Ukraine Import Data of Ms Scra | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ms Scra

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ms scra collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ms scra imports.

Ms Scra Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ms Scra

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of ms scra. Get Ukraine trade data of Ms Scra imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178422909000"1.poz.1, Guide - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively for sending cigarettes in cigarette node forming bonds, commercial name '' plate ''; Pos.2, scraper - spetsdetal complex forms of plastic, used exclusively for removing adhesive residues at the site of cigarette packaging machine equipment; poz.10, Videos - spetsdetal aluminum and rubber, is used exclusively for sending conveyor belt in the transmission node cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment without transmitting power at ertalnym traffic commercial name "" pulley ""; poz.26, Videos - spetsdetal steel, used exclusively for sending traffic to the node conveyor belt forming cigarette packs in the packaging machine syharernoho equipment; poz.28, poz.29 lever - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively in the node forming cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment, commercial name "" Crank ""; poz.33 lever - spetsdetal steel, complex shape, used exclusively in the node nadrizannya pull tab at propyl Mr. cigarette packs in the cigarette packaging machine equipment; "ITALY0UA8060501.6242983.488324 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178703239033"1. The car with an internal combustion engine with spark ignition with crank mechanism (petrol), which was in use - 1am: Brand Car - BMW; Model car - X5; body number (VIN) - 5UXZV4C51DL992966; engine room - no data number chassis - not available, the total number of seats, including the driver - 5; purpose - to transport people; cylinder capacity engine - 2979sm3, power output - 225kVt, axle configuration - 4x4, calendar year ( release) - 2012., model year - 2013., body type - niversal, color - white, Car damaged, whack, broken and damaged, door front right, inner lining the front right door fixing belt safety front right, door rear right, center pillars complete with threshold right pad right, hinge supports right module controls the right side impact, head airbag Passenger front, rear head airbag Passenger, pass the security front right, rear right security pass, inner lining the roof, plastic plate right rear arches on dkrylok right rear arches. Scratches, dents, chipped around the perimeter of the container body avtomobilya.Vyvantazheno MSKU0669727. Trade mark - BMW. Manufacturer - BMW. Country of origin - USA, US. "UNITED STATES1UA5006302249.8210269.99991
28/Apr/20178703239031"1. The car with an internal combustion engine with spark ignition with crank mechanism (petrol), which was in use - 1am: Brand Car - KIA; Model car - SORENTO; body number (VIN) - 5XYKTCA68EG450162; engine room - no data number chassis - not available, the total number of seats, including the driver - 5; purpose - to transport people; cylinder capacity engine - 2359sm3, power output - 138kVt, axle configuration - 4x4, calendar year ( release) - 2013., model year - 2014., body type - wagon, Color - siryyAvtomobil in damage, whack, broken and damaged, luggage rails rights, luggage rails left, naruzhnej panel Krish, inner lining the roof, interior quarter panels pravoy, naruzhnej of quarter panels right, hinge supporting rack pravoy, naruzhnej of the left quarter panels, trunk lid kozyrok generator AC. scratches, dents and chipped around the perimeter of the container body avtomobilya.Vyvantazheno MSKU0669727. Trade mark - KIA. Manufacturer - KIA MOTORS MANUFACTURING GEORGIA. INC .. Country of origin - USA, US. "UNITED STATES1UA5006301784.896299.999853
28/Apr/20179503007000"1.Inshi toys in sets or kits, toys set to play in the sand. Donaboru includes: 1 Basket 2 forms 3 blades, 1 sieve art. S34860180 - 336 pcs., Set of toys to play in the sand. The set includes: 1 bucket with lid, 2formochky, 1 funnel, 1 rake, 1 scoop. art. S34893290 - 48 pcs .; ihrashokdlya game set in the sand. The set includes: 1 bucket with lid, 1 funnel, 1 rake, 1formochka 1 scoop. art. S34893310 - 48 pcs .; set of toys to play in the sand. Donaboru includes: 1 bucket, 1 sieve, water mill, 1 shovel, 1 scraper. art.S34893450 - 228 pcs .; set Toy Monster twister. number of components: 20 shtart. 491100270 - 96 pcs., Origin - KytayKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - KoopmanVyrobnyk - Koopman International BV. "CHINA0UA1251101531231.165014
27/Apr/201787033290101. Passenger cars, second hand PEUGEOT VYKORYSTANNIMARKA-, MODEL - 5008, designed to carry passengers on public roads, body type - UNIVERSAL NUMBER body - VF30E9HR8CS169534, VYHOTOVLENNYA- calendar year 2012, model year 2012 ENGINE ROOM - N / In, seats -7, vessel at MOTOR - 1560 CM. KUB., Engine type - diesel, power output - 82 KW., Axle configuration - 4x2, damaged by the accident and transported on automobile platforms DAMAGE: SCRATCHES lacquer and paint coating, the front and rear bumpers, hood, left headlight, left wing, radiators, radiator framework, power bumpers, left Lanzheron windshield, VMYATYNY left front and rear doors, POTERTIST disc, worn two airbags, pollution and frayed upholstery and seats, traces of leaks oil for DVYHUNI.VYROBNYK - PEUGEOT.KRAYINA Producer - FRANCE FR. .FRANCE1UA20606015774350.650249
27/Apr/201784322910001. Equipment for agriculture, namely: Used field cultivator John Deere model 980, SN: N00980X014891. Year 1990 / second hand cultivator field coupling John Deere, model 980 SN: N00980X014891. 1990 GV (Number of rows 5pcs. Working width 7m. 1 kit. Producer - John Deere (USA, IL) .Zhidno report on the evaluation of 24.04.17r number 2404/01. Equipment to used, in a partially disassembled state. Violation of paint, scrapes , chips. Complement needs, replacing the working mechanisms require welded frame and rehabilitation works, overhaul and painting. in not working. not for military or dual-use used in agriculture. Goods contains in its composition emitting devices a transmitter or transmitters and receivers..UNITED STATES1UA50801015003022.887423
27/Apr/201787033290101 passenger car that was in use. VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT - 1am. -WVWZZZ3CZEE136001 VIN, engine type - diesel, engine working volume - 1968 cm3 engine room - no data, environmental class - EURO 5, color - brown, sitting place, including the driver - 5, wheel formula - 4x4, body type - Universal calendar year - 2014 model year - 2014, the purpose for use on roads zahalnohokorystuvannya. Damage by equipment problems and act mytnohoohlyadu №UA205010 / 2017/310555 from 04.26.2017 and the report of the independent evaluation of vehicle number 146 of 27/05/2017 (mileage of 183,450 km., Damage colors, chips and scratches on the body, traces of restoration works) .Torhovelna VOLKSWAGENVyrobnyk brand: VOLKSWAGEN production AGKrayina DE.GERMANY1UA10021016728738.506284
26/Apr/20177326909890"1.Zapasni parts for combines: Production of ferrous metals: shield guides (grain harvesters) art.0007404601-1sht, weighed (threshing element kamerykombayna) art.0007414561-2sht, hose clamp (Systems oholodzhennyadvyhuna) C1-1-76X25art.0007542521 -4sht; leash (Item grain harvesters) D50X53art.0007848920-1sht, shield (elements combine threshing chamber) LW art.0007849603-1sht 1700; PLATE scraper (metal grain harvesters) 2 X 61X 921art.0009877700-8sht, brand: brand CLAASTorhovelna : CLAASKrayina production: CZ. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA12518029.553380.3681249
26/Apr/20178433900000"1.Zapasni parts for combines, parts of machines or mechanisms for harvesting or threshing crops: Set bitters (Molotylnohobarabanu) art.0001747630-1sht; art.0001747640-14sht, bottom drum (beater) art.0004958321-1sht, KIT bitters (elements combine molotylnoyikamery) art.0005088440-4sht, bitters (elements combine threshing chamber) art.0005088480-2sht; art.0005088490-2sht, frame Screens (threshing element kamerykombayna) art.0005535022-1sht, consoles (Part grain harvesters) art.0006614083-1sht, tooth (chaff spreader) art.0007351141-4sht, cover (grain Element ing harvesters) 1,5X177,6X279,1art.0007353390-1sht, shield (elements combine harvesters kukuruznoyi) art.0007355392-2sht, shield (elements combine threshing chamber) art.0007408330-1sht, shield (elements combine threshing chamber) 1, 5X187,1X1659,2art.0007494670-1sht, stepped LP (grain cleaning systems) 328,5 X 1864,4art.0007551333-4sht; DISK (Element combine threshing chamber) 0,8X0210X0210art.0007572420-1sht; L SEGMENT IVYY (grain harvesters ) 6X 103X179art.0009842520-2sht; CONUS left (Element kukuruznoyi harvesters) art.0009905553-1sht; CONUS rights (Item grain harvesters) art.0009905563-1sht, focusing divider (Item grain harvesters) art.0009909930-1sht; SEGMENT Uploaders (elements combine threshing chamber) LINKSart.0009911662-2sht; SEGMENT downloader (elements combine threshing chamber) RECHTSart.0009911672-2sht; divider (Part kukuruznoyi harvesters) art.0009957173-28sht, DISC discharger (kukuruznoyi Header element) D 730X 5art. 0009965390-4sht; PROTYRIZ (threshing chamber) 8X 68X 190art.0009966011-1sht; Rods feeder (elements combine threshing chamber) 5X 110X 565 art.0009966431-4sht, scrapers PLATE (Kukuruznoyi Reaper) 3X 103X 572art.0013132591-18sht; Producer: CLAASTorhovelna brand: CLAASKrayina production: DE "GERMANY0UA125180703.3599477.63113
26/Apr/20176908909100"1.Plytka ceramic glazed ceramics for izkam'yanoyi oblytsyuvannyapidlohy: ROVERE WHITE GRES HLAZUROVANYYREKTYFIK. MAT. 19,8X119,8 G1 -40,46m2; TECNIQ beige glazed REKTYFIK.PIV GRES-polishers. 29,8X59,8 G1 -7, 15m2, SEMIRKORYCHN. 20X10 G1 -56sht sills; MALOE WHITE GRES glazed REKTYF.MAT. 16X65,5 G1 -42m2; MALOE WHITE HRESHLAZUROVANYY REKTYF. MAT. 16X65,5 G1 -30,45m2; TIGUA brown. HLAZUROVANYYREKTYFIK power plant. MAT. 29 , 8X119,8 G1 -12,87m2; SCRATCH BIANCO GRES glazed. REKT.MAT. 75X75 G1 -44,8m2; SCRATCH BIANCO GRES glazed. REKT. MAT. 75X75 G1-35,84m2; PAVI beige ANGLE MAT. 8X8 G1 - 4 pieces; PAVI beige frieze MAT. 8X60 G1 -24sht; TAURUS Kapinos steps of SIMPLE GRAY 30X33 G1 -42sht; PAVI HRESHLAZUROVANYY WHITE MAT. 60X60 G1 -86,4m2; HASEL brown. REKTYFIK.MAT GRES glazed. 21,5X98,5 G1 -76,32m2; HERRERA NERO GRES glazed REKTYFIK. MAT. 14,8X89,8 G1 - 3,18m2; NATURAL worms. PIDSHODYNKA 14,8X30 G1 -44,5m2; NATURAL CHERV.PIDSHODYNKA 14,8X30 G1 -35,6m2; NATURAL brown. 20X10 G1 -56sht sills; TIGUA beige glazed REKTYFIK power plant. MAT. 29,8X119,8 G1 -2,86m2; TIGUA BEZHSHODYNKA just with openings MAT. 29,8X119,8 G1 -16sht; TARANTO brown. HRESHLAZUROVANYY REKTYFIK. MAT. 59,8X59,8 G1 -22,88m2; TARANTO brown. HRESHLAZUROVANYY REKTYFIK. Half-polishers. 59,8X59,8 G1 -25,74m2; MALOE BROWN Cap MAT.7,2X49,1 G1 -11sht; TROPHY GRES BIANCO coated. REKT. MAT. 21,5X98,5 G1 -25,44m2; TARANTO GRAPHITE GRES glazed REKTYFIK. Half-polishers. 59,8X59,8 G1 -7,15m2; TECNIQ SILVER GRES glazed REKTYFIK. Half-polishers. 59,8X59,8 G1 -37,59m2; NATURAL brown. Clinker DURO 30X30 G1 -41,58m2; TECNIQ black. HRESHLAZUROVANYY REKTYFIK. Half-polishers. 44,8X89,8 G1 -6,05m2; "POLAND64254UA20918013850.796311.929649
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name """GD spa"""
Product Description
"1.poz.1, Guide - spetsdetal steel, complex shape,.........
HS Code 8422909000Value 2983.488324
Quantity 0Unit UA806050
Net Weight 1.624
Origin Country ITALY

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