Ukraine Import Data of Oak | Ukraine Import Statistics of Oak

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of oak collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of oak imports.

Oak Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Oak

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20177005103000"1.Float glass 4.0 mm. Coated ClimaGuard N, 3210h6000 size mm - 52 sheet 1001.52 sq.m. Float Glass 4.0 mm. Coated ClimaGuard Solar, size 3210h6000mm - 52 sheet 1001.52 square meters. c. thermally polished glass, sheet, clear, colorless, flat, not reinforced, with a reflective layer on one side yakyynanosytsya in akuumnym coating formed soft low-emission coatings obtained float method untreated otherwise. Glass is not profiled, nehnute not engraved, not drilled, not combined with other materials, colored throughout the mass, not matte, not plakove and not oak ovane without overhead, nevidnosytsya to optical glass and the glass rolling or vytyahnutoho.Vykorystovuyetsya for glass in the manufacture of windows and sklinnyasvitloprozrachnyh structures and building products, technical, pobutovohopryznachennya.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" Guardian Glass Rostov "" Russian Federatsiya.Krayina production: RUTorhivelna mark: "" CLIMAGUARD "". "RUSSIA200304UA807140191907582.259999 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20176029049001.Dekoratyvni trees, shrubs and chaharnykyv hoschykah of torfohruntom or komomtorfohruntu for open ground, Fir / Abies koreana Brillant C11 h 30-35sm - 4 pieces. Fir / Abies lasiocarpaCompacta C35 h 300-350 cm - 2sht.Klen / Acer palmatum 'Fireglow' h 350-375sm - 1pc. Maple / Acer platanoides'Drummondii 'h 160-180 cm - 6sht.Klen / Acer platanoides' Drummondii' h180-200 cm - 2 pcs. Maple / Acer platanoides'Drummondii 'h 180-200 cm - 4 pieces. Birch / Acer platanoides 'Globosum' h 140-160 sm 6 pcs. Birch / Acer platanoides 'Royal Red' h 180-200 cm - 2 pcs. Chestnut / Aesculushippocastanum 'Baumannii' h 180-200 cm - 6 pieces. Amelansher / Amelanchier lamarckii h300-350 cm - 2 pcs. Barberry / Berberis thunbergii Concorde C3 h 20-30 cm - 30sht.Barbarys / Berberis thunbergii Golden Dream C3 h 30-40 cm - 30sht.Barbarys / Berberis thunbergii Red Rocket C3 h 30-40 cm - 30sht. Birch / Betulacostata C240 ​​h 200-250 cm - 1 pc. Birch / Betula jacquemontii h 300-350 sm 1am. Birch / Betula nigra C51 h 80-100 cm - 2 pcs. Boxwood / Buxus h 550-600 cm -1sht. Sam Shyt / Buxus h 600-700 cm - 3pc. Hornbeam / Carpinus betulus h 200-250 cm - 2sht.Kyparysovyk / Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Filifera Aurea' C5 h 50-75 cm - 2sht.Deren / Cornus alba Sibirica Variegata C3 h 40-60 cm - 100 pieces. Deren / Cornus kousaMilky Way C25 h 100-125 cm - 2 pcs. Deren / Cornus Kousa Schmetterling C18 h 80-100sm - 2 pcs. Hazel / Corylus Syrena C15 h 140-160 cm - 10pc. Euonymus / Euonymusallatus h 80-100 cm - 2 pcs. Beech / Fagus sylvatica Dawyck Gold C240 ​​h 300-350 cm -2sht. Beech / Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea' h 50-60 cm - 4 pieces. Hydrangea / Hydrangeapetiolaris C5 h 120 cm - 5pcs. Juniper / Juniperus horizontalis Golden Carpet C2 h25 cm - 20pcs. Juniper / Juniperus horizontalis Wiltonii C7,5 h 30-40 cm - 30sht.Yalivets / Juniperus squamata Blue Carpet C3 h 30-40 cm - 50sht. Larch / Larixdecidua Pendula h 180-200 cm - 2 pcs. Larch / Larix kaempferi C10 h 50 cm - 4sht.Modryna / Larix kaempferi Diana C12 h 120 cm - 2 pcs. Lihvidanbar / Liquidambarstyraciflua h 180-200 cm - 2 pcs. Liriodendron / Liriodendron tulipifera h 140-160sm - 2 pcs. Malus / Malus coronaria Coccinella C10 h 80-100 cm - 4 pieces. Malus / MalusProfusion C10 h 60-80 cm - 4 pieces. Spruce / Picea abies Acrocona C65 h 700-800 cm -1sht. Spruce / Picea abies Baryi h 400-500 cm - 6 pieces. Spruce / Picea glauca Conica C3 h40-60 cm - 10pc. Spruce / Picea omorika Zuckerhut h 200-225 cm - 3pc. Spruce / Piceapungens Edith h 100-125 cm - 5pcs. Spruce / Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa' h 80-100sm - 2 pcs. Spruce / Picea pungens Iseli Fastigiata h 100-120 cm - 5pcs. Pine / Pinusmugo pumilio h 70-80 cm - 4 pieces. Pine / Pinus mugo h 80-100 cm - 2 pcs. Pine / Pinusmugo Carsten`s Wintergold C12 h 35-45 cm - 4 pieces. Pine / Pinus mugo 'Mops' h 60-70sm- 6 pcs. Pine / Pinus mugo Wintergold h 125-150 cm - 1 pc. Pine / Pinus nigra'Pyramidalis' h 125-150 cm - 2 pcs. Pine / Pinus sylvestris Watereri h 400-500 cm -2sht. Prunus / Prunus cerasifera Crimson Point C60 h 125-150 cm - 2sht.Prunus / Prunus cerasifera Nigra C18 h 120 cm - 6 pieces. Prunus / Prunus serrulata RoyalBurgundy C10 h 120 cm - 6 pieces. Oak / Quercus rubra h 180-200 cm - 2sht.Horobyna / Sorbus DodongPOLAND0UA100010181403986.145692
29/Apr/20173925908000"1. Profile Building products with PVC external to internal obrobkybudivel. Accessories to wall panels for the treatment of type EXTERNAL" "siding" ": SV-07-Soffit with perforations (Brown 3, 0) - 3,366.00 m2, SV- 08-Soffit without perforation (white 3.0) - 2,835.00 m2. SVP-08-Soffit with perforations (golden oak 3.0) - 2457.00 m2.Vyrobnyk IOOO "" Profil Vox. ' "Trademark VOX. Country of BY.. "BELARUS0UA12525017273.79930266.32855
29/Apr/20174811590000"1. Paper and paperboard coated, impregnated or plastic pokrytyysharom: GRAN OAK BEIGE GET 23 paper with a decorative coating" "finish-effect" "VS-Print 120GET - 1250m2.Nomer party - 6756F6Sklad components: paper 85% acrylic 5 % pigments and varnish 10%. Paper in rolls coated with poverhnevymlakovym Putting across the surface on one side and the other printed pattern, imituyuchyderevo used to manufacture decorative doors and pokryttyapry mebliv.Krayina production: JPVyrobnyk: TOPPAN COSMO, INC. "JAPAN0UA1001101702321.620967
29/Apr/20173925908000"1. Profile Building products with PVC external to internal obrobkybudivel. Wall panels for the exterior of the type of" "siding" ": SV-01 saydynhpanel (beige 3.85) - 56 30.625 m2. Accessories to wall panels for the exterior of type" "Siding" ": SVP-07-Soffit with perforations (golden oak 3.0) -2070.00 m2.Vyrobnyk IOOO" "Profil Vox. '" Trademark BY VOX.Krayina production.. "BELARUS0UA12525015748.75620851.04269
29/Apr/20173921904100"1.Lysty of aminoaldehidnyh resin, laminated, high pressure, with a decorative surface on one side, not shown, embossed, rozmiry listed as follows length * width * thickness (in mm.) For purposes of design in the interior: Oberflex- Textured-Bog Oak T416 Clawed (M) 250x127, kilk.-1pc., Manufacturer OBER SA; Trademark Oberflex, Country of FR;. "FRANCE0UA1252204191.1070554
28/Apr/20174411139000"1.Vyroby carpentry of wood laminate flooring fiberboard having from 2 ends - grooves, and on the other 2-crest: CASA CLASSIC 4V VE48 ASTON OAK, art. 44791, size -1286x194x8mm - 3065,856m2; Total: 3065,856m2 (24,52685m3.) Manufacturer: Classen Holz Kontor GmbH.Torhovelna brand: Classen.Krayina production: DE.. "GERMANY2452685UA12511020890.7413688.16652
28/Apr/20174418908000"1.Vyroby wood, flooring, laminated, flooring Obraztsы 2 hsloynoho IZ oak (parquet Narezka Chalet Line, 2-3120-320000) -2shtObraztsы parquet 2 hsloynoho IZ oak (parquet Narezka Grey Metropolitan Line, 2-3120- 310000) -2shtObraztsы parquet 2 hsloynoho IZ oak (parquet Narezka Vintage Line, 2-3120-330000) -2shtTorhovelna mark BONNARDVyrobnyk Ynostrannoe unytarnoe Enterprise "" Kosvyk "" Country of BY. "BELARUS0UA100010339.17563382
28/Apr/20174411139000"1.Vyroby carpentry of wood laminate flooring fiberboard having from 2 ends - grooves, and on the other 2-crest: VISIOGRANDE VE32 SCREED ASH COLOURED, Art. 44410, size -605x282x8mm - 196,512m2; CASA NORMANN 4V VE48 STAMFORD OAK, art. 44792, size -1286x194x8mm - 2874,24m2; Total: 3070,752m2 (24,56602m3.) Manufacturer: Classen Holz Kontor GmbH.Torhovelna brand: Classen.Krayina production: DE.. "GERMANY2456602UA12511020988.5614020.86394
28/Apr/20173306100000"1.Zasoby care for your teeth, put up for retail sale, not vaerozolniy package contains no ozone-depleting substances Zubnoy powder" "FytoDoktor" "UKREPLENYE gums with эkstraktom korы oak and chamomile, 75g powder -144sht.Zubnoy" "FytoDoktor" " CHUVSTVYTELNЫH for teeth with propolis and zveroboem, 75g -240sht. zubnoy powder in ready Professional otbelyvanye video series '' Doctor Fito "" tuba 45 ml / 18 pcs -630sht. zubnoy childish co vkusomklubnyky powder, 25g -288sht. zubnoy powder "" Myatnыy "" 75g -1440sht. Zubnoy powder "" whitening "" 75g-1440sht.Torhovelna brand: FytokosmetykKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" Fytokosmetyk "". "RUSSIA0UA100110351.09982.2163028
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП ""Екіпаж"""
Importer Address
64107, Харківська обл., м.Первомайс ький,вул. Дорожня, 28
Exporter Name "ООО ""Гардиан Стекло Ростов"""
Product Description
"1.Float glass 4.0 mm. Coated ClimaGuard N, 3210h6.........
HS Code 7005103000Value 7582.259999
Quantity 200304Unit UA807140
Net Weight 19190
Origin Country RUSSIA

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