Ukraine Import Data of Nuclear Reactor | Ukraine Import Statistics of Nuclear Reactor

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of nuclear reactor collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of nuclear reactor imports.

Nuclear Reactor Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Nuclear Reactor

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177304399290"1.Truby, seamless, circular cross-section, of steel 20 external diameter not exceeding 168.3 mm, horyaedeformovani without fittings without thread and without thermal insulation, general-purpose pipes which are not for nuclear reactors, size: GOST 8732-78 / B: - f159 x 6,0mm, Article 20 - 19.332 for tn.Ne not modified for military use. Country of origin: AZ.Torhovelna brand: BSC.Vyrobnyk: "" BAKU STEEL COMPANY "" MMC .. "AZARBAIJAN0UA1100401933212734.08804 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20177304518900"1. Pipes are seamless cold-deformed steel without thread, bezfittingov, without thermal isolation, round cross-section of alloy steel, not for nuclear reactors: - boilers, for steam boilers and pipelines according to TU 14-3-460: 2009 / TU-U27.2 -05757883-207: 2009 for the steel grade 12Х1МФ: розм.32,00х5,00мм, нк8000мм - 18335 кг. The content of steel: carbon 0,11%, chromium 1,05%, silicon 0,27%, manganese 0,55%, Nickel 0,13%, copper 0,18%, molybdenum 0,30%, vanadium 0,20%. Producer - Sinars Pipe Plant PJSC. Country of origin: Russian Federation. "RUSSIA0UA1100401833539124.53806
19/Apr/20177304518900"1.Truby steel tubes Cold without carving, bezfitynhiv without thermal insulation, circular cross-section of stainless steel, not nuclear reactors: - boiler for steam boilers itruboprovodiv TU 14-3-460: 2009 / TC-U27.2 -05757883-207: 2009z brand became 12H1MF: rozm.38,00h4,00mm, 9000mm - 680 kh.Vmist steel: carbon 0.11%, 0.95% chromium, silicon 0.24%, manganese 0.47% 0.11% nickel, 0.15% copper, 0.26% molybdenum, 0.16% vanadium .Vyrobnyk - JSC "" Sinarskyy Pipe plant "". Country of origin: Russian Federation. ".RUSSIA0UA1100406801451.362246
14/Apr/20177304399290"1. The general purpose pipes, seamless carbon steel round cross-section, an external diameter not exceeding 168.3 mm are not used in nuclear reactors, is not a multipurpose communications without thermal insulation, without thread, pipe grade steel 32H2 ​​size 165,0h17,0mm, SS№1265-0 / SS-2013 group A-3.347 tons, steel pipe brand 32H2 ​​size 89,0h8,0mm, SS№1265-0 / SS-2013 group A-3.585 tons; pipe grade 25H2 steel, size 73,0h5,5mm, SS№1265-0 / SS-2013 group A-0.321 tons; pipe steel grades E355, size 76,1h6,0mm, SS№1265-0 / SS-2013 group A-8.259 ton, steel pipe grade P235GH / P235TR1 / P235TR2, size 13 9,7h5,0mm, SS№1265-0 / SS-2013 group A-0.802 tons, steel pipe brand S355J2H / P355N, size 82,5h7,1mm, SS№1265-0 / SS-2013 group A-1.04 ton, steel pipe brand size 45 76,0h9,0mm, GOST 8731-74, GOST 8732-78; group B - 4.441 tons;. "BELARUS0UA110150217959901.46853
11/Apr/20177304518900"1 seamless pipes, cold-trolley for bars, circular cross-section, variable size with Lego Vano steel grade 30KhGSA - 361sht, maximum diameter - 51mm, maximum wall thickness - 3.5mm length -6100mm; 2202,10m. Strength 70-77khs / not much wall without Dvoynykh, nedlya nuclear reactors ditch.. "RUSSIA0UA209140714025077.06332
10/Apr/20177304399390"1. Pipes seamless steel hot-deformed without threads, without fittings, without thermal insulation, round cross-section made of non-alloy steel, not for nuclear reactors according to GOST 8732-78 / 8731-74, steel grades 20: 273,00x12,00mm, nk8 , 00m - 10651kg, rows 273,00h 8,00mm, nk8,00m - 30859kg. The content of steel: carbon 0,18-0,23%, chromium 0,04-0,14%, silicon 0,20-0, 26%, manganese 0.37-0.48%, nickel 0.03-0.24%, copper 0.06-0.30% .Producer - PJSC "Chelyabinsk rolling mill" Country of origin: Russian Federation. "RUSSIA0UA1100404148230316.93488
10/Apr/20177304399290"1.Truby steel seamless horyachedeformovani pryznachennyabez common thread, without fittings, without teplovoyiizolyatsiyi, circular cross pererizuz non-alloy steel, not nuclear reactors GOST 8731-74 / 8732-78 were 20 zmarka: conversation. 108,00h5,00mm, nk8000mm - 19530kh.Vmist steel, carbon 0,189-0,213% 0,026-0,055% chromium, silicon 0,21-0,28% 0,45-0,50% manganese, nickel 0,049-0,52% copper 0,008-0,011% .Vyrobnyk - JSC "" Pervouralsk plant Novotrubnyy "". Country of origin: Russian Federation. ".RUSSIA0UA1100401953013593.74131
08/Apr/201773043992901.Truby, circular cross-section of ferrous metals (steel mark 20 seamless and haryachedeformovani, making th century by 8732-78 / 8731-74 Group B) Length 8000 mm external diameter not more than 168, 3mm, zahalnopromyslovohopryznachennya not for nuclear reactors: 76,00 x 3,5.RUSSIA0UA8071201790012422.03987
07/Apr/20177304399390"1.Truby steel seamless horyachedeformovani without thread, without fittings, without thermal insulation, circular cross-section of non-alloy steel, not nuclear reactors GOST 8732-78 / 8731-74 were 20 zmarka: conversation. 273,00h10,00mm, nk8 , 00m - 21829kh, swing. 325,00h 8,00mm, nk8,00m - 9839kh.Vmist steel, carbon 0,17-0,21% 0,06-0,12% chromium, silicon 0,23-0, 30% 0,40-0,45% manganese, nickel 0,06-0,16% 0,07-0,22% copper .Vyrobnyk - JSC "" troboprokatniy Chelyabinsk plant "," Country of origin: Russian Federation.. "RUSSIA0UA1100403166823342.77935
03/Apr/20177304318090"1.Truby Cold steel seamless boiler for parovyhkotliv and tubing without threading, bezfitynhiv without thermal insulation znelehovanoyi circular cross-section steel, not nuclear reactors TU 14-3-460: 2009 / TC-U27.2-05757883- 207: 2009 began with mark 20: rozm.25,00h3,00mm, nk8000mm - 1000 kh.Vmist steel: carbon 0.19%, 0.14% Cr, 0.22% silicon, 0.38% manganese, nickel 0 11% copper 0.19% .Vyrobnyk - JSC "" Sinarskyy Pipe plant "". Country of origin: Russian Federation. ".RUSSIA0UA11004010001552.211006
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Nuclear Reactor Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Nuclear Reactor Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ФОРТ СТІЛ"""
Importer Address
49000, м.Дніпропетровськ, вул.Мічуріна, буд.4
Exporter Name """BAKU STEEL COMPANY"" MMC"
Product Description
"1.Truby, seamless, circular cross-section, of ste.........
HS Code 7304399290Value 12734.08804
Quantity 0Unit UA110040
Net Weight 19332
Origin Country AZARBAIJAN

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