Ukraine Import Data of Packing Gland | Ukraine Import Statistics of Packing Gland

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of packing gland collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of packing gland imports.

Packing Gland Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Packing Gland

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
13/Apr/20173004900000"1.Likarski products packaged for retail sale not in aerosol packaging: KARDYPRYL 2.5, 2.5 mg capsules. №30 (10 capsules in blister, 3 blisters in a pack) -1596upak. Series 18409 active Ingredients: 1 capsule contains: 2.5 mg ramipril. (antyhypertenziynyy agent) .KARDYPRYL 5, 5 mg capsules. №30 (10 capsules in blister, 3 blisters in a pack) -3500 packing., series: 18440.18441 active Ingredients: 1kapsula contains: 5 mg ramipril (antyhypertenziynyy means). PANOTSYD 40, coated tablets, enteric, to 40 mg. №30 (10 tablets in a blister, 3 blisters in a pack - 192upa ., 18391 series, the active substance: 1 tablet contains: pantoprazole sodium pivtoravodnoho equivalent to 40 mg. Of pantoprazole (antiulcer agent). NAUSYLIUM, tablets of 10 mg. N30 (10 tablets in a blister, 3 blisters in a carton pack) -340upak. Series 18,394 active substance: 1 tablet contains: domperidone maleate equivalent to 10 mg. domperidone (stimulant of peristalsis), not containing penicillins or hike them, other antibiotics, hormones or other products of heading 2937 (insulin, hormones of the adrenal gland), alkaloids or pohi dnyh, vitam ins or other positions spoluktovarnoyi 2936, iodine or iodine compounds, drugs, and psyhotropnyhrechovyn prekursoriv.Vyrobnyk "" Flamingo Farmasyutykals Ltd. "" Country of origin: IN.Torhivelna mark: Ananta Medicare "INDIA0UA807170174.4819044.59985 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
10/Apr/201770199000001.Inshi Fiberglass: D111Q21 gland packing -3sht., Is a sealing material designed to seal stuffing chamber pump (flow of the pulp). Auction. Brand-Weir Minerals. Country of-FR. Brand-Weir Minerals. .FRANCE0UA1101900.1516.62082313
06/Apr/201740169300901.Vyroby of vulcanized rubber (gaskets, seals, gaskets): amartyzator rubber dlyavibroplyty MS60 art.106002 -2sht, seal humometalevyy 35 x 8 dlyavibroplyty MS60 art.098035 -3sht ring rubber o-ring 100 for vibroplytyMS60 art.034100 -6sht ring o-ring for trambuvacha EMR70H art.GB3452.1-95x2.65 -1sht ring o-ring for vibroplates MH125 / MH160 art.GB3452.1-26x2.65 -2sht ring o-ring for vibroplates MH125 / MH160 art.GB3452.1-38.7x2.65 -2sht ring uplotnyuyuche vibroplates for MH125 / MH160 art.GB10708.1-33x24x7 -1sht ring o-ring for vibroplates MH125 / MH160 art.GB3452.1-36.5x2.65 - 1pc, amartyzator rubber plate for MS90 art.156002 -2sht, seal humometalevyy 35 x 8 for MS90 art.098035 -3sht plate, gland plate for humometalevyy MS 100 art.0098770 -4sht, proklatka bearing cover plate for MS 100 art.2007008 -4sht, sealing ring 25.8 X 2.65-GB3452.1 for MS125 / MSH160 / MSH160E art.0345226 -3sht, seal humovometalevyy for MS125 / MSH160 / MSH160E art.3002029 -3sht, packing glands ovometalevyy for MS125 / MSH160 / MSH160E art.3002030 -3sht gasket for MS125 / MSH160 / MSH160E art.3002032 -1sht, Manufacturer MASALTA CO., LTD trademark MASALTA Country of CN Total: 41sht.CHINA0UA125110247.9445288
04/Apr/20174016995290"1.Zapasni (component) part-metal cuffs, which are made of metal with rubber designed for use in passenger and / m" "Mitsubishi" ": - KT calipers art.MR527979-10sht Gaskets, packing glands -K-T oil pump art.4451A042-1sht; -SALNYK CORPS transmission art.2501A019-1sht, Country of origin - THTorhovelna mark - MitsubishiVyrobnyk - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. "THAILAND0UA1251200.1578.80216272
04/Apr/20174016930090"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m products zvulkanizovanoyi nonporous rubber krimtverdoyi: engine gasket, DIALING art.06111-ZF1-405-1sht .; art.06111-ZF1-405-2sht .; art.06111-ZF6-R81- 1pc., repair kits wastegate HPKart.06532-S50-003-1sht .; art.06532-S50-003-4sht., Gaskets vALVE art.12209-ZM0-003-1sht .; art.12210-PZ1-003-10sht .; art.12210-PZ1-003-10sht., sealers LIDS cylinder head art.12341 A00-18sht-R40-R40-.; art.12341-A00-22sht., sealers candle holes art.12343-5A2-A01 -16sht .; art.12343-5A2-A01-34sht .; art.12343-5A2-A01-2sht., sealers BASIS oil filter art.15302-5G0-A00-1sht .; art.15302-5G0-A00-1sht .; RING BASICS sealing oil filter art. 15303-RWC-A01-1sht., Sealers relief valve VTEC art.15815-RAA-A02-10sht., RING-sealing art.15832 PNA-023-10sht .; art.30110-PA1-732-1sht .; art. 30110-PA1-732-10sht .; art.30110-PA1-732-1sht .; art.30522-PFB-007-3sht .; art.30522-PFB-007-2sht .; art.30522-PFB-007- 10pc., bushings SUSPENSION art.51306-T2A-R02-3sht .; art.51306-TA0-A01-2sht .; art.51 306-TA0-A01-2sht., stabilizer bushings art.52306-STX-A12-8sht .; art.52306-STX-A12-21sht .; art.52306-STX-A12-1sht .; art.52306-TA0-A02-8sht .; art.52306-TA0-A02-9sht .; art.52306-TA0-A02-2sht .; art.52306-TA1-A02-38sht .; art.52306-TA1-A02-12sht .; art.52306-TE0-A01-9sht .; art.52306-TE0-A01-31sht .; art.52306-TL0-E01-15sht .; art.52306-TL0-E01-21sht .; art.52306-TL0-E01-29sht., bushings, mounting B cargo rudder art.53109-MV4-000-1sht., Gaskets 27X38X5.5 art.53660-S50-003-1sht., sealers holes DOORS luggage compartment art. 74440-TF0-003-1sht., RING sealing pump casing pumps art.78112-954-003-10sht .; art.78112-954-003-3sht., exhaust gaskets, flanges art.78114 YB4-000-1sht., sealing RING, 49X5.7 art.78118-YB3-004-2sht., sealing RING, 71X5.7 art. 78118-YB4-004-9sht., Gaskets 37X56X8 art.91206-RT4-003-2sht., oil seals, 46X70X8 art.91207-PY4-004-11sht .; art.91207-PY4-004-9sht., oil seals, 12X22X7 art.91209-612-003-9sht .; art.91209-612-003-1sht., Gaskets 43X58X7 art.91212-5A2-A01-2sht .; art.91212-5A2-A01-3sht .; art.91212-5A2-A01-5sht .; art.91212-PNC-003-10sht., oil seals, 38X50X7.4 art.91212-PR3-003-1sht .; art.91212-PR3-003-1sht., Gaskets 43X58X7 art.91212-RTA-003-6sht .; art.91212-RTA-003-4sht., packing glands pump art.91249 HPC-PNC-003-10sht .; art.91249-R40-A01-3sht., Gaskets 17X30X7 art.91251-ZV5-003-3sht., Gaskets 10X21X6 art.91253-ZW1-B02-1sht., sealing RING, 7.7X2.3 art.91301-PC9- 003-10sht., sealing RING, 54X2.4 art.91302-KF0-003-2sht., RING sealing, 7.45X3.61 art.91302-PNA-003-20sht., RING sealing, 46.8X2.2 art.91302 -PX4-004-6sht .; art.91302-PX4-004-24sht., RING sealing art.91303-RDK-003-1sht., sealing RING, 92X2.2 art.91304-PRH-003-1sht., RING sealing, 18.3X3.5 art. 91308-P8A-A01-10sht., RING sealing, 26.2X2.4 art.91308-PK1-003-3sht .; art.91308-PK1-003-4sht .; art.91308-PK1-003-1sht., RING sealing, 16.3X3.5 art.91309-P8A-A01-1sht .; art.91309-P8A-A01-19sht., USCHILNYUCHE RING, 13X1.5 art.91319-PAA-A01-2sht .; art.91319-PAA-A01-10sht., sealing RING, 15X1.9 art.91333-PNA-003-12sht., Rubber condensation "JAPAN0UA20509027.0262165.057228
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Packing Gland Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Packing Gland Importer Sample

Date 13/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЕВІТАС"""
Importer Address
61005, м. Харків, вул. Іскринська, б.37 Україна.
Product Description
"1.Likarski products packaged for retail sale not .........
HS Code 3004900000Value 19044.59985
Quantity 0Unit UA807170
Net Weight 174.48
Origin Country INDIA

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