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Oppo Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Oppo

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201748239085001.Carton transfer, made of low-layers, without watermarks, not impregnated with special substances of paper, obtained from fiber mass, obtained from paper waste, in the form of a sheet with cut two opposite corners, with the dimensions of the sides 542mm x 360mm, thickness of 0,35mm, designed For the transfer of finished products in boxes. Art.999993002 Cardboard lining - 50000pcs. .POLAND0UA4030301932.117070.82208 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201739211900001. flexible film made of porous polyethylene, -in letters: PODKLAD MULTI-SILENT 3,0MM (5M2) 90 M2 / KARTON 10,4KG / OPPODKLAD MULTI-SILENT 5 MM (5M2) 55 m2 / karton / 11paczek 11,1 KG / OPVykorystovuyetsya in construction for uteplennya.Ne contains pictures, embossing or polishing. .POLAND0UA209180419.11429.130828
28/Apr/201759039099001.Termoplastychnyy material Termoflex 60VK -750,00kv.m. It is a textile woven material with chemical synthetic polyester fiber which is impregnated polystyrene and containing inorganic filler based compounds kaltsiyu.Z one side of the nonwoven fabric has a continuous thin coating polietylenvinilatsetatom, on the opposite side means partial coverage polietylenvinilatsetatom. Surface seen with the naked eye. The content of the inorganic filler is 32.5 wt.%. The content polietylenvinilatsetatu and polystyrene is 43,0mas.%. The surface density is 1300 + -1h / m2. In sheets measuring 1.5 m * 1 m thick 1,5-2mm, no pattern, no polishing and embossing. Used to manufacture socks and backs working vzuttya.Torhivelna Brand: MELAMIN.Vyrobnyk: MELAMIN Kemicna tovarna dd, Sloveniya.Pakuvannya: product of wood pallets wrapped in clear plastic wrap. .SLOVENIA750UA8052209602673.693602
28/Apr/201739211900001. flexible film made of porous polyethylene, -in letters: PODKLAD MULTI-SILENT 3,0MM (5M2) 90 M2 / KARTON 10,4KG / OPPODKLAD MULTI-SILENT 5 MM (5M2) 55 m2 / karton / 11paczek 11,1 KG / OPVykorystovuyetsya in construction for uteplennya.Ne contains pictures, embossing or polishing. .POLAND0UA20918021127201.919985
28/Apr/20178466209100"1.Prystroyi for fastening machining parts for lathes Center rotational MT2, 3,440,702 -1sht article, intended to establish, consolidate and rotating the workpiece in turning machines for woodwork in the part opposite clamp patronu.Torhivelna mark: Optimum, Brand: Sturmer Maschinen GmbH, Germany, Kriyina production: CN. "CHINA0UA1101800.5521.117865
27/Apr/201784818073001. For installation of sensors differential pressure (not electronic): blokyЭLEMER valve-BK-E22-5 - 48sht. Production of steel datchykivtysku provide a detachable connection with an external supply pipeline and the measured abokontrolovanohorobochoho environment. According to the principle of action and opportunities to design entity belongs to the walk-through showers Venta. .RUSSIA0UA11208036.84287.540775
27/Apr/20179031499000"1. The optical sensor PRK 18/24 DL.46 LE.50032798 - 15 sht.Reflektornyy optical sensor Leuze Electronic PRK 18/24 DL.46 article 50,032,798 with universal outputs PNP / NPN NO / NC is designed for detecting transparent objects. The body is a switch for easy and convenient mode setting of transparent objects such as PET bottles and plastic film, transparent or colored glass bottles, glass bottles. The sensor works PRK 18/24 DL.46 reflector at a distance of 4 m and a polarizing filter for reliable detection of objects with shiny and glossy poverhnyamy.V optical sensors Leuze Ele ctronic with reflector light transmitter and receiver housed in a single package. reflector on the opposite side of the beam reflects light back to the receiver. Moving object interrupts the beam of reflected light, causing a change in output syhnalu.Reflektornyy sensor for detecting transparent objects with polarization filter in a rectangular housing 50x15x33 mm. Distance of operation: 0 ... 4 m (reflekto rum TKS 100X100). Output: PNP / NPN NO / NC. Switching frequency 1000 Hz. Operating temperature range: -25 ... +55 ° C. Housing material: zinc alloy, glass - glass. Power: 10 ... 30 V DC. Connection: M12 connector 5 pin.Krayina production - Germany .Torhova mark - Leuze.Vyrobnyk - Leuze Electronic. "GERMANY0UA1120801.1253055.161113
27/Apr/201790318038001. Ynduktyvnyy sensor pepperl-fuchs NBB20-U1-E0 - 4 sht.Induktyvni electronic sensors Pepperl Fuchs provide the necessary signals for the final position of the objects serve as pulse sensors to set the numerical values ​​or logging speed. This device monitors the presence of metal in the zone of their actions. Inductive sensors approximation using the physical effect of changing the Q-factor resonant circuit caused by eddy current losses in conductive materials. Inductive-capacitive tuned circuit generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field. This field extends from the active surface of the sensor. If this field is flagged conductive material (metal), according to the law of electromagnetic induction eddy currents arise that absorb the energy of an oscillator circuit. Consequently, the amplitude decreases. This change is converted into a switching signal. This operating principle can detect all metals irrespective of whether they are moving or a hundred or not. The distance to the active surface on which the conductive material is in the sensor signal change is called distance spratsovuvannya.Zminne electromagnetic field generated between two coils installed in the U-shape legs and placed opposite each odnoho.Datchyk triggered when a metal object passes through the area between kotushkamy.Nominalna voltage - 10-30V DC. Country of origin - Vietnam .Torhova mark - pepperl-fuchs.Vyrobnyk - pepperl-fuchs.VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA1120800.948293.7412623
26/Apr/20178483602000"1. clutches and devices for connecting shafts of iron or steel: 903,720 left lifting plate clutch -1 pcs .; represents Claw coupling, which are located opposite each other elements (polumufty) have projections and corresponding grooves (set 2 polumufty 1 mounting z'эdnannyam "" Spider ""). trademark Lovejoy; brand Love Joy Inc; US manufacturing country. "UNITED STATES0UA1001200.223.3397387
25/Apr/20178483602000"1.06407711 Coupling bellows KM-60 D1 = 24 G6 / D2 = 32 G6 -2 pcs. Of stainless steel is a twist-rigid bellows coupling, designed to connect shafts of various diameters and provide a dense synchronous-angular transmission of rotational movements. The couplings provide compensation for non-uniformity during mounting in the radial, axial and angular displacement and are characterized by high rigidity on twisting, small opposing forces, as well as a function of vibration extinguishing, are used for high-precision transmission of torque in precision pr Water. Used in the equipment of cold pilgating KPW 25 LC. Main technical characteristics: Type of product: Silfon coupling Series: KMTimension: 60Nominal torque (Nm) 60M second order (10-3 kg / m2) 0,29Rough hardness (NM / arcmin) 8.7Max shaft displacement (mm) axial ± 0,9; lateral 0,3Rescale elastic stiffness (N / mm) 49Lateral rigidity (N / mm) 260Turning time of the screw (Nm) 35Self stainless steelBlatched high pressure aluminum bolts according to DIN912 nickel plated. "GERMANY0UA1101400.9685.9716521
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Oppo Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
с.Байківці, вул.15 Квітня, 7. Терноп.обл. Тернопільський район Україна
Product Description
1.Carton transfer, made of low-layers, without wat.........
HS Code 4823908500Value 17070.82208
Quantity 0Unit UA403030
Net Weight 1932.1
Origin Country POLAND

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