Paper Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Packing Paper

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201785437090001. The electronic cigarette simulates smoking tobacco and does not contain hazardous tar, carcinogens and products of combustion in the metal paper-plastic Packing. (Complete charging and USB), art.: Mt3 sliver / 1000pcs., Mt3 black / 1000pcs., mt3 red / 200sht., mt3 blue / 200sht., mt3 gold / 200sht.Torhivelna mark - EVODKrayina production - CNVyrobnyk - LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD.CHINA0UA500100191.41437.41399 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20174802551500"1.Papir for offset printing, layer, pure cellulose free of fibers obtained by mechanical or chemical-mechanical means, in rolls art.ConformPlus weight: 55h / m2, format: 1262kh 2rulony 45cm, weight: 55h / m2, format: 48sm 3354kh 5ruloniv; weight: 55h / m2, format: 50cm 3484kh 10ruloniv; weight: 55h / m2, format: 60cm 418kh 1rulon; weight: 55h / m2, format: 61cm 852kh 2rulony; weight: 55h / m2, format: 64sm 2678kh6ruloniv; weight: 55h / m2, format: 502kh 1rulon 72cm, weight: 55h / m2, format: 7586kh 13ruloniv 84cm, weight: 55h / m2, format: 30,5sm 428kh 1rulon; Total: 41mistse, packing rolls of wrapping obhornnuti of paper. Manufacturer: Paper Australia Pty Ltd.Torhivelna mark: Conform Plus Country of origin: AU.. "AUSTRALIA0UA1001102056415779.51723
29/Apr/20174804395100"1.Kraft paper packing for bag production dlyatsukru, flour, bleached uniformly throughout the mass produced 100% chemical cellulose fiber coniferous wood sulphate obtained by way of computer processing, in rolls, stamps Swanwhite Ribbed, weighing 90g / m2, 432mm format. 21830kh- 35ruloniv, trade mark: Swanwhite RibbedVyrobnyk: f-ka Pietarsaari, Billerud Finland OY.kontsernu BILLERUDKORSNAS AB.Krayina production: FI.. "FINLAND0UA1001102183022243.87984
29/Apr/201729419000001.Antybiotyky on impregnated paper discs and vials dlyamikrobiolohichnyh studies: (SD003) Bacitracin (10 units) Bacitracin (10odynyts) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD003-10VL -4sht. (SD017) Kanamycin (30 mcg) kanamycin (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD017-10VL -2sht. (SD018) Lincomycin (2 mcg) Lincomycin (2 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD018-10VL -2sht. (SD021) Nalidixic Acid (30 mcg) nalidixic acid (30 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD021-10VL -2sht. (SD022) Neomycin (30 mcg) Neomycin (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD022-10VL -2sht. (SD024) Nitrofurazone (100 mcg) Nitrofurazon (100 ug) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD024-10VL -1sht. (SD027) Oxytetracycline (30 mcg) Oksitetratsyklin (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD027-10VL -1sht. (SD029) Polymyxin-B (300 units) Polymyxin Beta (300 units) packing 10 flakonov art.SD029-10VL -2sht. (SD041) Cephoxitin (30 mcg) Tsefoksitin (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD041-10VL -2sht. (SD056) Sulfasomidine (300 mcg) Sulfasomidin (300 mg) woo forging 10 flakonov art. SD056-10VL -1sht. (SD110) Ceftizoxime (30mcg) Ceftizoxime (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD110-10VL -1sht. (SD116) Cephadroxil (30 mcg) Tsefadroksil (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD116-10VL-2 pcs. (SD121) Novobiocin (5 mcg) Novobiotsyn (5 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD121-10VL -1sht. (SD206) Lomefloxacin (10 mcg) lomefloxacin (10 mg) upakovka10 flakonov art. SD206-10VL -2sht. (SD221) Itraconazole (10 mcg) Itrokonazol (10 ug) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD221-10VL -2sht. (SD225) Mezlocillin (75 mcg) Mezlotsyllin (75 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD225-10VL -2sht. (SD232) Fluconazole (25 mcg) fluconazole (25 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD232-10VL-3pc. (SD249) Cefotetan CTN 30 mcg Tsefotenan packaging flakonov art.SD249-10VL 10, 2 pcs. (SD724) Cephotaxime / Clavulanic acid (30/10 mcg) Cefotaximum / Klavulanovakyslota (30/10 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD724-10VL -2sht. (SD725) Cefpodoxime (10 mcg) cefpodoxime (10 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD725-10VL-3pc. (SD727) Meropenem MRP 10 mcg Meropenem 10 cartridges art. SD727-10CT -6sht. (SD737) Gatifloxacin (5 mcg) gatifloxacin (5 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD737-10VL -2sht. (SD738) Cefpirome (30 mcg) Tsefprinom (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD738-10VL -2sht. (SD006) Chloramphenicol (30 mcg) Chloramphenicol (30mkg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD006-10CT -10sht. (SD012) DoxycyclineHydrochloride (30 mcg) Doxycycline (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art.SD012-10CT -6sht. (SD023) Nitrofurantoin (300 mcg) nitrofurantoin (300 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD023-10CT -12sht. (SD030) Rifampicin (5 mcg) Rifampicin (5 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD030-10CT -6sht. (SD035) Amikacin (30 mcg) of amikacin (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD035-10CT -6sht. (SD040) Cephotaxime (30 mcg) Cefotaximum (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD040-10CT-8 pieces. (SD044) Tobramycin (10 mcg) tobramycin (10 mg) 10 kartrydzheyart packaging. SD044-10CT -6sht. (SD045) Vancomycin (30 mcg) Vancomycin (10 mg) upakovka10 cartridges art. SD045-10CT -6shINDIA0UA1251003.5242915.44007
29/Apr/20173923509000"1. Plastic products for transporting and packing of goods. Covers for baking: Art. 005151 Covers for salad bowls without dowel D150mm transparent / hall. 500pcs / corrugated BOPS serial / 005151 Lid for S alad Container w / ologo, D 150mm , Domed, transperent, for cold food -6000pcs art. 002094 Cover for container D90mm (93mm) transparent 500pcs / flat flat PP / 0 02094 Lid forContainer D 90mm (93mm), tr ansperent, flat, PP -2000piece art 004091 Cover For container D98mm transparent 500pcs / piece flat PP / 004091 Lid for Container, flat, 500 pcs / box, D 98mm, PP -7000pcs. Trademark - PapperskopP Producer - "PAPERSKOP RUS" LLC "Country of production - RU."RUSSIA0UA10011081.81649.8186747
28/Apr/20174819400000"1. Packing bags, paper packaging of charcoal: size: -26x14x51 / 2 - 13000sht capacity - 3kg; - 26x14x63 / 2 - 7000sht capacity - 5kg.."ROMANIA0UA50055014002893.820161
28/Apr/201748081000001. Gasket of paper, multilayer shock absorber, corrugated, rectangular, size: 283x183mm, intended for packing of cable network, art .: 740045-3 - 300pcs. Production code: DE Trade mark: Other.GERMANY0UA2060203.7811.04421668
28/Apr/201749119900001.DRUKOVANA paper products, Packings operator panel art. 302LV05210-10sht. Manufacturer KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.Krayina production CNTorhovelna brand Kyocera.CHINA0UA1000800.0016.311895624
27/Apr/201748109210001.Karton packing, Multilayer vybilenyy, odnobichno coated, biloho color kalandrovannyy no picture, watermarking, contents fibers obtained mechanically Way 50% in sheets, for manufacturing packing: ALASKA PLUS GC2schilnistyu 235h / m2, width 640mm, length 900mm- 4323kh, density 235h / m2, width 700mm length 1000mm, 3816kh, density 255h / m2, width 700mm length 1000mm, 12064kh, trademarks - ALASKA Country of origin - PL. Brand-INTERNATIONAL PAPER. .POLAND0UA1001302020322203.56287
27/Apr/201720052010001. Instant potato powder (flakes) unquenched, containing: emulhotor (E471) - to 1% preservative (E223) - to 0.01%, curcumin (dye) (E100) - to 0.04% stabilizer ( E450) 0.3% Weight fraction of moisture - 8% fiber (potato) - maks.3,3 20000kh .-%. Mineralnidomishky available. Date of manufacture - 23.04.2017 g. Shelf life - 36 months. Date 25/04/2017, the packing. Packing - paper bags on 20kh.Tovar not the primary upakovtsi.TU 9166-001-14362161-2010. .RUSSIA0UA1101502000018432.64078
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""СІНТАЛ ГРУП"""
Importer Address
03141 м.Київ, вул.Миколи Амосова, буд. 4,офіс 2
Product Description
1. The electronic cigarette simulates smoking toba.........
HS Code 8543709000Value 1437.41399
Quantity 0Unit UA500100
Net Weight 191.4
Origin Country CHINA

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