Ukraine Import Data of Monoclonal Antibodies | Ukraine Import Statistics of Monoclonal Antibodies

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of monoclonal antibodies collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of monoclonal antibodies imports.

Monoclonal Antibodies Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Monoclonal Antibodies

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of monoclonal antibodies. Get Ukraine trade data of Monoclonal Antibodies imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173002109900"1. The modified immunological products containing fractions of blood (antibodies) and are intended for research in microbiology: Art.PA129421, rabbit polyclonal antibodies against TRPV1, 50 ml - 1 pc; Art.MA3041, mouse monoclonal antibodies atsetyholinesterazy (ZR3) 100 mg - 1 pc; Art.PA128664, donkey secondary antibody to IgG (H + L) IGG goat conjugated peroxidase 1 mg - 1 pc; Scope: research in molecular biology and genetics, not health, not for manufacturing drugs. ".UNITED STATES0UA1251000.015720.3003165 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20179027200000"1.Obladnannya new for the pharmaceutical industry, for its own production needs, complete and in disassembled for easy perevezennya.Hromatohrafy. Automated System preparative chromatography CUSTOMIZED MPLC HIPERSEP LAB I-1 pc., Dimensions 1626mm x 660mm x 1047mm, is an automated system modular configurations for development processes preparative chromatographic separation, research and large-scale industrial production of monoclonal antibodies, biological products and other low molecular weight compounds. AIN technological stages -pryhotuvannya and download mobile phase of the chromatographic column; -vvedennya products designed for cleaning the column; -Detection (definition) and product management fractional valves. Manufacturer: "" NOVASEP PROCESS SAS "", FR.Krayina production: FR.Torhova brand-NOVASEP.. "FRANCE0UA100050540184655.5396
20/Apr/20173002109500"1.Medychnyy diagnostic product for in vitro (Clinical Laboratory) to study blood samples and tissues derived from the human body alone (or with the main purpose) to obtain information. Reagents Laboratory prepared containing biological components of human origin for diagnostic applications tests in vitro, based on monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies with antigen-antibody reaction, for use in medical practice without veterinary: 843521-Reagent Bio-Ksel System PT / reagent Bio-Ksel System PT-50sht., 543541 -Reagent Bio-Ksel Eko TT / reagent Bio-Ksel Eko TT-20pcs., 543,002-Reagent Bio-Ksel Eko Normal / reagent Bio-Ksel Eko Normal-1pc., Intended for «in vitro» diagnostic for coagulometer Coag Chrom 3003, and present diagnostic kits to monitor biochemical studies and definitions: prothrombin time, fibrinogen, thrombin time, antithrombin-III quantitative and qualitative methods. Their action is based on the measurement or ch admonition changes taking place in biological substances (blood, serum, urine, saliva person) and based on common agglutination, hemagglutination, binding complex ment, deposition reaction and neutralization. Designed for use in medical laboratories are not used to determine pregnancy drugs. Country of PLVyrobnyk Bio-Ksel Sp. z oo, ul.Kaliowa 3, 86-300 Grudziadz, Poland trademark BIO-KSEL "POLAND0UA12502018.83078.075096
10/Apr/20173002109900"1.Medical products for diagnosis in vitro: Reagents for conducting immunomorphological studies" "DAKO" "(containing in-use monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies of animal origin, solutions in vials, not containing precurors, narcotic and psychotropic substances, not for veterinary use). FLEX Monoclonal antibody mouse Anti-human, cytokeratin, AE1 / AE3, ready to use, DAKO AS / AS + art. IS05330-2-2, FLEX FLEX Antibody mouse monoclonal antibody, progesterone receptor, PgR 636 ready for use, Link art IR06861-2 -1p. FLEX monoclonal Rabbit antibody Anti-human, ER alpha, EP1, ready for use, Link art IR08461-2 -1 pieces FLEX Monoclonal anti-mouse mouse, mammalgobin, 304-1A5, ready for use, DAKO AS / AS + art. IS07430-2-1 FLEX Monoclonal Mouse anti-human antibody, GCDFP-15, 23A3, ready for use, DAKO AS / AS + art IS07730-2-1. FLEX Monoclonal antibody rabbit against human terminal eksynukleotidtransferazy, clone EP266, ready for use (Link) Art. IR09361-2 -1 str. Anti-cell agent art. S080981-2 -1 pc. FLEX Monoclonal Antibody Mouse Antibody, KD5, 4C7, Ready to Use, DAKO AS / AS + Art. IS08230-2-1. FLEX Rabbit Anti-Human Monoclonal Antibody, Cyclin D1, EP12, ready for use, DAKO AS / AS + art. IS08330-2-1. Trademark: DakoMachine of production: US Producer: Dako Denmark A / S "UNITED STATES0UA1251005.52107.462762
10/Apr/20173002109900"1.Medical products for diagnosis in vitro: Reagents for conducting immunomorphological studies" "DAKO" "(containing in-use monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies of animal origin, solutions in vials, not containing precurors, narcotic and psychotropic substances, not for veterinary use). Monoclonal antibody of a rabbit against a human Alpha-2-macroglobulin art.Q010205-1p. Protein calibrator 1ml, human serum ready to use art.X090801-2p. Polyclonal anti-rabbit antibody, c-erbB-2 oncoproteinate A048529-2-1p. FLEX Monoclonal antibody Mouse against human, Ki-67 antigen, MIB-1, ready to use art IS62630-2-2 pieces FLEX Monoclonal Anti-mouse mouse, p53 protein, DO-7, ready to use art.IS61630-2 -1 pieces FLEX Monoclonal antibody Mouse vs. Ventiment, V9, ready for use in the art IS63030-2 -1 pieces FLEX Monoclonal anti-mouse antibody, KD34 class II, QBEnd 10, ready to use art IS63230-2-1, Flex monoclonal antibody mouse against human, cytokeratin 5 / 6, D5 / 16 B4, ready to use art. IS78030-2-1 FLEX Anti-human mouse monoclonal antibody, cytokeratin 7, OV-TL 12/30, ready to use art. IS61930-2-1 FLEX Rabbit anti-S100 polycycline antibody, ready to use art.IS50430-2 -1p. FLEX Anti-human monoclonal antibody, synaptofisin, DAK-SYNAP, ready for use, (Link) art. IR66061-2-1 FLEX A rabbit anti-human polycycline antibody, chorionic gonadotrophin, ready-to-use art. IS50830-2 -1p. FLEX Polyclonal antibody to human rabbit, calcitonin, ready to use art. IS51530-2 -1 pc. FLEX monoclonal anti-mouse antibody, KD56, 123C3, ready for useart. IS62830-2 -1p. FLEX Monoclonal anti-mouse antibody against human activator protein specific to B cells, ready to use art. IS65030-2 -1p. FLEX Anti-human monoclonal antibody, KD30, Ber-H2, ready for use in art. IS60230-2-2p. FLEX Anti-human mouse monoclonal antibody, placenta alkaline phosphatase, 8A9, ready-to-use art. IS77930-2-1 Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody vs. PGP 9.5 Art. Z511601-2 -1 pc. FLEX monoclonal anti-mouse antibody, KD7, CBC.37, ready for useart. IS64330-2 -1 pc. FLEX Anti-human monoclonal antibody, KD2, AB75, ready for use art. IS65130-2 -1p. FLEX Monoclonal Human Rabbit Antibody, KD23, DAK-CD23, ready for use, AS / AS + art. IS78130-2-1 FLEX Anti-human mouse monoclonal antibody, KD246, ALK protein, CloneALK1, ready-to-use art. IS64130-2-1 FLEX A rabbit anti-human, IgD polyclonal antibody, ready for use by art. IS51730-2 -1p. FLEX Monoclonal anti-mouse mouse, CA 125, M11, ready for use art. IS70130-2 -1p. FLEX Monoclonal anti-mouse antibody, BCL2 oncoprotein, 124, ready to use art.IS61430-2 -1p. FLEX Anti-human monoclonal antibody, KD20, L26, ready-to-use art. IS "DENMARK0UA1251006.55726.379797
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Monoclonal Antibodies Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Monoclonal Antibodies Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""БІОЛАБТЕХ ЛТД"""
Importer Address
04213, м.Київ, пр-т Героїв Сталінграда, буд. 42-А, кв.45, Україна
Exporter Name Life Technologies Limited
Product Description
"1. The modified immunological products containing.........
HS Code 3002109900Value 720.3003165
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 0.015
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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