Ukraine Import Data of Nickel Powder | Ukraine Import Statistics of Nickel Powder

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of nickel powder collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of nickel powder imports.

Nickel Powder Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Nickel Powder

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/201728254000001. nickel hydroxide (Ni (OH) 2) powder used in the manufacture of electric plates alkaline batteries in-house: - type G5. Number - 15,840.0 kg. Qualitative characteristics: Ni: 46,23% -46,62%, Co: 1,79% -1,93%, C: 14,55% -15,06%, Fe: 0,002% -0,003%, Ca: 0 , 0059% -0,0088%, Mg: 0,0021% -0,0029%, SO4: 0,13-0,19%, H2O: 6,51% -6,87%, bulk density: 1 30 g / sm3-1,34 g / cm3. Particle size: more than 1000 microns, 45.27% -48.20%, from 315 to 1000 microns, 43.12% -45.14%, from 100 to 315 micrometers, 4.38% -6.22%, less 100 micrometers, 2.91% -4.24%, power density: 198.9 mAh. / Mr. 206.8 mAh. / g. Appearance: Black granular powder. Packaging: drums in plywood boxes. .CHINA0UA20916015840312048 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/201732072090901. ground enamel powder kyslostiyka PE PERC GC TR 1413.Yavlyaye neplavlenyh a mixture of inorganic substances: silica (major components) of manganese (3-5%), nickel (0.5-1%), oxides and other combinations of cobalt ( 0.5-1%). Ground black enamel powder kyslostiyka PE PERC GC AR Black ME 3832 AA.Yavlyaye neplavlenyh a mixture of inorganic substances: silica (the main component of over 30%) of cobalt oxide So3O4 (0.5-2%), lithium oxide Li2O (less than 5% ), potassium oxide K2O (less than 5%), manganese oxide MnO (less than 5%), copper oxide CuO (less than 5%), aluminum oxide Al2O3 (less than 5%), chromite iron FeCr2O4 (less than 5%), titanium dioxide TiO2 (less than 5%), sodium oxide Na2O (5-10%), calcium oxide CaO (5-10%), boron trioxide B2O3 (5-10%). Suitable for enamelling metallic surfaces by applying a dry electrostatic field, followed by vol at 835-840 wording of gr.S. .SPAIN0UA7000102000037908.34113
19/Apr/201728332400001. nickel sulfate (nickel sulfate) -250kh. The content of Ni-22,27%. The chemical formula NiSO4 * 6H2O. Number CAS: 10101-97-0. Looks like turquoise powder. Used in the steel industry as nikilevoho carrier. Supplied in bags of 25kh.Vyrobnyk: MontanwerkeKrayina production: AT.AUSTRIA0UA100110250726.1359572
19/Apr/201738151100981.Nikelevyy / nickel sulphide catalyst substrate kieselguhr, produced by powder recovery as oblate granules yakivkryti hardened vegetable oil. The catalyst contains about 22mas. Nikelyu.PRIKAT 9908-2720kh.2.Aktyvnyy% nickel lined with silicon oxide (silica) .In a splyusnutyhhranul that covered solidified vegetable oliyeyu.Katalizator contains about 22mas. Nikelyu.PRIKAT 9910-680kh%. .GERMANY0UA112080340040284.64711
11/Apr/20173402909000"1. A cleaning agent for the brand BONDERITE C-IC A LK.It is a mixture of sulfuric acid (9.6%), nonionic surfactant (20%) and water (70.4%), without the content of abrasive powders. Lines of TV-21 for the manufacture of shaving tubes for nickel baths. Total - 3 canisters (60 kg). Producer - "" Henkel Japan LTD. "Country of production - JP. Trademark -" Henkel "". ".JAPAN0UA10007060685.0961605
10/Apr/20172833240000"1. nickel sulfate 6-hydrate (nickel sulfate) -400kh.Vmist Ni-22,0%. The chemical formula NiSO4 * 6H2O. No. CAS: 10101-97-0. Looks like turquoise powder. Used in the steel industry as nikilevoho carrier. Supplied in bags of 25kh.Vyrobnyk: "" CENTRUM METAL ODCZYNNIKI CHEMICZNKrayina vyrobnytstva- PL. "POLAND0UA1001104001142.001769
06/Apr/201728500020001.Abrazyvnyy powder of cubic boron nitride coated nickel CBN116CN60. Nikelzastosovuyetsya as a material which increases the stability instrument and zdatnistpratsyuvaty high modes. N60 means more than 60% of the mass of boron kubichnohonitrydu. Hence the mass fraction of nickel in the product 3000hram and mass chastkakubichnoho 2000hram boron nitride. 3000 + 2000 = 5000h cubic nitride borazastosovuyetsya only for technical purposes and can not be used as syrovynadlya jewelry objectives stamps and bus zmirom: CBN116CN60 170 / 200mesh-3000karat, CBN116CN60 200 / 230mesh-5000karat, CBN116CN60 270 / 325mesh-2000karat, all-10000karat .Vyrobnyk: ZHENGZHOU ZHONGNAN JETE SUPERABRASIVES CO., LTD T.M-ZHENGZHOU ZHONGNANJETE SUPERABRASIVES CO., LTDKrayina production-CN.CHINA0UA10020051299.999937
05/Apr/201771051000901. 1. grinding powders from synthetic diamonds (52,000 carats) and powders of synthetic diamond grinding nickel coating N56 (1,000 carats). Used for making abrasive tools. Total 53,000 carats. .CHINA10840UA80602010.846369.999978
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Nickel Powder Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Nickel Powder Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НАЙФ ПЛЮС"""
Importer Address
80074 Львівська обл., Сокальський р-н, м.Великі Мости, вул.Львівська, буд. 2-В, Україна
Product Description
1. nickel hydroxide (Ni (OH) 2) powder used in the.........
HS Code 2825400000Value 312048
Quantity 0Unit UA209160
Net Weight 15840
Origin Country CHINA

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