Ukraine Import Data of Oil Opener | Ukraine Import Statistics of Oil Opener

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of oil opener collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of oil opener imports.

Oil Opener Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Oil Opener

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of oil opener. Get Ukraine trade data of Oil Opener imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
20/Apr/20178432900000"1.Chastyny ​​agricultural machinery for soil preparation or processing thatnot containing in its composition peredavachiabo transmitters tapryymachi 16 'doska left field metalevaart.622137-32sht; 16' doska right field art.622136-32sht metal, metal lever rakes art. 57700410-150sht, roller lever art.K8009770-15sht, plow blade art.618104-1sht; art.618105-2sht, breast plow art.619060-8sht; art.619061-8sht, metal rakes art.57551510-8sht drive, drive art.K3640800-4sht metal opener, chisel plow art.622174-14sht metal; art.622175-22sht; prykotuyuche wheel assembly art.B0000174-12sht, sowing wheel prykochuyu Th rubber-metal art.N02322A0-4sht; lemih plow with hard surfacing art.622251-18sht; art.JXX28517-1sht hub, mixer fertilizer spreader art.R4021022-1sht, shoulder art.57905240-8sht cultivator, plow anchors resistant metal art .167146-2sht, stable wheels art.JXX28516-1sht collection, plow-resistant metal art.261166-2sht, retaining ring art.J0931061-2sht; art.R3021100-1sht plate; art.55931400-4sht; Cepphus and rt.FNB1026 -5sht, Producer - KUHN CATorhivelna mark - KUHN Country of origin - FR "FRANCE0UA100110865.5239768.190503 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20178432900000"1.Dysk sowing seed sowing art.A102717-32sht.Nasinnyeprovody vysivnohoaparatu art.A74932-1sht.shpyndelprykotuyuchoho wheel ripper art.N262082-1sht.Chystyky seed sowing apparatus art.AA37076-50sht.Dysk rozpushuvachasektsiyi steel shtampovanyyart.A72680-34sht.Dysk baking powder sektsiyisivalky stamped steel wheels art.A72680-8sht.Dysk prykotuyuchoho soil art.N281706-26sht.Dysk kolesaprykotuyuchoho soil art.N281706-29sht.Soshnyk art.N284025-2sht.Soshnyksivalky art.N284025-4sht.Kotushka sowing seed sowing machine, metaloplastmasovaart .AA26713-3sht.chystyk sowing wheel art.AA3722 1-96sht.Kryshka tukovysivnohoyaschyka sowing, sowing rollers art.AA39477-29sht.Uschilnyuyuchi sivalkykombinovani section (Plastics, rubber band) art.AA43898-14sht.Uschilnyuyuchi kotkyposivnoyi used drills combined (plastic, rubber band) art.AA43898-18sht.Kryshka box sowing apparatus art.AA53858-20sht.Dysk plastic marker stamped steel drills, spherical assembly of the hub ipidshypnykom art.AA5831 9-4sht.nakinechnyk nasinneprovoda art.AA67780-50sht.Vazhilchavunnyy cast, which mounted disc coulters sowing art.AA71196- 6sht.Vazhil cast iron, which with mounted disc coulters sowing art.AA71196-4sht.Vazhil cast iron, which mounted disc coulters sivalkyart.AA71197-5sht.Chystyk disc coulter drills rolled, stamped steel wheels art.AA79993-50sht.Vazhil copier sowing art.AA82684-2sht.Vazhil kolesakopira art.AA82684-3sht.Vazhil sowing wheel copier copier wheel art.AA82684-7sht.Vazhil sowing drills art.AA82684-4sht.Vazhil prykochuyuchoho sivalkychavaunnyy cast art.AN281170-10sht.Uschilnyuyuchyy wheel roller used drills vzbori (consisting of two plastic pivdyskiv , of ball bearings ihumovoh at bandage) for seeders art.AN282296-40sht.Dysk seed sowing apparatus sivalkydlya art.A52391-24sht.Nasinnyeprovid sweet corn planter, seed drill plastykovyyart.A56786-10sht.Nasinnyeprovid opener, steel opener art.A72825-6sht.Nasinnyeprovid seed drill, art.A72825-54sht.Tsapfa dyskarozpushuvacha steel, cast iron art.A75275-4sht.Tsapfa disk ripper, lytaart.A75275-8sht.Nasinnyeprovid iron, steel, art.A81406-10sht.Nasinnyeprovidstalevyy drills, drills art.A81407-11sht.Nasinnyeprovid steel , sowing art.A81407-9sht.Chystyk internal zahortachiv fertilizers s Fertilizer sowing John Dirmodeli 7200, stamped steel art.B35913-40sht.Z'yednuvach adapter fiksatsiyilapy cultivator art.N237614-40sht.Suport fixing springs paws cultivator, steel stamped art.N237746-12sht.Stiyka paws cultivator art.N237964-14sht. By s / d tehniky.Vyrobnyk: John Deere; Trademark: John Deere; Country of origin: US "UNITED STATES0UA1001201118.64319490.9521
18/Apr/20173917390090"1. Acquisition of spare chastynyn to hook c / g technology Lemken, new, made of plastic: 482 6013 Tukoprovod (plastic tube Drills) - 18 pcs., 58210074 Drills with a plastic tube Cepphus OptiD (B) D25 (Drills plastic tube through which is fed grain Cepphus serves to clean the soil opener) - 36 pcs., only 54 pieces.. "GERMANY0UA1252609.8281510.294361
12/Apr/20177326909890"1. Spare parts for farming: AA37076 Cepphus = 5SHT.AA64034 Cepphus, lv = pr + 23SHT. Cepphus A24085 = 32SHT drive. N242551 Cepphus disc harrows = 16SHT. Material - steel. Purpose - to zkydannya sowing seeds from the disc, for cleaning nalypshoho of soil from the drive opener, a blank disc coulter nalypshoho of soil, cleaning disc harrows from spherical nalypayuchoho hruntu.R108503 Cap = 5pcs. Material - steel. Purpose - Tube closure otvoru.32243 = 1ShT.Material - steel. Use - variator drive admissions kombayna.T12529 chamber cover (cap) = 5pcs. Mother al - steel. Purpose - sealing cover position pidshypnyka.RE209809 = 1 pc. Material - steel. Purpose - sealing lid zakuporyuvannya.AXE50778 = 5pcs. Material - steel. Purpose - concave cap. Using - kombayn.AA71196 Lever, RH = 2 pcs. Material - steel. Purpose - to hold a drill and auxiliary Lever for prykotuyuchyh wheels. Use - sivalka.A98182 Ri CHUG RH (drill) = 38SHT. Material - steel. Purpose - Lever Cepphus with one hand for cleaning shoe storage sivalky.B175R Fork = 2ShT.Material - steel. Purpose - to connect the shaft and kronshteyna.H155459 Overlay = 1pc. Material - steel. Purpose - to fix the ejector detaley.AA85899 = 8ShT.Material - steel. Purpose - disk with rays in diameter, while its rotation pushes the seed sowing disc from the slot. Use - sivalka.AH168277 doors = 1pc. Material - steel. Purpose - to close the door camera Slasher Case solomy.AXE12437 = 1pc. Material - steel. Purpose - vygruznogo auger housing. Application - Core kombayn.N302245 = 4 pieces. N302245 core = 12p. Material - steel. Purpose - to wrap borozdy soil after sowing nasinnya.N284055 plate pryzhymna = 40ShT.Material - steel. Purpose - press a finger protyrizhuchoho Reaper. Reliance RE62204 = 4 pieces. Reliance RE62205 = 2 pcs. Material - steel. Purpose - to frame the front axle kombayna.R107718 Sleeve = 14SHT. R108316 Sleeve = 2 pcs. R108582 Sleeve = 1pc. R108583 Sleeve = 2 pcs. R135247 Sleeve = 1pc. R230458 Sleeve = 5pcs. Material - steel. Purpose - cylindrical sleeve, vygruznogo grain auger. Use - kombayn.R26632 = 24SHT metal sleeve. A20648 plug Bourne disk = 8 pieces. The plug A82567 = 3pc. H167127 plug = 10pc. N317984 plug = 2 pcs. N219547 plug = 190SHT. N302247 plug = 40SHT. N233669 plug = 34SHT. N234484 plug = 73SHT. N302247 plug = 34SHT. = N313475 plug 1pc. = N313475 plug 1pc. = N317644 plug 1pc. N219000 plug = 15SHT. N317985 plug = 2 pcs. N280648 plug = 16SHT. N284086 plug = 38SHT. N302247 plug = 7SHT. N302269 plug = 13SHT. N407345 plug = 2 pcs. R107719 plug = 6 pcs. R108304 sleeve = 4 pieces. = R95250 plug 1pc. R125974 = 22SHT plug. HXE24237 plug = 16SHT. Material - steel. Purpose - protection, fastening and fixing the child 'UNITED STATES0UA901010321.93712854.81869
12/Apr/201784329000001.Chastyny ​​carbon steel to pochvoobroblyuyuchoyi technology: Bunker drills art.AC819741-2 units, Bunker drills art.AC852982-10 units, sowing disc (8030 cpl.), Art.A139240632-16 pieces, Seed disc art. AC819957-8 units, disk sowing apparatus art.AC819118-8 units, the sowing, art.AC853072-11 units, the sowing, art.AC819138-12 units, the sowing, art.AC853071-72 units, CD marker art .AC496709-3 piece, front disc coulter sections drills art.KL810921-10 units, disc cutters, art.AC821840-4 units, disc cutters, art.AC821839-6 units, coil dispensing apparatus art.AC821890-9 units, Wheel Printing, art.AC819853-2 pcs Set chystykov, art.AS805073-18 pieces Corps sowing On the machine art.AC819258-4 pieces Corps sowing machine fertilizers art.AC821910-2 pieces Corps sowing machine, art.AC852741-1 pieces Corps sowing machine, art.AC858055-2 pieces Corps fertilization (left) , art.AC821132-2 pieces Corps fertilization (left) art.AC821132-3 pcs Coil sowing, art.A139040532-1 units, a collection marker, art.AC353088-1 units, Marker drive art.AC 496177 -20 units, depth control section opener, art.AC858625-30 units, fertilizer coulter right, art.AC821131-3 pieces, thrust regulator section opener, art.AC858951-1 units, Cepphus sowing disc art.AC805853-1 units, Cepphus sowing machine, art.AC858670-10 units, Cepphus drive Sosnie and the rights art.KL810625-70 units, Cepphus prykotuyuchoho wheel art.AC819538-16 unit, subsurface seeds art.AC819745-30 piece wheel prykatyyuche, art.AC825818-7 units, kopusna detail opener, art.AC819715-6 pcs kopusnaya part housing the sowing, art.AC852073-100 units, hub assembly drills art.AC820077-1 unit, support frame opener, art.AC829100-2 units, paralelohramm coulter frame, art.AC838111-16 units, trade Marco Kverneland.Krayina vyrobnytstva- FR.Vyrobnyk-Kverneland Group Metz SAS.GERMANY0UA110190516.16719423.38611
11/Apr/201784329000001.Chastyny ​​to agricultural machines for preparing or handling soil of seeders and cultivators, seeders Cepphus right 700746140-4sht, trymachhrablyn kultyvvatora SN5723-3sht, stable SN3820-1sht paws, Cepphus drive soshnykasivalky SN10126-9sht, directing peredpluzhnyka SN3753-4sht, Cepphus vysivnohoaparatu N858771-100sht, stable SN7260-2sht clutches, thrust frame WR38719-1sht, pull ramyWR38719-1sht, frame SN7908-1sht disk harrow, cultivator SN13937-4sht axle, disc cultivator SN2723-6sht, Cepphus drive SN7141-3sht, clamp sivalky700746136-10sht holder feeler wheel right 700178415-13sht, Mr. link hrablynkultyvatora SN3612-3sht holder feeler wheel left 700178414-15sht, stiykasivalky SN5831-4sht, frame SN6187-2sht disk harrow, Cepphus opener sivalkyW247461B-89sht.Krayina production - USTorhovelna mark - AGCOVyrobnyk - AGCO.UNITED STATES0UA125040510.9237141.674112
11/Apr/20178432900000"1.Chastyny ​​carbon steel to pochvoobroblyuyuchoyi equipment: lifts, art.149-032D-24 pieces weighed prykochuvayuschoho wheel art.202-189D 5 pcs insert plates sowing machine, art.342108-10 units, fungus seed distributor , art.168-216H 10 pcs CD marker art.820-094C 2 pcs CD marker art.820-094C 10 pcs prykotuyuchoho drive wheels art.817-296C 2 pcs dispenser spacers, art.817-426C 3 pcs Zernoprovid section opener, art.403-214S 5 pcs Coil dyskovoy harrows long, art.556-124D-1 units, wheel prykochuvayusche, art.814-174C 20 pcs Case dispenser system sowing drills art.168-295H-1 units, casing shoe (short) art.121-703H- 3 pcs Coil sowing machine, art.817-456C-40 units, hopper lid, art.817-263C-18 units, hopper lid, art.167-049H-1 units, cover distributor zernoprovodiv drills art.816-218C -5 units, Keaton (nasinnyaukladalnyk) art.120825-16 units, 0-Rama Volyn NGO opener, art.142-854A 30 pieces, Rama drills art.148-141H-1 units, knife rack cultivator, art.820 -296C-15 units, rack turbonzha, art.402-683D 2 pcs hundred yka turbonozha, art.402-432H 2 pcs Tandem floating left, art.560-305H-1 units, Plate sowing machine, art. 342103-64 pcs Plate seeding device sunflower in the collection, art.343067-64 units, Cepphus shoe holder, art.404-170H-28 units, Hold vach Cepphus opener, art.404-152D 100 pcs Tube nasinneva, art.817-715C-40 units, mills collected art.149-938A-40 units, Cepphus, art.404-194D 20 pcs Cepphus, art.121-008H-41 units, Cepphus disc harrows left, art.556-166h-43 units, Cepphus disc harrows right, art.556-165h-47 units, Cepphus drive left, art.404-153D 100 units, seven Tab "" yaprovodu harvested art.122-242S-39 units, lever prykatuyucheho wheel art.812-398C 10 pcs, wheel prykatyyuche, art.814-134C-12 pieces, case details coulter frame, art.199 -141H-10 units, in the hub assembly, art.815-226C 2 pcs hub in the collection, art.556-113S-6 units, nasinnyaprovid, art.817-314C 400 pieces, bearing prykatyvayuchoho wheel art.1 99-153H-10 pieces, seal the seed ketones art.890-840C 3 pcs reels visivayuchyh of the case, art.168-185H-1 units, trademark-Great Plains.Krayina vyrobnytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-Great Plains Mfg ., Inc. "UNITED STATES0UA1101902974.1547300.09842
10/Apr/20178432301900"1 - mechanical seed drill JOHN DEERE 455 FOLDING DRILL - 35 FT = 1pc. NOT Precision drilling (working width of 35 feet, 10,7M). MARK JOHN DEERE. SERIAL NUMBER: 1N00455XLG0770034. New. Production Year 2016 NUMBER openers - 70 ; configuration of openers - staggered (zig-zag) VOLUME bunker SEED / FERTILIZER - 2245 / 1794L; PRESSURE ON Shovel soil to 86kg / cm2; free movement openers vertically 381MM, DEPTH 89MM 19 ... SOWING; DIAMETER DISC 343MM seed, working speed 8-10KM / h Required tractor power 140-220K.S. INTENDED FOR GRAIN CROPS SOWING IN MINIMAL TECHNO OHIYI tillage. PARTLY unassembled for easy transport. In the structure IS transmitter or transmitter and receiver. TRADE MARK: JOHN DEERE. PRODUCER: 'JOHN DEERE DES MOINES WORKS'.. "UNITED STATES1UA901020707469340.74003
06/Apr/20178432900000"1. Parts c / g technology for soil preparation or processing, WS1E opener right, left WS1E ploughshare, plow plate, right, lining plow, left.."UNITED KINGDOM0UA20914045.02141.0184752
03/Apr/20178432900000"1.Chastyny ​​agricultural machinery for soil preparation or processing: a set of vacuum system for 24 drill machine KINZE Model 3700 art.900-01220-1sht, Sunflower sowing disc assembly art.GR2154-3sht; Cepphus left shoe steel art.GA2012L -200sht; Cepphus opener right-steel art.GA2012R 200sht, great drive for sowing Sorghum 30 cells art.GA6187-50sht.Vyrobnyk plastic - Kinze manufacturing IncTorhovelna mark - KinzeKrayina production - US. "UNITED STATES0UA1001201092.41619919.08998
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Oil Opener Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Oil Opener Importer Sample

Date 20/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КУН-УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
02009, м. Київ, вул. Зрошувальна, буд. 11
Exporter Name """KUHN S.A."""
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​agricultural machinery for soil .........
HS Code 8432900000Value 9768.190503
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 865.523
Origin Country FRANCE

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