Ukraine Import Data of Monoblock | Ukraine Import Statistics of Monoblock

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of monoblock collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of monoblock imports.

Monoblock Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Monoblock

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20178416201000"1. Gas Burners, monoblock, fully automatic, with built-in control unit included, brand MAXON, Series NP-III, new, linear, fuel: natural gas and liquefied: art. 101701570GNP3-00 - 1 pc; Art. 101701400GNP3 -00 - 2 pcs, art. 101701400GNP3-01 - 2 pcs, art. 101701400GNP3-02 - 1 pc.. "BELGIUM6UA305060685.0443425.96957 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201784137051001. Pumps for systems of treatment vodyplavalnyh pools, pumps, monoblock radial flow, single-stage, single robochymkolesom without flowmeter: VA-05 pump 7.5HP / 380V / 50Hz art. 030 705 - 2 pieces, VA-08 pump 4.5HP / 3.3kVt / 380V / 50Hz art. 030 708 - 2 pieces, trademarks JAZZI. Country of CN. Manufacturer: JAZZY POOL AND SPA PRODUCTS CO., LTD. .CHINA4UA1000101051939.578975
29/Apr/20178418690090"1.Holodylni compression type machines (with refrigeration units) for stvorennyaholodu in commercial refrigeration equipment, cooling medium monoblock machine is designed as a single unit, evaporation of which is set in the internal volume of the refrigerator, filled with refrigerant (R404A Halocarbon): Monoblock MMN106 -1sht; Trademark - "" MCM (MARYHOLODMASH) "" Producer - OAO "" Contact "" Country of origin - RU;. "RUSSIA0UA10011055399.69564
29/Apr/20178415101000"1.Ustanovky air conditioning, household ivolohosti for changing the temperature of the air in a separate building (monoblock) mobile without mistyatozonoruynivnyh substances refrigerant R410A, contain in their composition peredavachata receiver: Ballu BPAC-07 CM, rated power 0,785kVt - 140sht .; BalluBPAC-09 CM, rated power 0,950kVt - 185sht., Ballu BPAC-12 CM, rated power 1,250kVt - 135sht. (included) trademark - "" Ballu "". Producer: "" TCL DELONGHI HOME APPLIANCES (ZHONGSHAN) CO., LTD "". Country of origin - CN.. "CHINA0UA12504012188.7559415.55477
28/Apr/201784137051001. pumps, exhaust patrubkaponad diameter 15 mm, monoblock for private water supply: EL.SPER.CS32-200B KW 5,5 - 2 sht.EL.SPER.CS50-160D KW 3 - 3 pieces. EL.SPER.CS50-250B KW 18,5 - 5,5 KW sht.EL.SPER.CS65-160E 1 - 3 sht.EL.SPER.CS65-160A KW 15 - 1. EL.SPER.CS65-200C KW 15 - 1. EL.SPER.CS65-200A 22,5 KW - 15 KW sht.EL.SPER.CS80-160C 2 - 3 pieces. Trademark - SPERONIKrayina production - ITVyrobnyk SPERONI SpA.ITALY16UA12511016609520.053385
27/Apr/20178418690090"1. refrigeration compression type (with cooling unit) contains some kind of transmitters and receivers or transmitters for stvorennyaholodu in commercial refrigeration equipment to tucked refrigerant R-140A neozonoruynuyuchyy. The car refrigerating monoblock MM113 S (R404A) - 1 shtSplit system SM218 S (R404A) - 1 unit split system SM222 S (R404A) - 1 shtTorhovelna brand: POLAIRKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: ZAO "" Polayr-REAL ESTATE "". "RUSSIA0UA1000202012048.410019
27/Apr/201739263000901.Knopka plastic 8LM2TB6144-10sht. Button plastic 8LM2TB6344-50sht. Knopkaplastykova LPCBL7113-50sht. Plastic protective ring for button 8LM2TAU159-30sht.Holovka monoblock plastic 8LM2TIL104-20sht. Button plastic 8LM2TB204-20sht.Knopka plastic 8LM2TBL105-10sht. Button plastic 8LM2TQL103-20sht. Knopkaplastykova 8LM2TB103-50sht. Button plastic LPCB103-50sht. Plastykova8LM2TQ103-10sht button. Button plastic 8LM2TS130-50sht. Plastykova8LM2TS131-20sht button. Button plastic 8LM2TS133-10sht. Plastykova8LM2TS320-10sht button. Button plastic 8LM2TS321-10sht. Plastykova8LM2TSL1203-100sht button. Button plastic 8LM2TSL1303-20sht. Plastykova8LM2TSL1323-10sht button. Button plastic LPCS131-10sht. Case-button plastykovyyM2PA 2 pcs. Housing plastic buttons LPZP1A8-20sht. Cover 8LM2TAU147-50sht. KryshkaKSSCB2-20sht. 8LM2TAU107-500sht plastic plate. VymykachaGAX61-10sht grip. 8LM2TAU115-10sht plastic plate. The tablet plastykovaLPXAU115-10sht.Krayina origin - ItaliyaTor by trade mark - LovatoVyrobnyk - Lovato Electric S.R.A.ITALY0UA10001025.843444.540867
27/Apr/20178418690090"1. refrigeration compression type (with cooling unit) contains some kind of transmitters and receivers or transmitters for stvorennyaholodu in commercial refrigeration equipment to tucked refrigerant R-140A neozonoruynuyuchyy. The car refrigerating monoblock MB109 ST - 1 shtTorhovelna Brand: POLAIRKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO "" Company "" pole "." "RUSSIA0UA10002064599.5823216
27/Apr/201785318095901.Prystroyi light indication used to indicate zminurezhymiv of industrial equipment in the production process does not contain inits consisting of transmitter and receiver module 8LT7GLM1-2sht light. Svitlovyymodul 8LT7GLM4-1sht. Light module 8LT7GLM5-1sht. Light modul8LT7GLM6-1sht. Monoblock 8LP2TILB3P-200sht. Monoblock 8LP2TILB4P-200sht. Monoblok8LP2TILB5P-100 pieces. Monoblock 8LP2TILB6P-20pcs. Monoblock 8LP2TILB8P-30sht. Monoblok8LP2TILM3P-200sht. Monoblock 8LP2TILM5P-100 pieces. Monoblock 8LP2TILM8P-100sht.Krayina origin - ItaliyaTorhovelna mark - LovatoVyrobnyk - Lovato Electric S.R.A. .ITALY0UA10001023.761579.70273
27/Apr/20178418910000"1. Parts of refrigeration equipment, a set of insulated panels for zborkyholodylnoyi camera without monoblock disassembled, takomertsiynoho industrial use. Camera t / Insul. KHN-cooling 4.41 (1360 * 1960 * 2200) (p / n 1960) 80 mm without monoblock - 1 piece Camera t / Insul. KHN-cooling 7.71 (1960h2260h2200) 80mm without monoblock - 2 pcs Camera t / Insul. KHN-cooling 8.81 (1960h2560h2200) 80mm without monoblock - 1 shtTorhovelna brand: POLAIRKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: ZAO "" Polayr-REAL ESTATE "". "RUSSIA0UA10002013092918.574294
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Monoblock Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Monoblock Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""РЕАЛЕНЕРГО"""
Importer Address
Україна, 03057, м.Київ, вул. Довженка, 18.
Exporter Name MAXON International BVBA
Product Description
"1. Gas Burners, monoblock, fully automatic, with .........
HS Code 8416201000Value 43425.96957
Quantity 6Unit UA305060
Net Weight 685.04
Origin Country BELGIUM

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