Ukraine Import Data of Mustard Oil | Ukraine Import Statistics of Mustard Oil

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of mustard oil collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of mustard oil imports.

Mustard Oil Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Mustard Oil

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of mustard oil. Get Ukraine trade data of Mustard Oil imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/201733021040001.PRODUKTY, which is a mixture of arable land SUBSTANCES flavors designedto use in the production of beverages and contain all flavoring ingredients that give taste or flavor, char teryzuyut drink: Cherry art. P0604541, containing in its composition mixture of aromatic substances Propilenh likolE1520, ethanol, co ntsentrat cherry juice, water, Triatsetyn E 1518, diatsetynE1517, antioxidants alpha tokof Erol E307 -100kh. M`yata granules art.P061 5974, schomistyt composed of a mixture of arable land by substances, maltodextrin, Ch yukozy syrup, water, emulsifier E471, E Triatsetyn 1518 -100kh. Bergamot art. R0606275 containing incorporates a mixture of aromatic agents, re, antioxidant Alpha tokoferolE307-200kh. Tropic Art. R0609424scho contains in its composition mixture zapashnyhrechovyn, Three atsetyn E1518, E1520 propylene glycol anti-oxidant alpha tokoferolE307 -400kh. Ginger art. P0605065, containing in its composition zapashnyhrechovyn blend, vegetable oil, emulsifier E471, antioxidant and alpha-tokoferolE307-50kh. I bluko art. 042 P0650, containing in its composition fragrances, propylene glycol E1520, E 1518 Triatset Ying -50kh. Grapes art. P0614410, schomistyt composed of a mixture of fragrant substances x, E1520 Propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, antioxidants alpha-tocopherol E307-400kh. Grapefruit granules art. P0615907 containing a mixture composed of arable land by substances, maltodextrin, syrophl yukozy, emulsifier E471, water, ethyl p pyrt, drugs containing tocopherol, P oslynna oil-50kg. Raspberry granules art. P0615758, inits composition comprising ish amounts of aromatic substances, maltodextrin, glucose op cheese, water, Triatsetyn E1518, E471 Emulha tor, antioxidant alpha-tocopherol E 307-200kh. Strawberry art. P0612835, Miss tit composed of fragrances, propylene glycol E1520, antioxidants alpha-tocopherol E307-250kh. Bergamot art.P061 4688, containing in its composition sumishza arable land agents, antioxidants alpha tokofe roll E307 -200kh. Orange art.P0603828 containing incorporates a mixture of fragrant substances x, antioxidants VNAE320, Antyok sydant alpha-tocopherol E307 -25kh. Berg ILO art. P0605694, schomistyt in his baggage blend with natural aromatic substances 200kg. Vanilla art. P0603018, containing in its composition fragrances, propyl enhlikol E1520, alcohol-100kg. Raspberry art.P0615758 granules, schomistyt composed of a mixture of aromatic substances, ma ltodekstryn, glucose syrup, water, Triats etyn E1518, E471 Emulsifier, Antyoksydan t alpha-tocopherol E307-50kh. Mustard art. P0606649, containing in its composition th fragrances, vegetable Ola I BHA antioxidant E320, E321 Antioxidant BHT -500kh. (99plastyk. Canisters. 16 cardboard. Box). Place - 115 (trademark: FREY + LAU Gmbh.Krayina production: DEVyrobnyk: FREY + LAU Gmbh.GERMANY0UA100010287545823.88211 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20176103420000"1. Food Flavor" "184532 Skewers" "for the production of snacks, a powdered flavoring ingredients stani.Sklad: Savory preparations Matter, flavor thermal and other smakoaromatyzatory, natural Matter, smoke flavoring SF-005, which is attached by 1.72 gradual introduction, smoke flavoring SF-004.Inshi ingredients: Salt - 25.5%, flour - 19.5% Monosodium glutamate E621 - 13.0%, spices - 8.5%, maltodextrin - 6.5% Sucrose - 5% gum arabic E414 - 1.1% silicon dioxide E551 - 1% citric acid E330 - 0.85%, n extract prick E160S - 0.27% sodium Huanilat dvozamisnyy E627 - 0.25% sodium Inozinat dvozamisnyy E631 - 0,25% tricalcium phosphate E341 (III) - 0.075% .Aromatyzator food "" Aspic with Horseradish 965,631 '' for production snacks, a powdered flavoring ingredients stani.Sklad: Savory agents, flavor thermal, matter, Composition rechovyna.Inshi natural ingredients: Maltodextrine - 39% salt - 19.5% Monosodium glutamate E621 - 15.5%, Sucrose - 4 9%, Mustard (condiment) - 4.1%, vegetable oil - 2.2% starch ether sodium salt and sour oktenilyantarnoy oty E1450 - 0.77% Silicon dioxide E551 - 0.75% sodium Huanilat dvozamisnyy E627 - 0.25% sodium Inozinat dvozamisnyy E631 - 0,25%, paprika extract E160S - 0.11% tricalcium phosphate E341 (III ) - 0.075% .Aromatyzator food "" 986863 ham with French mustard "" for the production of snacks, a powdered flavoring ingredients stani.Sklad: Savory preparations, thermal flavoring, seasoning when cooked, natural ingredients rechovyna.Inshi Composition: Salt - 20 , 0%, maltodextrin - 17.5% Monosodium glutamate E 621 - 14.0%, Glucose - 12.0%, sucrose - 10.0%, Mustard (with Rava) - 8.5% ether starch and acid sodium salt oktenilyantarnoy E 1450 - 2.3%, vegetable oil - 1.1% silicon dioxide E 551 - 0.98%, paprika extract E 160p - 0.18% , Huanilat sodium dvozamisnyy E 627 - 0.15% sodium Inozinat dvozamisnyy E 631 - 0.15% calcium stearate E 470A - 0.080% .Pakuvannya: cardboard boxes. "EGYPT584UA125180286.828117.599816
24/Apr/20178412390090"1.Produkty that are ready sauces for dishes consistency semi art.00410-117" "Mustard Sauce" "- 825kor. In portion packaging dip-pot (in 1korobi-125upak.h25ml) Ingredients: drinking water, sugar, vinegar alcohol oil rapeseed, Glucose-fructose syrups, mustard seeds (6%), salt, modified starch, egg yolk, flavorings, spices, thickener. Producer - "" Develey Polska Sp. Z oo "", Poland. Country of-PL . Trademark - "" McDonald's "".. "TURKEY0UA901010352758.803237
19/Apr/20178432301900"1 - Seeder grain 3C-4.2 with a set of support-PRYKOTUYUCHYH WHEELS = 1pc. SERIAL NUMBER: 1377. New. Year: 2017. Mechanically, trailing not accurate seeding. 28 seed rows with a width between rows 150 mm. Working width IS 4,2M. INTENDED FOR ordinary seed grains (rye, barley, oats, wheat), MILKONASINEVYH crops (canola, mustard) Grass seeds while fertilizing (without making OR) AND PRYKATUVANNYAM soil. In the structure IS transmitters or transmitter and receiver. Brand: Not available. MANUFACTURER: ZAO "" What HNYKA-SERVICE ".". "RUSSIA1UA901010275012731.77918
11/Apr/20172001909700"1.Kapusta incised, pickled, frozen vegetables, 1 Cor. Ingredients: cabbage, vodapytna, onions, carrots, sunflower oil, mustard, starch, sugar, silkuhonna, spices, flavorings, spices, maltodextrin. Vyrobnnyk -" "OSI BadIburg GmbH "", NimechchynaKrayina production-DE.Torhivelna mark - "" OSI "".. "GERMANY0UA10012015.966604613
11/Apr/20171602209000"1.Hotovi of meat: pork pate with beaver with pears and cranberries, De Beauvoorder. Ingredients: pork liver 31%, pork 21%, pork fat, pear 5.6%, 4% cranberry, connective tissue pork, water, salt, eggs, glucose syrup, flavorings, spices, dried vegetables (onion, tomato), sugar (dextrose), pork gelatin, milk protein, extracts of spices, herbs, animal protein, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides, carrageenan , antioxidant: ascorbic acid, modified corn starch, grass, canola oil, yeast extract, thickener: potassium chloride, citrus pectin, preservative: potassium sorbate, sodium nitrite, acidity regulator: potassium lactate, citric acid, sodium citrate. Decoration: mustard seed and others to take -29.05.2017 packed in -3yaschykiv total net weight -27.000 kh.Pashtet pork Farmer, De Beauvoorder. Ingredients: pork liver 38%, pork fat 37%, the connective tissue of pork, water, eggs, corn syrup, dextrose, aromatyza tor, salt, spices, dried vegetables (onion), yeast extract, preservative: sodium nitrite, acidity regulator: potassium lactate, to take -29.05 .2017 packed in -1yaschykiv total net weight -9,000kh.Pashtet pork cream, De Beauvoorder. Ingredients: pork fat, pork liver 35%, the connective tissue of the liver, water, sugar (dextrose), pork gelatin, milk protein, salt, flavor, dried vegetables (tomatoes, onions), eggs, glucose syrup, spices, herbs, extracts spices, animal protein, thickener, potassium chloride, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides, carrageenan, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, citric acid; acidity regulator, preservative: sodium nitrite, to take -29.05.2017 packed in -1yaschykiv total net weight -9,000kh.Krayina production BETorhovelna mark BeauvoorderVyrobnyk De De Beauvoorder NV "BELGIUM0UA12511045350.0362248
11/Apr/20172103909000"1.Pryano aromatic additives and spices mixed into food," "Caesar salad Prypravado" "art.106313 containing some kind of sugar, salt stolovuyodovanu, starch, garlic, lemon powder, soy sauce, mustard seed, pepper, Tomato granules, onion, basil, thyme, cloves, herbal extracts, glucose, packed in bags of composite materials to 13 g, art. 106313-2040sht. "" Italian salad dressings "" art.106513 (food additives and spices , spices, slices vegetables) packaged in bags of composite materials in 13hart. -1020sht 106,513. "" Seasoning Greek salad "" art.106613 containing part inits sugar, glucose, iodized table salt, onions, starch, garlic, herbs, parsley, onion shnit, dill, vegetable oil, basil, turmeric, lovage), packaged in bags combined with material on 13 g; art. 106613 -2040sht. "" pesto Peperonchini "" art.112613, seasoning for pasta, containing in its skladichasnyk, tomatoes, iodized sea salt, parsley, chilli packed in packages sic ombinovanoho material on 30g ; Art. 112613 -2000sht. "" Pesto with mushrooms "" art.112713, seasoning for pasta, containing 33% composed of fungi, sushenyhpodribnenyh (maslyata, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms) morskuyodovanu salt, onion, smazhents onions (onions, vegetable oil) , vegetables (carrots, parsnips, onions), garlic, rosemary, parsley, black pepper, vegetable oil, thyme, packed in bags of composite materials for 30g; Art. 112713-1325sht. "" Pesto with tomatoes and basil "" art.112813, seasoning for pasta (harchovidobavky and seasonings, spices, slices vegetables) packaged in bags zkombinovanoho material on 30 g; art.112813 -2000sht. Seasoning "" Tomatello "" art.120013, packed in 748 bags of composite material on the first 20g (tomatniplastivtsi (57%), iodized table salt, basil, garlic, oregano, onion, parsley); Art. 120013 - 968sht. "" A mixture of herbs and spices to butter "" art.159513 packaged in bags of composite materials by 24 g; Art. 159513- 2400sht. "" Seasoning with flower petals to potatoes "" art.186713 packaged upaketah of composite materials by 20 g (iodized table, onions, korychnevyytsukor (sugar cane syrup), rosemary, pepper, cardamom, mix colors (m'yatypertsevoyi, sunflower, mallow, rose petals), tomatoes, tarragon, lavender, dykyyshafran); Art. 186713 -625sht. "" Herbs Greek "" art.187113 packaged in 1050pakety of composite materials to 15g (onion, rosemary, thyme, basil, paprika, oregano, sage, mint green); Art. 187113 -1050sht. "" Grill the meat "" art.249513 (food additives, spices), packed in plastic banks po980h .; Art. 249513 -750sht. "" Italian Herbs "" art.411713, containing iodized sea salt itsof, rosemary, thyme, paprika, pink pepper, savory, basil and tarragon, packaged in disposable grinder 48 g (glass jar zpolimernym Mills mechanism that does not open without destruction); Art. 411713-1232sht. "" Seasoning for chicken "" art.735013 packaged in plastic jars to 332h (salt, trans Red "AUSTRIA0UA1251101246.9211013.61696
10/Apr/20172103909000"1.Harchovi additives used in vyhotovlennim'yasnyh, sausage and fish products from zmishanymyprypravamy contains no animal products: (Milchwurst NU & M) aromatic blend" "Milk ou + M '' - 100 kg, 100 polyethy. packets over 1kg, art. 482054278.100; (Wiener Combi 610) "" Vienna Combi 610 '' - 3100 kg (3100 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482002358.100; (Doktorskaja Elitnaja 7513) "" Doctor Elite 7513 "" - 200 kg (200 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482002161.100; (Doktorskaja Kardamom) "" Doctor Cardamom "" - 74kg Currently, 74 polyethy. packets over 1kg, art. 482002206.100; (Krainer Kombi Spezial) "" Krayner Combi special '' - 203 kg (203 p / e packets of 1 kg) , Art. 482002362.100; (Jagdwurst Combi 1013) "" Hunting Combi 1013 '' - 588 kg, 588 p / e packets of 1 kg Art. 482002211.101; (Bruhwurst Nishna) drug with spicy ingredients "" Boiled Soft "" - 600 kg (600 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482002424.100; (Bockwurst Royal) aromatic blend "" Sausage King '' - 100 kg, 100 polyethy. in 1kg packets, art. 482116160.507; (Ham-Star 50) "" Star Ham 50 '' - 210 kg (15 p / e 14 kg bags) art. 481495250.107; (Ljubitelskaja Gost) "" Amateur guests "" - 600 kg (600 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482051046.105; (Russkaja Gost) Complex mixture "" Russian GOST '' - 325 kg, 325 poliet.paketiv to 1kg, art. 482063062.503; (Garlic Salami Unit) "" Garlic Salami FA Unit '' - 50 kg (50 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482001174.103; (Bruhwurst Exclusiv OC) "" Boiled Eskpyuzyv OC "" - 2,120 kg (2,120 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482002125.104; (Aspik-Fest) "" Aspik Fest '' - 150 kg (150 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482020005.103; (Tafelsenf) Spicy mix "" Mustard, sweet, coarse '' - 200 kg (20 cans of 10 kg), art. 482516021.102; (Aufstreu S) decorative mix '' C '' - 10 kg (10 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482022007.106; (Fischburger Spezial) Spicy mix "" Fish burgers '' - 256 kg (256 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482036002.103; (Krautermatjesreifer + K) Dozrivach "" Mathieu "" - 50 kg (paper bags 5 to 10 kg), art. 482048000.113; (Ketchup Fix) A set of spices and emulsifiers for making ketchup "" Ketchup Fyks "" - 20 kg (20 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 481423100.101; (Krauterquark III) A mixture of spices "Cheese Herbs III» - 20 kg (20 p / e packets of 1 kg), art. 482048184.103; (Mayo Mix Komplett) "" Mayo-Mix complex '' - 50 kg (paper bags 5 to 10 kg), art. 481423110.119; (Senfsamen-Aroma) "" Scent grain mustard '' - 10 kg (5 p / e packets to 2 kg), art. 481430120.408; (Friesland Wurzmarinade OG) Marinade Aromatic "" Frisland "" - 64 kg (16 p / e kanister to 4 kg), art. 481420100.406; (Krauter Reifer Spezial + K) "" Dozrivach herbal special '' - 100 kg (10 paper bags of 10 kg), art. 482047182.102; (Kaltmarinaden) "" Spicy marinade essence cold '' - 12 kg (2 p / e canisters to 6kg), art. 481430160.414; (Sardelki Senatorski Combi) Complex preparation "" Wieners senatorial '' - 50 kg, 50 p / e 1 kg bags, art. 482002648.100; (Salami Pikant) aromatic blend "" spicy salami "" - 50kg, 1kg to 50 poliet.paketiv, art. 4820021 "GERMANY0UA100110948232300.99583
06/Apr/20177114000001.OHIRKY (gherkins) 5-7 SMVAHA CG-14400 (WEIGHT WEIGHT WITHOUT cucumber Bay and packaging) Canned TO temporary storage in water-vinegar-salt filling (Water 83.8% acetic acid, 7.2% table salt -9%), but in this form are not suitable for direct use VYIZHU.KYSLOTNIST, 3.2%, 4.2%, sALT CONTENT .BEZ spices, mustard, oil, sugar or other sweetening RECHOVYN.DLYA industrial processing in accordance with GOST 1633 -73.VVOZYATSYA for own production needs. .INDIA0UA9020702144012314.40841
03/Apr/20173402209000"1.Zasoby washing (including auxiliary washing preparations) and cleaning products containing or not containing soap, are packaged for retail sale not in aerosol packaging, detergents and cleaners," "ZERO" "Gel mыtya posudы naturalnoy mustard in 500 ml. -456sht. "" ZERO "" gel d / mыtya posudы on natural apple uksuse 500 ml. -60sht. "" ZERO "" gel mыtya posudы on naturalnoy pyschevoy sode500 ml. -444sht. "" ZERO "" gel mыtya posudы, Vegetables and fruit 500 ml. -72sht. "" ZERO "" gel d / mыtya toilet lemon 750 ml. -30sht.. "RUSSIA0UA110150614.31787.6056857
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Mustard Oil Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Mustard Oil Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЕССЕНТІ"""
Importer Address
04205 м.Київ, Оболонський пр-т, 16
Exporter Name Frey +Lau GmbH
Product Description
1.PRODUKTY, which is a mixture of arable land SUBS.........
HS Code 3302104000Value 45823.88211
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 2875
Origin Country GERMANY

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