Ukraine Import Data of Oculus | Ukraine Import Statistics of Oculus

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of oculus collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of oculus imports.

Oculus Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Oculus

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of oculus. Get Ukraine trade data of Oculus imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20176029049001.Zhyvi plants, trees, shrubs and bushes, including their roots, to vidkrytohohruntu for decorative purposes, with torfohruntom in pots and p / e bags vasortymenti in stock: Abies proc. Glauca C5 Fir -8sht. Juniperus scop.Blue Arrow 120-140 Juniper -100sht. Fagus syl. Dawyck Gold C130 Beech -2sht. Fagussyl. Tricolor Beech 250+ -6sht. Fagus syl. Black Swain C130 Beech -1sht. Fagus syl.Black Swain 300+ Beech -2sht. Fagus syl. Purpurea Pendula PA 160 Beech -4sht. Fagussyl. Beech-C4 mix 12p. Fagus syl. Purple Fountain C130 Beech -1sht. Picea abies Konca 140-160 Spruce-6 pieces. Picea abies Inversa C45 Spruce -3sht. Picea abies Inversa 150+ Spruce -5sht.Picea pung. Spruce Hoopsii C2-10pc. Picea pung Glauca Globosa 80-100 Spruce -40sht. Pine Pinus Oculus Draconis140-160 -6sht. Pine Pinus Glauca 140+ -2sht. Pine Pinus Globe 60+ -1sht.Pinus mugo Wintergold 60-80 Pine -20sht. Pinus mugo Ophir Pa60 -6sht.Pinus 60 Pine mugo Ophir C5 Pine -7sht. Pine Pinus nigra 350+ -3sht. Pinus nigra 250+ Pine -5sht. Pinus syl. Watererri 160-180 Pine -5sht. Thuja occ. Golden Globe Thuja -50sht 40+. Thuja occ. Danica Thuja 20-30, 100 pieces. Thuja occ. Danica Thuja 30-40, 100 pieces. Thuja occ. Thuja Smaragd C2 -3sht. Thuja occ. Thuja Smaragd 350+ -51sht. Thujaocc. Thuja Smaragd 270+ -46sht.POLAND0UA2091401940010067.49235 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20178708299000"1.Spare parts for passenger cars: art.BY221-1220AL Wing of front lids.BYD F3 06-13 (DK 206 3456 311) -2 pieces; art.BY221-1220AR Wing of peredition BYD F306-13 (DK 206 3456 312) -2 pieces; art.BY221-123000 Hood BYD F3 06-13 (DK 206 3456280) -2 pieces; art.CV013-138000 Grille CHEV AVEO T200 04-06 (DK 016 0105 992C) -10 pieces; art.DW121- 1380A0 Grille DW LANOS (DK 020 0139 992) -5 pieces; Art.AU221-1220AL Wing front left AUDI 100 -91 (DK 013 0071 311) -3; Art.AU221-1220AR Wing front right AUDI 100 -91 (DK 013 0071 310) -3 pieces; art.CV191-123M00 Hood cover CHEV LACETTI SDN (DK 016 0111 920) -9 pieces; art.FD777-123000 Hood F. TRANSIT 06- (DK 023 0203 280) -2 pieces; art.GL131-123000 GEELY jacket MK 06- (DK 024 0206 280C) -5 pieces; art.GL146-1220AL Wing of the first leg GEELY CK 06- (DK 024 0205 311C) -3 pieces; art GL146-1220 AR Wing for GEELY CK 06- (DK 024 0205 312C) -3 pieces; art.GL146-123000 Cowl GEELY CK 06- (DK 024 0205 280C) -3 pieces; art.HY193-107000Cargo luggage cover HYUN ACCENT 06-10 (DK 027 0234 530) -2 pieces; art.HY193-136 000Panel front.HYUN ACCENT 06- (DK 027 0234 200) -2 pieces; Art.HY234-136000 Panel before.HYUN ELANTRA 06- (DK 027 0239 200) -1 pieces; Art.HY612-1220AL Wing of perl. HYUN H-1 H200 97-05 (DK 027 0242 311C) -2 pieces; Art.HY612-1220AR The wing of the front. HYUN H-1 H200 97-05 (DK 027 0242 312C) -2 pieces; Art.CY229-138NA0 Frame of the cushionsCHERY AMULET 04-12 (DK 015 0098 992C) -30pcs; Art.MZ065-136000 Panel front. MAZDA 3 04- (DK 034 0299 ​​200) -50pcs; Art.HY235-122LBL Subframe per. LeftHYU ELANTRA 11- (DK 027 1885 101) -50 pcs; Art.HY235-122LBR Subframe per. LawHYU ELANTRA 11- (DK 027 1885 102) -50 pcs; Art.HY022-136000 Panel front. HYUN GETZ 06- (DK 027 0241 200) -30; Art.VW323-1220AR Wing front right VW GOLF III (DK 051 0596 310) -7 pieces; Art.VW323-1220BL Wing front left VW GOLF III (DK 051 0596 311) -18sht; art.VW323-1220CR wing front right VW GOLF III (DK 051 312 0596) -10sht; art.VW323-1220DL wing front left VW GOLF III (DK 051 317 0596) -5sht; art.VW364-1220AL front wing Left VW BORA (DK 051 0592 311) -5 pieces; art.VW364-1220AR Wing front right VW BORA (DK 051 0592 310) -5 pieces; art.CV014-122LBL Front wing fenders.Left CHEV AVEO T250 06- (DK 016 0106 101) -50pcs; Art.CV014-122LBR Front wing fenders. Right CHEV AVEO T250 06- (DK 016 0106100) -50 pcs; Art.HY631-122LBL Fenders for front. Left HYUN TUCSON (DK 027 0259101) -30; Art.HY631-122LBR Front wing fenders. Right HYUN TUCSON (DK 027 0259100) -30pcs; Art.KA173-136000 Panel front. KIA RIO 06- (DK 031 0275 200) -15 pieces; Art.MB632-1380A0 Grill MIT OUTLANDER 07-09 (DK 036 0361 991) -5 pieces; Art.CV013-122LAL Front fenders. LeftCHEV AVEO T200 04-06 (DK 016 0105 101) -30pcs; Art.CV013-122LAR Front wing fenders. Right CHEV AVEO T200 04-06 (DK 0160105 100) -30pcs; Art.CV191-136SAR Oculus per. Panel right CHEV LACETTI SDN (DK016 0111 200) -30pcs; Art.HY193-136000 Panel front. HYUN ACCENT 06- (DK 0270234 200) -50 pcs; Art.HY631-136000 Panel front.HYUN TUCSON (DK 027 0259 200) -30pcs;Art.SD371-1360A0 Panel front. -AC SK FABIA 99-05 (DK 045 0510 201) -10; Ar "CHINA0UA4010501574.6748555.261965
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Oculus Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""ГАЛСАД"""
Importer Address
79495,м.Львів-Винники,вул.Котермака 1-а Україна
Exporter Name """KRAJEWSCY"" Szkolka Drzew i Krzewow Ozdobnych"
Product Description
1.Zhyvi plants, trees, shrubs and bushes, includin.........
HS Code 602904900Value 10067.49235
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 19400
Origin Country POLAND

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