Ukraine Import Data of Oxytetracyclin | Ukraine Import Statistics of Oxytetracyclin

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of oxytetracyclin collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of oxytetracyclin imports.

Oxytetracyclin Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Oxytetracyclin

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of oxytetracyclin. Get Ukraine trade data of Oxytetracyclin imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201729419000001.Antybiotyky on impregnated paper discs and vials dlyamikrobiolohichnyh studies: (SD003) Bacitracin (10 units) Bacitracin (10odynyts) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD003-10VL -4sht. (SD017) Kanamycin (30 mcg) kanamycin (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD017-10VL -2sht. (SD018) Lincomycin (2 mcg) Lincomycin (2 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD018-10VL -2sht. (SD021) Nalidixic Acid (30 mcg) nalidixic acid (30 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD021-10VL -2sht. (SD022) Neomycin (30 mcg) Neomycin (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD022-10VL -2sht. (SD024) Nitrofurazone (100 mcg) Nitrofurazon (100 ug) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD024-10VL -1sht. (SD027) Oxytetracycline (30 mcg) Oksitetratsyklin (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD027-10VL -1sht. (SD029) Polymyxin-B (300 units) Polymyxin Beta (300 units) packing 10 flakonov art.SD029-10VL -2sht. (SD041) Cephoxitin (30 mcg) Tsefoksitin (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD041-10VL -2sht. (SD056) Sulfasomidine (300 mcg) Sulfasomidin (300 mg) woo forging 10 flakonov art. SD056-10VL -1sht. (SD110) Ceftizoxime (30mcg) Ceftizoxime (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD110-10VL -1sht. (SD116) Cephadroxil (30 mcg) Tsefadroksil (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD116-10VL-2 pcs. (SD121) Novobiocin (5 mcg) Novobiotsyn (5 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD121-10VL -1sht. (SD206) Lomefloxacin (10 mcg) lomefloxacin (10 mg) upakovka10 flakonov art. SD206-10VL -2sht. (SD221) Itraconazole (10 mcg) Itrokonazol (10 ug) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD221-10VL -2sht. (SD225) Mezlocillin (75 mcg) Mezlotsyllin (75 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD225-10VL -2sht. (SD232) Fluconazole (25 mcg) fluconazole (25 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD232-10VL-3pc. (SD249) Cefotetan CTN 30 mcg Tsefotenan packaging flakonov art.SD249-10VL 10, 2 pcs. (SD724) Cephotaxime / Clavulanic acid (30/10 mcg) Cefotaximum / Klavulanovakyslota (30/10 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD724-10VL -2sht. (SD725) Cefpodoxime (10 mcg) cefpodoxime (10 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD725-10VL-3pc. (SD727) Meropenem MRP 10 mcg Meropenem 10 cartridges art. SD727-10CT -6sht. (SD737) Gatifloxacin (5 mcg) gatifloxacin (5 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD737-10VL -2sht. (SD738) Cefpirome (30 mcg) Tsefprinom (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD738-10VL -2sht. (SD006) Chloramphenicol (30 mcg) Chloramphenicol (30mkg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD006-10CT -10sht. (SD012) DoxycyclineHydrochloride (30 mcg) Doxycycline (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art.SD012-10CT -6sht. (SD023) Nitrofurantoin (300 mcg) nitrofurantoin (300 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD023-10CT -12sht. (SD030) Rifampicin (5 mcg) Rifampicin (5 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD030-10CT -6sht. (SD035) Amikacin (30 mcg) of amikacin (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD035-10CT -6sht. (SD040) Cephotaxime (30 mcg) Cefotaximum (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD040-10CT-8 pieces. (SD044) Tobramycin (10 mcg) tobramycin (10 mg) 10 kartrydzheyart packaging. SD044-10CT -6sht. (SD045) Vancomycin (30 mcg) Vancomycin (10 mg) upakovka10 cartridges art. SD045-10CT -6shINDIA0UA1251003.5242915.44007 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201729413000001.Oksytetratsyklin (oxytetracycline base, oxytetracycline dihydrate), as a yellow crystalline powder, not vetyrynariyi. CAS №6153-64-6. Chemical formula C22H24N2O9 · 2H2O. The content of the basic substance of 96.8% according to the manufacturer's certificate. It is used in the chemical industry. Manufacturer Hebei Jianmin Starch Glucose Co., Ltd. Trademark Jianmin. Country of CN. .CHINA0UA100110200017200.00011
25/Apr/20173004200000"1.Veterynarni drugs packaged for retail sale: - colistin 4800 GSP vodorozchynnyyporoshok oral, laminated packages of 1kg -900sht., 1 g of the drug contains diyuchurechovynu: colistin sulphate - 4800000 MO.Seriya (16J25-071, 17A06- 101, 17C03-081). Treatment of calves, pigs and poultry. - Oaks LA injectable injection vials of dark glass, closed with a rubber stopper under an aluminum run on -700sht 100 ml., 1 ml contains diyuchurechovynu: oxytetracycline (either oxytetracycline dihydrate) - 200 mg. Series (17C03-10C1) .Likuva ting cattle, pigs. - PENSTREP-DZHEKT suspension for injection vials made of glass, closed rubber stopper under an aluminum run on 100ml - 60sht., 1 ml contains the active substance: procaine benzylpenicillin - 200 000 MO.Seriya (17A24 -05C2). Likuvannyavelykoyi cattle and pigs. not aerosol upakovtsi.Vyrobnyk "" Dofarma BV "" Kingdom of the Netherlands.. "NETHERLANDS0UA1250301174.819236.60001
24/Apr/20178536301090"1. Veterinary medicines packaged for retail trade: - KOLISTIN 4800 VSP, water soluble powder for oral use, laminated packages of 1kg -900, 1 g of the drug contains the active substance: colistin sulfate - 4 800 000 IU. Series (16J25-071, 17A06- 101, 17C03-081) Treatment of calves, pigs, poultry - Oxia LA injectable solution for injection vials of dark glass, closed with a rubber crust, under an aluminum rim for 100 ml -700, 1 ml of the drug contains the active substance: Oxytetracycline (in the form of oxytetracycline dihydrate) - 200 mg. Series (17C03-10C1). Liku PENSTREP-JACKET Suspension for injection of vials of clear glass, closed with rubber crumbs under an aluminum rim for 100 ml - 60 pcs., 1 ml of the preparation contains the active substances: benzylpenicillin procaine - 200 000 MOs.Seriya (17A24 -05C2). Treatment of cattle and pigs. Not in aerosol packaging. Producer: "" Dofarm B.V. "" The Kingdom of the Netherlands. "FRANCE0UA10001023.342029.624678
19/Apr/20173004200000"1. Veterinary medicines that contain in their composition antibiotics other than vidstreptomitsynovoi and / or penicillin group mistyat not a narcotic, psychotropic substances and precursors packaged for retail sale not in stock vaerozolnyy package: Tromexin Tromeksyn white powder, active ingredient trimethoprim tetracycline, in 25kg-3up. Oxytetracycline 200L in form of suspension in a 100 ml bottle generally fl.Vyrobnyk 1000: "" INVESA "". Country of origin: ES.Torhivelna INVESA mark.. "SPAIN0UA100110295.754146.870181
18/Apr/20172941300000"1.Antybiotyk tetracycline, doxycycline hydrochloride -250kh (25kg 10baraba nivpo on pallet), party 1,612,202, is doxycycline hydrochloride in form of crystalline powder purity to ksytsyklinu hidrohlorydu95-98,2%, chemical name: 6-deoxy-5 oxytetracycline hydro- chloride, CAS nomer10592-13-9, use. f or veterinary preparation preparativ.Vyrobnyk: "" HaruPharm Gesellschaft mbH "". Country of origin: CN.Torhivelna mark: HaruPharm. "CHINA0UA80717025018770.62738
18/Apr/20173004200000"1 Medicines for veterinary use, containing antibiotics, put up for retail sale: Aerosol Alamitsyn - 1308sht. Product: bottles of 140g. Batch number: 6014-11A. Net net weight - 183120h. Release date: January 2016 end term use, in january 2018 represents a blue solution for external use in vials of 140g. 140 grams of the drug contains the active ingredient, oxytetracycline hydrochloride - 5 g Excipients: marking paint - patented Blue V (E 131), magnesium chloride, hexahydrate, povidone, propilenhli glycol, methyl alcohol. antibiotic with bacteriostatic properties. It is used to treat cattle, sheep, pigs, hoofed animals suffering from rot and treatment of skin diseases. The total net net weight - 183,12kh. Do not contain ozone-depleting substances. Country of origin: GB (Great Britain). Producer: 'Norbrook Laboratories Limited', Northern Ireland (UK). The trade mark " 'Norbrook' '. Marking pla bnyka: product name, release date, shelf life, maintaining."UNITED KINGDOM0UA401010261.62961.560429
14/Apr/20172941300000"1.Antybiotyky. Tetracycline derivatives. (Not for use in veterinary medytsynita livestock). Oxytetracycline hydrochloride (CAS 2058-46-0) - 250MG, art.46598-250MG - 1pc. Net net weight of 250 mg. Laboratory reagents. Not dlyamedychnoho pryznachennya.Torhivelna marka- "" SIGMA-ALDRICH "". Producer - "" SIGMA-ALDRICH Chemie GmbH "", Nimechchyna.Krayina production - CH.. "SWITZERLAND0UA1251100.0002540.92545587
12/Apr/20173004200000"1.Likarski facilities used exclusively for Veterinary Medicine. Preparations consisting of mixed or unmixed products for therapeutic and profilaktychnohozastosuvannya containing antibiotics (except penitsilinu pohi or data) without mistyatnarkotychnyh and psychotropic substances and precursors for rasfasovani retailtrade: Veterinary drugs: -Mastyleks in forms suspensions intratsysternalnoho application composition: 1shpryts-tube (10ml) contains the active substance: cephalexin monohydrate, 350 mg of gentamicin sulfate 35mh, Product: packing en tion containing 4 or 24-polimernyhshpryts 10 mL tubes, art.PA2860 / UA0000 -6000sht (75kart.korobok) - Oxytetracycline 200L.A., in the form of injectable solution composition: 1 ml preparatumisty No. of active substances : -Oksytetratsyklin (dihydrate) -200mh, Product: flakonyz dark glass, closed with a rubber stopper with aluminum caps: -on 100ml, art.PA2169 / UA0000 -200sht (4kart.kor.) - Tromeksyn in powder form for oral administration composition: 1 g preparatumistyt was acting echovyny: sulfametaksypirydazyn - 200 mg, 60 mg, trimethoprim, tetracycline (GMOs drohloryd) -110mh, bromgecsine (hydrochloride) -1,3mh, hairdryer ilbutazol-7 mg, Product: Aluminum bags coated with polyethylene to 1kg, art.PA2455 / UA0000 -84sht (7kart. Kor) - Chemi spray, spray for external stagnation ments, suspension, composition: 100mlpreparatu contains active substances: chlortetracycline (hydrochloride) -2h, hentsianviolet - 0.5 g; Product: Aluminum bottles in 200ml, art.PA2307 / UA0000-5000sht (250kart.korobok) - Enrofloks 5% in the form of a solution for injections, composition: 1 ml of the drug contains diyuchure-agents, enrofloxacin, 50 mg, mold release : bottles of yellow glass zakrytihumovym stopper under an aluminum run for 100 ml, art.PA2254 / UA0000-150sht (3kart.korobok) Producer: "" Industrial Veterinaria, SA- "" INVESA "". Country of origin: ES.Torhovelna brand: no data. The trademark - "" INVESA "". "SPAIN0UA8071701182.8620003.96225
07/Apr/20173004200000"1.Veterynarni drugs packaged for retail sale: - Oaks LA injectable injection vials of dark glass, closed with a rubber stopper under an aluminum run on -300sht 100 ml., 1 ml contains Active substance: oxytetracycline (in oxytetracycline dihydrate form) - 200 mg. Series (17C03-10C1) .Likuvannya cattle, pigs. not aerosol upakovtsi.Vyrobnyk "" Dofarma BV "" Kingdom of the Netherlands.. "NETHERLANDS0UA12510063936.0001795
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Oxytetracyclin Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Oxytetracyclin Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП""Глансфарма"""
Importer Address
Голосіївський проспект, буд. 118, корп. 1, кв. 1, м. Київ, 03127
Product Description
1.Antybiotyky on impregnated paper discs and vials.........
HS Code 2941900000Value 2915.44007
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 3.524
Origin Country INDIA

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