Ukraine Import Data of Organic Product | Ukraine Import Statistics of Organic Product

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Organic Product Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Organic Product

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29/Apr/20176806100000"1.Mineralna fibrous mass" "mineral wool", "produced by pressing and using organic substances vyazhuchyh for heat - and sound insulation: Ingredients: basalt, diabase, limestone and dolomite. The chemical composition, the content of silica (SiO2) -35.3-41.67 % alumina (Al2O3) -14.22-19.9%, iron (Fe2O3) -4.13-8.06%, calcium and magnesium (Ca + MgO) -28.8-33.9%, oxides of alkali metals (Na2O3) + (K2O) -1.58-4.87 % boron oxide (B2O3) -vidsutniy. Model: FKD L 50h1000h600 4PC - density - 150 kg / m3, plates - 450 packs; FKD L 100h1000h600 3PC - density - 140 kg / m3 in plates - 200 packs; LMF AluR L 50h5000h1000 1PC UA - density - 41.8 kg / m3, in rolls - 48 rolls (roll coated on the outside with aluminum foil) .Torhivelna mark KnaufInsulation. Manufacturer Knauf Insulation, Ltd.Krayina production SK.. "SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA30510013461.65386.791073 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201728421000001.Produkty inorganic chemistry. Adsorbent for osnovesylykahelya: KC-Trockenperlen H 2050-1500khYavlyaye alyumosylykahel in the form of a solid sharykivzastosovuyetsya industry to control point rosyzzhatoho natural gas. Batch number 0014656488Torhivelna mark - KC-Trockenperlen (BASF) Manufacturer - Basf Catalysts Germany GmbHKrayina production - DE.GERMANY0UA100010150011245.51338
29/Apr/201738140090901. Organic Solvents complex, non-control measures on precursors and other substances listed 770 confirmed PKMU not in aerosol packaging, solvent polyurethane, solvent content 40% filler and pigment content 0% (composition: NeCE Conc., N. 67/548 - NeCAS Symb. CE -R- phrases, 2 METOKSYPROPYL acetate 274-724-2 0,1 - 0,49% 607-251-00-0 70657-70-4 T R10-37-61ЭTYLBENZOL 202- 849-4 2,5 - 4,99%, 601-023-00-4 100-41-4 F-Xn R11 - 20, 2-methoxy 1Metylэtyl AU 30-45% 203-603-9, 607-195- 00-7 108-65-6 R10, n-butyl acetate 204-658-1 25-30%, 607-025-00-1 123-86-4 R10-66-67, xylene 215-535-7 15- 19,9%, 601-022-00-9 1330-20-7 Xn R10-20 / 21-38), packaged in a tin-25 L, art. TZ13 - 825 l .Torhovelna mark ILVAVyrobnyk IVM Chemicals SrlKrayina production IT.ITALY0UA100110749.9251552.990716
29/Apr/201728362000001. inorganic materials - soda ash, light (disodium carbonate) Extra class as a dry powder granular white substance containing incorporates inorganic compound disodium carbonate (sodium carbonate Na2CO3) mass fraction of 99.2% and a small number of other substances. Used as a technical matter in the production of glass, detergents and in metallurgy. .ROMANIA0UA40815024000039979.42071
29/Apr/20173105909900"1.Dobryva series Intermag mineral water-based (with a nitrogen content not exceeding 10% calculated on the dry anhydrous product): Intermag-Mikrokompleks BOROSULF (bags of 600 pieces. 15 kg) Composition: N-6%, MgO-5 3%, SO3-11%, B-8%, Mn-1%, Mo-0,04%, ZN-0,1%; Intermag mono-Zinc (cans 210 pcs. on 20L) composition: Zn (soluble water) - 8,4%, Zn (sealed organic acids) - 4.2%. "POLAND0UA2092001462823118.87526
29/Apr/201728362000001. inorganic materials - soda ash, dense (disodium carbonate) Extra class as a dry powder granular white substance containing incorporates inorganic compound disodium carbonate (sodium carbonate Na2CO3) mass fraction of 99.2% and a small number of other substances. Used as a technical matter in the production of glass, detergents and in metallurgy. .ROMANIA0UA408150800000141261.5946
29/Apr/20172811210000"1. Inorganic and inorganic compounds of oxygen with non-metals: Liquid carbon dioxide (E290) with a bulk of 19120 kg. Amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) -not less than 99.99%. Complies with GOST 8050-85.Partiya No. 81/1. Production - April 27, 2017. It is used to create a protective medium for welding metals, for food purposes in the production of carbonated beverages, dry ice, for cooling, freezing and storage of food products, for welding purposes. The production system is Belarus (BY). Producer- JSC "Grodno Azot" "."BELARUS0UA205040191201455.454811
29/Apr/20173215190000"1.Farby color printing to offset printing in the form of pasty substances containing in its composition plivkoutvoryuvach (alkyd and / or phenolic resins, solid resins, etc., derivatives of fatty carboxylic acids (vegetable oils, etc.) aliphatic hydrocarbons (synthetic / mineral oil, etc. ), pigments (synthetic organic dyes / pigments and / or inorganic pigments) and other additives / impurities without protective properties: Paint yellow: Master 2000 SC Yellow HS1541 - 5000kg, paint red: Master 2000 SC Magenta HS2741 - 2000kh, paint blue : Master 2000 SC Cyan HS3941 - 2000kh, Paint Oct a: Master 6000 SC Yellow HS 1524 - 4000kg, red paint: Master 6000 SC Magenta HS2724 - 2000kh, blue paint: Master 6000 SC Cyan HS3924 - 2000kh; Trademark: DRUCKMASTERVyrobnyk: Sun ChemicalKrayina production: DE. "GERMANY0UA1000101700045874.29584
29/Apr/20172828100000"1. Calcium hypochlorite industrial (bleach content 18%) 21 pallets. Vmisthlornoho lime 18% - Inorganic spoluka- 21000kh., 1050 paper bags. Partiya№ 32. Physical parameters: color - white, light gray. The content of active chlorine (min.) - 18.20%. Moisture content (max.) - 2.30% -0.85 .Schilnist g / cm. cube. It is used in industry as vidbilyuvach.Torhovelna mark - no danyh.Vyrobnyk - "" B- KONTAKT "" LTD., Bolhariya.Krayina production - BG.. "BULGARIA0UA500020210008645.838704
28/Apr/20173506910090"1.Kleyi (adhesives) ready to use: Glue W-34 is a solution based on chloroprene rubber and synthetic ester component in the mixed organic solvent rozchynnyku.Orhanichnyy multicomponent compound, according to the chemical composition of the product certificate: (toluene-26% acetone-12%, refined oil boiling fluid and 26% resin vuhlevodorodna 2% polihlorprenovyy rubber, 34%). Packaging: 1820 x canisters 12,8kh-23296kh.Vykorystovuyetsya as industrial kleyu.Rozfasovanyy as a liquid in yemnistibilsh 1 kh.Vyrobnyk "" KIMYAPSAN "". Kp ayina production TR.Torhovelna mark "" KIMYAPSAN "".. "TURKEY0UA1101102329639070.00005
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
03067, м. Київ, вул. Гарматна, 8 Україна
Exporter Name Knauf Insulation, Ltd.
Product Description
"1.Mineralna fibrous mass" "mineral wool", "produc.........
HS Code 6806100000Value 5386.791073
Quantity 0Unit UA305100
Net Weight 13461.6

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