Ukraine Import Data of Nace Valves | Ukraine Import Statistics of Nace Valves

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of nace valves collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of nace valves imports.

Nace Valves Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Nace Valves

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of nace valves. Get Ukraine trade data of Nace Valves imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
20/Apr/20178479810000"1.Skladova ob'yektuAvtomatychna complete line of hot dip galvanizing consisting of: poz.6" "Furnace for horyacheho tsynkovanyya + air lines otvodyaschyh pro" ": Ceramic PLASTЫ FIBER" "UNI" "RAZM. Everyone. 1200h1000h50mm -21shtPLASTЫ Ceramic FIBER '' UNI "" 250 HT RAZM. everyone. 1200h1000h50mm -20shtSLOY Ceramic FIBER "" DURABLANKET "" S96 RAZM. everyone. 3660h610h50mm -3shtPLASTЫ Ceramic FIBER '' UNI ' "250 HT RAZM. everyone. 1200h1000h40mm -16shtSLOY Ceramic FIBER" "DURABLANKET" "S96 RAZM. everyone. 7300h610h25mm -8shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. everyone. 220h110h60mm -648shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. Everyone. 220h110h60mm -648shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. Everyone. 220h110h60mm -648shtKYRPYCh Fire-resistant PRYAMOUH. "" STARMAX "" RAZM. Everyone. 220h110h60mm -182shtPROSLOYKY Ceramic FIBER UNI 60L K RT RAZM. 220h110h60mm everyone. -53shtOHNEUPORNЫE module RAZM ST. everyone. 500h500h60mm -7shtTsEMENT "" BLAKBOND "" dwell in 25 kg everyone. -200khYZOLYRUYuSchYY PRYAMOUHOLNЫY bricks ISO 450 RT RAZM. Everyone. 1200h1000h40mm -201shtBETON NEYZOLYRUYUSCHYY HRANULYROVANNЫY "" CAST "" R40 dwell in the 25 kg everyone. -1600khBETON NEYZOLYRUYUSCHYY HRANULYROVANNЫY "" CAST "" R40 dwell in the 25 kg KAZHD.-800khVENTYLYaTOR supercharged air HORENYYA FOR TYPE VG560 / NR2, head. Number F16012820, POWER 5.5 kW, 2940 Frequency rotation Equi. / Myn.-1shtDЫMOSOS VSASЫVANYYA DЫMOV HORENYYA MOU. RU450SVT3, head. Number 10 / 16-07832-001, power 7.5 kW, 2900 Frequency rotation Equi. / Min. -1shtЭLEKTROSchYTOK CONTROL Furnace -2shtSERVOPRYVOD IC20T BVA 150 -1shtMANOMETR KNOPOCHNЫY -1shtDATChYK MYNYMALNOHO pressure "" DUNGS "" -1shtKLAPAN regulator pressure hose GIK25R02 -6shtHYBKYY gas burner K -6shtShAROVЫY CRANE RAZM. 1 "" -6shtPREDOHRANYTELNЫY Gas valves EM VMR-3 RAZM. 1 "" -1shtTERMOPARA TYPE K L = 500mm -2shtTERMOPAR TYPE K L = 300mm -2shtPREOBRAZOVATEL KAMERЫ pressure inside the combustion air -1shtKLAPAN innings HORENYYA VF7SL4 -6shtHYBKYY air hose washers K -6shtMERNAYa burner air HORENYYA 20POP.S DN65 -6shtЭLEKTROSchYT CONTROL Furnace HORYACHEHO TSYNKOVANYYA -1shtAVTOMATYChESKYY Gates OTSECHENYYA DЫMOV combustion furnace -4shtTEPLOHENERATOR in set C Gas-fired HORELKOY And Ust VSASЫVANYYA air -1shtTERMOPARA, SOHNUTAYA Under UHLOM 90 deg FOR ZAMERA t melt zinc -1shtSERVOPRYVOD electric gate OTSECHENYYA CONTROL HA OJ MOD.4501 pipe -1shtZhELEZNЫY 1.1 / 2 "" C REZBOY ON -2sht a single end flange HOMUTOVЫY 3 "" 90 degrees DN80 -6shtOTVOD 1.1 / 2x3 '' DN40 -3shtPEREHODNYK KONTSENTRYCHESKYY -1shtShAROVOY Brass CRANE 1.1 / 2 "" C TEFLONOVЫM seal -1shtShAROVOY CRANE DN20-4shtZhELEZNЫY flange DN65 flange -6shtOTVOD C 3 "" -6shtT-shaped OTVOD 2.5 "" -1shtREZBOVAYa pins L = 1000mm mounting -3sht KIT Nuts And Bolts -1shtpoz.16 "" Stroytelnыe Constructions for furnace-type base beams , sheets, sheets Metallic FOR False premises of furnace -1shtMETALLYChESKYE sheets FOR False premises of metal furnace -1shtTORTsEVAYa PANEL Frame furnace C in set 3 pcs. And burner futerovkoj IZ Ceramic -1shtTORTsEVAYa FIBER PANEL METALLOKARKASA furnace in a set "ITALY0UA11018017302111280.2305 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20177321900000"1. The parts are made of steel / chuhuntsi / schovmurovuyutsya in the preparation of stoves and fireplaces for obihrivuprymischen working on solid fuel 101 Kolosnykovaya lattices 1 / 260x415 mm art.SVT 101-10sht; 102 Kolosnykovaya lattices 1B / 135x290 mm Art. SVT 102-15sht, 201 valves dыmohoda 40 / 160x160 mm art.SVT 201-30sht, 202 valves dыmohoda 50S / 230x160 mm art.SVT 202-20sht; 203 dыmohoda valves 50P / 160x230 mm art.SVT 203-20sht; 206 Povorotnaya valves dыmohoda 160x300 mm art.SVT 206-5sht; 207 Povorotnaya valves 150x250 mm art.SVT 207-7sht; 208 Povorotnaya valves 220x220 mm art.SVT 208-5sht; 301 plate. 5A / 460x700 mm art.SVT 301-20sht; 302 plate . 3A / 650x980 m m art.SVT 302-2sht; 311 plate. 5A / 460x700 mm art.SVT 311-3sht, 320 plates. without ramы 295h325 mm art.SVT 320-2sht, 321 plates. 5A without ramы art.SVT 321-3sht; 400 Kamynnaya door 50x50 2-ov / ikv. art.SVT 400-5sht; 401 Kamynnaya door 41x41 2-ov.ikv art.SVT 401-2sht; 405 Kamynnaya door 1-ov / oik.41 x41 art.SVT 405-25sht; 406 Kamynnaya door 1-ov / vas.41 x41 art.SVT -5sht 406, 410 Kamynnaya door / 1 -ov / 325x290mm art.SVT 410-25sht; 411 Kamynnaya door / 1 -ov / 325x290mm art.SVT 411-10sht; 424 hlebnoy furnace door art.SVT 424-10sht; 426 hlebnoy furnace door art.SVT 426-3sht, firebox 431 hatch / lasi / 34,5x art.SVT 431-3sht 18; 432 hatch evil "FINLAND0UA1001204787.531136.64643
14/Apr/20178501101000"1.Pryvid throttle valves (engine sync onnyy) for industrial furnaces: Drive IC20-15W3TR10-2sht, art.88300067. 18W power-up, the type of engine-synhronnyy.Vyrobnyk-Elster GmbH.Torhovelna mark KROMSCHRODER.Krayina production-DE ".GERMANY2UA1250603.9371.1320888
13/Apr/20178536699090"1.Elektrychna equipment: - connectors and contact elements for wires and cables for voltage 10-32 V: plug connector LEITUNGSDOSE 3P Z5L M 12-24OV SP & (Art. № R901017022) (Rexroth) - 4 pieces. ( Represent the connecting jacks to connect electrical wires to the sensors and valves in hydraulics, voltage from 10 to 32 VDC. Made of plastic. used as components for pump storage station equipment maintenance cell blast furnace "," with the Company "" DAMSCO GENERAL TRADING LLC '', UAE). not designed for military use. The manufacturer: "" R exroth "", China.. "CHINA0UA1101200.263.63003923
13/Apr/20178481806300"1. Stop valves, steel: - Block locking and safety SAF20M12T330A-S13 / K409; № 3554330 (HYDAC) - 2 pcs. (Representing a hydraulic device for locking hydraulic pressure accumulators and Reset). Purpose-components for production equipment '' for service cell blast furnace "," with the company "" DAMSCO GENERAL TRADING LLC '', UAE). not designed for military use. Manufacturer: HYDAC, Germany.. "GERMANY0UA110120221049.894903
13/Apr/20178536699090"1. Electrical equipment: - connector LEITUNGSDOSE 2POLAMP JUNIORD2.2 (Art. № R901022127) (Rexroth) - 24sht. (Represents connecting jacks to connect electrical wires to the sensors and valves in hydraulics, voltage from 10 to 32 VDC. Made of plastic. used as components for pump storage station equipment maintenance cell blast furnace "," with the company "" DAMSCO GENERAL TRADING LLC '', UAE). not designed for military use. Manufacturer: " "Rexroth" ", Germany.."GERMANY0UA1101200.3407.231879
10/Apr/201773079100001.Flantsi ferrous metal - 3 sht.Kreslennya 1-352016.Material 20L.Pryznacheni steel production to install valves on the hot blast blowing hot air ducts blast furnaces. .RUSSIA0UA110090394527933.7599
08/Apr/20176815990000"1 Refractory bricks nevypaleni, treated (at a temperature below 350 degrees C) pereklazovuhletsevi from chemical (carbon) bond, not containing magnesite, dolomite or chromite, fire resistance 1600-1750hrad.S designed for lining stalerozlyvochnyh bucket, volume 30tn, 60tn, 90tn, 100tn, bucket valves and electric arc furnace DSP-55 in the metallurgical industry: brick Carmag MW 714-30: format 6 / 20-100 format 6/8, brick format Carmag MW 714-60 7 / 8, brick format Carmag MW 714-100 7/8, brick Carmag MW 714-90: 7/30 format, size 7/8. The chemical composition and properties: MgO - 96,60 %, Al2O3 - 0,28%, CaO - 1,50%, Fe2O3 - 0,66%, SiO2 - 0,80%, 0,70%; open porosity - 4.1%, 3.7%, 5, 3%, 4%, apparent density - 3,11h / cm3, 3,14h / cm3, 3,12h / cm3, 3.1 g / cm3, compressive strength - 83,4MRa, 77,5MRa, 75,6MRa; full carbon mass fraction - 6.2%, 6.4%, 6.3%. brick Carmag MPL 744-30 format 6 / 20-100, brick Carmag MPL 744-60: 7/30 format, size 7/8; brick Carmag MPL 744-100: format 7/8 format N1 / 26 format N1 / 7, 7/30 format, brick Carmag MPL 744-90 format N1 / 7. Chemical composition and characteristics: MgO - 96,10%, Al2O3 - 0,45%, CaO - 1,50%, Fe2O3 - 0,70%, SiO2 - 0,70%, 1,00%; open porosity - 4.4%, 3.9%, 3.4%, 4.2%, apparent density - 3,02h / cm3, 3,03h / cm3, compressive strength - 52,3MRa, 50,7MRa , 54,5MRa, 50,2MRa, full carbon mass fraction - 12.9%, 12.5%, 12.6%, 12.8%. Brick Carmag MWH 742U format 35 / 80.Himichnyy composition and characteristics: MgO - 95,50%, Al2O3 - 0,80%, CaO - 1,80%, Fe2O3 - 0,70%, SiO2 - 1,00%; open porosity - 5.2% compressive strength - 28,9MPa, full carbon mass fraction - 13.7%. Brick Pegas KGS2C HO1C, hazopropusknu lance is directed to gas flow, made on the basis of high-quality raw materials korundoshpynelnoyi in obychaytsi of stainless steel. Equipped with indicator degree of wear. Chemical composition and characteristics: Al2O3-93,50%, CaO-1,60%, MgO-4,50%; open porosity - 15.6%, apparent density - 3,01h / cm3, compressive strength - 65,5MPa, fire resistance pressure T0,5 - 1700hrad.S intensity flow of gas at a pressure of 0,4 MPa - 44Nm3 / h ".POLAND0UA7000106416079784.98709
04/Apr/20178481809900"1. Armature for pipes, valves manometers mo: PRESSURE GAUGE VALVE PN400, M20x1.5M x M20x1.5F DRAIN 1/8" "NPT, WITH TURNABLE NUT AND HOLDER, art.PGV-8M-8M-FB -30sht. NEEDLE VALVE 6 MM OD, S.6000, PTFE, IN 316SS WITH MOUNTINGHOLES, art. 5VS6MM-MH-15sht. NEEDLE VALVE 1/2 "" NPTF, S.6000, PTFE, IN AISI 316 / L NACE MR 01-75 art .1VS8 / L -2sht. 5 VALV.MANIFOLD DIRECT MOUNT.X 1/2 "" NPTF S.6000, PTFE, DRAINS1 / 4 "" NPTF, IN316L, art. 5D1-L would be complete with oltom BOLT 7/16 "" L = 45 MM IN GALVANIZEDC ARBON STEEL SAE J 429 GR. 5.2, art. 7 TIR / 16-45-CG (8 pieces) and rings with PTFEO-RI NG, art. O-RING (4 pieces) -2sht.. "ITALY0UA12502028.921572.826255
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Nace Valves Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Nace Valves Importer Sample

Date 20/Apr/2017
Importer Address
53201 Дніпропетровська обл. м. Нікополь пр-т Трубників, 56
Product Description
"1.Skladova ob'yektuAvtomatychna complete line of .........
HS Code 8479810000Value 111280.2305
Quantity 0Unit UA110180
Net Weight 17302
Origin Country ITALY

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