Ukraine Import Data of P1 | Ukraine Import Statistics of P1

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of p1 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of p1 imports.

P1 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of P1

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201787089390981.Chastyny ​​grip for cars, new art.804110 .: -vyzhymnyy pidshypnykzcheplennya- 1pc., Art.821295 - Clutch Kit MAZDA XEDOS - 1pc., Art.821384 -KOMPLEKT clutch SUBARU JUSTY- SUZUKI SWIFT - 1pc., Art.803887 -dysk zcheplennyaNISSAN -1sht., art.803729 - disc clutch Opel - 1pc., art.803706 - dyskzcheplennya - 1pc., art.803717 - clutch disc - 1am., art.826358 - komplektzcheplennya KIA SEPHIA 1.5I 94> - 1pc ., art.9263 - set clutch TOYOTACARINA-CELICA-COROLLA - 1pc., art.786019 - clutch kit 3P RENAULT ClioScenic Twingo - 1pc., art.786022 - clutch kit 3P PSA Saxo Xsara 106 206 306 - 1 pc., art.801514 - set clutch NISSAN PRIMERA 2.0 P11E 6/96 -1sht., art.826785 -k mplekt clutch KIA -2sht. art.826728 - set zcheplennyaKIA Picanto - 1pc., art.804095 - Clutch Release Bearing - 1pc. Total production -16sht.Krayina - KRTorhovelna mark - VALEOVyrobnyk - Valeo Service Eastern Europe Sp. Z OO.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA20502055.91503.0504357 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178418402000"1. freezers such as" "closet" "pobutovinovi (in packaging manufacturer) of not more than 250 liters. With zhyvlennyamvid 220V, no matter mistytozonoruynuyuchyh 1 compressor, refrigerant R-600a. Contains REFs and devices. not for medical purposes.: F100 (100L) -1101AA-00SN407-10sht.; F22SM-P10001 (215l) -1XX3V44X-SN0B-10sht.Torhivelna mark - "" SNAIGE "". Producer -JSC "" SNAIGE "" . Country of -Lytva (LT).. "LITHUANIA20UA1252208703391.843753
29/Apr/20178415109000"1. Complete sets of air-conditioning systems -kondytsiyuvannya (" "split wall-mounted system" ") unassembled (external and internal uvidokremleni blocks apart) do not contain ozone-depleting substances (hladohen R410A): Internal unit air conditioner LG-AM09BP.NSJR0 - 30sht; Outdoor unit air conditioner LG-AM09BP.UA3R0 -30sht, internal power conditioner LG-P07EP.NSJ -200sht; Outdoor unit air conditioner LG-P07EP.UA3 -200sht, internal power conditioner LG-P09EP.NSJ -120sht; Outdoor unit air conditioner LG -P09EP.UA3 -120sht, internal power conditioner LG-P12EP.NSJ -50sht; Outdoor unit air conditioner LG-P12EP.UA3 -50 t; internal unit air conditioner LG-P18EP.NSK -10sht; Outdoor unit air conditioner LG-P18EP.UL2 -10sht, internal power conditioner LG-P24EP.NSK -10sht; Outdoor unit air conditioner LG-P24EP.UE -10sht, Domestic, Wall. Manufacturer LG Electronics Tianjin Appliances Co., Ltd. Trademark LG. Country of origin CN.. "CHINA0UA80717014758137993.8284
28/Apr/201770101000001.Ampuly glass for medicines, transparent, empty, colored ring on the head fracture site with a capacity of 5 ml, Art. P116C - 911 625 pieces. .POLAND911625UA2091403327.43722770.58095
28/Apr/20175603119000"1.Netkanyy material, the surface density of less than 25 u g / m2, consisting zsynte 100% tic fibers (polypropylene), art. 01-WLO-P165-P10 nonwoven materialperforovanyy, width 165 mm, surface density of less than 25 g / m2, schoskladayetsya of synthetic fibers 100% (polypropylene) -199285m2; art. 01-WLO-P165-P23 nonwoven width of 165 mm, poverhnevoyuschilnistyu 20g / m2, ATB printing 2kolory consisting of synthetic fibers I 100% (pipes en) -64542m2 .Torhovelna mark: NEOS ITALIAKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: NEOS ITALIA SRL. "ITALY0UA125230607835757.05006
28/Apr/20179405109890"1.Prylady lighting: LED lights, reflective, and nastinoho ceiling mounting or being mounted, zahalnohovykorystannya from composite materials, have a part radioelektronyh zasobivtavyprominyuvalnyh devices; art.94776NBL-R1-6-4K-IP20-LED -20sht61031NEL -FITO-8-LED -5sht61032NEL-FITO-12-LED -5sht61033NEL-FITO-14-LED -5sht94821NDL-P1-5W-830-SL-LED -8sht 94837NDL-P1-20W-840-WH-LED -65sht94838NDL- P1-25W-840-WH-LED -15sht 71385NLP-S1-24W-840-WH-LED -10sht71398NLP-SW1-18W-840-WH-LED -5sht 94079NLP-S1-38-4K-WH (without driver) - 20sht94454NLP-S1-7W-840-WH-LED -30sht 71375NLP-R1-7W-R120-840-WH -LED-20sht71394NLP-RW1-18W-R225-840-WH -LED-in-firm 1pc nickname; XiamenNeex OpticalElectronicTechnology CO ., Ltd.Torhive Marco NAVIGATORKrayina flax production-CN. "CHINA0UA100010152.4171807.630641
28/Apr/20178539213090"1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, for mototsyklivabo cars (zahalnohokorystuvannya is not explosive new): automotive lamp dopomizhnohosvitlo (habaryni and parking lights, light room) voltage of 12V, 5W power, luminous flux 50Lm, cap W2. 1x9.5d, ECE category W5W: 2825HCBI 5W 12V W21X95D5XFS101AOSOSRAM art.AA320250702, EAN: 4008321650849 - 1000pcs .; automotive lamp voltage of 12V power 55Vt, cap P14.5S: (set of 2 pcs in a plastic box for the implementation) 64150CBI-HCB 55W 12VP145S10X2BOX4MOSRAM art.A7275281913, EAN: 4052899412880 - 400sht .; automotive lamp voltage of 12V p tuzhnis Number 55Vt, cap P14.5S: (set of 2 pcs in a plastic box for sale) 6415 0CBI-HCB 55W 12VP145S10X2BOX4MOSRAM art. A7275281913, EAN: 4052899412880 - 600sht., automobile lamp head light napruhoyudlya 12V power 55Vt light flux 1550Lm tion illuminated temperature of 3200K, base P14.5s: 64150 55W 12V P14 5S 10X10X1 1A OSRAM art.A3759085313, EAN: 40 50300001487 - 1000pcs .; automotive and lamp voltage of 24V, 70Vt, cap P14,5s (P1): 64155 70W 24V P145S 10X10X1 1A OS RAM art.A43483C2113, EAN: 4050300016498 - 500sht .; automotive lamp 12 V, power 27Vt, 3200Lm light output, light temperature of 450K, basement b PGJ13: 881 27W 12V PGJ13 10XBD10X1 1A OSRAM art.A70942103B2, EAN: 400832154300 4 - 100 pieces .; automobile lamp voltage of 12V, base P14.5s (H1), light atura temp 3200K, the luminous flux 1550 lm: 64150ALS 55W 12V P145S 10X10X1 1A OSRAM art.A43491E0413, EAN: 4050300504544 - 50sht .; automobile lamp voltage 12V :( set of 2 pcs in a plastic box for the implementation) 64150ALS 55W 12V P145S 10X2 -AS OSRAM art.A3206760913, EAN: 4008321168733 - 20pcs .; Country of origin: DE; The manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH; Trademark: OSRAM. "GERMANY3670UA12523070.2954870.215954
28/Apr/201785364900901.Elektrychni apparatus for amperage over 60V, which contains in its skladiperedavachi and receiver. Relays of voltage control P1-SA (art. - 20sht.Rele voltage control interface KPR-SCE-24VAC / DC-1C (art. -100sht. Relay P1-SU voltage 220 VAC Form A (Art. - 20pcs. Relekontrolyu voltage interface KPR-SCE-60VDC-1C (art. - 60sht.Krayina consumption of production - TRTorhovelna mark - KlemsanVyrobnyk - Klemsan Elektrik Elektronik S AN. Ve TIC. AS.TURKEY0UA1250208.871144.948361
28/Apr/20178539293090"1. Spare parts for cars" "Bogdan", "electric incandescent lamp of motor vehicles: Lamp Art. G40 24V 55 / 50W P45T; several. 10,000 pcs., Lamp art. H4 24V 75 / 70W P43T; several. 10 000 pcs., lamp art. H1 24V 70W P14.5S; several. 500 pcs., lamp art. S25 24V 21W BA15S; several. 20,000 pcs., lamp art. S25 24V 21 / 5W BAY15D; several. 4000 pcs ., lamp art. G18.5 24V 10W; several. 20,000 pcs., art lamp. T5 24V 1.2W; several. 2000 pcs., lamp art. T15 24V 10W; several. sht.Vyrobnyk 3000 CHANGZHOU YADA LIGHTING ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO., LTDTorhova mark YADA LIGHTING ELECTRIC Country of CN. "CHINA69500UA1001208079318.857254
28/Apr/20178409990000"1.Zapasni parts for reciprocating internal combustion engines with kompresiynymzapalyuvannyam: Piston rings for c / g technology: art.50-1004060 to Dr. Johnston 50-300komplek; art.D144-1004060 to the D-144 (5) -110komplek, art Add .D144-1004060 P1-144 (5) / R1-100komplektiv; art.260-1004060 MTZ-B to E-260 s / c-120kompl; art.D21-1004060 to T-25 (5) -50komplek, art .240-1004060 to MTZD-243-200komplek; art.D144-1004060-01 to the D-144 (4) -100komp; Piston rings do110,00h3,00 RCr (D-50) -3000sht; Piston rings for 110,00h3 00 (D-50) -6000sht; Piston rings for 110,00h6,00 Cr (D-50) -3000sht; Piston rings for 110,00h6,00 (D-50) -3000sht; Piston rings for 105,00h3, 00 RCr (D-144) -1400sht; Piston rings up to 1 05,00h3,00 (D-144) -2800sht; Piston rings for 105,00h6,00 Cr (D-144) -1400sht; Piston rings for 105,00h6,00 (D-144) -1400sht, trade mark: MAR -MOT; Country of origin CN; Producer: "" MAR-MOT Sp. z oo "";. "CHINA0UA1000801434.825185.92174
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
62495, Харьківська обл. смт.Васищеве, вул.жщдПромислова 1
Exporter Name Valeo Service Eastern Europe Sp.z o Sp.z o.o
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​grip for cars, new art.804110 .: .........
HS Code 8708939098Value 503.0504357
Quantity 0Unit UA205020
Net Weight 55.91

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