Ukraine Import Data of Moving Blade | Ukraine Import Statistics of Moving Blade

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of moving blade collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of moving blade imports.

Moving Blade Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Moving Blade

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of moving blade. Get Ukraine trade data of Moving Blade imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201782019000001.Instrumenty Hand-Boer vykorystov.v sadivnytstvi1000636 small garden QuikDrillS-2sht.1000637-Blades for garden burivQuikDrill S-4sht.1000638-Boer sadovyyseredniy QuikDrill M-2sht.1000640-Bursadovyy great QuikDrill L-4sht.1000641-Blades for garden Boers QuikDrillL-2 pcs. 1000689 QuikFit nozzle for harrowing lawn, 2 pcs. 1000738-NasadkaQuikFit to remove weeds -6sht. 1001413-Pitchforks, Ergonomic-8sht.1001695-Pitchforks, Ergonomic-8 pieces. 1003458, Forks, Solid-36sht. 1003459 fork-dlyakompostu, Solid-8 pieces. 1003685 fork-Xact, big-4 pieces. 1019603-sadovipolehsheni Forks, 4 pieces. 1020125 tool for removing weeds SmartFit -16sht.1020126 tool for removing weeds Xact -16sht. 1020127-lightweight tool dlyavydalennya weed, white-20sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna mark - FiskarsVyrobnyk - Fiskars.POLAND0UA100120186.6822060.549379 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20178419908500"1. Parts of industrial equipment for processing of milk: Dairy -mishalky containers at" "in an amount in volume 1000l structurally 3sht.Mishalka 3 is a rectangular blade made of food stainless steel grade AISI-304 which are fixed to a hollow shaft and use it to join reduktora.Mishalka runs continuously in manual or automatic mode when coolant circulation and semiautomatic during washing tank. Mixer interlocked with lids capacity. When lifting or removing the cover of the electric motor switches off ishalky. Purpose-mixing the product in the tank. Trade mark-TESSAVyrobnyk-Dairy Machinery Ltd Country of-IL. "ISRAEL0UA4010503.510559.99998
27/Apr/20177326909490"1.VYROBY ferrous metal stamped: FOR MACHINE TYPE HB # 0908584: - ART. 31 September 0700 LOWER STEEL CHASTYNANAPRAVLYAYUCHOYI chain, is a rectangular plate dimensions 96 * 815 MMTOVSCHYNOYU 10 mm intended for attachment to the frame easel in the manufacture of the workpiece to PARQUET -2SHT, art. 09 33 2100 STEEL delighted chain conveyor, is a plate of 60 * 40 * 30 mm to 10 mm with a hole in the center, designed for mounting to a chain -4 VT planers FOR TYPE VH-120 number 1908220: - ART.39 47 2600 grooved ring for pressure rollers - 3 pieces. With slot groove for POSA CI external to the shaft. DIAM.150 MM internal. DIAM.100 mm, 30 mm, is designed for pressing and transporting Parquet billets on the table in the processing area FOR planers - FOR MACHINE TYPE PAKUE number 208394 -120: - ART.02 67 2600 ring for smooth feeding roller -1 units. From filling the slot for landing on external shaft. DIAM.100 MM internal. DIAM.30 mm, 30 mm, is designed to press AND Tran SPORTUVANNYA Parquet billets on the table in a zone handling for planers - ART.02 67 2500 grooved ring for pressure VALYKIV- 3 pcs. From filling the groove for planting in Val external. DIAM.150 MM internal. DIAM.30 mm, 30 mm, is designed for pressing and transporting Parquet billets on the table in the processing area FOR planers - for machines TYPE S-4. # 5011146: - ART.50 15 2013 Mechanical SET BEFORE steel plate saw blade, is the plate 210 * 60 * 10mm with two holes O6 FOR FIXING-2 units used as PRYZHYMNA slats under which glides PROCESSING - ART 50 15 2200 LEFT lateral sides, is a plate of 185 * 30 * 10mm with two holes O6 FOR FIXING 2 PCS is used as PRYZHYMNA slats on which slides ZAHOTOVKA- ART. 50 15 5600 BASIS rear LIVAYAVLYAYE a rectangular steel plate 100 * 1180 * 10 mm, with six holes O10MM the center for attachment to the frame easel on the left, 2 pieces used for SLIDING piece in OBROBKY- AREA ART. 50 15 5700 POLZUNOK ZZADNIY, right, is a rectangular steel plate 100 * 1180 * 10 mm, with three holes O10MM for attachment to the frame easel on Human VT-2 - ART. 5000 50 15 Supporting plate beneath the slider, right, is a rectangular steel plate 350 * 250 * 10 mm with two holes for attachment to O10MM frame easel on which in turn are fixed PRYZHYMNI moving line of -2 PCS MANUFACTURER "" GEBR.SCHRODER GMBH & CO KG "" Country of Germany DE "GERMANY0UA20607052.054343.299055
19/Apr/20178443999010"1. printing equipment, parts and accessories to it, auxiliary equipment, Wiping cloth for removing residual paint from the shaft aneloksovoho:" "SUPERPRINT" "DOCTOR BLADES (FOR PRINTING MACHINES) - 20 mm width x thickness 0.20 mm x 1, 7 mm / 0,100 mm LAMELLA (width / thickness) - STANDARD - 400 m. "" SUPERPRINT "" DOCTORBLADES (FOR PRINTING MACHINES) - 30 mm wide x 0.20 mm thick x 1.7 mm / 0.100 mmLAMELLA (width / thickness) - STANDARD - 400 m. "" SUPERPRINT "" DOCTOR BLADES (FORPRINTING MACHINES) - 35 mm wide x 0.15 mm thick x 1.4 mm / 0.100 mmLAMELLA (width / thickness) - STANDARD - 100 m. "" SUPERPRINT " "DOCTOR BLADES (FORPRINTING MACHINES) - 35 mm wide x 0.20 mm thick x 1.7 mm / 0.100 mmLAMELLA (width / thickness) - STANDARD - 1000 m." "SUPERPRINT "" DOCTOR BLADES (FORPRINTING MACHINES) - 40 mm wide x 0.15 mm thick x 1.4 mm / 0,100 mm LAMELLA (width / thickness) - STANDARD - 200 m. "" SUPERPRINT "" DOCTOR BLADES (FOR PRINTINGMACHINES) - 50 mm wide x 0.20 mm thick x 1.7 mm / 0,100 mm LAMELLA (width / thickness) - STANDARD - 300 m. "" SUPERPRINT "" DOCTOR BLADES (FOR PRINTINGMACHINES) - 60 mm wide x 0.15 mm thick x 1.4 mm / 0,100 mm LAMELLA (width / thickness) - STANDARD - 600 m.Torhivelna mark - SUREPRINT.Vyrobnyk - CONVERTECH EQUIPMENT PRIVATE LIMITED.Krayina production - IN. "INDIA0UA100200164.654153.161493
19/Apr/20179615190000"1.Hrebintsi working part with a metal comb for animals, range: Brush for Dogs antybloshyna 15 cm metal with a plastic pen, 23120, art.0023120-72sht, Rakes for removing pidsherstku in co ing, 7 * 15 cm sharp, metal, 23123, art.0023123-24sht; antybloshynyy metallic comb with plastic handle 21 cm, 23762, art.0023762-48sht, metallic comb with plastic handle versatile, 23763, art.0023763-48sht, metallic crest of thick plastic handle tooth, 23764, art.0023764-48sht, metallic comb with plastic handle middle tooth, 23765, art.0023765-48sht, metallic crest of claim lastykovoyu handle liquid tooth, 23766, art.0023766-48sht, metallic comb with plastic handle long / short tooth, 23767, art.0023767-48sht, metallic comb with plastic handle rotating short tooth, 23771, art.0023771-72sht, metallic crest plastic handle with rotating middle tooth, 23772, art.0023772-144sht, metallic comb with plastic handle rotating riznozubyy, 23773, art.0023773-144sht, Hornbeam Lee for long-haired dogs 15h11 cm plastic + metal, 23782, art.0023782-48sht , Rakes for dogs with a rotating 1.5 cm tooth, 23792, art.0023792-96sht, Rakes for dogs with rotating 2cm tooth 10x15 cm, 23793, art.0023793-96sh t, dog metallic comb with wooden handle thick tooth 17 cm, 2390, art.002390-72sht, Comb for dogs with a wooden handle metallic middle tooth 18 cm, 2391, art.002391-144sht, metallic comb for dogs dense / liquid tooth 2395, art.002395-144sht; Kovtunoriz for dogs 5 * 18cm, 2403, art.002403-48sht, metallic comb for dogs with rotating teeth 18 cm, 2411, art.002411-72sht, metallic comb for cats with rotating teeth 13 cm, 2412, art.002412-144sht; Kovtunoriz for cats rounded, 24161, art.0024161-72sht; Kovtunoriz dog rounded, 24162, art.0024162-72sht blades for metal grooming # 24171/24173/24175 7 cm, 241 72 art.0024172-12sht, Rakes for removing pidsherstka 8h14 cm plastic + metal, 24173, art.0024173-288sht blades for metal grooming 8cm, 24174, art.0024174-12sht, Rakes for removing pidsherstka 11h15 cm 24175 , art.0024175-96sht, Rakes for removing pidsherstka superhostri 3,5h15 cm plastic + metal, 24181, art.0024181-48sht, Rakes for removing pidsherstka superhostri 6h15 cm plastic + metal, 24183, art.0024183-96sht; Rake to remove pidsherstka superhostri 8h14 cm plastic + metal, 24185, art.0024185-96sht, Rakes for removing pidsherstka superhostri 11h15 cm plastic + metal, 24187, art.0024187-48sht, grooming tools for dogs 5h18 cm plastic + metal, 24240, art.0024240-48sht, grooming tools for dogs 6h17 cm plastic + metal, 24241, art.0024241-24sht, grooming tools for dogs 7h19 cm plastic + metal, 24242, art.0024242 -24sht, grooming tools for dogs 10h19 cm plastic + metal, 24243, art.0024243-24sht, grooming tools for dogs 7h18 cm plastic + metal, 24244, art.0024244-24sht, Country of CNTorhovelna mark TRIXIEVyrobnyk Trixie Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG "CHINA0UA807170234.696964.6004674
14/Apr/201782089000001.Zapchastyny ​​technological equipment for production line of electric power vehicles. Replacement steel blades and equipment for the removal of insulation from provodiv.Nizh for removing insulation 5h2sm art. IV008742 - 8 sht.Nizh for removing insulation 5h2sm art. IV008742 - 10 sht.Tovar not intended for sale in the customs territory of Ukraine. Trade mark not danyh.Vyrobnyk KSA (Schleuniger) Country of CH.SWITZERLAND0UA2050900.27728.9204011
13/Apr/20178416900000"1.Chastyny ​​to inserts mechanical type: -Kolosnik 6-30-26 = 3000sht, is part of the grate polotnatopok mechanical. It is used to remove the slag furnace grate canvas. Material iron casting MF-15. -Trymach right T9.05.001 = 600sht, Material iron casting midrange 15.Zasotovuyetsya in kolosnikovomu topokmehanichnyh canvas and is designed for mounting kolosnykivna canvas topky. bracket T160.00.001 = 36sht Material iron casting midrange 15.Yavlyayetsya part mechanical grate fabric inserts. used for removing slag from grate canvas and topky.-Kolosnik (rear) T22.00.007A = 36sht Material iron casting midrange 15.Vykorystovuyetsya for removing slag from grate grate canvas topky.Yavlyayetsya part polotna.Vykorystovuyetsya for removing slag furnace grate canvas. -plyta (746h1100) T298.07.002 = 4 pieces. Materials of iron-midrange detail 15.Yavlyayutsya Front and furnaces designed for mounting on zakyduvacha furnace. -zakyduvach W-600M2 T67.00.000M2 = 2 pcs. Mater yl-iron, steel designed to regulate supply and coal skyduvannya into the furnace. -lotok top T67.00.001M2-01 = 4sht.Materil-iron midrange part 15, part of the body zakydvacha designed to protect against spilling coal. -rotorT67.19.000M2 = 6sht.Rehulyuyetsya casting range for fuel kolosnikove topky.Rotor canvas in motion causes the motor. It works on the principle of top vybrosa, with vyhillya padayepo plate zakyduyetsya the furnace Blades rotor. In two drum rotor blade fixing that allow coal to evenly rozpodlyaty reshittsi.Rotor rotated by an electric motor through transmission klynoremennu providing dependingthe fuel quality or length of grating rotation frequency: 470, 600 and 910ob / min. -shkiv (variator) T67.00.086 = 6sht.Material: cast iron SCH15, is a zakyduvach W-M2.Pryznachenyy for transmitting torque through the transmission remennu vidvariatora on the rotor. Manufactured under TU 3113-008-75450643-2003Ne relates to: equipment and specially designed components and aksesuarivdlya him specifically designed for the development of any yakohoobladnannya telecommunication transmission or switching equipment; equipment specially designed for the production of UAV systems tasuputnih; nozzle engines with thrust levels above 45 kN or nozzle section eroziyikrytychnoho speed of less than 0,075 mm / s. "RUSSIA0UA11005013829.821493.33611
11/Apr/20178203200000"1.Instrument and mounting, manual: Tool for isolation removing WIREFOX10 art. 1212150 - 1pc; for ticks blade for removing insulation WIREFOX 10 / SB art.1212152 - 1am, Country of origin - SETorhovelna mark - PHOENIX CONTACTVyrobnyk - PHOENIX CONTACT GMBH & Co KG. "SWEDEN0UA1000200.23134.39949912
07/Apr/20178215991000"1. electrical kitchen for McDonald's restaurants in stainless steel: 400.630.1 dispenser sauce 1 / 3un with ergonomic handle 10ml orange-Frank -2sht., 400.609.4 dispenser sauce 1 / 3un with red ergonomic handle 10ml Franke -6sht. , 400.609.3 dispenser sauce 1 / 2un with ergonomic handle white -1sht., 400.686.8 dispenser handle 1 / 3un ergonomic red -2sht., notched rod 241.170.12 dispenser red 1 / 3unts -2sht., 400.896.0 blade 5 "" with a black handle to 4: 1 -2sht., 719,387,785 device for removing stones -14sht., 27800872 cake fork for 145h2mm 12p. / emb. -23nab., 27801332 dessert fork 12p. / Emb. -10nab., 27801338 espresso spoon 22h115mm 12p. / Emb. -2nab., 27801334 coffee spoon 140mm 12p. / Emb. -16nab., 27801337 spoon for Latte 12p. / Emb. 220h28mm without logo -22nab., 270.067.05 108mm blade with black handle to 10: 1 -3sht., 27800285 pliers 241mm -15sht.. "CHINA0UA125100311128.489746
05/Apr/20178465912000"1.Verstaty for wood with a circular saw with saw blades, new, without CNC: circular -Verstat TS200_230V of moving carriages C_TS200_2, C_TS200_3 art.EAN: 9120058371882 -1sht. Voltage 230V, motor power 1,5kVt, maks.diametr saw 200 mm , the rotational speed of 4000 rev / min, cutting length 1260mm.Postachayetsya in a partially unassembled for ease of manufacture transportuvannya.Torhovelna mark HOLZMANNKrayina CN brand "" HOLZMANN CHINA LTD "". "CHINA1UA11018091562.8982063
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Moving Blade Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Moving Blade Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""СІРІУС-93"""
Importer Address
01103,м.Київ,Військовий проїзд,1
Exporter Name "Wim Bosman Logistic Services BV Terminal ANS,compartment 16;"
Product Description
1.Instrumenty Hand-Boer vykorystov.v sadivnytstvi1.........
HS Code 8201900000Value 2060.549379
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 186.682
Origin Country POLAND

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