Ukraine Import Data of Ms Steel Scrap | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ms Steel Scrap

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ms steel scrap collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ms steel scrap imports.

Ms Steel Scrap Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ms Steel Scrap

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178422909000"1.poz.1, Guide - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively for sending cigarettes in cigarette node forming bonds, commercial name '' plate ''; Pos.2, scraper - spetsdetal complex forms of plastic, used exclusively for removing adhesive residues at the site of cigarette packaging machine equipment; poz.10, Videos - spetsdetal aluminum and rubber, is used exclusively for sending conveyor belt in the transmission node cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment without transmitting power at ertalnym traffic commercial name "" pulley ""; poz.26, Videos - spetsdetal steel, used exclusively for sending traffic to the node conveyor belt forming cigarette packs in the packaging machine syharernoho equipment; poz.28, poz.29 lever - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively in the node forming cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment, commercial name "" Crank ""; poz.33 lever - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively in the node nadrizannya pull tab at propyl Mr. cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment; "ITALY0UA8060501.6242983.488324 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20177326909890"1.CHASTYNY to seeders Precision drilling MATERMACC MS (ferrous metal products for agricultural machinery): - doubling ELEMENT scraper disc (CODE 40402310) - 5 pcs. HAS L-shaped SIZE 50H60H60 MM.PRYZNACHENYY two-disc coulters cleaning of dirt. made of sheet steel by stamping WITH THE FURTHER HNUTTYAM. bush SCL-25 DE, DI 8,5, L10 SCL 6,5 D 18 mm (CODE 40282545) - 16 pcs. DETAIL cylindrical L10 with external D MM 25 MM, INTERNAL D 8.5 MM, IS SPEECH on one side with external D 18 MM, INTERNAL D 6,5 MM. made of steel by MECHANICAL OBROBKY.PRYZNACHEN And for fixation wheel control depth on VISI.VYROBNYK - "" MATERMACC SPA "", the country of production - for goods IT.MARKUVANNYA the availability trademarks are missing.. "ITALY0UA9010100.7456.99910908
21/Apr/20177326909890"1. Parts of the Caterpillar quarry machinery, made of ferrous metals, steel: - a towel spontaneous metal art.1457360-4 pieces; - art.1468593-6 pieces; - art.4024114-12 pieces; - metal ring art.4042670- 1 piece; - locking ring of metal art.1467268-50 pieces; - art.1519967-4; - art.1467268-52; - sheet metal art.1519957-4; - art.1465863-1 pieces; - art .1465863-1 pc; -plate, lightweight metal art.4026187-2; - metal scraper art.4022135-8 pcs; - art.4027332-24 pcs; -homut metal art.1523592-10 pcs .; Caterpillar Global Mining HMS GmbH; Brand Caterpillar; Country of production DE; "GERMANY0UA10002042.8164672.001448
20/Apr/20177602009000"1.Bruht aluminum - aluminum 15000kh.Bruht with an average content of Al in the party 70-99.8%, other domishky.Bruht of unalloyed aluminum profiles, pipes, sheets, films, etc., electrical products, wire, bare live cables and cords, tires switchgear, transformers, rectifiers, deformed aluminum alloys in sheets, spare, profilivtovary consumer, cookware, sporting invertar furniture, elements of building structures, roofing, cladding of buildings, window frames, walls, escalators, aluminum lit. cha (motor scrap) Pistons dismantled without resistance, without bearings, shafts, steel rings and other foreign vkraplen.Bruht purchased by the population explosion zakupivli.Yavlyayutsya acts chemically and radiatsionnobezpechnymy may be allowed for processing and use as a metal charge ( further processing) .Vyrobnyk not vidomyy.Krayina GE Bulk production. "GEORGIA0UA1120801500015899.99986
18/Apr/20177325999000"1. Production of steel, cast, not scrap, to combine harvesters: Caps bearings 238AK-4200110-1sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk OOO SP" "AHROKOMSNAB" "Trademark AHROKOMSNABKrayina production RU."RUSSIA0UA5041702.541.27844271
14/Apr/201790318034001.Elektromanhnitnyy not contact free optical encoder E (datchykpolozhennya) Temposonics GHM0800MD601A0, count 2sht.Novyy, year 2017.Diapazon measurement: 50-800mm.Vstanovlyuyetsya hydraulic cylinder mechanism for raising / lowering the electrodes DSP-50 to regulate them need polozhennya.Dlya filling of scrap into the furnace, the electrodes rises and opens cooled furnace cover, and, in fact loading scrap metal cover back into the closed position, respectively, electrodes opuskayutsya.Vyznachennya position (raised / lowered) elect trodiv possible only through enkodera.Vymiryuvannya noncontact-position and by means of permanent mahnitu.Mahnit encoder mounted on stainless steel pistons and moves inside the cylinder enkodera.Zv'yazok required for lifting / lowering electrode, with its moving part is carried out stryzhnya.Vykorystovuyuchy through the end of the rod encoder can be established between the two hinges that can be ulo measure the distance between two independent sources includes moving tochkamy.Ne ionizu yuchoho vyprominvannya and radyoaktyvnyh materialiv.Vykorystovuyetsya in steel promyslovosti.TORHOVELNA MARK Temposonics.VYROBNYK MTS Systems Corporation, United States Ameriky.Krayina production US.UNITED STATES0UA11015021887.888082
12/Apr/20177205290000"1.Stalne type fiber Steel fiber F01 - 10000kh. In the form of chopped fibers milkyhporoshkopodib them gray. Composition: carbon - 0,05-0,15% kremniy0,1-0,25% marhanets- 0.5-1 15% phosphorus less than 0.05% sirky- not bilshe0,10% iron - rest. 0,03-0,1mm particle diameter. 0,01-4,0mm.Vyrobleno fiber length by dragging nyzkovu hletsevoyi rod 6mm diameter stalls for drawing the wire diameter 3,2mm, further cutting wire metodomskalpiruvannya steel fibers; re crushing scrap by steel powder voloknav defined particle size roses measure. armuyuchyymaterial when used as friction products manufactured in ass botehnichniy tsyvilniypromyslovosti. Not relates to controlled delivery. To own vyrobnytstva.Vyrobnyk Frimeco doo Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hertsehovyna.Krayina production BA.Torhovelna brand-No.. "BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA0UA1252701000011372.48625
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Ms Steel Scrap Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Ms Steel Scrap Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name """GD spa"""
Product Description
"1.poz.1, Guide - spetsdetal steel, complex shape,.........
HS Code 8422909000Value 2983.488324
Quantity 0Unit UA806050
Net Weight 1.624
Origin Country ITALY

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