Ukraine Import Data of Nutmeg Oil | Ukraine Import Statistics of Nutmeg Oil

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of nutmeg oil collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of nutmeg oil imports.

Nutmeg Oil Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Nutmeg Oil

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of nutmeg oil. Get Ukraine trade data of Nutmeg Oil imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20172106909200"1.Harchova supplement, not containing milk fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, starch or containing less than 1.5 wt.% Milk fat, less than 5 wt.% Sucrose or isoglucose, less than 5 wt.% Glucose starch contains etylovyyspyrt: - Dietary supplement "" Bangshil "" Tab-100`s 100 tab. pack (390mh / tab. composition tablets: mummy - 60 mg, gum komifory - 40 mg ferrous sulfate - 30 mg, Ceylon cinnamon - 12 mg, cinnamon Malabar - 12 mg, -12 mg baliospermum mountain root turpety - 12 mg, cardamom - 9 mg bamboo - 6 mg, white sandalovederevo - 3 mg sodium hydrochloride - 3 mg chloride Atri - 3 mg, 3 mg natriyu- carbonate, potassium carbonate - 3 mg, 3 mg long- pepper, black pepper - 3 mg, 3 mg imbyr-, tinospora cordata - 3 mg embeliya sour - 3 mg medicinal stsyndapsus - 3 mg, pepper Csaba - 3 mg, Indian gooseberry - 3 mg, Terminalia chebula -3 mg Terminalia belerika - 3 mg svynchatka Ceylon - 3 mg, long pepper - 3 mg, turmeric long - 3 mg, barberry bearded - 3 mg, cedar himalays kyy - 3 mg Sit round - 3 mg svertiya - 3 mg AIR usual - 3 mg turmeric white - 3 mg Lone cirrus - 3 mg, sarsaparilla - 3 mg, cucumber - 3 mg, bark kratevy - 3 mg , bombacoideae Malabar - 3 g orange pepper - 3 mg sweet goal - 3 mg elefantopus - 3 mg, 3 mg Kubeba- pepper, creeping yakirtsi - 3 mg, white eklipta - 3 mg, moringa oil - 3 mg Excipients: 1 mg humiarabik- , sodium benzoate - 1.2 mg starch and sodium tetraborate - 86.6 mg) - 1600 pack. party 257 / 16-17, manufacturing date 03.17, 02.22 eligibility date - Dietary Supplements "" Fortege "" Tab-100 `s 100 tab. pack (400 mg / tab. composition tablets: leptadeniya mesh - 56.5 mg breyniya - 56 mg, 30 mg pekucha- Makoun, sage - 15 mg hinandropsys - 30 mg, Indian ginseng - 15 mg, cloves - 7 5 mg, peppers long - 7,5mh, AIR usual - 7.5 mg, 7.5 mg chornyy- pepper, ginger - 7.5 mg cubeb - 7.5 mg, 7.5 mg romashka- Roman, Santali Language white - 7.5 mg, nutmeg scented - 7.5 mg dopomizhnirechovyny starch - 10 mg magnesium carbonate - 32 mg sodium benzoate - 16 mg, aluminum silicate - 16 mg, acacia - 14 mg methyl - 4 mg natriyutetraborat - 38 mg) - 2400 pack. party 262 / 16-17, manufacturing date 03.17, datapry atnosti 02.20 - Dietary Supplements "" Aloes Compound "" Tab-100`s 100 tab. pack (430mh / tab. composition tablets: Aloe - 70 mg, 70 mg mirra-, madder sertselysta- 35 mg harmala usual - 35 mg Iron Oxide - 30 mg, -30 mesh leptadeniya mg breyniya - 30 mg. Excipients: oxidized starch - 20 mg mahniyukarbonat - 98.8 mg sodium benzoate - 1.2 mg, sodium tetraborate aluminosilicate - 10 mg) - 800up., Party 243 / 16-17, manufacturing date 02.17, 01.22 eligibility date - Dietary supplement "" Leptaden "" Tab-100`s 100 tab. pack (330mh / tab. composition tablets: Leptadeniya mesh - 150 mg Breyniya - 150 mg Dopomizhnirechovyny: magnesium carbonate - 6 mg aluminum silicate - 4.2 mg acacia - 15 mg sodium benzoate - 0.9 mg, starch and sodium tetraborate - 3.9 mg) - 400up., Party 252 / 16-17, date 'INDIA0UA12510032213735.99997 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/201733019030001.Vytyazhky herbal essential oils for use vharchoviy industry: extracts: art. AA011401 celery olerezyn 12% -10kh. art.AA012001 nutmeg olerezyn 40% -34kh.Torhovelna mark: Naturex SAKrayina production: INVyrobnyk: Naturex SA.INDIA0UA100110441762.024468
18/Apr/20178419400000"1.Aparatnyy distillation system for processing air-oil raw materials: forown production needs: in Hvozdivskoyi radyLyubashivskoho rural district of Odessa region, processing shalfeya nutmeg, which Blvd. oh vykorystanni2004 year, imported unassembled complete with machine-container - 6 pieces, the back cover of the device container - 6 pcs., the top cover -2sht., Corrugated Box - 2 pcs., dystylyanta steam line, 2 pcs., Heat - 2 pcs., capacity-asloviddilyuvachem m - 2 pcs., truboyukanaliza tional representation of ventelem - 2 pcs. , re uktorom to lift the lid Verne - 2 pcs., Art. Apparatus for distillation complex -1sht.Torhovelna Brand: Aroma TreydKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OOO "" Aroma Trade "." "RUSSIA0UA100110792266880.83436
10/Apr/20172106909890"1.Poroshkopodibni ing exploited in mixtures for the food industry pryvyrobnyts Twi meat, fish products, poultry products, 7716120Muskatnyy nut-700kg., Is th GSS product comprising silkuhonna extract, nutmeg, antyz lezhuvalnyy agent E341 performs roltehn deep geological additives; 7,783,380 garlic concentra tryrovanyy-2500kh., as the first product inof include: salt, garlic extract in (essential oils oleryzynychasnyku), the role pilenhlyukol.Vykonuye tehnylohichnoyi additives; EMULSTAB -20kh CT., art. 217623 0300-composition E tit and stabilizer (E-415,417, E-466), emulsifier (E-471) LONG LIFE 10-160kh., art.2170607500 - com position, mistytdekstrozu, emulsifying salts (E-331), antioxidant (E-316 ) co ervant (E-223), salt, CHEESE PARMEZA H-500kg., art.2177519700 - composition of mistytmaltodekstryn ni, salt, yeast (Dehydrated - Torula, Extracted-Bakers yeasts), flavor enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate ( E-621-3.1%), E-631,627-0.15%) antyspinyuyuchyy agent (E-341-1.4%, E-551-0.5%), cheese flavoring; Flavor of milk-1000kg., Art.2195141000 - a composition comprising at ni tsukkrozu, dextrose, stabiliza tor (E-414) antyspinyuyuchyy agent (E-551, E-341), flavor moloka.Krayina production: ILVyrobnyk: Frutarom "ISRAEL0UA100110488018362.00014
04/Apr/201733019030001.Vytyazhka essential oils obtained by extraction used foodindustry: -ekstrakt spicy paprika 10% (art.PLC1702 6) -13kh.-spicy paprika extract 3.3% (art.PLC150 02) -5kh. extract, nutmeg 40% (art.OLM1 5009) -1kh.-pepper extract chornoho10% (art.PLP15026) - 1kh.-kumynu extract 10% (art.PLC10134) -0,5kh-pepper extract chornoho10% (art.PLP10401) -0 , 5kh.-spicy paprika extract 6.6% (art.PLC171 34) -0,5kh.-garlic extract 5% (art.OLK15120) -135kh Total: 156,5kh. .POLAND0UA209180156.54741.036874
03/Apr/201733019030001.Vytyazhky essential oils of vegetable origin: OLM 10242 Nutmeg 35% (2h10kh, 6h5kh) - 50 kg. 17150 OLP black pepper 40/20 (4h5kh) -20kh.Torhovelna mark: Ruther GewurzeKrayina production: LKVyrobnyk: Ruther Gewurze GmbH.SRI LANKA0UA100110702250.854636
03/Apr/20174411139000"1.Laminovane flooring, MDF, VYVEH460705 Balteryo Excellent 4V Dubmoroznyy 8mm 448.240 m2VYVEH460959 Balteryo Excellent 4V Dubimbyrnyy 8mm Balteryo Excellent m2VYVE3360930 448.240 33 449.696 Dubfrapuchino 8mm m2HR460755 Balteryo Eksperiens V'yazkaramelnyy 8mm 12.930 m2HR460756 Balteryo Eksperiens Elm dakota8mm 12.930 m2HR460039 Balteryo Eksperiens Elm 8mm magnolia 12.930 m2 HR460055 BalteryoEksperiens Elm 8mm pebble 12.930 m2 STR60708 Balteryo Stretta Oak shovkovyy8mm 14.217 m2 STR60516 Balteryo Stretta Black walnut 8mm 14.217 m2 STR60701Balteryo Stretta Hickory 8mm Elegant 14.217 m2 STR60699 Balteryo Stret Derevotranzyt 8mm and 14.217 m2 STR60702 Balteryo Stretta Hickory 8mm suede 14.217 m2STR60700 Balteryo Stretta selected Hickory 8mm 14.217 m2 STR60706 BalteryoStretta Oak barley 8mm 14.217 m2 STR60043 Balteryo Stretta pine nuts 8mm14,217 m2 STR60988 Balteryo Stretta Hickory nutmeg 8mm 14.217 m2 TRQ60178Balteryo Tradinsh Quattro Oak Amber 9mm 13.454 m2 TRQ60179 B alteryo TradinshKvatro Oak moccasins 9mm 13.454 m2 TRQ60180 Balteryo Tradinsh Quattro Oak biskvit9mm 13.454 m2 TRQ60181 Balteryo Tradinsh Quattro Oak sadlbraun 9mm 13.454 m2TRQ60498 Balteryo Tradinsh Quattro Tasmanian Oak 9mm 13.454 m2 K TRQ60437 BalteryoTradinsh Liberty Oak 9mm best way is also 13.454 m2 TRQ60438 Balteryo Tradinsh Quattro Dublehasy 9mm 13.454 m2 TRQ60544 Balteryo Tradinsh Quattro Walnut Selekt 9mm 13.454 m2TRQ60434 Balteryo Tradinsh Quattro Oak Cottage 9mm 13.454 m2 IMP60183 Balteryoympres scale Oak 8mm 17.227 m2 IMP60184 Balteryo ympres Oak Ivory 8mm17,227 m2 IMP60930 Balteryo ympres Oak 8mm frapuchino 17.234 m2 IMP60931 Balteryoympres Oak platinum 8mm 17.234 m2 IMP60917 Balteryo ympres Oak savanna 8mm17,234 m2 IMP60915 Balteryo ympres Oak 8mm tan with 17.234 m2 IMP60929Balteryo ympres smoky Oak 8mm 17.234 m2 IMP60106 Balteryo ympres Oak Hadad8mm 17.234 m2 IMP60928 Balteryo ympres Oak defects room 8mm 17.234 m2 IMP60142Balteryo ympres Oak Caspian 8mm 17.234 m2 TSA60538 Balteryo Tradinsh Saphir Tikimperskyy 9mm 13.454 m2 TSA60539 Balteryo Tradinsh Saphir oil 9mm 13.454 m2TSA60089 Balteryo Tradinsh Saphir Tick malt 9mm 13.454 m2 TSA60537 BalteryoTradinsh Saphir Oak seasoned 9mm 13.454 m2 TL460705 Balteryo Elegant 4V Dubmoroznyy 9mm 13.454 m2 TL460708 Balteryo Elegant Silk Oak 4V 9mm 13.454 m2TRS60467 Balteryo Tradinsh sculptures Oak cargo 9mm 13.454 m2 TRS60485 BalteryoTradinsh sculptures Oak Heritage 9mm 13.454 m2 TRS60468 Balteryo Tradinsh skulpturDub prestige 9mm 13.454 m2 TRS60134 Balteryo T radinsh sculptures Hickory Sutton 9mm13,454 m2 XPR64101 Balteryo Ekspresion Coffee shake 8mm 12.972 m2 XPR64102 BalteryoEkspresion blocks 8mm 12.972 m2 XPR64103 Balteryo Ekspresion Zistarenyy 8mm12,972 m2 MAG60580 Balteryo Mahnityud Oak 8mm resinous 12.972 m2 MAG60542Balteryo Mahnityud Oak 8mm elegant 12.972 m2 MAG60579 Balteryo Mahnityud Dubkremovyy 8mm 8.648 m2 MAG60545 Balteryo Mahnityud Flemish Oak 8mm 12.972 m2MAG60557 Balteryo Mahnityud Oak 8mm titanium 12.972 m2 "BELGIUM22954UA10001020516.15719532.17529
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Nutmeg Oil Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Nutmeg Oil Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Органік Продактс Україна"""
Importer Address
03186, м.Київ, вул.Авіаконструктора Антонова, буд.15а
Exporter Name M/S General Drug Distributors
Product Description
"1.Harchova supplement, not containing milk fats, .........
HS Code 2106909200Value 13735.99997
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 322
Origin Country INDIA

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