Ukraine Import Data of Odu | Ukraine Import Statistics of Odu

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of odu collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of odu imports.

Odu Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Odu

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of odu. Get Ukraine trade data of Odu imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178473302000"1.Chastyny ​​computers and accessories. Electronic modules for cars avtomatychnohoobroblennya informatio memory module 8Gb DDR3 1333MH art.GR1333D364L9 / 8G -20sht., Memory module 4Gb DDR3 1333MH art.GR1333S364L9S / 4G module -30sht .; memory 4GbDDR3 1600MH art.GR1600D364L11 / 4G -30sht .; 8Gb DDR3 memory module 1600MHart.GR1600D364L11 / 8G .; -30sht module of memory 8Gb DDR3 1600MHart.GR1600S3V64L11 / 8 G .; -50sht 4Gb memory module DDR3 1600MHart.GR1600S3V64L11S / 4G module p .; -100sht am'yati 2Gb DDR2 800MHzart.GR800D264L6 / 2 G .; -100sht 16Gb DDR3 memory module 1866 M 2 * 8Gart.GY1866D364L10 / mo .; 16GDC -4sht dul'S memory 8Gb DDR3 1866MH art.GY1866D364L10 / 8G -10sht .; 4Gb DDR memory module 1866MH art.GY1866D364L9AS 3 / 4G -10sht.; m 8Gb DDR3 memory odul 1866MH 2 * 4G art.G Y1866D364L9AS / 8GDC -4sht .; modulpam'yati 8Gb DDR4 2133MH art.GY2133D464L15 / 8G -20 pcs .; 16Gb memory module DDR42133M art.GY2133D464L15S 2 * 8G / 16GDC -10sht memory module .; 'memory 4Gb DDR4 2133MHart.GY2133D464L1 5S / 4G -20sht .; 8Gb DDR4 memory module 24 00MHart .GY2400D464L15S / 8G -20sht .; Memory module b 8Gb DDR4 2400MH 2 * 4G art.GY2400D464L15S / 8GDC -10sht .; memory module 16 Gb DDR3 1866M 2 * 8Gart.GYB1866D364L10 / 16 GDC -4sht .; memory module 8Gb DDR3 1866M Hart.GYB1866D364L10 / 8G -10sht .; Mr module am'yati 4Gb DDR3 1866MH art.GYB1866D364L9AS / 4G -10sht .; DDR3 memory module 8Gb 18 66MH 2 * 4G art.GYB1866D364L9AS / 8GDC-4 pieces. ; memory module 4Gb DDR3 1866MH art.GYG 1866D364L9AS / 4G -4sht .; modulpam'yati 8G b DDR3 1866MH 2 * 4G art.GYG1866D364L9AS / 8 GDC -2sht .; DDR3 module pam'yati16Gb 1866 M 2 art.GYR1866D364L10 * 8G / 16GDC -4sht .; odul 8Gb of memory DDR31866MH art.GYR186 6D364L10 / 8G -4sht .; memory module 4Gb DD R3 1866MHart.GYR1866D364L9AS / 4G -4sht .; memory module 8Gb DDR3 1866MH 2 * 4G art.GYR1866D364L9AS / 8GDC -4sht .; The memory module are 16Gb DDR3 1866M 8Gart.GYS1866D364L 2 * 10 / 16GDC -4sht .; DDR3 memory module 1866MHart.GYS1866D364L10 8Gb / 8G -8sht .; fashion eh memory 4Gb DDR3 1866MH art.GYS1866D364L9AS / 4G -4sht .; memory module 8Gb DDR3 1866MH 2 * 4G art.GYS1866D364L9AS / 8GDC-4sh t., Country of origin - TWTorhovelna mark - GoodramVyrobnyk - Wilk Elektron ik "TAIWAN0UA10020017.99618177.59992 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201787043139001.Poshkodzhenyy truck brand TOYOTA, TUNDRA model, body type PICKUP TRUCK, black, wheel formula 4x4, VIN 5TFUW5F16DX279397 -1 pieces. Typdvyhuna petrol with cylinder capacity of 5700 cm3 cyl Indra capacity of 280 KW, nome, the engine - no data, environmental cluster with - Euro 5, designed fortransportation goods for use on roads in the general use, maye5 places with ydinnya, including the driver's seat, second-hand, 2012 kalendarnohoroku manuf spare, the 2013 model year production, vantazhopidyomnis 780kh, Massa avantazhennya complete with 3130 kg vnurishnya etc. Length Islands ntazhnoho vidsikustanovyt - 2000 mm, wheelbase to vzhyna - 3700 mm.Takym chyno m maksymalnavnutrishnya load compartment floor length exceeding 50% Dovže yny kolisnoyibazy car, and is 54.05%. Damaged by expert MoV WCU: front bumper in gathering with kronshtey us, caps, grille, -zruynovani headlights 2 pcs, fog lights to collect 2 units, rear lights, Phil trpovitrya tion, battery, front and rear seats - from the relativity of being wings uzbori front 2 pcs of stickers adkamy, Lockers, front panel - where molded with vynyknennyamkutovyh vmyatyn, cover Capone in the collection of hinges, locks, seals -poshkodzhena, to be replaced and kondytsianera radiator, cooling system TION -deformovani in violation geometry ychnyh sizes, diffuser in meetings Gates and yatorom- damaged, must be replaced, Mr odushky security kompleti (driver's knee 2 pcs) with sensors, control units, ol ytsyuvannyam, belts - spratsyuvalyVyrobnyk: TOYOTA MOTOR MANUFACTURING, TE XAS, INC.Torhovelna mark TOYOTA.Krayina production: USUNITED STATES1UA80719020504662.629951
26/Apr/20173004900000"1.Liky for people without content, vitamins, hormones, alkaloids, antibiotics, retail, not aerosol packaging: AKLASTA, solution for infusion, 5 mg / 100 mL to 100 mL vial, 1 vial in a box of cardboard / zolendronova k and /; MIFORTYK, coated tablets, 180 mg enteric through №120 (10h12) in a blister / sodium mofetil /; ONBREZ BRYZHAYLER powder for inhalation, hard capsules 300mkh №30 (10h3) in a blister inhaler 1 / indacaterol maleate /; SYBRI BRYZHAYLER powder for inhalation, hard capsules 50mkh №30 (6h5) in a blister with 1 inhalya uring / hlikopironiyu bromide /; Producer: Novartis Pharma Stein AG (production, quality control (except for the determination of decomposition products 542-07 by HPLC-MS), secondary packaging, batch release), Switzerland Farmanalityka SA (Quality control (except for the definition microbiological purity and decomposition products 542-07)), Switzerland Konafarma AG (primary and secondary packaging), Switzerland Solvias AG (quality control (only determine ave oduktiv schedule 542-07 by HPLC-MS), Switzerland Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland ; trade mark: "" Novartis ""; manufacture Country tstva Switzerland (CH). "SWITZERLAND0UA11012017.42216124.90008
26/Apr/201739199000121.Strichky samokleyni not in coils, PR oduktiv polipryyednannya (additive polimeryzatsiyi): Label address vantazhootrymuv acha article DCPL - 50 sht.Pryznachennya: for clinical survey findings protocol 4500CRD2001.Torhovelna Brand: COVANCE.Vyrobnyk: COVANCE.Krayina production : US. .UNITED STATES0UA1251000.547.08538264
26/Apr/20178708999798"1.Chastyny ​​and accessories for a / m Lada: electronic accelerator pedal, art.21214110850001 - 2sht.Zahlushka in the cylinder block D16, art.00001000158601 -14sht.Bryzhov IK engine right, art.11180280202220 - 2sht.Trubka parovidvidnaopalyuvacha metal art .21100810120900 - 5pcs. tank washer, art.21900520810200 -1sht. tank washer, art.21900520810200 - 4 pieces. Arm human pidviskydvyhuna second pillar, art.111801001 15700 - 11sht. tensioner shoe chain art.21213100609082 - 150sht. natyazh ytelya shoe chain , art.21010100609082 -99sht. tensioner shoe chain art.2101010 0,609,082 - 401sht. vidvidnaradiator a metal pipe, art.21070130301800 - 6 pcs. Kp onshteyn odushky shtanhypidvisky engine top art.21120100129200 - 12p. ubok final rounds systemyoholodzhennya engin on metal art.21010130301400 - 18sht. shka Cree pryvodarozpodilchoho shaft art.2121 4100205800 - 1pc. cylinder head cover IP art.21230100326000 - 1pc. Mastylovid okremlyuvach crankcase ventilation, art.21210101420000 - 4 pieces. nyk Sal rear holder and crankshafts, art.21010100515300 - 4sht.N atyazhytel circuit assemblies art.212141006 06,031 - 20pcs. Cable pryvodaakseleratora shell, art.11110110805400 - 20pcs. Drive right perednohokolesa assemblies art.11180221501011 - 1pc. First Drive right front wheel vzbori, art.217002 21501011 - 2 pcs. Drive shaft right front count IC assembly, art.11180221509201 - 3pc. Intermediate shaft drive, art.212132 20201010 - 11sht.Zaspokoyuvach chain t.21030100610082 al - 48sht. Lan marine tsyuha, art.21030100610082 - 402sht. Auto matic chain tensioner "" Pylot "" LADA 2101-06, art.21010100606082 - 4 pieces. Bryzho browsing engine left, art.11180280202310 -30sht. Cap the cylinder block, art.2121 4100204600 - 70sht. Bracket pidviskyro zdatkovoyi box assemblies art.212101801 01,082 - 12sht.Krayina production - RU rhovelna That mark - LADAVyrobnyk - "" Arzam AQIS plant radyodetaley "" g OAO Arzamas "RUSSIA0UA125180276.0962804.323788
25/Apr/20172106909200"1.Liky for a person of equal ozonoruyni contain substances not spray package, Be content of ethyl alcohol, etc. oduktiv free of animal origin intended for retail trade. Marking available and meets the standards of law. The drug Isla Minto, lozenges to 100 mg, n o10 lozenges in a blister, 3 blisters in a cardboard box, №30, seriya№16G020A-43200up. Active ingredients: 1 pastille contains 100 mg of water ekstraktuislandskoho moss (Ice land moos) ((2-4): 1) ; extractant: water, misty sorbiturozchyn (1: 2), not containing sucrose, glucose, k rohmalyu. (UA / 2187/01/01 vid20 / 03 / 15r. 0r to 20/03/2). Trade mark: "" ISLA-Mint "". Producer (s) medicinal product responsible for batch release, primary andsecondary packaging: "" Engelhard Artsna ymittel GmbH & Ko.KH "" Nimechchyna.Vipovidalnyy nerozfasova tion for the production of the product: "" Boulder ArtsnaymittelHmb H & Ko.KH "" Nimechchyna.Krayina production: Germany, DE.. "GERMANY0UA1251301944122782.0054
25/Apr/20174016995290"1. Parts Co. Ltd.-metal cuffs. Pos. From 8701 to 8705: art.T11-1001510 engine bracket, 1 pc., Art.T11-2402040BA engine bracket, 2 pcs., Art.T11-2402050BA engine bracket, 2 pcs., Engine bracket art.A21-1001510JA front, 2 pcs., art.A13-3406320FA oil line, 2 pcs., front shock absorber support art.T11-2901110, 20pcs., Shock art.S11-2901110 support, 3pc., engine mounts art.A13-1001510FA , 15sht., engine bracket left art.A13-1001211FA, 2 pcs., front art.A11-2901030 support stick, 10pcs .; art.A13-1303111FA pipe cooling system, 2 pcs .; art.A11-1001110DA engine pillow, 3pc. , engine pillow art.S18D-1001110, 2 pcs .; art.S18D engine pillow-1001710, 1pc .; odushka engine art.S18D-1001720, 2 pcs .; cushion rear right engine art.S12-1001710DA, 6 pcs .; art.QR512-1702224 pad, 10pcs .; gasket Cylinder art.480-1003080, 50sht .; exhaust system gasket art .S11-1205311BA, 4pcs .; water pump gasket art.484FC-1307041, 2 pcs .; intake manifold gasket art.477F-1008018BA, 6 pcs .; laying on the intake manifold art.480EF-1008021, 10pcs .; laying GBTS art.477F-1003080, 10pcs .; valve cover gasket art.480-1003060BB, 38sht .; valve cover gasket art.481H-1003042, 10pcs .; laying appendage art.QR512E-1702107, 5pcs .; silent-block art.A11-3301025, 30sht .; silent-block art.B11-2909050, 30sht .; art.B11-2909110 silent block, 2 pcs .; art.B11-2909120 silent block, 2 pcs .; silent-block art.M11-2919350, 10pcs .; silent-block art.M11-2919460, 8 pieces .; silent-block art.M11-2919470, 12p .; silent-block art.S21-3301140, 20pcs .; silent-block rear lever art.M11-2909070, 10pcs .; Seal art.QR523T-1802121, 7sht .; rear crankshaft seal art.480-1005030BA, 5pcs .; Gearbox seal art.QR523-1701206, 15sht .; Seal differential drive art.QR523-1701203, 40sht .; distribution shaft seal art.481F-1006020, 26sht .; art.M11-3506010 brake tube, 2 pcs .; hydroamplifier art.T11-3406310BA tube, 1pc .; art.S12-8108030 pipeline, 1pc .; brake hose front art.A11-3506010, 10pcs .; Trademark CheryVyrobnyk Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.Krayina production CN "CHINA0UA100110114.1191442.042698
25/Apr/201740169952901.Vyroby of humy.Z nezatverdiloyi volcanic ovannoyi nonporous rubber to a / o mzahalnoh destination of-metal cuffs, no e la skladannyamotornyh industrial trans Portnoy means: * art.07179 cushion front frame 8A0 199 415 B-4 pieces. * art.07179 cushion front frame 8A0 199 415 B -2sht. art.31791 * Silentblocks 7H0 501 132 A-1am. art.29568 * Silentblocks 1 K0 505 541 D -2sht. * art.08669 support amortyzatora124 320 14 44 -3sht. art.086 shock absorber bearing 69 * 124 320 14 44 * -4sh Suspensions for engine and Lane edachi 191199402 C -1sht. art.02230 * Suspensions for engine and transmission 191 199 402 C -1sht. art.09044 * Pillow PPC 8D039915 1 H -2sht. art.09044 * Pillow PPC 8D0399 151 H -1sht. art.05131 Podushkadvyhatelya 0684 * 641 -6sht. art.18856 * Pillow engine and 7D0 199 132 E * Engine pillow 4B0 399 151 P -1sht. art.26610 * P odushka engine 1J0199 851 N -1sht. art.1 5932 * Engine pillow 701,399,661 -1sht. * art.15932 Podushkadvyhuna 701 399 661 - 1am. art.07609 * Pillow Gearbox 4A0 399 415 B -2sht. art.07609 * Pillow Gearbox 4A0 399 4 15 B -2sht. * Suspensions for art.01933 to engin and transmission 701 399 201 -1sht AG. art.0 1933 * Suspensions for engine and transmission 70 1399201 AG-1am. * art.04990 Saylentblo for axle bearing 443 399 415 A -1sht. art.071 podushkaperednoyi frame 82 * 893 199 419 - 2 pcs. * art.07182 cushion front frame 8 93199 419-2sht. art.11485 * Pillow engin una 8D0 199 379 J -1sht. * art.11485 pillow kadvyhuna 8D0 199 379 J -1sht. art.40559 * Gasket fuel pump 3964833 -6sht. art.40559 * Gasket fuel pump 3964833 -4sht. * art.15898 Saylentblok8A0 199419 A -8sht. art.26389 * Silentblocks 1 64 351 00 42 -1sht. * Saylentblo for art.22289 82 00042594 -2sht. art.22289 bushing 82 * 00042594 * Saylac entblok 4A0 1 247 51 -2sht. art.07620 * Ca ylentblok 811,511 247-4sht. art.07620 ° C aylentblok 811511247 -4sht. art.14154 * Silentblocks 8D0 501 541 D -4sht. art.1415 4 * Silentblocks 8D0 501 541 D -4sht. art.2 4245 * 638 Saylentblok5402 -3sht. art.242 45 638 5402 * Silentblocks -2sht. * art.02047 Saylentblok0402 935 -1sht. art.02047 * Silentblocks 0402 935 -1sht. art.03671 * Ca ylentblok 191 501 541 -10sht. art.03671 * Silentblocks 191501541 -6sht. * art.22988 Saylentblokvazhelya 7M0 501 541 -15sht. t.10019 ar * Silentblocks lever 4D0 407 515 C * Silentblocks lever 4D 0,407,515 -4sht C. art.09087 * Silentblocks vazhelya4A0 51 1249 -2sht. * Say art.09087 lentblok lever 4A0 1 249 51 -2sht. art.2 9406 * Silentblocks lever MR403441 -11sht. art.29406 * Silentblocks lever MR403441 -14sht. art.03141 * Silentblocks lever 0352 349 -8sht. art.03141 * Silentblocks vazhelya0352 349 -12sht. * art.03142 silent blocks in azhelya 0352 335 -32sht. * art.03142 lever bushing 335 0352 -48sht. art.21332 ° C aylentblok lever 0423 302-6sht. art.213 32 * Silentblocks lever 0423 302 -4sht. t.26535 ar * Saylentblok8N0407 181 B -8sht. art.26535 * Silentblocks 8N0 407 181 B -6sh t. * Silentblocks art.24390 lever K0 1 40 7 1 82 -51sht. * art.24390 silent blocks weigh ale K0 1 4071 82 -50sht. * art.07847 Saylac entblok lever 191 407 181 D -1CHINA0UA807200146.1741961.21445
24/Apr/201740103100001.mastylni materials for vacuum pumps, containing, as the main compon ent70% by weight or more of oil or petrol oduktiv derived from minerals bitumizovanyh dysulfit contains molybdenum in 1L bottles. VPOQ-200sht.Torhovelna Brand: CPSKrayina production: USVyrobnyk: CPS.GERMANY0UA1002103.279146.8391989
24/Apr/20174602199000"1.Komplekty wires for spark plugs and other types of wiring sets used in motor vehicles, operating voltage 12-24V, connectors, cable inflammation AUDI COUPE V6 2.8E, art.-ABM45, kilk.-1k- kt.Kabel inflammation SEAT CORDOBA, art.-ABU12, kilk.-10k-kt.Kabel inflammation SEAT TOLEDO 2.0i, art.-ABU13, kilk.-6K-kt.Kabel inflammation AUDI COUPE 1.8, art.-ABU2, Amount .-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation SEAT, VW 16V, art.-ABU37, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation AUDI COUPE 2.0, art.-ABU4, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation AUDI COUPE 2.6 V6, art.-ABU45, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation VW CADDY 1.4 1.6, art.-ABU58, kilk.-10k-kt.Kabel inflammation CITROEN ZX 2.0i, art.-CPU15, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation CITROEN BX 1.5 1.5i, art.-CPU9, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation DAEWOO SENS 1.3, art.-D15E, Amount .-14k-kt.Kabel inflammation 2101-07 EPDM, art.-E16.P, kilk.-5k-inflammatory kt.Kabel 2110 8V - i EPDM, art.-E18.P, kilk.-5k-kt.Kabel inflammation 2107 - i EPDM, art.-E20.P, kilk.-inflammatory 3k- kt.Kabel 2121 8V - i EPDM, art.-E22.P, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation FIAT UNO, TIPO 1.4, art.-FAU13, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD 16V ZETEC, art.-FS11, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD SIERRA 1.6I, art.-FS16, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD CORTINA 1.6, art.-FS5, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD FIESTA V ST150, art.-FS50, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD CAPRI, SIERRA, art.-FS6, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD SIERRA, GRANADA, art.-FS9, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD FIESTA 1.1 i, art.-FU10, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD CAPRI 2.8 V6, art.-FU12, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD ZETEC 16V 97-, art.-FU20, kilk.-4k -kt.Kabel inflammation FORD ESCORT, ORION, art.-FU3, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD SCORPIO 2.0, art.-FU35, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD CORTINA, art.-FU5, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD CAPRI 1.6,2.0, art.-FU6, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD SIERRA, art.-FU8, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation FORD SIERRA, GRANADA , art.-FU9, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation MAZ DA 626 16V 2.0i, art.-JPE113, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation MERCEDES G300, art.-M4, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation OPEL ASCONA 1.3, art.-ODU203, kilk.-10k -kt.Kabel ignition OPEL KADETT 1.8,2.0, art.-ODU204, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation OPEL ASTRA 1.8,2.0, art.-ODU223, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation OPEL ASCONA 1.6, art .-ODU225, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation OPEL OMEGA 2.0, art.-ODU226, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel inflammation OPEL ASTRA 1.6, art.-ODU231, kilk.-4k-ignition OPEL kt.Kabel ASTRA 1.6, art.-ODU232, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation OPEL CALIBRA 2.5, art.-ODU240, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation RENAULT, art.-RBU1, kilk.-2K-kt.Kabel inflammation RENAULT, art.-RBU13, kilk.-2K-kt.Kab l inflammation RENAULT, art.-RBU34, kilk.-4k-kt.Kabel ignition RENAULT SUPER, art.-RBU9, kilk.-3k-kt.Vyrobnyk JANMOR Sp. z oo; Trademark JANMOR; Country of EU; "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA1000504.31215.63773016
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Odu Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Odu Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МТІ"""
Importer Address
01023,м.Київ,бул.Лесі Українки,4
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​computers and accessories. Elect.........
HS Code 8473302000Value 18177.59992
Quantity 0Unit UA100200
Net Weight 17.996
Origin Country TAIWAN

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