Ukraine Import Data of Nylon Wheel | Ukraine Import Statistics of Nylon Wheel

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of nylon wheel collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of nylon wheel imports.

Nylon Wheel Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Nylon Wheel

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of nylon wheel. Get Ukraine trade data of Nylon Wheel imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20176307901000"1. Goods tvarynIhrashka d / cats, fantastic mouse, 7 cm, set of 4 pcs., Polyester, plastic art. 20-7008 - 24 nabIhrashka d / cats, mice, 6 cm, set of 2 pieces, polyester, artificial fur art. 20-7009 - 6 nabIhrashka d \ cats, funny HARRY 33 cm, set 3 pcs., plush, polyester art. 20-7010 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat, funny mouse on wheels, 11 cm, set of 2 pieces, plastic, polyester art. 20-7011 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat colored mouse, d = 4,5cm, in a set of 4 pieces., plush nylon art. 20-7029 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat pink bird, XL, 12cm , plush, long '' I art. 20-7030 - 6 ShTIhrashka d / cats MY HEART, 5h6cm in set 2 pcs., plush, polyester, feather art. 20-7050 - 3 nabIhrashka d / cat, mouse JAZZY, 7cm, a set 3pc. asort.koloriv plush and polyester, feather art. 20-7053 - 3 nabIhrashka d / cat, funny mouse on WHEELS 11 cm, plastic, polyester, plush art. 20-7411 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cats GOOD mouse, a platter. 5 cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7422 - 24 ShTIhrashka d / cats, mice, gerbils, a platter. 5 cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7424 - 36 ShTIhrashka d / m cats "" yachyk ZEBRA BALL, a platter., d = 4cm, plush art. 20-7426 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cat, spotted mice, 5cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7440 - 12 ShTDrazhnylka d / cats, flying mouse with a bell assorted, 46 cm, plastic, plush art. 20-7506 - 60 ShTZatochka-board A / cats THE EDGE1, angular, 52H27H1sm, plush, cardboard art. 20-8002 - 20 ShTZatochka-board A / cats THE EDGE2, angular, 80H28H1sm, plush, cardboard art. 20-8003 - 12 ShTHamak for rodents "" Smooth & Relax "" S, 18h18sm, polyester, plush art. 20-9001 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cats gray mouse with audio, 5 cm ,, polyester, rubber, plush art. 20-7415 - 24 ShTIhrashka d / cats Mouse MIX, in a set of 4 pcs., Plush art. 20-7005 - 12 pc "CHINA0UA10107031.73379.6022011 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201784279000001.Vizky, not propelled stackers, hydraulic, electrical, hydraulic hand truck SYP-I, art.SYP-I / 2000kg - 78 sht.Vantazhopidyomnist: 2000 kh.Vysota head: 85-200 mm.Rozmir: 550h1150mm.Rozmir wheels tandem (polyurethane): 80 x 60 mm.Rozmir driven wheels (polyurethane): 180 x 50 mm.kolir: yellow RAL 1028.vizok manual hydraulic SYP-I, art.SYP-I / 2500kg - 78 sht.Vantazhopidyomnist: 2500 kg .Vysota head: 85-200 mm.Rozmir: 550h1150mm.Rozmir wheel tandem (polyurethane): 80 x 60 mm.Rozmir driven wheels (polyurethane): 180 x 50 mm.kolir: yellow RAL 1028.vizok manual hydraulic SYP-I, art.SYP-I / 3000kg - 60 pcs. Capacity: 3000 kh.Vysota head: 85-200 mm.Rozmir: 550h1150mm.Rozmir wheel tandem (polyurethane): 80 x 60 mm.Rozmir driven wheels (polyurethane): 180 x 50 mm.kolir: yellow RAL 1028.shtabeler manual hydraulic SYG-1530, art.SYG-1530 - 10 sht.Vantazhopidyomnist: 1500 kh.Vysota lift: 3000 mm.Rozmir plug: nylon 560h1150 mm.Chorni kolesa.Kolir: siryy.shtabeler was uchnyy electric SDYG-1535, art.SDYG- 1535 - 2 sht.Vantazhopidyomnist: 1500 kh.Potuzhnist engine head: 1,6kVt.Yemnist battery: 12/120 V / Ah. Lift height: 90-3500 mm.Dovzhyna fork 1000 Fork mm.Shyryna 150 mm.Rozmir plug: 560h1150 mm.Rozmir: 1660 x 770 x 2380mm.Bili nylon kolesa.Kolir: red RAL 3020.shtabeler manual hydraulic SYG-2016 , art.SYG 2016 - 6 sht.Vantazhopidyomnist: 2000 kh.Vysota lift: 1600 mm.Rehulyuvannya size plug: nylon 560h1150 mm.Chorni kolesa.Kolir: yellow RAL 1028.Pryznacheni for moving goods in warehouses prymischennyah.Vsoho: 234sht. No military pryznachennya.Krayina production: China (CN) .Torhivelna brand: VULKANVyrobnyk: Zhejiang Lanxi Shanye Machinery Co., Ltd., China (CN)CHINA234UA4010102071833178.00009
24/Apr/201795030081001.Vyroby of base metal, furniture rollers, roller 22.26.040-0 lower profile for the W / Nylon Wheel F / Glass Door Lock '8600' 4036-158-04 200 sht.Ne contain embedded transmitters and receivers and transmitters. Trade mark 'SISO'. Manufacturer 'SISO'. .CHINA0UA1000505.68428.89186983
11/Apr/20178483908990"1.Chastyny ​​gear mechanisms and cogwheels of the gear peredach.Flantsi zalyuminiyu: K561103140-2sht .; FRS / RS 28 FA-2 pcs .; FRT / RT 40 FL-2 pcs .; FRT / RT50F-3pc .; FRT / RT 60 FL -2sht .; FRT / RT 70 F-3pc. Steel shaft assembly with alyuminiyevymflants em: KRN22EG6-2sht .; KRN32EG6-5sht .; KRN42EG6-14sht .; KRN42FE38-2sht., KRN52EG8-8sht .; KRN62EG8-2sht .; KRN52EG8-P-2 pcs .; KRN62EG8-P-1pc .; KRD12EG5-5sht., KRD32EG6-10sht .; KRD62EG8-1sht. Cartridges nylon gear: DI14 DE19H = 40-5sht.; DI19 DE24 H = 50-4sht .; DI24 DE28 H = 60-2sht. To repair promyslovohoobladnannya.Torhovelna brand: VARVELVyrobnyk: Varvel SpA. "ITALY0UA807170400.465844.726225
10/Apr/201794013000001. Living seats that rotate with rehulovannoyu height (gas-lift), soft, with back adjustable tilt, fur anizm permament contact, on wheels, arm-Metro Metro art.381291-200sht art. 381292-100sht art.381293-100shtKrislo Metro Office Metro art.239580-80sht., Chairs Metro art.370608-215sht., Chairs Metro art.285550-75sht, polyurethane material, mesh, foam, metal, nylon, polypropylene, plastic, artificial shkiraPU. B-to ZHEJIANG HENGLIN CHAIRINDUSTRY CO., LTDTorhivelna brand Sigma, ZHEJIANGKrayina production of CN. .CHINA0UA1001208509.124561.45002
06/Apr/20174202129900"1.Chohly Backpacks & office equipment, textile materials, laptop bag (neoprene) HPEssential Top Messenger Case art.H1D25AA - 20pcs, Notebook Backpack (Nylon) HP FullFeatured Backpack art. F8T76AA - 20pcs, Notebook Backpack ( nylon) HP Business Backpack art. H5M90AA, - 40sht, notebook bags (nylon) HP Business Slim Top Load Case art. H5M91AA, - 20pcs, notebook bags (nylon) HP Business Top Load Case art. H5M92AA, - 100 pieces; Backpack notebook (textiles) HP Premium Backpack art. J4Y52AA, - 5pcs, knapsacks for laptops (textiles) HP Value Backpack art. K0B39AA, - 20pcs, knapsacks for laptops (nylon) HP Odyssey Sport Backpack grey / black art. L8J88AA, - 8 pieces , laptop Bags (Neil n) HP Essential Topload art. T0E18AA, - 100 pieces, Laptop Bags (nylon) HP Black Prem Ladies Case Art. T7B38AA, - 12p; notebook bags (nylon) HP Tan Prem Ladies Case Art. T7B39AA, - 6 pieces; Bag laptop (textiles) HP Ladies Cases Black / Black art. V1M56AA, - 10 pieces, laptop Bag (nylon) HP Spectre Slim Topload art. W5T45AA, - 10pc, knapsacks for laptops (nylon) HP Sport Backpack black / red art. X0R83AA, - 8 pieces, Laptop Bags (textiles) HP Value Top Load art. K0B38AA, - 100 pieces, knapsacks for laptops (nylon) HP Slim Ultrabook Backpack art. F3W16AA, - 1pc, bag 4 WD (poliyester) HP Business 4 Wheel Roller Case Art. H5M93AA, -2sht, Producer - Hewlett-Packard Company; trade mark - HP, Country of origin - CN; "CHINA0UA100020352.867494.039936
06/Apr/20174202129900"1.Chemodany road with a face made of synthetic textile materials (nylon, polyester), with two pairs of wheels, retractable handles and without them 40516601 PC TROLLEY 17" "VENICE SL NERO / Case pylot 44h42h23.5 cm -2 units. 40517501 sET 3 TROLLEY 4R VENICE SL NERO / IZ set Trejo chemodanov -2 sht.40517523 sET 3 TROLLEY 4R VENICE SL BLU NOTTE / IZ set Trejo chemodanov -2 sht.40517589 sET 3 TROLLEY 4R VENICE SL ROSSO SC. / IZ set Trejo chemodanov -2 sht.41430323 TROLLEY CABINA 2R 55/20 cM ADVENTURE BLU NOTTE / suitcase 55h40h20 cm -3 sht.41430338 TROLLEY CABINA 2R 55 / 20 cM ADVENTURE AZZURRO / suitcase 55h40h20 cm -3 sht.41431302 TROLLEY CABINA SOFT 55/20 cM ADVENTURE GRIGIO / bag suitcase 50h35h23 cm -3 sht.414313 23 TROLLEY CABINA SOFT 55/20 CM ADVENTURE BLU NOTTE / bag suitcase 50h35h23 cm -3 sht.41432302 TROLLEY CABINA 4R 55/20 CM ADVENTURE GRIGIO / suitcase 55h40h20 cm -3 sht.41432309 TROLLEY CABINA 4R 55/20 CM ADVENTURE ROSSO / 55h40h20 suitcase cm -3 sht.41432323 TRO LLEY CABINA 4R 55/20 cM ADVENTURE BLU NOTTE / suitcase 55h40h20 cm -3 sht.41432338 TROLLEY CABINA 4R 55/20 cM ADVENTURE AZZURRO / suitcase 55h40h20 cm -3 sht.41432339 TROLLEY CABINA 4R 55 / 20 cM ADVENTURE FUCSIA / suitcase 55h40h20 cm -3 sht.41440323 TROLLEY CABINA 2R 55/20 cm ZERO GRAVITY BLU NOTTE / -12 cm suitcase 55h40h20 sht.41443223 TROLLEY MEDIO 4R 67 cm EXP. ZERO GRAVITY BLU NOTTE / suitcase 68h43h6,5 / 30.5 cm 3 -20 sht.41448551 SET TROLLEY G + M 4R + C 2R ZERO GRAVITY DLX NERO / set IZ 3 -7 something sht.41448557 SET 3 TROLLEY G + M 4R + C 2R ZERO GRAVITY DLX VERDE / set IZ 3 -7 something sht.41438301 TROLLEY CABINA SOFT 2R 50/20 CM REAL LIGHT NERO / suitcase 55h37h20 -1 sht.41438323 TROLLEY CABINA SOFT 2R 50/20 CM REAL LIGHT BLU NOTTE / suitcase 55h37h20 -1 sht.41438317 TROLLEY CABINA SOFT 2R 50/20 CM REAL LIGHT ACQUAMARINA / suitcase 55h37h20 -1 sht.41212501 PC TROLLEY 2R 1 COMP. PC 15,6 "" - 17 "" BIZ 2.0 NERO / Case pylot 49h42h20 cm -1 sht.41212601 PC TROLLEY 2R 2 COMP. PC 15,6 "" - 17 "" BIZ 2.0 NERO / Case pylot 49h42h25 cm -1 sht.41212801 TROLLEY PORTABITI BIZ 2.0 NERO / Case pylot 59h50h25 -5 sht.Torhivelna mark: RONCATO Manufacturer: VALIGERIA RONCATO SPA Country of origin: CN "CHINA0UA100110363.45934.203947
05/Apr/20178716909090"1.Chastyny ​​for cars and self-propelled diameter of 75mm or more in width and 30mm black rubber wheel bilshe.81.R160 160h40 - 300sht.81.R200 200h50 - 200sht.81.R250 250h60 - 30sht.81.R280 280h70 - 200sht.86.080 Wheel nylon 80h30 - 125 1000sht.86 125h40 - 700sht.89 / NP.R125 wheel nylon / polyurethane 125h35 - 400sht.849.10030 poliamyd wheel / polyurethane lyt'yevyy 100h30 - 20sht.89 / NPL.C125 Wheel duty nylon / polyurethane 125h45 - 100 pieces. 86 / AT.150 wheel phenolic 150h40 - 60sht.86 / AT.200 200h50 - 60sht.89 / NP.R080 wheel nylon / polyurethane 80h30 - 200sht.89 / NP.R100F12 100h30 - 150sht.89 / NP.R200 200h50 - 100 pieces .849.08030 poliamyd wheel / polyurethane lyt'yevyy 80h30 - 30sht.09 / A.100S aluminum wheel / poll urethane 100h30 - 70sht.86 / AT.125 wheel phenolic 125h40 - 30sht.86 / AT.100 100h34 - 500sht.Torhovelna mark: ROCarr. Manufacturer: "" Officine Meccaniche Omegnesi Srl "". "ITALY0UA1101902744.610985.45545
04/Apr/20176805300090"1. Grain artificial abrasive on a soft surface with nylon and polyester nonwoven material: 5300 abrasive wheel, floor, blue, diameter 505 mm, 5 pcs / box, art.61500044781 - 10 yasch.Vyrobnyk:" "3M (Minnesota Mining and manufacturing Company) "", SShA.Krayina production - US.Torhivelna brand: 3M.. "UNITED STATES0UA12511018150.6184782
04/Apr/20176805300090"1.Abrazyvni materials (grain and powder coated aksydu alyuminyya, karbidukremnya) on the basis of non-woven nylon fiber in the first rounds tashlyfuvannya for polishing surfaces: Abrasive nylon wheel art.3006008 ztrymachem 96mm for cleaning, abrasive nylon wheel art.3006008 to 96mm without stripping holder, nylon abrasive wheel art.3006028 for stripping 125mm.Torhova brand: Progress.Vyrobnyk: Ruifeng Maoyi (Shanghai) China Youxian.Krayina origin. overloaded container OOLU8352129 / 40'HC /.. "CHINA0UA205020154.7388.0099934
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Nylon Wheel Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Nylon Wheel Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю 'ДІАМАНТ ЗОО'
Importer Address
10001, м. Житомир, вул. Ватутіна б.91/1, УКРАЇНА
Exporter Name ООО «Солей»
Product Description
"1. Goods tvarynIhrashka d / cats, fantastic mouse.........
HS Code 6307901000Value 379.6022011
Quantity 0Unit UA101070
Net Weight 31.73
Origin Country CHINA

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