Ukraine Import Data of Overlock Machine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Overlock Machine

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of overlock machine collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of overlock machine imports.

Overlock Machine Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Overlock Machine

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of overlock machine. Get Ukraine trade data of Overlock Machine imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
20/Apr/20178452290000"1.Promyslovi electromechanical sewing mach-edge yny obmetuvalnohostibka (overlock s) model HR3216TDE-5X5 -2sht; Postavlyayut sya in rozibranomuvyhlyadi. Trading of arch: HONREYKrayina production: CN You robnyk: ZHEJIANG HONREY SEWING MACHINERY CO LTD."CHINA2UA1001101302633.999925 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20178452290000"1.Holovky not automatic industrial sewing machine complete with a bottle of machine oil and toolset without table: model LH3528ASFA00S-BB8 - 2 pcs model MF7522E11B40-BB - 1 pc; model DDL900ASWBN / X73203-BB / GAK85J7R AK85 J7R - 13sht complete lapky.Holovky lifting device is not automatic industrial sewing overlock complete with a bottle of machine oil and toolset without table: model MO6814SBE640H-BB0 - 5sht.Torhovelna brand: JukiVyrobnyk: Juki CorporationKrayina production: CN. "CHINA21UA500010888.212645.7641
19/Apr/20178452290000"1st Industrial sewing machines Manual: -YAMATO AZR 8920 SD-CDF -1 pc. 2-needle 2-line framing machine with differential regulation of BS okantovuvachem.V included: GVU-80-2 / RO steel profile with two rollers; working surface RTP vv of the box, switch to the network filter cable, Efka AB620A / DC1200 servomotor, DIV AB MA AZ overlock motoadapter, PFA for overlock, pneumatic device with magnetic valve cutter with smoktuvalnoyu pneumatic tube, LSM002 module light barrier with holder special device for edging, socket, RAC TFS 26-3 puller side, MT EV- C100 container knee switch. Designed for okantovuvannya tkanyn.Seriynyy number: 12535.Torhova mark - YAMATO. Manufacturer - no data. Country of origin - Japan (JP).. "JAPAN1UA1010501007612.716786
13/Apr/20178452290000"1.PROMYSLOVI Sewing Machine Manual complete with a table and ELEKTRYCHNYMDVYHUNOM (up to 400W, 220V), in a disassembled state for zruchnostitransportuvannya, complete with accessories: - Straight stitching machine: mod.SF202 - 5 pcs .; mod.SF5550 - 50 pcs .; mod.SF818U - 20pcs .; mod.SF3900-2 - 10 pcs .; mod.SF9910 - 1 pc .; mod.SF9920 - 1.; Trademark - SHUNFA. mod.AS591D-BFT with vmontovannym elektrodvy hunompotuzhnistyu 750Vt - 1 pc .; mod.AS592D-BFT with vmontovannym elektrodvy hunompotuzhnistyu 750Vt - 1.; Trademark - ANYSEW. mod.MR9800DD-1 vmontovannym elektrodvy hunompotuzhnistyu 550Vt - 80 pcs., Trades struction mark - MINERVA.- rasposhyvalni: mod.SF562-01CB / UT / WP complete with motor 550 W - 10 pcs., mod.SF264-01CB - 1 pc. - looped, mod.SF781D - 4 pcs. - Zig-zag machine: mod.SF2284D vmontovannym of electric power 550Vt th -1 pc. - dvoholkova machine: mod.SF8451 of vmontovannym Electric power meters 750Vt- 1 pc .; mod.SF8751 of vmontovannym Electric power 750Vt m - 1. ; mod.SF8452 - 1 pc .; mod.SF8752 - 1 pc. - Type "" overlock "": mod.EX5114DD of vmontovannym Mr. Electric power 550Vt- 1 pc .; mod.SF798EXT-4D with vmontovannym elektrodv yhunom power 400W - 1sht.Torhivelna mark - SHUNFA.- Kushnirs'ka: mod.GP-5/1 - 10 pcs., Trademark - ANYSEW.Krayina production - CN.Vyrobnyk - HANGZHOU MEETLIN IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD., China. "CHINA201UA5000601221447004.00001
13/Apr/201785014020901.Zapasni parts for industrial sewing machines and overlock trade markySHUNFA: Electric motors, single-phase: - mini Overlock capacity 180Vt, complete with elektropedallyu, napruhoyu220V - 300 pcs. Trademarks - SHUNFA.Krayina production - CN.Vyrobnyk - HANGZHOU MEETLIN IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD., China. .CHINA300UA5000603601799.99971
12/Apr/201784529000001.Mehanichni parts and furniture to cars promyslovyhshveynyh: YTL 25 petlyach bottom - top 20 shtYTJ80 Petlyach - 15 shtYTG44 plate for 4-spinning machines - 15 sht10008793 - Holder quotes ZJ747 - 5 sht10010300 - Filter sewing machine - 5 sht10012060 quotes pryzhymna 747 - 10 sht10012190 - 2,0mm needle plate ZJ752-13A - 10 sht91-101649-35 - plate needle 10,013,136 - 5 sht209681 Box - 5 pieces 201230S Pryzhymna foot, set - 3 pieces 10003116 - disk controller thread tension - 30 pcs 10003117 - felt disc thread tension regulator - 10 units 10,012,469 - shock overlock - 20 pcs 10009315 - quotes ZJ752-13 holder - 5 pcs 10009488 - upper knife holder ZJ752-13 - 2 10009489 pieces - upper knife holder slide ZJ752-13 - 3 pieces 10009764 - upper knife holder ZJ732 - 2 pieces 10009711 - upper knife holder slide ZJ732 - 3 pieces 10042955 - W562-2 front cover - 2 pcs 500L0006 - bump 10042867, ZJ562 - 2 piece 500L0003 - 20014879 hood, ZJ562 - 2 pieces 10043052 - needle plate 364 by edging - 2 pieces 10042869 - carrier fabric edging 356/364 - 4 pcs 10042870 - carrier fabric edging 356/364 - 4 units 10,045,988 - 364 foot during edging - 2 pcs 10039876 - increased ZJ9703HBR shuttle - 12 pcs 10031867 - shpulnyy cap increased ZJ9703HBR - 50. 10007138 - sheave increased ZJ9703HBR - 100 pcs 10008409 - sealing pressure regulator ZJ9703HBR - 20 pcs Z-91-119326 -91 quotes - 30 pcs 10052350 - ZJ9703HBR needle plate - 30 pcs 10038413 - fabric conveyor ZJ9703HBR - 30 pcs HSH-7.94A Shuttle - 12 pcs 10009984 - lifting a finger quotes ZJ9703 - 10 pcs 10026544 - plate needle M to ZJ9703 - 50 pcs 10026545 - conveyor M to ZJ9703 - 50. The guide thread holkovodiya 10005943 - 20 pcs HSH-7.94ATR - Shuttle MH with trimmer 30010003 - 24 pcs BC-DB1-NBL6 - shpulnyy cap 30,014,003 - 10,005,945 200 pcs threads holkovodiya Guide - 10 units 10,046,157 - holder mesh shuttle ZJ0303 - 10 units 10,012,302 - transporting plate (27h5mm) ZJ1900 - 10013653 sheave 4 pieces - 100 pieces B5-1040501Vidbyvna spring - 10 pieces B5-1040502 chop the spring - 10 units 10,013,374 - holkovodiya mechanism in the collection RI ZJ8450 / 8750 - 2 pieces 10018117 - petlyach ZJ101 - 3 pieces 10018093 - limiting ZJ101 - 1 pc 10018094 - protection ZJ101 needles - 20 pcs 10018101 - limiting ZJ101 - 1 pc 10036945 - ZJ101 tissue holder - 1 pc GR1110 / 18-8 - kolinopidyomnyk to ZJ20U - 1 pc 10011587 - lever ZJ1900 - 2 pieces 10023998 - shuttle KHS12-SPD2 (7,94ATR) - 5 pc Trademark: ZOJE Manufacturer: ZOJE SEWING MACHINE CO., LTD Country of origin: CNCHINA0UA100200211680.007109
12/Apr/20178452900000"1.Chastyny ​​to industrial sewing machines: - Tables, B class -315sht is a table (frame with Fly tables) designed exclusively for industrial sewing machines - rotary adjustment art.1383300400 -5sht, are an integral part Overlock designed to collecting material (the material does folds) - Pryzhymni quotes art.1131600600 -3sht, are an integral part of the machine, is used for tissue sealing pressure - clip holochnoyi thread art.1383002700 - 10 pieces, trimming mechanism is part nytky.- Zub'ya art.11414002-6sht, are an integral part of the machine, are displaced I tissue during shyttya.Torhovelna Brand: JackVyrobnyk: JACK SEWING MACHINE CO., LTD.Krayina production: China CN. "CHINA0UA8060207563.139402.750115
12/Apr/20178452290000"1.Holovky not automatic industrial sewing machines and overlock, complete with a bottle of machine oil, butter tray and a set of tools without table: Model JK-9100BS -50sht; -20sht F4, A4 -90sht; A4-H -20sht; A4-H-7 -20sht; JK-6380C -10sht; JK-798D-3 02/233 -5sht; JK-798D-4 MO3 / 333 -30sht; JK-798D-5 03/333 -15sht; JK-798D -5-A04 / 435 -15sht; JK-798D-6-03 / 333 -3sht; JK-799E-4 -20sht; JK-904E-M03 / 333 -5sht; JK-T1906BH-D -2sht; JK-T781E -Q -5sht; JK-T1377E -5sht. Trademark: JackVyrobnyk: JACK SEWING MACHINE CO., LTD.Krayina production: China CN. "CHINA315UA8060201067344608.24982
06/Apr/20178452290000"1.Napivavtomatychni sewing machines" "JACK SEWING" "engine and equipped with sewing table new: Energy saving mod.RF4 Straight stitching ma bus (head + base and lid) mod.RF4-H Power saving serednihta Straight stitching machine for heavy fabrics (head + base and lid) mod.RF4-7 Enerhozberihayuchapryamostrochna machine for medium and heavy fabrics (head + base and lid) mod.BRC-5558WB Straight stitching machine to PR yamomu drive from the edge trimmer tissue (head + base and lid) modes. BRC-8558WD-1-H Dvohholkova ntsyuzhkovohostibka la machine (head + base and cr yshka) mod.BRC-6380BC-Q-12 Straight stitching machine dlyavazhkyh materials with double protyazh Coy (head + base and lid) mod.BRC-6380EHC-3Q ryamostrochna A heavy machine aterialiv double protyazh koyuta thread cutter (head + base and hood) mod.BRC-5214D-M03 / 333Supershvydkisnyy 4 spinning overlock (head + base and lid) mod.BRC-562DI-02BBx364 High interlock machine type (head + base takryshka) mod.BRC -562ADI- High 02BBx356 type interlock machine (head + base and cover); mod.BRC-562E-01GB * 356 / H / UT Vysokoshvydkis on typuinterlok machine with automatic thread trimmer and automatic lifting legs (head + base and cover); mod.BRC-664BDII-01G "CHINA368UA2091402102597472.95624
05/Apr/20178452210000"1. Automatic sewing machines, namely: -YUKI 9850DE-4SS single-sided shuttle machine in amount of 2 pieces. Released in 2014. Serial number: 140825195-8, 140826572-81. Sewing machines were not used. Light and medium materials.These products are designed for cotton, knitted and synthetic fabrics, with low noise and vibration, even at high speeds. -Length of the stitch is 5.0 mm. -The lift height of the foot is 5/13 mm. -The maximum sewing speed Up to 5000 st / min.-LED-lamp-Lifting needle-31 mm-Pruning threadPlace In a partially disassembled form (tables for sewing machines / wheels / cable / pedal); - a sewing machine with a cross stitch of the brand YUKI 430D-02 in the amount of 5 pieces. Issue date 2016.Series numbers: 43015015,43015007, 43015009,43015012, 43015013. Sewing machines were not used, it is an automatic sewing machine with a cross stitch.The machine is extremely reliable and energy-efficient thanks to a direct motor drive, it smack 50 programs. It has the ability to work without a belt and vibration. It comes in a partially disassembled form (tables for sewing machines / wheels / cable / pedal); - an electronic sewing machine with SAGLAM SM326G electronic programmable multifunctional with the ability to enter 999 sewing programs in quantities of 1 pc. Serial number 2016-02.Rick release 2016.Sewing machine was not in use. Automatic sewing machine with electronic programming of sewing patterns, has a servomotor with a direct drive possible work without a belt, without vibration and no noise. Adjustable speed limit. Supplied in a partially disassembled form (tables for sewing machines / wheels / cable / pedal); - YUKI (JACK) JK-58720C-005 sewing machine sewing machine in amount of 1 pc. Serial number 120486352. Production year 2016. No sewing machine was used In use. High-speed two-needle rectangular industrial sewing machine is used for working with cloths of medium and medium-heavy groups. The distance between the needles is controlled by replacing the kit.Equipped with an automatic lubrication system.The machine is equipped with an attachment for fixing the gadgets. Supplied in a partially disassembled form (tables for sewing machines / wheels / cable / pedal); - a double-stitch sewing machine of the brand YUKI YK-8720D-405 in the amount of 2 pcs. Serial number: 120300782, 120385545. Year of issue 2016. The sewing machine was not in use. It is an automatic, high-speed 2-needle shuttle machine. Features: automatic lubrication with oil, increased lifting of the foot bales, energy-saving, high quality sewing. Supplied in a partially disassembled form (tables for sewing machines / wheels / cable / pedal); - YUKI YK-5214-MO3 / 333 four-thread overlock in amount of 1 pc. Serial number: 120700014. Year of release 2014. The overlock was not in use. Crane-borne four-thread overlock. Advantages: -Automatic lubrication system -High application performance-For light and medium fabrics Supplied in the "CHINA12UA508010105038586.75665
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Overlock Machine Importer Sample

Date 20/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ФОП ""Романенко Д.В."" пасп.ЕА 393389 виданий Ленінським РВ МВС України"
Importer Address
м. Київ, вул. Кадетський гай будинок 3 кв. 338
Product Description
"1.Promyslovi electromechanical sewing mach-edge y.........
HS Code 8452290000Value 2633.999925
Quantity 2Unit UA100110
Net Weight 130
Origin Country CHINA

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